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What's New: February 1995

Wednesday, 1 February 1995

Mountain View, CA, US
On-line tax preparation as well as tax, estate, investment, and retirement planning, is available from 1-800-TAX-LAWS, the fastest growing association of licensed tax professionals. We are the small business specialists! Also available is the Tax Humor Page.

Abbey's Web
Christer Lindh, Stockholm, Sweden
The biography and full bibliography of American writer and naturalist Edward Abbey (author of Desert Solitaire , The Monkey Wrench Gang and many other books). There is also a collection of quotes as well as links to related information. The reader can add comments on all books and on some other topics.

Adoptee Resources
Carrie E. Bodensteiner, Madras, OR, US
Adoptee resources from Carrie's Crazy Quilt from central Oregon . Contains links to adoption triad resources as well as numerous genealogical sites.

Advertising Law Internet Site
Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn, Washington, DC, US
We've added new files relating to care labeling for textiles, Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

Alaska Dance Theatre - Ballet, Jazz & Creative Dance
Anchorage, AK, US
We move. We move to eat, to seek shelter, to build, to feel beautiful, to make magnificent structures we call dance. Alaska Dance Theatre offers professional education to the whole dancer. ADT is a non-profit organization offering classes in pre-ballet, classical ballet, pointe, jazz, and special company repertory. Come join us at Alaska Dance Theatre!

American Library Association Children's Book Award Winners
ChapterOne, New York, NY, US
First chapters of fourteen ALA children's book Newbery Award winners are now available on ChapterOne for free browsing. Also online are the criteria for selection and the history of the award. Books may be purchased on-line for UPS delivery.

The Amnesty International Home Page
Amnesty International @ Organic Online, San Francisco, CA, US
With Amnesty International's site, you can gain information on political prisoners and learn about the horror of prisoners of conscience as well as gain information on human rights. The site, created by Organic Online, has a wealth of news and statistics and information about Amnesty's new interactive CD.

Animal Life Jewelry
Oceanside, CA, US
Specializing in high quality sterling silver earrings with a cat, dog or wildlife design. Our feline and canine friends are important to us, as are our customers. Thus, all our products carry a 10-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Stop by and visit our new shop.

Argentine National Science & Technology Network - RECyT
Secretariat of Science and Technology, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Central Web server of the National Science and Technology Network at Argentina, (RECyT). Provides general information about the Internet in Argentina, science and technology, and has links to other resources in Argentina and Latin America. In Spanish and English.

Artists Repertory Theatre
Portland, OR, US
Find out what's playing at Artists Rep! Our site features information on current and upcoming productions, our season, and our company.

ArtNetWeb/ArtNetBBS, New York, NY, US
ArtNetWeb, the web version of ArtNetBBS in New York City, is now up and online at Downtown Anywhere. In Projects: Veteran video artist Douglas Davis debuts his piece "The World's Longest Sentence," done in conjunction with his exhibit "Inter-Actions: 1967-1981" at the Lehman College Art Museum in The Bronx. The first installment by Adrianne Wortzel of her "Electronic Chronicles."

askSam Systems
Perry, FL, US
We develop Windows and DOS search-and-retrieval software with a database emphasis. We were voted one of the best 100 Windows products of the year by Windows Magazine.

AT&T Capital Instrument & Data Services
Dallas, TX, US
Rents, leases, and sells the highest quality electronic test, measurement, and computer equipment from the world's foremst manufacturers. This presence allows you to review the products and services offered by this division of AT&T Capital.

The Billions Corporation
Chicago, IL, US
A musical talent agency primarily representing rock bands. This resource features a roster, as well as touring plans, bios, and discographies for each artist represented.

By Chance Meetings
Dateline, Oklahoma City, OK, US
By Chance Meetings is a 900# dateline service that does not allow any sexual context. It will match the person's values, ideas and any location in the US. It can match with the person's area code so that they may have a date for the evening or just conversation. They may also leave a personal message of their own.

Camp Redcloud
Webvertising (tm), Houston, TX, US
Camp Redcloud is a Christian Outdoor Challenge Center for people of all ages. It is located in the beautiful San Juan mountains of Colorado, 60 miles south of Gunnison. If you like rock climbing/rappelling, horseback riding, hiking, climbing 14,000-foot peaks, or just looking at gorgeous scenery, come check us out.

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A non-profit organization, created under Canada's Drug Strategy, to minimize the harm associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs. Information is provided on topics such as AIDS, HIV and injection drug use, fetal alcohol syndrome and other addictive drug use.

Cardservice International
Cardservice International, Natick, MA, US
A specialist in processing non-cash transactions, Cardservice International announces a leading-edge alternative for a cashless society. Offer your customers the opportunity to order your products and services ... instantly! Visit this site to apply on the Internet for non-cash transaction processing. WebMaster(tm) Technology by KBT.

Cortex Neural Network Group
Crin-Inria Lorraine, Nancy, France
This is the home page of the neural network group "Cortex" at Crin-Inria Lorraine, Nancy, France. Our main themes of interest are related to biologically plausible models, neurocontrol, signal detection and identification, speech processing, dynamic temporal neural networks and hybrid systems.

Custom designed cables
Habia Cable AB, Söderfors, Uppland, Sweden
A cable manufacturer specializing in custom designed cable. You can have your own design with the properties you want. We have PTFE, PFA, FEP (Teflon), ETFE and many other high performance plastics. Halogen free, power cables, signal cables, coaxials and so on. Small quantities and fast delivery.

Delta Computers Ltd.
Delta Computers is a modern company with over 10 years experience with computerising information networks. The company started in England and has now expanded into Europe. Currently we are providing solutions for the electronic publishing market, and are actively involved with SGML, TeX and HTML. We are pleased to offer our customers more than off-the-shelf software solutions.

Department of Biology, Yale University
New Haven, CT, US
Description of faculty research and of the graduate and undergraduate educational programs of Yale's Department of Biology.

East Coast Music Awards
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
The East Coast Music Awards are taking place this year in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Feb. 9 through Feb. 12. The awards week features showcases of East Coast musicians ranging from traditional Celtic performers to alternative bands. Check out our information page for details on the list of nominees, showcase and conference schedules, and the televised awards ceremony.

English Premier League, Soccer Result Service
Mysterious Meg, Brighton, East Sussex, England
A free, no-password-required service. Updated after every match. Information includes: results, scorers, attendance, league table, top scorers, etc.

Extreme Music
Studio X, Santa Fe, NM, US
Extreme offers diverse and innovative new releases from musicians around the globe. Experimental, ambient, industrial, world, techno, ethnic, electronic... sometimes all of the above. Artists include Robert Rich, Mo Boma, Paul Schutze, Muslimgauze and others. Visit us for an aural adventure! This site was created by Raven Zachary and is resident on the Studio X Web server.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Gdansk
Tech. Univ. of Gdansk, Gdansk, Poland
This server supplies information about organization, research fields, and faculty members. It also includes links to other places of interest for electrical engineers.

Falco Online
Falco Data Products, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, US
Provides complete Falco product line information as well as email access to customer service, sales, and application support groups. There is also a forum for Falco customers and an online edition of Falco's Direct Dialog newspaper. Coming soon: Falco Direct Online Order Desk.

Festival World Wide Webcast
InterActive8, Inc., New York, NY, US
Using the fertile ground of the Sundance Film Festival, (held Jan. 19-29, 1995), to kick off its innovative reportage of culture throughout the media, Festival on the Internet debuts Jan. 19. With a multiplicity of multimedia reports, Festival is a friendly cooperative of filmmakers and new media creators whose goal is to experience, document and communicate some of the more idiosyncratic aspects of art and culture.

Fisher College of Business - Department of Finance
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, US
Lists the Ohio State University finance faculty, current working papers, Ph.D. Program Information, courses available, Journal of Finance, Financial Job Finder with information on EDS, Banc One, Andersen Consulting and careers in management consulting, banking, money management and investment banking; educational resources in finance, and more.

Fisons LIMS WWW Server
Fisons Instruments North America, Beverly, MA, US
Details of Fisons Instruments, products, and services, and a map of how to get here.

Florida State University School of Music
Tallahassee, FL, US
Information about one of the country's most respected schools of music, including departmental information, faculty, undergraduate and graduate programs, schedule of classes, coming events, and more.

Jean van Waterschoot, Chicago, IL, US
Galahad for BIX (Byte Information eXchange) is a new off-line tool for surfing the Internet. It features a built-in Web browser and NetNews reader.

Going Greek (Fraternity and Sorority Merchandise)
Virtumall New Media Marketing, Cambridge, MA, US
Our catalog features fraternity and sorority clothing and other merchandise. All items will be custom made according to your online design! You can view graphics of all available clothing styles and customize them by selecting your house's letters, patterns and colors from the on-screen menus. Your order is forwarded to Going Greek's factory and quickly shipped to you.

GPS Global Time Series
JPL, Pasadena, CA, US
Daily measurements made with the Global Positioning System are sensitive enough to detect motion of the Earth's tectonic plates. Click on a map of the world to see time series of latitude, longitude, and height.

The Gray Pages(tm) - Charlotte, NC
TriNet Services, Cary, NC, US
The Gray Pages - Charlotte, NC are now available! Add your favorite Charlotte, North Carolina business listing for free, or buy an ad in this new resource for those visiting or living in Charlotte, NC. Provided by TriNet Services.

The Great American Music Hall Home Page
Organic Online, San Francisco, CA, US
San Francisco's oldest and grandest nightclub, home of entertainment and fine food for 88 years, invites you to find out what new music and performances are on tap, to learn about the Music Hall's past and to find out everything you need to know about the Music Hall to be part of its future. Created by Organic Online.

Guest Investigator Program at The Center for EUV Astrophysics
UC Berkeley, CA, US
Information regarding the new Guest Investigator Program sponsored by the Center for EUV Astrophysics at UC Berkeley. This is an educational service which provides researchers information and training in the analysis of data from NASA's Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer satellite.

GulfNet Technologies
Perry, FL, US
Provides Internet access to customers in Florida and the southeast US. We can provide 56k, T1, and PPP DialUp access to the Internet. We also provide business advertisement and HTML space on our server all over Florida.

The Home Page Repository
Cycle Network Services, Bethesda, MD, US
CNS offers preparation, storage, and maintenance of homepage information for companies and individuals. This Home Page Repository seeks to lower the general cost of making data available to Web Cruisers. CNS also offers a full range of software consulting and implementation services.

HTML Assistant, Version 1.4
Brooklyn North Software Works, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada
A new release, version 1.4, of the HTML editing and URL organizing tool, HTML Assistant, has recently been uploaded to our FTP site. It offers a simplified tool bar, improved User Tools capability, and automatic conversion of UNIX files to DOS text.

Icarus, International Journal of Solar System Exploration
Editor's Office, Icarus, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, US
Icarus, the International Journal of Solar System Studies, announces two major additions to its World Wide Web site: the cumulative author and subject indices for 1989-1993, and a searchable list of submitted papers. These lists contain all papers submitted to Icarus since 1994 May and are updated every 4 to 6 weeks.

Intel's Paragon(tm) Supercomputer - Worlds Fastest Computer
Intel Scalable Systems Division, Portland, OR, US
Intel Scalable Systems Division, working with Sandia National Laboratories, recently retook the title of "the worlds fastest computer" from the Japanese. The Japanese held the record of 170 GigaFLOPs, but the Intel/Sandia team exceeded that mark by 50%, setting the new mark of 281 GigaFLOPs. How fast is that... if you did one calculation per second on your hand calculator it would take you over 11,000 years to do what the Intel system did in one second!

The Internet Business Opportunity Showcase
NetWorks Marketing, Ellicott City, MD, US
The IBOS is the place where entrepreneurs can search offers and relevant business information at their leisure and without pressure. The focus of the showcase is on small business opportunities, franchise offerings, network marketing opportunities, and business services.

Internet Resource Store - Hot Internet Books & Videos
FCS Inc., Sysosset, NY, US
The hottest selection of Internet books and videos anywhere. Everything is discounted -- free stuff with every order!

The Internet Store
Dallas, TX, US
We offer homepage creation, imagery, Net linkage service, sales representation, and Web consulting. For more information, contact: peel@pic.net.

London, UK, England
Irdial-Discs: renegade record label based in London providing the finest in music for those that live in their own generation. Pi34 publishing, 'publish and be damned,' nuff said. We have PDF magazines on tap, many excellent links and some that blink.

