MicroGrafx Patches and Updates

Picture Publisher 9.0

These patches and updates ARE NOT AVAILABLE OR

iGxbrw.zip       : Picture Publisher 9.0.1a patch -- This updated DLL will resolve the
                   problems with Picture Publisher 9 viewing folders and files past the 
                   My Documents folder and will allow Thumbnails to be viewed when the 
                   application is installed on Windows ME.
WebFavsWin98.zip : One of the third party websites, included as a link on the Help menu 
                   within the program, no longer links to the Picture Publisher "tips" 
                   site that it once did. This registry modification provides you 
                   with a means of removing this link from the program. The offending 
                   link is "The BoonDocks". Just unzip the download and double-click 
                   the extracted file.
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