MicroGrafx Patches and Updates

Picture Publisher 8.0

These patches and updates ARE NOT AVAILABLE OR

mgxbrwsr.zip : Picture Publisher 8.0c.30 patch (English) -- This updated DLL will resolve 
               the problems with Picture Publisher 8 viewing folders and files past the 
               My Documents folder and will allow Thumbnails to be viewed when the 
               application is installed on Windows 98.
pp801.exe    : Picture Publisher 8.0.1 patch -- The patch is not required for the version 
               of Picture Publisher 8 shipping with Webtricity 2.0 or for the TRIAL 
               versions of Picture Publisher 8. US English Retail Only.
moncal.gif   : Picture Publisher 8.x in Webtricity 2 monitor gamma -- This image is used 
               to determine your monitors gamma. It has been omitted from the Picture 
               Publisher 8 that ships in the Webtricity 2 package.
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