Homegrown Records, Diablo, CA, US
JAHS is brought to you by Coolware Inc. The CD was produced by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jerry Slavonia and distinguished producer/engineer Dr. John Barsotti. Together with the many talented artists that are featured on JAHS, they have constructed a recording teeming with originality and excellence.

Lake City, Colorado
Webvertising (tm), Houston, TX, US
Lake City is one of Colorado's best surprises! A charming, historic town with shops, lodges, restaurants and plenty to do. We're surrounded by unspoiled mountains, national forests and wilderness areas.

Lakeside Novelty Company GAGA
VirtuMall, Cambridge, MA, US
Remember the stuff you used to dream about in fourth grade? Whoopie cushions, invisible ink, joy buzzers. Our catalog has all this stuff most decent corporations are too embarrassed to sell. Order online today and we'll ship immediately so you can irritate whomever you want to by the end of the week! We have mule cigarette dispensers, striptease pens, Technicolor x-ray glasses.

Langley School District Home Page
School District #35, Langley, BC, Canada
The Langley School District's home page features a listing of useful Internet resources, especially for elementary and secondary students and teachers. There is also information about the Langley School District and each elementary and secondary school. Each school will eventually have its own home page, so check back for regular changes and additions.

Laser Focus World
PennWell Publishing Company, Nashua, NH, US
A monthly magazine for scientists and engineers covering lasers, optics, electro-optics and optoelectronics. We also publish Industrial Laser Review, Laser Report, Medical Laser Report, and the Journal of Current Laser Abstracts. Our Web site contains pages from all our publications plus daily news.

Lunar Institute of Technology
SunSITE, Chapel Hill, NC, US
The Lunar Institute of Technology, home to, among other things, the Starship Design Home Page, has moved to its new home at SunSITE.

Mac Educational Software: Chemistry, Math, Greek & Latin
Science Education Software, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, US
Obtain information on and download educational software teaching math for kindergarten through eighth grade, chemistry for fifth grade through high school, and Greek and Latin for high school and college students.

The Mathematics Department, Univ. of Colorado at Denver
Denver, CO, US
Information about our graduate programs in applied mathematics (M.S. and Ph.D.). We will be adding more information later. Please feel welcome to take advantage of this information, and to recommend it to interested students.

Medical Informatics and Decision Science (MIDAS) Consortium
Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, US
The MIDAS consortium is a "collaboratory" comprised of several medical, engineering and computer departments, as well as the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Our research focuses on medical decision support tools, computer-supported collaboration, and cost-effectiveness of diagnostic medical imaging procedures.

Megabyte Press
MbPress, San Diego, CA, US
A collection of chapbooks of rhymes from the Left. Includes: Hammer Marks, short rhymes, small actions, large consequences -- dedicated to the Berrigan brothers; Mother Goose for blue collar, unions and working poor; Red Moonlight, rhymes, as feminist as I could make them; Harvest Sparks, Third World living in the US; and others.

National Computer Tectonics Magazine
Lenoir City, TN, US
"The information source for people who purchase computer equipment and supplies -- now with over 400 pages of news and reviews." Our Web-based edition contains the best of our print magazine and much more. NCT is a computer magazine aimed at small business and home office users. Business software/hardware, CAD, graphics, multimedia, book and CD reviews, and more. Software giveaway contest.

Navy Recruiter Online
Navy Recruting District Chicago Public Affairs, Glenview, IL, US
The latest information about Navy career and educational opportunities. The service is in the development stages, and many additional information links are forthcoming. NRO also provides links to other Department of Defense homepages.

NDS Distributing
NetRep, Livermore, CA, US
NDS Distributing specializes in distributing quality Psion palmtop computer hardware, software, and accessory products. We have in-depth on-line Psion information, pricing, and order forms. Remember...to touch a Psion is to want one! Brought to you by NetRep, Internet Services for Business.

The Net Gazette
infoPost, San Diego, CA, US
The Net Gazette is published by infoPost to address current affairs.

Net Threads On-Line Catalog
Marietta, GA, US
We're proud to offer T-shirts, coffee mugs, pre-printed and customized bumper stickers with your email or Web page address. All items boast original designs that highlight the Internet and are way cool! Check out the Net Threads On-Line Catalog.

Noho Performing Artists Network
Iguana Bros. Productions, Northampton, MA, US
NoPAN is a resource for both the musician and the promoter. If you are having trouble getting gigs or want to break into the college and underground scene, join NoPAN and get exciting pluses such as graphics design, T-shirt printing, studio recording, a Web page, and a voicemail box. For more information, check out our brochure or write to B.K. DeLong, NoPAN's Internet manager, at bdelong@titan.oit.umass.edu.

Osho WWW Server
Friends of Osho Network, Bloomington, IN, US
Information about the "world's most prolific author." With hundreds of book titles to his credit, Osho has spoken on all the ancient and modern philosophies and theosophies from Christianity to Buddhism, from Tao and Tantra to Zen and Sufism. Tom Robbins, author of "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues," said Osho was "the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ."

Philip Ayers Paintings
Infomed-Online Services, Inc., Philadelphia, PA, US
An exhibit of some very interesting and exceptional paintings, particularly suited for electronic display. Unusual and original and of museum quality.

Phoenix Technologies
Toms River, NJ, US
As a SunSoft Authorized Education Center, we provide the highest quality and most advanced training available for Solaris and SVR4. Our instructors are SunSoft certified, and we offer training in both administration and development technologies. We also provide short-term consulting and development services. On-site training is also available.

The Picture Palace
Gravity Entertainment, Kearny, NJ, US
PicPal starts the new year with a flashback involving Maya Deren, a wedding and a flying refrigerator. Plus Russ Meyer for comic relief!

The Plants by Mail FAQ
Peter Leppik, Champaign, IL, US
Contains information and advice for buying plants through the mail. Includes an extensive (though hardly exhaustive) list of plant catalogs, and comments on many of the listed companies. This is an expanded version of the FAQ posted on rec.gardens and rec.gardens.roses.

Pop Narcotic Records
Boston, MA, US
An independent record label. Past releases have included music by Swirlies, The Dambuilders, Versus, Helium, small factory and sugar plant. In addition to these releases, Pop Narcotic has an extensive catalog of releases from other independent labels which is available through this site.

PTC Home Page and Archive
Plastics Technology Center at Lexmark International, Lexington, KY, US
The Plastics Technology Center designs, develops, and produces plastic parts and products for OEM and after-market companies. PTC's home page includes a description of PTC services, an archive of CAD and finite element analysis images, and links to Lexmark International's home page.

Satellite Imagery
C.E.N., Somerset, NJ, US
Those interested in GIS sample imagery of Chicago, New York, and more can download and view it here. This is Russian satellite imagery, the best on the open market today. Two-meter to five-meter imagery can be used in any GIS project you have.

SBT Accounting Systems
San Rafael, CA, US
Free technical and accounting advice from computer consultants around the world who install PC-based information systems. Network of 2000 independent consultants who specialize in mini-computer replacement and small business automation. Site of newsgroup: biz.comp.accounting.

Scan/US Geomarket Analysis Software
Los Angeles, CA, US
Complete product information about the company's Scan/US Streets and Data CD-ROM and other geomarket analysis products for Microsoft Windows. It features a sample demographic topical map (Cambridge, Mass, 45k), as well as a list of colorful example maps illustrating what you can do with the product.

The Science Academy of South Texas
Mercedes, TX, US
The Science Academy of South Texas welcomes you to visit our home page. Although it is currently under construction, we still have a lot to share. Check out our link to Project OWLink.

Seattle FilmWorks
fine.com, Seattle, WA, US
Seattle FilmWorks now has a new look and location. Visit Seattle FilmWorks to take advantage of the free introductory film offer. Learn about putting your pictures on disk. Download free PhotoWorks software. Receive photography tips and enter your images in our Internet photo contest for a chance to win $250.

Sikhism Home Page
Sandeep S. Brar, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A progressive religion well ahead of its time when it was founded over 500 years ago, Sikhism today has a worldwide following of over 20 million people. Sikhism preaches a message of love of one God, truthful living, equality of mankind and denounces superstitions and blind rituals. It is open to all through the teachings of its gurus enshrined in the Sikh holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib.

SOE Web Site
School of Education, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, US
An educational site primarily used for on-site and local information about the school, but made international as well. Information about departments, faculty, policies, and instruction are available.

Submit It!
Scott Banister, Urbana, IL, US
Provides an easy-to-use forms-based interface for adding your URL to major WWW catalogs, such as Yahoo, WebCrawler, and many others. Forms capable of submitting your URL to each catalog are collected on one page, making registration of your new Web resource with multiple catalogs fast and easy.%subdate 790768471

Daniel Terp, Stanhope, NJ, US
A resource for tall people, with listings of sources for tall clothing, extra-size furniture, tall-only events and a global listing of social clubs for tall people. It is a non-profit, user-supported database for the benefit of tall people worldwide.

Technical Marking Products
Stafford Marking Company, Brooklyn, NY, US
Stafford Marking Company provides a variety of marking products for engineering and technical applications. This resource provides information on available products, references to actual past applications of products, and contact information. Page by Marsh-Birchall.

Palo Alto, CA, US
Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, TheatreWorks is an award-winning professional theatre, and is celebrating its 25th season this year. We hope you will participate by attending our performances or by contributing your efforts or dollars to our activities. These pages will tell you how.

TransWeb - Organ Transplantation and Donation
Michigan Transplant, U.Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A page for sharing information on organ transplantation and donation. It includes answers to common questions, updates on new developments in the field, information on support groups and much more. We cordially invite everyone who is interested to join us and help make this a really useful resource for the entire transplantation community!

The News Tribune, Tacoma, WA, US
We are a daily newspaper in the Pacific Northwest, providing daily news stories, over 700 movie reviews, over 75 restaurant reviews and links to several hundred Web pages.

UKC Radio
Canterbury, Kent, UK
The eldest students' radio station in the UK. We broadcast to the campus of the University of Kent at Canterbury (UK) on 999kHz AM and, at least once a year, on FM to the whole region.

University of Michigan Astronomy Department
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Information is available about the history of the department, the faculty, staff, and students, U of M observatories, the Michigan Spectral Catalogue, the interactive U of M radio observatory database, astronomy outreach, and undergraduate and graduate astronomy courses.

University of Waterloo Co-operative Education
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
The Co-operative Education and Career Services Department at the University of Waterloo would like you to visit its new Web site. From these pages you can get information about the university's co-op programs, in which students alternate four-month academic terms and work terms. Prospective employers will find information about hiring qualified students from a variety of disciplines on a short-term or project-to-project basis.

"URL Grabber" for MS Windows, Working Demo
Brooklyn North Software Works, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada
A small floating tool bar that resides in a corner of your MS Windows desktop. It enables you to easily "grab" and store URLs from news groups, email messages and other sources, as you are reading them. With a few mouse clicks, URL Grabber will bring up your favorite browser displaying your collected links so you can view Web pages, download files and obtain information from the Web almost instantly.

ValuWare Software
Knoxville, TN, US
Software for less: hundreds of IBM-compatible programs available for on-line purchase. It's all here: business, database, games, hobbies, home, spreadsheet, windows, communications, education, graphics, health, religion, utilities, word processing. Doom II, SimCity, all the hottest games at the best prices.

Vancouver Village
Vancouver Magazine, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The Web site for Vancouver Magazine, a publication about the British Columbia city. Vancouver Village is crammed with content: over 50 magazine articles, more than 150 images, restaurant reviews and more, packaged with a very friendly navigational interface. If it relates to Vancouver, it's either here or coming here soon.

Videomaker's Camcorder & Desktop Video Site
Chico, CA, US
Videomaker provides expert advice for making better videos. From selecting the right camcorder and accessories, to shooting techniques, to starting your own video production, Videomaker will help you learn more about desktop video editing and creating your own MPEG movies.

Virtual Online University
Columbia, MO, US
Imagine attending a university with professors from around the world, teaching such varied topics as witch-hunting in Europe to American idioms to gender issues. Imagine exploring the Sonoran Desert, then wandering the streets of ancient Rome with an international student body. Now imagine doing all this from your home. Affordable, transferrable college credit is now available on the Internet through Virtual Online University.

Voices of Youth
United Nations, New York, NY, US
In March 1995, more than 90 world leaders will meet in Copenhagen at the World Summit for Social Development. The United Nations invites young people around the world to contribute their ideas by visiting Voices of Youth, an interactive WWW-site. At the "Social Summit," the comments of youth will be available for all to read. Others can visit this site to read what young people have written about poverty, unemployment and social conflict.

San Diego, CA, US
The single solution for progressive companies that would like to create a presence in Cyberspace. We will design your homepage with ongoing updates and create your Web marketing plans. Our Internet experts will provide site management, education and connectivity to the Internet. Each site is custom designed to meet your business needs. Our goal is to expand your business presence globally.

WilTel's Telecom Atlas
Tulsa, OK, US
WilTel has laid the world at your fingertips with our new Telecom Atlas. The Telecom Atlas provides sojourners overseas with a clickable map of international carriers and telecom research centers. If your trip is not as far from home, the Telecom Atlas also provides clickable information on interexchange carrier sites, regional Bell operating companies, freenets, research testbeds, and more.

WWPR - World Wide Profile Registry
@wizard.com, Las Vegas, NV, US
Fast becoming the place to locate anyone on the Net. Search by email, previous email, city, interests, and more. Never a charge to search.

Your Internet Bookstore
Profitable Technology, Inc., Sudbury, MA, US
We offer a full-service discount bookstore -- with over 200,000 titles -- on the World Wide Web. You can search by title and author and look at new releases by subject. We're working on the ability to browse all 200,000 titles by subject. We also have a large selection of abridged and unabridged audio books.

Friday, 3 February 1995

INET Marketing, Inc., Orlando, FL, US
Your personal florist with flowers and gifts for any occasion. 1-800-ROSE-BOX has a variety of flowers and gifts available for immediate delivery worldwide. Browse our selection of flowers, plants, fruit baskets and gourmet baskets.

After the Taj Mahal: Music by Christopher Penrose
San Diego, CA, US
After the Taj Mahal is a small music archive containing some of the cybermusic of Christopher Penrose. It is one of the new galleries of the Center For Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA).

Aggregate Computing, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN, US
Aggregate Computing, Inc. provides distributed computing and client/server solutions. Access information on NetMake, a distributed parallel version of the Unix make utility and NetShare SDK, the development kit that allows software developers to build reliable, network-smart, distributed applications.

Alzheimer Web
Dept. of Pathology, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A resource for researchers in the field of Alzheimer's disease, or for those just interested in research developments.

American Communication Association
Fayetteville, AR, US
The American Communication Association is the national professional organization of scholars, students, and practitioners in the field of communication studies. This site provides information about the ACA, a collection of materials on communication law and First Amendment issues, resources for teaching and research, and an extensive reference resource page for scholars and activists.

As You Like It
Ars Longa Group, Ltd., Trenton, NJ, US
We are pleased to announce the availability of As You Like It (tm), an astonishingly customizable viewer of classic literature for serious readers. Over one hundred beautifully formatted works are available without charge; many more are imminent. For the Internet-challenged, books are also available via conventional mail.

Australian Northern Territory Tourist Web
Northern Territory Tourist Comm., Darwin, Australia
A guide to Australia's great outback and tropical north, including scenes from Kakadu National Park and Ayers Rock. Request more travel information and come visit us down under!

Baseball: Toronto Blue Jays Unofficial Home Page
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
This site covers the major league baseball team the Toronto Blue Jays. It consists of schedules, statistics, player profiles, sabermetrical analysis, TV and radio information and other links to sites. There is even a spot for you to vote for your favorite Blue Jays!

Bellarmine Preparatory School
Bellarmine Students, Tacoma, WA, US
Information about Bellarmine Prep, the surrounding area, Catholicism, plus links to Catholic and non-Catholic related sites.

Bethel College
St. Paul, MN, US
Bethel College is a Christian liberal arts college in St. Paul, Minnesota. Our home page provides two hypertext subtrees: items of general interest -- information about Bethel College, special events, student projects, and links to other servers; and items primarily of interest to the Bethel Community (others are welcome to browse).

Canada Net Financial Pages
Online Visions Ltd., Richmond, BC, Canada
Canada Net Pages would like to announce the launch of Canada Net Financial Pages. Now publishing the profiles of the top 25% Canadian Mutual Funds, as ranked on their current month performance. Profiles of approximately 300 funds will be updated monthly. We are committed to building this section up to include the profiles of all Canadian Funds.

Canadian Physiotherapy Assoc. Gerontology Division
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
A service for the members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Gerontology Division, and for other physiotherapists and health care workers specializing in the field of gerontology. This site features tables of contents of the Gerontology Division newsletter, upcoming events, and links to resources of interest to the intended audience.

Christian ThinkTank
Glenn Miller, US
"Unravelling Wittgenstein's Net," a Christian ThinkTank, is a collection of Glenn Miller's recent documents and debates in the areas of Christian philosophy, theology, apologetics. It interacts seriously with skeptical and atheistic points of view, and provides a forum for group research projects. Written with humor and a contemporary tone, this site will stimulate intellectual discussion.

CMW Online: Canadian Music Week '95
Canadian Music Week/IMN Internet Services, Toronto, Canada
Canadian Music Week (March 20-26, 1995) is a week-long celebration of Canadian and international talent, industry and consumer events. It includes four distinct components: a festival showcasing talent; a consumer and trade exhibition (Music & Multimedia '95); an industry and executive conference; and an awards show specifically honouring members of the entertainment industry.

Cognitive Psychology -- Eye Movement Lab
Dept. of Psychology, Michigan State Univ., East Lansing, MI, US
A description of the graduate program in cognitive psychology at Michigan State University. Included is information about primary faculty, associated faculty, facilities, areas of research specialty, and financial aid. Click here for information on the Psycholinguistics and Visual Cognition Laboratory.

The Colgate Maroon-News
Hamilton, NY, US
The Colgate Maroon-News is Colgate University's weekly student newspaper. It is published each Friday of the academic year. Updated Friday afternoon, our Web pages include all headline news pages and corresponding photographs.

Collected New Zealand/Aotearoa Information
Michael Witbrock, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The New Zealand page is now the first site on the web with full orchestral accompaniment, following the addition of a recording of the New Zealand National Anthem performed especially for the page by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

The Condiments Home Page
George Washington High School, Denver, CO, US
Next time you go to your favorite fast food restaurant, it might be a good idea to get the latest ratings on their condiments. Find out where to get the best ketchup in town, and where the creamiest mayonnaise can be found! After all, none of us want sour ketchup on our fries. This service has been brought to you by the students of George Washington High School.

Corporate Software Intergration Services
Arlington, VA, USA
Our Web Server is the live demo of a service called Web Link. This technology converts Lotus Notes databases into HTML documents while maintaining the structure. Lotus Inc has licensed it for their InterNotes Web Publisher Product. We also have a live GIF of Washington DC. Come see what the weather is in DC!

Patrick Curry, Austin, TX, US
The CyberInferno is a literal melting pot of dark multimedia by next generation artists (all under-age) in the AusTex Metroplex area. Themes include Gibsonian-surrealism, Dante's Inferno, and defacing the Masters. Gallerys include original GIFs, QT MooVs, AVIs, and sounds. Burn, Baby Burn!

Cyberpunk 2020 PBeM Home Page
Michael E. Brunk, Seattle, WA, US
Home page for several Cyberpunk 2020 RPGs being played by email and through the Web. This page serves as an archive of game turns with supporting graphics, background information about the GM and the campaigns, character generation guidelines, bio information for current characters and links to other RPG resources on the Internet.

Cyberspace.com Aviation Image Archive
Michael E. Brunk, Seattle, WA, US
An archive of more than 250 JPEG images of aircraft from several time periods. Sorted by: WWII and earlier military, post-WWII military, commercial/general, helicopter and several other categories. Original scanned material as well as mirrors of other speciality collections (Warbirds and '94 Edwards AFB Open House). Links to other aviation-related resources.

The Darkest Of The Hillside Thickets
Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada
The 'Thickets' are an independent musical group based in Chilliwack, B.C. With catchy surf-punk riffs and lyrics heavily influenced by H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, these boys have earned the moniker "Cthulhu's good-time boys". Evil abounds in this quickly growing page, including a "Buy Our Evil Merchandise" page, where you can get information on buying T-shirts, demo tapes, and (when available) CDs!

Department of Management, Univ. of Tasmania
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Set up by the Department of Management, a cross-campus department of the University of Tasmania, this Web site gives an overview of the department and its courses (both undergraduate and postgraduate), and includes staff biographies, current research activities and contact numbers and addresses.

Distance Education and Technology Workshop
Univ. of Maryland, University College, College Park, MD, US
An intensive workshop (May 1-3) on distance education: including models of D.E., managing D.E., course development, interactive video, computer conferencing, and multimedia computing. Session facilitators are internationally recognized leaders in the field. The workshop will be held at the UM's University College. A pre-workshop computer conference is included.

The Doctor Fun Page
David Farley, Chicago, IL, US
The Doctor Fun hiatus is now over. Check out the Doctor Fun Page at SunSITE for the latest cartoon. and the Doctor Fun Archives.

Documentary Educational Resources
Documentary Educational Resources (DER) is a nonprofit corporation that distributes anthropology films and videos. DER's Web catalog contains over 250 films and videos about people and cultures on six continents. All content is available in a variety of formats, including digital, for CD-ROM, Web and other multimedia formats.

Eastern Edge Media Group, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA, US
We are a multimedia publishing company. Our latest project displays the work of photographer Ron Tarver. Mr. Tarver has spent the past few years photographing African American cowboys. From his efforts many 16 x 20 images are available for exhibition.

eBop! Magazine
CDnow! The Internet Music Store, Ambler, PA, US
Brought to you by the creators of JAZZIZ Magazine, eBop! is an electronic jazz information service currently distributed online via CDnow! It is our mission to supplement the interested consumer and jazz enthusiast alike with additional information about jazz music today, including features on jazz artists and reviews of recordings currently in release.

EBS Free Product Lottery
EBS Holland, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Worldwide sales of computer peripherals.

EERC - Environmental Energy Research Center
Univ. of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND, US
As a research center and part of the University of North Dakota, we are one of the world's leading energy and environmental facilities, conducting research on all ranks of coal. EERC is recognized as an international leader in low-rank coal research and technology. EERC has the leading groundwater protection program in the Upper Midwest.

The Electronic Telegraph
London, England, UK
Following masses of reader requests, The Electronic Telegraph is pleased to announce that it now carries a daily crossword that you can print out (and send back to enter the Daily Telegraph's crossword competition). Coming soon: our interactive crossword, after weeks of cgi scripting. Britain's first daily Web-paper has also added a weather report.

Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA, US
The original guide to job hunting on the Internet has been taken into hypertext! First posted in February, 1994, the guide to free listings and job-hunting information on the Internet now includes hundreds of connections to sites and services all offering assistance with finding employment.

Eurofield Information Systems
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Eurofield Information Systems' home page introduces the company to the Internet community. They are specialists in disk compression on floppy and online media. Their system is secure, fast, and allows searching of whole databases on disk. They also publish electronic reference books on disk.

InterActive8, New York, NY, US
Festival is a World Wide Webcast of the Sundance Film Festival. It has reviews, gossip, films, info, reasonable quicktime trailers, soundbites, and local color. Festival has all the latest info on the premiere US independent film festival. Designed with a twist of wit and fine design, Sundance is available to all on the Web.

Fountainhead Water Company
Marietta, GA, US
Fountainhead Water Company debuts its Web pages as part of the First Access Network. Deep artesian wells in the Blue Ridge Moutains release pure, clean water with nothing added, just as nature intended. Fountainhead brings you this taste by bottling it at the source. Web services provided by TriNet Services and First Union Corp..

Forest Hills, NY, US
Framenet is now offering beautifully crafted silver and pewter frames for your precious memories. Can be ordered directly online. Brought to you by Branch Information Services.

French/English Server
Quebec, Canada
The Editors of the A.V.'s Web Column , Laval Québec, Canada, would like to announce the new French department Chronique Québécoise.

Future Graph, Inc.
Southampton, PA, US
Future Graph, Inc. is the manufacturer of f(g) Scholar, a powerful, yet easy to use computer software program that takes a giant step forward in math and science instruction, combining a Graphing calculator and a spreadsheet to offer a complete solution for junior high, high school and college curricula in math and science.

The Garden Gate
The Garden Gate, Prairienet, Champaign-Urbana, IL, US
The Garden Gate offers gardeners and nature lovers links to useful and interesting sites around the world as well as a growing collection of original materials. So if you enjoy plants, either in the garden or in nature, stop on by, the gate is open!

Genealogy Online
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Devoted almost exclusively to genealogy, our resources include 1% of the 1880 U.S. census - more than 107,000 files and 1/2 million individuals, a hypertext version of the National Archives' catalog of microfilmed census enumerations, a large GEDCOM and tiny-tafel library, and much more. Free full-access telnet accounts available. info@genealogy.emcee.com

The Gizmo Page
The Louisville Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY, US
Ric Manning covers the world of computers, video games and consumer electronics for the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Gannett News Service. Read his latest column or about a dozen previous columns on The Gizmo Page.

Home Mortgages in California
Amerimac Cal-West, Campbell, CA, US
How would you like to finance your home without the headaches? Bill Totton is an experienced mortgage broker who specializes in making the loan process easy. He can recommend the best loan for your needs. Amerimac Cal-West(TM) is a real estate broker associated with the California Department of Real Estate.

Home Recording Rights Coalition Home Page
Washington, DC, US
In October 1981, within weeks of a court's declaring sales of VCRs illegal, the Home Recording Rights Coalition began fighting to protect consumers' rights to use home recording products. Fourteen years later, the issues are cable TV and the "information superhighway," and HRRC has a site on the World Wide Web. Keep up with the fight to protect consumers' rights -- visit the HRRC home page.

IBM Personal Software, Europe Middle East and Africa
Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
IBM Personal Software Marketing (PSM) for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) offers a comprehensive information service for EMEA users of IBM software. You can find the latest EMEA-specific dealer and ordering information, our product catalogue, technical information, demos to download, PSM news and much more.

The Immunology Research Group
Calgary, AB, Canada
The Immunology Research Group includes all the immunologists at the University of Calgary. There are 18 members working in two main areas: the development and physiology of the cells of the immune system and the immunological basis of disease. The group also teaches undergraduate and graduate students.

InfoAccess CD-ROM Database
InfoAccess and Distribution, Singapore
InfoAccess is a CD-ROM publisher. An online CD-ROM catalogue is available from which more information can be requested. Electronic versions of the ACCESS newsletter are available on this homepage.

Innovative Bits' New York City Real Estate Guide
Innovative Bits, New York, NY, US
Looking for a new home in New York City? Innovative Bits' New York City Real Estate Guide contains listings of the finest residences in NYC, both sales and rentals.

San Ramon, CA, US
INSITEC's EPCS system provides in-process, real-time particle sizing of powders (0.5 to 1500 microns) in pneumatic lines or sprays typically after grinders, classifiers, or dryers. INSITEC has been in business 11 years and focuses on insitu particle monitoring using light scattering techniques. We welcome complex problems and enjoy developing customized solutions.

Intelligent Investments & Computer Consulting
Greensboro, NC, US
Intelligent Investments offers training and consulting in numerous topics, including object-oriented methodologies, knowledge-based systems, system administration, system programming and various languages (C, C++, Ada, CLIPS, UNIX) at our site or yours. We also offer custom programming in traditional, object-oriented and artificial intelligence-based languages.

Intellimedia Sports Inc.'s Metadome
Intellimedia Sports Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
Improve your sporting ability with superstars like Ozzie Smith, Tracy Austin and Tom Kite! No matter what your game is: tennis, golf, soccer, skiing, volleyball or baseball, a visit to Intellimedia Sports Inc.'s Metadome will improve your sports abilities and understanding. Instruction, information, links and software for the active or armchair enthusiast!

The Internet Disc Shoppe
Digital Marketing, Inc., Bowie, MD, US
The Internet Disc Shoppe has various ultimate frisbee and frisbee golf discs for sale from college and club teams and non-profit organizations. There are also a photo archive and links to other on-line disc resources. Space provided courtesy of Digital Marketing, Inc..

Introduction for German Users
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany
Eine Einfuehrung in das World Wide Web - a brief introduction to WWW in German.

Jim Brickman--No Words
Windham Hill Records, Menlo Park, CA, US
Jim Brickman's piano solos could best be described as pop songs without words. Lyrical, melodic, memorable, and romantic, 12 tone poems come to life in this debut recording by Windham Hill's first solo piano signing in more than seven years. Jim's home page includes music samples, song lists, album notes, concert information, and a biography.

The Jyv_skyl_ Science Park Ltd
Jyvaskyla, KS, Finland
The Jyv_skyl_ Science Park Ltd (JSP) is responsible for the development of the Science Park. In the Science Park area there are about 35 tenant companies with 350 employees. JSP is a major actor in the R&D and business development community in the province, and the coordinator of the national program for developing centres of expertise.

Killington Ski Resort
Killington, VT, US
Killington Ski Resort offers abundant natural snowfall, incredible diversity of terrain, over 72 miles of skiing on six mountains, 162 trails serviced by 20 lifts, the world's most extensive snowmaking coverage, and a world-class grooming fleet. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

K.U.Leuven Faculty of Economics and Applied Economics
Leuven, Belgium
Homepage for the K.U.Leuven Faculty of Economics and Applied Economics.

L de L Sales Company
Palm Beach, FL, US
L de L Sales Company now brings you brand name fragrances for less. Over 50 men's and women's fragrances in stock. And if they don't have it, they can find it! Brought to you by the Branch Information Services.

The Latitude28 Schoolhouse
OpenNet Technologies, Clearwater, FL, US
The Latitude28 Schoolhouse is designed for K12 students. It contains a complete online children's book, Grin's Message, as well as an interactive map game. The server is privately sponsored by OpenNet Technologies.

LinkAGE Online Ltd.
Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
LinkAGE Online is a full service Internet provider serving the needs of companies and individuals in southeast Asia. LinkAGE Online offers dialup and dedicated access to the Internet, as well as Internet presence services.

Maingate Corportation, Internet and EDI
Maingate Corp., Houston, TX, US
Maingate Corporation is committed to providing business the technological tool to compete domestically and internationally through Internet and EDI.

The Manchester Web Pages
The Missing Link, Warrington, Cheshire, UK
The Manchester Web Pages is a growing set of pages created by Andy Blunt and associates at The Missing Link, specifically for Manchester and the north-west of England. The pages contain tourist information, as well as views of the city, trade & information directories and links to the LETSystems Home Pages where a large depository of information on LETSystems, community trading systems and virtual money may be found.

Mankato Area Schools
Mankato, MN, US
Mankato Area Schools invite you to come for a visit to our new WWW site. Try out the CyberFair, look at the extensive information on our area parent-teacher organizations, and view student art and writing via the Virtual Open House.

Marketing on the Internet
Lighthouse Productions, Santa Cruz, CA, US
A new book, "Marketing on the Internet, a Step-by-Step Guide," authored by Michael Mathiesen, founder of the Netcenter, the Center of the Internet. With a foreword by Vinton G. Cerf, the "Father of the Internet." To download sample book with all pertinent information, go to the Netcenter, then scroll to 'Marketing' on Interactive Yellow Pages Hierarchy.

Marr's Internet Rating Guide to Management Education Homepages
Prof. Wayne Marr, Clemson Univ., Clemson, SC, US
The Guide rates a Business School's Web pages from 4 stars to 0 stars -- much like a fine dining guide. The top three business school sites for January are: Stanford's Graduate School of Business, MIT's Sloan School of Management, and Minnesota's Carlson School of Management. I personally review each Web site. Send nominations for the best Business Web Site to Wayne_Marr@Journal.Com

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, Canada
The official homepage for Memorial University of Newfoundland. It has information on the many programs at Memorial, its various facilities throughout several countries, and other information about the university and its community. The MUN Home Page is part of the MUN Campus Wide Information System.

Midcourse Space Experiment Homepage
Backgrounds Data Center, Washington, DC, US
We are pleased to announce BMDO's Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) homepage. MSX represents the first system demonstration of technology in space to identify and track ballistic missiles during their midcourse flight phase. The spacecraft features an advanced multispectral image capability to gather data on test targets and space background phenomena.

Middle East Water Information Network
Philadelphia, PA, US
MEWIN is an independent, non-profit organization. The goal of its membership is to establish a professional organization to improve regional planning and management of water resources throughout the Middle East and to promote the peaceful and cooperative use of this vital resource.

Mind Gear: Mental Fitness Technology
Mind Gear Inc, Mentor, OH, US
Learn about mind machines, the innovative, exciting products designed to help people enter states of deep relaxation on demand. Our products appeal to busy people who want to have a 15- to 30-minute mini-vacation that will rejuvenate them and leave them refreshed, positive, creative, and energetic. Our customers experience the benefits of meditation, hypnosis, and progressive relaxation training.

MindSource Software, Inc.
Mountain View, CA, US
MindSource Software, Inc. is a family-owned and -operated consulting company for independent contractors, in California's Silicon Valley. MindSource was formed by UNIX software engineers who understand your needs, not recruiters who only scan for buzzwords. We've based our business model on fair compensation, a benefits package, competent screening and placement, and contractor participation in the company.

Movie Posters Web Page
Mahtab Moayeri, US
At this address are 25 beautiful images of classic and collectible movie posters now on sale from a private collection. There is also an introductory essay on one of the fast-growing hobbies: movie poster collecting.

MusicPro, "the music industry's Internet connection," has established a Web site which will be used to display presentations for their clients in the professional audio and musical instrument industries.

NASA Virtual Environment Generator (VEG)
NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, US
New page contains updates and descriptions of the Virtual Envoronment Generator (VEG). VEG is going to be used in several human experiments on space flights. The first version of VEG will be used for a Neurolab space lab flight in 1998.

Navy DTD/FOSI (CALS) Repository
Bethesda, MD, US
David Taylor Model Basin, Carderock Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center provides the Navy with a vast realm of expertise in a variety of areas. We are in the forefront of many of the U.S. Department of Defense and Navy CALS initiatives. We are the Navy's focal point for SGML. We are the lead in the standardization and development of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals.

The Nexus Gate
Troy DeMonbreun, Nashville, TN, US
For a taste a bit askew, and a definite exit from the redundant broken white lines of the information superhighway, check TNG out! Jump straight to our original Top Tens. Or, you can even submit your own Top Ten Topics for consideration!

New York, NY, US
This page has access to a BBS and has many attractions on it, including; heavy metal music from concrete, Rock Online with ROL Magazine, Starfire the Paranormal discussions, health care reform and links to other cool stuff on the Web, like Congress, The Whitehouse and a fishtank (real fish), and the OJ Forum Online.

OJ Simpson Book Review
Internet Book Information Center, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A review of O.J. Simpson's new book, I Want to Tell You, is available at the recently redesigned Internet Book Information Center.

Olivetti Research Laboratory
Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Olivetti Research is an industrial laboratory situated in Cambridge, England. We specialize in ATM networking , multimedia, and the personalization of computer and communications environments. Interesting demonstrations of the technology developed here include a live panoramic view of Cambridge and an Active Map showing the location of personnel within the building.

OneStop Desktop
OneStop Desktop Electronic Publishing, Houston, TX, US
Your Internet connection for desktop publishing services and electronic media printing services. A convenient source for professional document printing services to fulfill any size project. For 25 bound copies of a research project, 1000 Xerox/Canon color laser prints, or 2 million full-color direct mail pieces, OneStop Desktop is a convenient low-cost source. Full ftp is available for uploading job files.

On-Line Resource Guide for Personal Growth
Advanced Neuro Dynamics, Honolulu, HI, US
An on-line resource guide and catalog of trainings, books and tapes in Neuro Linguistic Programming Time Line Therapy, hypnosis, and and Ancient Hawaiian Huna. If you are interested in HTML layout and clean fast presentations, this is a must stop on the web.

Orfila Vineyards
Escondido, CA, US
Orfila Vineyards (formerly Thomas Jaeger Winery) is now on the Net with their fine wines and gourmet cooking oils, vinegars, sauces and gift boxes. View their goods and order directly from your computer. Brought to you by Branch Information Services.

The Others, Chicago, IL, US
The Others, a hot band out of Chicago, now has operational Web pages. Much more than just a fan page, we have songs, editorials , poetry, games, and more. Check us out.

Paperless Publishing Institute
Paperless Publishing Institute, Sierra Vista, AZ, US
The PPI is an online association of writers, artists, photographers, computing experts, and publishers participating in the new electronic media.

Pebble Beach AT&T National Pro-Am Golf Tournament
Access Business Connections, Monterey, CA, US
Extensive coverage of Monterey Peninsula's most prestigious and exciting golf event. Beginning January 31st, this Web page will bring you standings, pairings, news and photos of the National Pro-Am. Catch celebrities like Bill Murray and Clint Eastwood with golf professionals like Johnny Miller and Tom Kite competing head to head.

Philadelphia Graphic Calculator Forum
Philadelphia, PA, US
We are the jumping-off point for all information available on graphic calculators intended for instructional use. Leave from here for information on new programs, curriculum development, advances in new technology, workshops, conferences, and new software.

Photonic Systems Group
McGill Univ., Canada
Home page for the Photonic Systems Group at McGill University.

Pinnacle Software
Montreal, Canada
Download the latest DOS and Windows freeware and shareware from Pinnacle Software, all written by ZiffNet and Prodigy columnist Timothy Campbell. Includes Sapphire (the Zero-Maintenance BBS), Order Out Of Chaos, Parse-O-Matic ("The Import/Export Expert" - a programmable Text/Binary/DBF parser), and much more.

Project Kaleidoscope/Augsburg College
Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN, US
Home page for Augsburg College and a path to the Project Kaleidoscope server. Project Kaleidoscope is a series of workshops, publications, and email exchanges to improve science education in the four-year liberal arts colleges with hands-on, research-based science teaching.

RapidFire Software
Portland, OR, US
RapidFire is a point-of-sale software system designed by restaurant people. Light pen and touch screen systems allow quick and easy order entry, sales tracking, time keeping, labor analysis and more. Check out our page for the latest information on RapidFire products, user tips, etc.

Reform Party of Canada By-Elections Web Site
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
The Reform Party is Canada's major federalist opposition party, with 52 seats in Parliament. This site provides photo and text information on Reform candidates in three federal by-elections to be held on February 13, 1995. Also online is complete text of the party's policy platform. All information is provided in English and French. This is the first use of the Web in a Canadian federal election campaign.

Regal Boats
Regal Marine Industries, Orlando, FL, US
If you're in the market for a new boat, you owe it to yourself to check out Regal! We offer a comprehensive line of top-notch pleasure boats, including exciting jetboats, sportboats, mid-size cruisers, express cruisers, and the flagship Commodore 402 sport yacht! There's a Regal for every boating lifestyle, with prices beginning at under $10,000! Another member of the growing CyberWharf community.

Results from the WWW Consumer Survey Pre-Test
HERMES, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Results from the WWW consumer survey pre-test, done in collaboration with the GVU Center's 2nd WWW User Survey are now available. We also invite corporations (large and small) to participate in our research, and become founding panel members.

"Rondo" - Norway's most popular TV program
Oslonett AS and Norwegian Broadcasting Corp., Oslo, Oslo, Norway
The popular Norwegian TV program "Rondo" is now on the Net. Rondo will do an Internet coverage in each of 10 programs, starting February 3rd, and invites people from all over the Internet to send in greetings and answer a new question from the Rondo hosts each week. Rondo Internet T-shirts to all winners! Rondo has also launched another URL-Of-The-Week contest and hopes to get many contributions.

Sales Dynamics, Inc. - Rent Carts and Kiosks in Malls
Cherry Hill, NJ, US
For as little as $250 dollars/week you can now start or expand your own business in over 100 major malls and other high-traffic areas. Sales Dynamics and distinguished property owners across the country have teamed up to offer entrepreneurs, importers, manufacturers, crafters, retailers and service organizations, a quality cartprogram. All you provide is the merchandise, enthusiasm and desire. Brought to you by Branch Information Services.

Shun Tat PVC Products Catalog
Shun Tat PVC, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Shun Tat is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer specialized in soft PVC products and novelty items. Shuntat has been in this business for over twelve years and is experienced in manufacture custom designed products. This page aims to introduce the company and its products to wholesalers and importers around the world.

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Ski-Canada is a Web page that provides information on skiing resorts in western Canada. It includes locations, weather reports, skiing conditions, trail maps and listings of upcoming events.

Cambridge, VT, US
Soccerteer, the pioneer in soccer coaching gear, has opened an online shop featuring the sling shot shooting device. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

The South Hyogo Earthquake, Japan
Geographical Survey Institute (GSI) Japan, Tsukuba City, Japan
Textual and graphic information concerning this devastating earthquake, which has accounted for the lives of over 5000 people, is provided to the Net community. Links to other South Hyogo earthquake servers are also provided. This is a temporary server.

Speeches by Newt Gingrich
Informatics Resource, FL, US
The Washington Weekly offers an archive of recent speeches by U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Still Point
Dharma Rain Zen Center, Portland, OR, US
Still Point, the newsletter of the Dharma Rain Zen Center, is now available on the World Wide Web. Dharma Rain Zen Center is a Soto Zen Temple for lay practice located in Portland, Oregon. It operates under the direction of Kyogen and Gyokuko Carlson, who are Zen priests and a married couple. They may be contacted by email at: g.carlson1@genie.geis.com.

WebMasters International, Inc., Haddonfield, NJ, US
World-famous custom needlepoint.

Training and Consulting for Artificial Intelligence Users
Intelligent Software Professionals, Houston, TX, US
I.S.P. offers training and consulting services to users of artificial intelligence. expert systems, fuzzy logic, and neural networks. We hold seminars and training classes on all the above. Typical paradigms are CLIPS, NETS, and Fuzzy CLIPS.

UC Davis Dept. of Viticulture & Enology
Davis, CA, US
The Department of Viticulture & Enology at UC Davis enjoys a world renowned reputation for leadership and innovation in teaching and research in both viticulture and enology (sciences of grapegrowing & winemaking). Research programs cover all aspects of viticulture and enology from basic to applied research addressing current or emerging industry and public problems.

UCSF School of Nursing
San Francisco, CA, US
The School of Nursing at the University of California, San Francisco, announces its new server for the World Wide Web. Complete descriptions of programs and courses are available, as well as links to other useful sites on the Web. We offer primarily graduate-level programs (MS, PhD) in clinical and practitioner areas, as well as academic research.

University Art Museum -- Pacific Film Archive
Univ. of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, US
The UAM/PFA Web site, a service of the UAM/PFA, provides access to art and film resources, including exhibit and film series information, scholarly works and primary sources on film and art, and a gateway to art and film-related electronic resources.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Nuclear Theory Group
Madison, WI, US
We provide information about the UW-Madison Nuclear Theory Group: our research interests, our preprints, and information on conferences that we are involved in organizing.

Urban Desires
IndieNet, New York, NY, US
Announcing the premier issue of Urban Desires, the first magazine of its kind published exclusively on the WWW. Sections include Food, Words, Performance, Style, Technology, Art, Music and Sex. May you get all you desire.

USACE Information Network
US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Hanover, NH, US
This is the entry point or front page for the Information Network (I-Net) of the US Army Corps of Engineers. USACE Web servers, WAIS servers, ftp servers, gopher servers, bulletin boards, other resources, and information are available from our pages.

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
Berkeley, CA, US
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's Imaging and Distributed Computing Group has added movie-making to the Virtual Frog Dissection Kit. Hidden-surface removal and MPEG compression are performed on-the-fly in response to user requests. There are 24,000 possible movie sequences. Other recent developments include translations into Spanish, German, Dutch, and French, thanks to volunteer translators.

The Virtual Law Firm
Thierman Law Firm, San Francisco, CA, US
This is the first law firm on the Web that actually functions through the Internet, as opposed to an ad for a fixed based exiting law firm. By using the Internet to enlist attorneys worldwide as special "of counsel," the Virtual Law Firm seeks to provide local expert counsel in every jurisdiction and on almost every area of practice with high quality standards at lower costs than other firms.

Visi-Tech, Inc., Chestnut Hill, MA, US
Art: 40x60 Acrylic Paintings -- Shower 'n Shave!<BR> See 40x60 acrylic paintings by Jeanne and then come to Visi-Tech and see yourself shave in the shower. Then see absolutely clear through your eyeglasses and sports goggles and even car windshields. This is the place to see!

Washington DC City Pages
ARInternet, Washington DC, DC, US
The DC City Pages is the largest Internet resource for information, news, and events going on in and around the Washington DC Metro area. Web travelers can look up information on the local music scene, check out one of the many schools, in the area, take a tour of the city, navigate the Metro system, browse the DC dining directory, check up on regional weather stats, and much much more.

The WEB Press
Pixel Dust Productions, Moorestown, NJ, US
The WEB Press is a World-Wide Web electronic publishing and virtual home sales center demonstration. This interactive, new home click-tour allows you to navigate through digitally created and furnished homes as if you are there. These virtual home tours are but one of the many pre-press, multi-media, digital video, graphics, networking and communications solutions available.

Weekly Trivia Quiz
University of Sunderland, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England (UK)
The School of Computing and Information Systems' auto-generated quiz system was developed to demonstrate the Web's suitability as a vehicle for the electronic assessment of students. The prototype system proved such a success at Sunderland that we have now instituted a weekly trivia quiz, which is open to everyone on the web. The quiz consists of 25 multiple-choice questions on a variety of subjects.

Western Connecticut State Univ.
Danbury, CT, US
This is the main WWW server for Western. It offers access to our own campus wide information system (WEASIL), and serves as a "one stop shopping" place for access to the Internet.

What is an El Nino?
NOAA / Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Seattle, WA, US
El Nino is a disruption of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific that has important consequences for weather around the globe. This "El Nino Story" is illustrated with graphical displays of real-time data from the tropical Pacific, includes the status of the current El Nino, and is suitable for use in the classroom.

What's On Tonite! U.S. TV Listings
TV Net, New Century Productions, Los Angeles, CA, US
TV Net and New Century Productions offer What's On Tonite! Complete evening U.S. TV Listings for networks and cable stations. Search by time zone, day and category.

The White Dove On-Line Flower and Gift Shop
Orange, CA, US
A White Dove On-Line Flower and Gift Shop now has many of their flowers and gifts online. View full color pictures, read descriptions, pricing, and order from your computer. Flowers shipped via Teleflora for delivery anywhere in the US and Canada and many other parts of the world. Brought to you by the Branch Information Services.

The WWW Backgammon Page
Stephen Turner, Cambridge, England, UK
A collection of all the most popular backgammon resources on the Internet, including programs, annotated matches, book reviews and a diary of forthcoming events, as well as the backgammon server, newsgroup and FAQ.

Monday, 6 February 1995

1995 Norwegian Championship in Orienteering
Fana IL and Samnanger IL, Bergen, Norway
The official WWW Home Page for the 1995 Norwegian Championship in Orienteering. Here you find the most updated information about the championship, for instance terrain descriptions, maps, start lists, favorites and results.

Adobe Illustrator for Sun
Adobe Systems, Inc., Mountain View, CA, US
A special promotion for purchasers of Adobe Illustrator for Sun SPARCstations. Buy the Adobe Illustrator 3.5 before March 31, 1995 and get the upgrade to 5.5 FREE. This free upgrade includes a bonus package of leading graphics software for your SPARCstation including a $1,000 value library of Adobe Type 1 fonts.

Advanced Nutrition Products
InterMatrix Corporation, Atlanta, GA, US
Now available, for the first time on the WWW, the entire nutrition product lines of a billion dollar international company. These are leading-edge products, featuring the latest in advanced biochemical design, and include supplements officially licensed by the U.S. Olympic Committee and endorsed by several American gold medalists.

Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity
Alpha Phi Omega -- Delta Chapter, Auburn, AL, US
A national service fraternity founded by Frank Reed Horton on December 16, 1925. It is a collection of students dedicated to a life of service.

AniCom, Inc.
Chapel Hill, NC, US
Developer of 3D Choreographer, which was chosen recently by Windows Magazine as one of the top 100 products for Windows in 1994. Download examples of animation files and animation characters. See how you can use this exciting product to create eye-catching animations for your presentations.

Asante Technologies, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
Asante, a leader in Ethernet networking, manufactures a complete line of Ethernet and token ring cards for both Macs and PCs, and platform independent 10BaseT hubs. Visit Asante's Web site to get our latest product spec sheets, announcements, and technical support information.

The Asian Institute of Technology
AIT Web Team, Bangkok, Thailand, S.E. Asia
AIT, an autonomous post-graduate technological institute, provides advanced education in engineering, science, planning and management. Detailed information is available for the following: links for infoservers in Asian Countries, info pages for various Asia-Pacific Countries, SEAMEO information, clickable maps of Thailand, info on Internet gateways, and more.

Association of Midwest College Biology Teachers
Terre Haute, IN, US
This server provides archives of the organization's proceedings, newsletters, and refereed journal, Bioscene -- Journal of College Biology Teaching. All published materials concerning the society since its inception in 1957 are available, including membership applications, meeting announcements and abstract forms.

Black Forest, Rock band from the Inland Northwest
Black Forest, Spokane, WA, US
The wild woman of the forest bids you welcome. Come into the forest and browse the images, song clips and video clips. Learn the secrets of Black Forest's latest album "Tales...".

Bolz Center for Arts Administration
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, US
The United States' first graduate program in arts administration, founded in 1969, the Bolz Center offers a two-year, multi-disciplinary master's degree in business.

British Cartographic Society GIS Newsletter #11
Department of Geography, Univ. of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
This is a shortened edition of the British Cartographic Society GIS Special Interest Group newsletter to coincide with the AGI94 Conference and Exhibition at the ICC in Birmingham, England.

Broadway World-Wide
Grammydotz Productions, New York, NY, US
Broadway World-Wide is the online publication for theatre professionals and future professionals. Includes New York theatre news and listings, job listings in the industry, articles about theater professionals and technical features.

The Cascade Ski Report
The Internet Service Company, Seattle, WA, US
The ultimate source when planning your ski trip to the Northwest. The information provided is accurate and timely. Current ski conditions, custom Cascade weather forecast from a skier's perspective, links to Northwest Mount Pass reports. An entire weather page with links to all the appropriate maps, graphs and satellite imagery. And a page with links to other cool ski-related Web pages.

Cat Machine
Mind's Eye Publishers, Champaign, IL, US
The Cat Machine is a monthly WWW publication that features fictional and nonfictional poems and short stories from authors all around the world. The First Issue came out in November, 1994.

Catalog Mart (10,000 FREE Catalogs)
Internet Marketing Group, Jericho, NY, US
The Catalog Mart is the easiest and fastest way to request free catalogs in more than 500 topics. All you do is select your topic(s) of interest, fill out the online form and your request is forwarded to the appropriate catalog house.

The Children's Software Company
Bethesda, MD, US
The Children's Software Company, in cooperation with MECC Software, is pleased to announce a creative writing contest on the Internet. Children around the world are invited to compete. The winners in each age group will have their stories published on our Internet site and win free MECC software. See our What's New page for details.

The Clayhouse
San Bruno, CA, US
The Clayhouse manufactures and sells original design stoneware accessories for aquariums and terrariums. This site contains our on-line catalog as well as links to other resources of interest to aquarium and terrarium owners.

Cleveland State University
Cleveland, OH, US
Cleveland State University would like to introduce recent additions to its server: a clickable CSU campus map, a Reading Room (index to books, magazines, newspapers, and reference materials), a Cleveland area index, an Ohio government index, and access to the Univerity Library Homepage.

The Columbus Home Page
The Stelling Group, Columbus, OH, US
Columbus, Ohio's Capital, with its thriving economy, universities, museums, zoo, information and transportation hubs, cordial business climate and much more is among the most desirable areas to visit, locate, learn or do business. Columbus welcomes world travelers with world-class music, theater, international dining, convention facilities and hotels.

Commercial Information & Order Express (CIOE)
CIOE Corporation, West Lafayette, IN, US
CIOE Corporation was founded to provide high quality complete Internet services and promote commercial information exchange. So far, CIOE provides UUCP, UNIX Shell, SLIP/PPP, leased line, and ISDN line connections. We design customized graphic interface for your host system menu and your end user software. We also create World Wide Web homepages for our customers.

Computer & Workstation Upgrades and Peripherals
Pacific Grove, CA, US
Featuring Kingston Technology, Spectrum Trading is a reseller/distributor of computer and workstation peripherals. Serving corporate America since 1982, we are an excellent first source for all hardware products, specializing in memory, hard disk drives, storage subsystems, and SCSI/IDE devices which will maximize your productivity and efficiency. Software and parts lists are available here.

Consolidated Capital
Columbia, SC, US
Across America in the 1990's almost one quarter (25%) of all real estate sales will involve owner financing. Consolidated Capital, Inc. is a financial company based in Columbia, South Carolina which serves as a mortgage banker and broker, also servicing loans and providing mortgage investment consulting. We buy mortgages locally and nationwide. Brought to you by Branch Information Services.

Darr Houssen's Dog Obedience School
Houssennet, Moncton, NB, Canada
This location offers a free dog obedience training manual that can be downloaded for either Word/WordPerfect/Write for Windows or just plain text. Very nice when printed. A promotion of a series of dog obedience videotapes called "Training You to Train Your Dog" is also included.

DataPort 2001 MultiMedia Communicator
PPLNet(tm) - The PeopleNet, San Diego, CA, US
AT&T and PPLNet are offering AT&T's DataPort 2001 MultiPort 2001 Multimedia Communicator. This is the only modem that allows data and voice to be transmitted simultaneously over a single line using AT&T's VoiceSpan(tm) technology by splitting the line into two bands; one transmits voice or music and the other transmits data or graphics.

Dept. of Periodontology of the Charite (Berlin)
Berlin, Germany
The department of Periodontology and Synoptic Dentistry offer a new WWW-Service. You can read some publications of staff members. There are the issues of the mailing list "periodont@krypta.in-berlin.de". You can get all telephone numbers and e-mails of our staff. You will be informed about other periodontal related servers in the world.

Deutsche Interessengemeinschaft Internet (DIGI), Munich, Germany
DIGI was founded as a not-for-profit association under German law in spring 1992, and is chartered as a forum for the German Internet and TCP/IP user community. Along with the common functions of user groups, DIGI makes a point of encouraging the development of the German Internet service market and representing user interests. Of course most documents homed on DIGIweb will be in German.

Distributed Computing Lab
Hebrew University Computer Sciences Department, Jerusalem, Israel
The page explains the MOSIX project, it's goals, what the lab does, and the people working in it. Linking workstations and servers to work together simultaneously is a feasible solution for the continuing market requirements to provide increased computing power for business, scientific, engineering, transaction processing, floor automation and defense-related applications.

Doceo Publishing
Norcross, GA, US
Doceo Publishing, a multimedia publisher, specializes in digital video-related products. View product information, including features, reviews, application screens, and digital video files. If you are new to digital video production or a veteran of hundreds of hours of video capture and compression, you will find time-saving information in the Digital Video Tip of the Week section.

DPI InfoWeb
North Carolina Dept. of Public Instruction, Raleigh, NC, US
This Internet-based information service utilizes the Web to provide essential information about education to the teachers, administrators, and citizens of North Carolina -- and all else who wish to browse. DPI InfoWeb will serve curriculum goals with associated instructional resources, statistical information about education in this state, research on learning and teaching, and information about this state agency.

Edicola (formerly Daily-News): Notizie dall'Italia
Computer Science Dept., Rome University "La Sapienza, " Rome, Italy
The mailing list Edicola (formerly Daily-News) distributes headlines from several Italian newspapers: Cuore, La Repubblica, Il Manifesto, La Voce, Il Corriere della Sera, La Gazzetta dello Sport, La Stampa, and "Il Televideo."

The Elderberry Collection
Monrovia, CA, US
GENinc is pleased to announce The Elderberry CollectionTM's online catalog of "Life's Little Indulgences." Online ordering is available. Come today and see what tickles your fancy!

Encore Computer Corporation
Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Encore Computer Corporation's product offering includes Open Systems mainframe computer products that exceed proprietary mainframe performance through cost-effective massively parallel technology, storage products that deliver massively scalable I/O storage and throughput, and real-time systems that provide optimum solutions for complex real-time processing applications.

Eric's Puget Sound Scuba Diving Page
Eric Lundquist, Seattle, WA, US
A guide to scuba diving in the Pacific Northwest, with an emphasis on Puget Sound. It includes reviews of over 50 dive sites and other scuba-related information.

ESL Jobs Locator
Ann Arbor, MI, US
The ESL Jobs Locator is a service providing up-to -date information on current job offers in the field of Teaching English as a Second Language outside the United States. ESLJL also provides valuable advice for beginning teachers who have little or no experience in the field, including how to find work, what materials to bring to the job, a list of books to get you started in ESL, and more.

Etienne Perret
Hypermedia Communications Inc., Camden, ME, US
Etienne Perret is an internationally known designer of fine gold and platinum jewelry. Our company is located in Camden, Maine and our home page shows a few of our latest creations. You may also complete a form which will add you to our mailing list.

European Doctoral Program in Quantitative Economics
Universitaet Bonn, Bonn, Germany
The EDP is a program of doctoral studies in economics organised by universities in Bonn, London, Louvain, and Paris. The program focuses on economic theory, mathematical economics, decision and game theory, econometric theory and methodology, empirical econometrics and applied mathematical economics.

Fifth World
Fifth World Productions, Amsterdam, N.H., the Netherlands
Includes an alternative guide to the city of Amsterdam. Info on smart nutrients and drugs. Music, movies, books, clubs and more.

Fox Studio Limited
Minneapols, MN, US
This site profiles Fox Studio, a full-service commercial photography studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The site is full of portfolio images, discussions of recent projects, and staff profiles. Includes a wide range of links to Web sites of interest to photographers and advertising people.

Free Classified Ads
Individuals who place the ads, Portland, OR, US
Free classified ads are available to individuals and non-profit organizations as a public service from Pantless Productions. Current categories are: For Sale General, For Sale Computers/Electronics, Personal Ads, and Services. More categories will be added as the need arises. Go to http://www.teleport.com/~lucifer and use the "Classified Ads" link.

Frontier Internet Services
London, UK
Frontier Internet Services provides Dialup SLIP/PPP connection to the Internet and lease space on their Web Server. Check out Dave Sugarman's Dead Pool or The Balloon Flight Page for examples of our customers' work.

Gallo Case Draft Staff Report
Walter W. Stewart, Denver, CO, US
The draft Staff Report of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation throws important new light on the Gallo case. It is presented here in its entirety.

The Garden Patch
The Virtual Mirror, Washington, DC, US
The Garden Patch is a new feature of The Virtual Mirror where all the Mirror's garden resources can be easily located by users. The Mirror includes the Garden Spider's Web List of Internet Resources, the brand new Garden Exchange and the first of many articles on gardening subjects, Stratification: Giving Seeds Their Wakeup Call.

Go Ask Alice!
Healthwise Office, Columbia University, New York, NY, US
Ask Alice about relationships, nutrition and diet, drugs, sex, alcohol, stress, etc. Questions are submitted anonymously and answered publicly by Columbia University's Healthwise Office. Over 500 questions & answers are currently available.
http://www.columbia.edu/cu/healthwise/ [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Godby High School WWW Home Page
Tallahassee, FL, US
Godby High School's glorious contribution to the World Wide Web. Complete with student home pages and tons o' educational links for the kids. Truly a Superhighway exit you'll all want to check out.

GORP -- Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
Greer Consulting Services, Inc., Brooklyn, NY, US
GORP features descriptions of most of the US National Parks, Forests and Wilderness Areas; activities pages for biking, climbing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, fishing, skiing, etc.; and links to other Internet resources by location which contain travel and outdoor information.

Graduate Program in Health Care Administration
Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH, US
Information on the ACEHSA-accredited graduate program in Health Care Administration, including a guide for potential applicants, faculty list, information about greater Cleveland and more. Also: links to other health-related resources on the Web. Learn more about Cleveland State University.

Group Cortex
Philadelphia, PA, US
Group Cortex is a professional Internet presence developer providing full service solutions for businesses that want to use the Internet to reach new markets and conduct business more efficiently. Group Cortex gives businesses nationwide experience in providing turn-key solutions and developing unique answers in consulting. Visit us for free software, and many unique services.

Growing Familes Inc.
Freehold, NJ, US
A non-profit adoption agency licensed by the State of New Jersey. The agency was formed in 1988 to provide child placement services to the adoptive triad -- child, adoptive parents and birth parents. GFI provides full placement programs for domestic and international adoptions. Infants and toddlers are readily available in our international programs.

Guatemalan WWW Page
Danny Gonzalez, Little Rock, AR, US
In an effort to bring Guatemala a little bit closer to the Internet, and using the server at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, the Guatemalan Page has pictures, information topics, and news around the Central American Region. Also more than 90 pictures from a recent: Trip to Guatemala

Guide to Covered Bridges of Philadelphia Region
Drexel University Honors Program, Philadelphia, PA, US
The Guide to the Covered Bridges of the Philadelphia Region, sponsored by the Drexel University Honors Program, is now at a new address: "http://www.honors.drexel.edu/". The Guide has been expanded and now has a complete album of the Bucks County bridges.

Hare Krishna home page
Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, Los Angeles, CA, US
The International Society for Krishna Consciousness has been spreading the ancient Vaisnava culture of India worldwide since 1966. This site includes book excerpts, songs, and articles from Back to Godhead magazine.

Heritage Estate Buyers
www ads, San Diego, CA, US
Heritage Estate Buyers gives you the opportunity to cash in or trade up your fine Swiss watch to a brand name watch. Your watch could be sold in the international watch market where prices are usually 20-30% greater than in the American market.

History of Mathematics Page
Clark University, Worcester, MA, US
An index of references to Web and other resources concerning the history of mathematics, classification of mathematics by time (with timelines) and regions (with maps), and a long chronology of mathematicians.

Hi-Tech Culture TV Show
Omni Film Productions Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hi-Tech Culture is a brand new TV show that explores the effect of new technologies on the way we live. The pilot, broadcast in Canada on the Discovery Channel, looks at electronic games, education, and love and sex in cyberspace.

HospitalWeb - Hospitals on the World Wide Web
Massachusetts General Hospital - Dept. of Neurology, Boston, MA, US
HospitalWeb is a current list of all hospitals in the World on the Web. Providing a simple list of Web resources, it will be invaluable for individuals seeking info such as doctors, specialists, clinical trials, etc. If you run a Webserver at a hospital, please check this list and submit your URL if you're not on it. If you would like help setting up a webserver at a hospital, please contact lester@helix.mgh.harvard.edu.

The Idea Factory©
Sharrow Davies Townsend, San Francisco, CA, US
Bold ideas about marketing. New products and services. Product improvements. Clever distribution. Hot promotions. We'll showcase great new ideas in marketing. The best ones may even have the opportunity to become reality. If you've got a great idea, or heard of one, stop by and let us know. We'll publicize it here. It's an IdeaMart© where entrepreneurs, marketers and creative ideators can meet.

IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems 1995
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
ISCAS95 will be held April 30 to May 3, 1995 at Sheraton Seattle Towers and Hotel. Information provided includes tutorial schedule, preliminary technical program, conference registration and housing information.

CORE Software Technology, Pasadena, CA, US
ImageNet is an on-line browsing system for Landsat, SPOT, Russian High Resolution imagery and ETAK's vector based data sets. In 1995 we will be adding the USGS's DLG, DEM and other governmental and commercial geographic information. Our home page is an interactive menu that allows an end user to choose from numerous options, one being the ability to run actual live searches of the Landsat and SPOT data bases.

Injury Control Resource Information Network (ICRIN)
Center for Injury Research and Control, University of Pittsburgh, PA, US
The Center for Injury Research and Control announces an online index to Internet injury control resources. Dubbed the Injury Control Resource Information Network, or ICRIN, this free public index links to dozens of different sites across the globe. These linkages provide a large variety of content, examples, and resources useful for injury control practitioners.

xs4all.nl, Volendam, Holland
A page about inline-skating in Holland. Also: lots of references to the skate pages of other countries.

National Instruments, Austin, TX, US
InstrumentationWeb contains complete product information for its line of products for test and measurment. Included is technical support information, product descriptions, company overviews, and information of general interest to the test and measument community.

Interface Technologies On-line Training Center
Interface Technologies, Inc., Wake Forest, NC, US
The Interface Technologies On-Line Training Center offers free on-line tutorials for programmers, business people, and computer users. Currently there are three tutorials (Motif, C++ and business networking), and the number will grow each month.

Internet Publishing Technologies
College Station, TX, US
Internet Publishing Technologies provides WWW Presence for commercial, city government, and organizational entities in Bryan/College Station, Texas. IPT also provides Internet Information Solutions to best represent and connect your company to the Internet.

Internet Transport Connection
Nomad Press International, Sierra Vista, AZ, US
The Internet Transport Connection is a continually evolving dynamic source for information and communication about all matters relating to land, water, and air transportation.

Internet Video
Purple Training Limited, Chiswick, London, UK
Internet: The Cyberian Connection, produced by Purple Training in conjunction with Cyberia, the UK cybercafe. Intermixed with demonstrations of how to use the Internet are interviews with Net users who talk about using the Internet. Our page is linked to Web hot-spots, online beginner's guides and business pages.

Inter-Research Tables of Contents and Abstracts
Inter-Research Scientific Publisher, Oldendorf/Luhe, Germany
Tables of contents and abstracts for recent issues of Inter-Research journals (Marine Ecology Progress Series, Diseases of Aquatic Organisms, Climate Research), plus information on other publications.

Latin American Adoptive Families Home Page
Falmouth, MA, US
Latin American Adoptive Families (LAAF) offers this resource for families who have or are considering adopting children from Latin America. Includes a "Fact Sheet" section on the adoption situation in seven Latin American countries.

Lockheed Austin
Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, Inc., Austin, TX, US
Lockheed Austin offers software and systems integration expertise in the following core business areas: command and control systems, battle management, simulation and training, mission planning systems, image processing, ground control processing, signal processing, communications and message handling, meteorological systems, geopositioning and mapping, and civil government and commercial modernization.

Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium
MASGC & Raj Shah, Cambridge, MA, US
The Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium is an organization dedicated to research in space science. This page serves as a bulletin board for the Space Grant consortium and as a database of available resources concerning the field. A great stop for educators and researchers alike.

The Michael Qseng Morning Show/KRTR, Honolulu USA
Michael Qseng/HI-Way Multimedia, Honolulu, HI, US
The first radio station and radio show to be available on the World Wide Web from Hawaii. Get a fix on entertainment news, humor and play online contests -- all the same stuff that's on the Michael Qseng Morning Show show each day. Updated daily Monday - Friday AFTER 10 a.m. Hawaii time. Another part of the newest island in the Hawaiian chain - The Internet Island.

The NASA/JSC Remote Operator Interaction Laboratory
Houston, TX, US
The Remote Operator Interaction Laboratory (ROIL) at NASA Johnson Space Center is part of the Crew Station Branch of the Flight Crew Support Division. It is responsible for Human Factors Engineering research and evaluation of remote system operations and designs for the Orbiter, ISSA, and other spacecraft.

NETView Communications Associates, San Jose, CA, US
NETView maintains the The Silicon Valley Gateway server, a source of information about Silicon Valley, California's center of technology. If you are planning to visit this area, you can check current weather, job opportunities, entertainment, and much more. Featured is a register of servers in Silicon Valley. Until Feb. 18, you can add your Valentine message to World Wide Valentines.

New Film Company
Arlington, MA, US
Producer and distributor of the best in nautical and adventure videos and award-winning films seen on PBS "Adventure," National Geographic Explorer, and The Discovery Channel. Another member of the growing CyberWharf community.

The Oasis
SOFIE - Supporters Of Freedom Information Exchange, Roseburg, OR, US
This server provides links to businesses and organizations in the Southern Oregon Unified Networking District (SOUND). This area covers most of the southern Oregon area, centered around Roseburg and Medford.

OASIS (On-Line Accessible Shared Information Services)
Frontier Technology, Inc., Greensboro, NC, US
Although still under development, OASIS represents a growing change in online and Internet information providers. Expect to see as many 50 - 100 new links established everyday. Search tools and indexes should be added within the week. Currently the Computer Center and Publications are the only active groups.

Of, By, and For the People Newsletter
Spokane, WA, US
This Newsletter provides a forum for the opinions of people that are too often ignored and not given an opportunity to be heard. We will publish conservative opinion from conservatives of any party - Republican - Democratic or Independent. We see a need now to collect as much conservative opinion as possible and get it in the hands of our elected leaders in the White House and the Capitol Buildings. Brought to you by Branch Information Services.

O'Keefe Marketing Online
Richmond, VA, US
O'Keefe Marketing is a Richmond, VA-based marketing and advertising firm specializing in high-tech applications. We are building some decent multimedia and graphics-oriented libraries, as well as offering some good hard data on multimedia.

On The Go Communications Inc.
Fort Worth, TX, US
On The Go Communications Inc. keeps you informed on what's new in the market place, and provides the highest quality merchandise for near wholesale prices. We provide equipment such as TV's, VCR's, accessories, and home theater products. Our specialty is in providing satellite systems for both the customer and commercial markets.

Packview Network Monitoring Software
Interscape Systems, Ltd., Bowie, MD, US
Packview is a distributed network monitoring solution for SunOS and Ultrix written by DDIX, Inc. It allows you to perform advanced tasks such as network analysis and debugging, without added hardware. Packview makes network management and analysis easier.

Peter Bell, Antiquarian Bookseller
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
An experimental page offering on-line versions of Peter Bell's most recent lists and catalogues.

Physics Servers and Services Around the World
McGill Physics Department, Montreal, Canada
Announcing a collection of physics and physics-related resources. The server includes links to preprint servers, journals, publishers, to physics departments and institutions around the world, available jobs, and more. In Europe this is mirrored at TU Vienna.

Access Internet Resources, Inc., Omaha, NE, US
Piazza.Com is the first and perhaps the only 15th-century Renaissance cybercity on the Web. In addition to offering businesses a cost-effective point of presence on the Internet, it also offers browsers a unique blend of educational and entertainment resources.

Picton Press
Camden, ME, US
Picton Press provides genealogical data on CD-ROM containing five million surnames, 30 million entries, and millions of marriages records. Picton Press also offers a unique selection of genealogical books. Piction Press is hosted by infoPost.

Pins by Margarita
Designs by Margarita, Huntington Beach, CA, US
Pin collecting is becoming so popular around the world that trading pins is a sport in itself at various international games! A 20-page catalog introduces you to pins from past competitions at Moscow, Lake Placid, Los Angeles, Sarajevo , Barcelona, Albertville, and Lillehammer. Pins by Margarita is hosted by infoPost.

The Pion-Beta Decay Experiment
Paul Scherrer Institute, Aargau, Switzerland
The Pion-Beta Decay Experiment Web server consists of two mirrored sites, one at the University of Virginia, one at the Paul Scherrer Institute. The experiment will measure the branching ratio of the pi+ -> pi0 e+ nu decay.

The Planetarium at Forum der Technik
Forum der Technik, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
This server provides information about the Planetarium in Munich, its equipment, shows, program schedule etc. There are also links to all (?) other planetaria around the world that are active on WWW.

The Raptor Center
University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, US
The Raptor Center provides information about birds of prey, endangered/threatened birds, and related issues. This server has material appropriate for a wide audience, ranging from K-12 students to veterinary medical professionals.

Safe Computing
Internet Media Services, San Jose, CA, US
Safe Computing provides ergonomic computer accessories with pictures and specifications for each product. The product-line includes voice recognition systems, ergonomic keyboards, foot, arm, back and wrist rest, monitor and keyboard supports, VDT screen filters, and ergonomic training software. Seeing and buying are just a button away.

Sail Mountain Company - Hotel Express
Hypermedia Communications Inc., Brooklin, ME, US
Sail Mountain Company is a discount travel company located in Southwest Harbor Maine. We are a registered distributor of the well known Hotel Express program which permits members to achieve significant discounts on hotel reservations, airfare, cruises and many other travel related activities.We believe that you will find our discounts to be among the best in the business.

San Diego World Affairs Council
San Diego, CA, US
The San Diego World Affairs Council publishes a newsletter and holds monthly meetings featuring a wide range of prominent speakers. The San Diego World Affairs Council is hosted by infoPost.

Scavenger Hunt!
Vancouver, BC, Canada
International Teletimes magazine is hosting a fun, light-hearted scavenger hunt competition for all World Wide Web citizens. Readers are encouraged to explore back issues to find blinking words (note that you must be using Mcom's Netscape). Prizes will be awarded after the February 18 deadline.

Seattle Lab Inc
Kirkland, WA, US
Seattle Lab is a specialist in NT, and specifically in add-on utilities. They are aimed at ISV's moving applications to NT. Utilities include: SLat - an easy to use GUI program for scheduling both desktop and background tasks, and SeriaLink - a terminal server for "dumb" terminals and other ASCII devices.

Sedona Red Rock News
Sedona On-Line, Sedona, AZ, US
Take advantage of a one-month free subscription with the purchase of a one-year subscription and learn everything there is to know about the Sedona area. Get a grasp of the news that affects the residents of Sedona today so you can make your plans to join them tomorrow.

The Sino Gangstas Homepage
The Sino Gangstas, Pasadena, CA, US
A collection of Asian related topics. We have extensive sites of Asian WWW pages, Asian picture binaries, Asian newsgroups, text files, and much more. Come visit us today.

SpaceCom Systems, Inc.
Tulsa, OK, US
SpaceCom Systems, Inc. provides companies with the most advanced satellite technology for audio and data broadcast services. Information on SpaceCom can be retrieved from the home page, as well as 15-minute delayed Stock Quotes provided by PC Quote. Via our Corporate Participants, users can also retrieve Futures and Weather information, demo disks, and more!

Spinning Jenny
Big Marble Foot Records, Tempe, AZ, US
From Big Marble Foot Records, the first CD release by this Tempe, Arizona-based alternative band. The new album, Piñata Full of Bees, is due to hit record stores on February 4th, 1995. Get samples from the CD, cover art, band photos and more at the band's official Web site.

Stanford Geothermal Program
Stanford University, Stanford, CA, US
The Stanford Geothermal Program is a postgraduate research program focusing on the study of geothermal reservoirs. The Stanford Geothermal Program home page contains descriptions of our activities, publication lists, information about graduate study, and links to other geothermal information pages.

Starting Point
Schaumburg, IL, US
Starting Point offers a well organized, category-based starting point for browsing on the Web.

Stowe Ski Resort
Stowe, VT, US
When you visit our legendary ski resort you'll discover superb skiing, outstanding accommodations and food, a warm, sincere welcome and an understanding of what this great sport is all about. Come visit our new CyberShop for more information. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Sweeps Vacuum & Repair Center, Inc
Hudson, NY, US
Sweeps offers a complete line of Miele vacuum cleaners and is hosted by infoPost.

The Swiss Anaesthesia Server
Department of Anaesthesia, University of Basel, Switzerland
Clinical and research topics in anaesthesia. Includes previews of forthcoming papers, Swiss meetings, the Sept. '95 meeting on "What's New in Obstetric anaesthesia," and a forum on human factors and the OR.

Tahoe Central
Incline Village, NV, US
Spend a night for free at beautiful Lake Tahoe in return for touring a luxury timeshare condo resort, no obligation. You may also qualify for free meals, ski lift tickets, and other gifts.

Technology Transfer at Sandia National Laboratories
Technology Transfer and Commercialization Center, Albuquerque, NM, US
Find out how your organization can work with Sandia National Laboratories. Searchable lists of technologies available for licensing and/or partnership opportunities. More than 40 (some world-class) facilities available for your use. Descriptions of different types of agreements as well as success stories about our partnerships with industry. Completely searches entire Sandia Web server.

Telos Corporation
Herndon, VA, US
Telos is a global information technology services company that has helped business, science, and government to fully design and implement comprehensive solutions through high-technology consulting, engineering, and maintenance services. Specializes in Rugged Computer, Pangaea, etc.

Telusys W3 Services
Telusys, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
We specialize in the design, implementation, and maintenance of high-impact World Wide Web documents and servers. Our service's unique features include: content and document imaging, sophisticated graphical design, Web database integration, automated fax capabilities, complete turnkey applications and custom programming.

Temecula Economic Development
Temecula, CA, US
Welcome to Temecula, California, a great place to do business! GENinc is pleased to announce the Temecula Economic Development Corporation's WWW home, which includes information on the area, its geography, and its economic climate.

Texas A & M Poultry Science Dept.
College Station, TX, US
Provides information on a wide variety of subjects concerning poultry. Also included is the Poultry Science Virtual Library for Poultry Science.

The TiLT Site
VTM Belgium Commercial Television, Brussels, Belgium
A refreshing view on all aspects of Belgium culture. This site is hosted by Marcel van Tilt, a popular tv personality. Trivia, stories, soundclips, facts & figures. The best way to check out Belgium. And you can vote too!

Transient Images
Washington, DC, US
Transient Images, an almost-weekly eZine dealing with television and film, introduces its website. Look here for current and back issues, various links to TV and film resources on the Internet, as well as the Internet Television Ratings.

Tri State Trading Inc. Jewelry
Garner, NC, US
We have been selling quality costume jewelry to stores in the Carolina's and Virginia for five years. Now, we are offering our jewelry to you at wholesale prices! We carry hundreds of items including earrings, bracelets, pins, earring and necklace sets and more. Prices start at just $4.50. See our catalog .

Trib.com The Internet newspaper
The Casper (Wyo.) Star-Tribune, Casper, WY, US
Trib.com, The Internet Newspaper has added a number of new features. These include Associated Press and other wire services. And if you need homepages designed or managed as well as other Internet-related services, please feel free to contact us or see our price list.

Two Servers, One Host
The Sphere Information Services, San Jose, CA, US
This page describes how to configure a system to support two Web domains from a single host. This means that http://www.a.com and http://www.b.com will take you to the correct document root for each domain. There are instructions for both the NCSA and CERN servers.

U. Texas IEEE Computer Society National Programming Contest
The U.Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, US
The NPC is an invitational computer programming contest which challenges 16 of the finest undergraduate student programming teams in the world to compete against each other in a new and exciting contest format. Each school sends a team of three students. These three students are given just two days to write a "player," a program which will compete against other players in a game created for the contest by the NPC organizers.

United We Stand America National Newsletter
Telusys, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
United We Stand America, the fastest growing grassroots movement in the country, spearheaded by Ross Perot, is proud to present the online version of our national newsletter. We are focused on economic and government reform at the federal, state, and local levels.

Urban Naturalist in Ottawa
InterAccess Technology Corp., Nepean, Ontario, Canada
We are pleased to bring you a series of articles about wildlife in and around Ottawa. These point out some of the natural highlights of our region enjoyed by the locals but often missed by the casual tourist. The first two articles are winter-oriented -- "Where the Birds Sing" and "Feeding Ducks in the Winter" -- and complement our winter fun addition to the Ottawa Tourist.

Victoria's Network: VICNET
State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
VICNET has been set up as a joing project between the State Library of Victoria and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology to provide access as cheaply and as easily as possible to all Victorians. This will include home usage and free public access terminals in places like libraries. Our main focus is in publishing Victorian specific information on the Web.

Video Spotlights Giant "STEP" Forward
NIPDE/NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, US
The National Initiative for Product Data Exchange hosted by NIST has just released the video STEP: A Futurevision...Today. The video depicts how the new international STEP standard (ISO 10303) will enable users to digitally exchange product information, via computer, both between corporation departments and with manufacturing partners and suppliers.

The Virtual Headbook
Wintronix, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, US
A new service to serve actors and actresses. Have your headshot and resume available for viewing via the WWW. A great resource for casting directors, agents and directors of both film and stage. The Virtual Headbook is a fully searchable database of actors to benefit both the actor and those searching for actors. Feel free to stop by and search the database or signup.

Visit North Carolina
The North Carolina NetWorks, Hickory, NC, US
VISIT North Carolina provides the visitor or resident with current information about North Carolina's major cities. Visitors can view the Calendar of Events or learn about the arts, culture, and history of these cities. Others may select from the list of more than 1,000 hotels, motels and restaurants. Also shop for furniture or carpets.

Warehouse and Factory Automation
Information Dynamics, San Jose, CA, US
Features Warehouse eXpress (TM), Information Dynamics' client-server inventory and material control system for warehouse and factory automation. The page contains product features and benefits, example images from the product, as well as additional information on radio data terminals, barcode printers, and scanners.

Washington Web Real Estate Network (WREN)
Bassador Publications, Redmond, WA, US
A comprehensive listing of available real estate in Washington state. Also includes the unique catagory equestrian property, which is often difficult to locate. Service provider directory for real estate professionals in Washington area. Full color photos!

West Linn, Oregon City Government
City of West Linn, OR, US
The home page for the city government of West Linn, Oregon.

Westec, Inc. -- Agricultural Consultants
AUSTIN Technology, Sacramento, CA, US
WESTEC Inc. is a California-based corporation specializing in international agricultural consulting and development. With our advanced technology and experience, we can provide the means for successful operation in agriculture. From an experienced management team to the latest in machinery and seed, Westec can meet your needs.

Xephon's Web Page
Xephon, Newbury, Berkshire, UK
Xephon are research analysts, information providers, and publishers specializing in the IBM-compatible large systems environment. The page contains brief details of our latest research findings, advice on mainframe hardware and software acquisition, general industry comment, and other technical information of interest to users of enterprise client/server systems.

The Zoom Street
Vagabond Jim and Zoom Street Ventures, Nashville, TN, US
Zoom Street Inc.'s Web Site went online on January 25th. Features include: The Zoom Street Cybercantina, offering drinks and links 24 hours a day... The Nationwide Police Car Description server, designed for wary road trippers, the chronicles of Fast Sofa, a cross country road trip that seems determined to make history, a short history of Doc Martens AirWair shoes, and more.

Newark, NY, US
Zstuff's Computer Cartoons are now a daily feature. Stop by every weekday to check us out.

Wednesday, 8 February 1995

Access Market Square
InterConnect West, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Access Market Square is a fun and exciting one-stop electronic mall. It features a large variety of storefronts for your shopping convenience, including exotic gifts from Maui, "Net-Wear" clothing for the family, computer accessories and discounted new cars. Gift-giving has never been easier! We also feature monthly contests, holiday promotions and free gifts.

Advanced Technology Centre
University of Warwick, Coventry, UK
The Advanced Technology Centre is an R&D facility dedicated to technological and operational innovation. It has multi-disciplinary teams working on a wide range of topics, loosely categorized as reducing time and cost of introducing new products, and anticipating future environmental issues. It is part of Warwick University, but has many company staff in its research teams.

AIAA Aerodynamic Measurement Technology
AIAA Technical Committee, Hampton, VA, US
The Aerodynamic Measurement Technology Technical Committee of the AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) is finally online! This committee, comprised of members of the AIAA, is the focal point for the research and development of advanced measurement technology as it applies to aerodynamic testing. This page will soon have links describing the various measurement systems.

The Benton Foundation
Washington, DC, US
What's ahead in 1995 for some of the major players in the debate over America's telecommunications future? Read the Benton Foundation's What's going on with the National Information Infrastructure. Benton's Communications Policy Project is working to ensure that nonprofits shape the NII in the public interest.

The Berry INFOCom Home Page
Sarasota, FL, US
Enter the unique and fun world of Berry INFOCom! This experimental hyperlink utilizes audio, video, and other multimedia extensions to create a virtual multimedia magazine. Visit The Poetry Reading Room, The Virtual Family Mystery, The Sarasota Music Underground, and other unique areas.

Boat Plans International
Boulder, CO, US
Our online shop features a wide assortment of boat building books and plans. Come visit us, browse, and plan your dream craft. Another member of the growing CyberWharf community.

Building America
BA*TV, Inc., Vienna, VA, US
BA*TV, Inc. presents "Building America -- Eye On Business." A nationally televised network program shown in major markets on ABC and CBS, Building America is sponsored nationally by MCI and in part by Ernst & Young LLP. The focus of this business news magazine is on emerging growth businesses in America.

California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA)
Menlo Park, CA, US
The California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA) provides search and rescue (SAR) dogs for California's state Office of Emergency Services (OES). Dog teams are trained and certified in the following areas: wilderness, disaster, cadaver/evidence, water recovery and avalanche rescue.

California Sensitive Map
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA, US
Sensitive map for the state of California. This map supports linking to WWW pages in California Cities that are listed in the set of California WWW Servers linked into the CERN list of World Wide Web servers.

Columbia Jewish Information
Meir Israel Green, New York, NY, US
The Columbia Jewish Information Page attempts to convey a sense of the Jewish organizations and events in the Columbia University Jewish community. It links to pages for the Columbia Jewish Student Union, Columbia Jewish Electronic Calendar (weekly), Jewish Collegiate a Cappella Information, PIZMON Jewish a Cappella, Center for Israel and Jewish Studies, Jewish Collegiate Festival for the Performing Arts, and more.

Computational Neuro-Engineering Laboratory
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, US
The Computational Neuro-Engineering Laboratory (CNEL) conducts research in information processing models, both biological and artificial. Our research is interdisciplinary and focuses on digital signal processing, neural networks, computers, and brain sensor devices.

The Contact Project
The Lunar Institute of Technology, Chapel Hill, NC, US
The Lunar Institute of Technology is conducting a simulation of the detection of radio signals from another solar system. It is interactive and is intended to allow anyone to help in the process of decoding the "message". Quite a puzzle, but entertaining as well.

ITC, Sierra Vista, AZ, US
The CyberCafe is the the Internet's premier resource for coffee-related material. Here you will find books, art, literature, coffee news, interactive MUDS, and links to other places of coffee interest. Don't forget to check our Specials Board with a link to something new each day.

Damark International
Catalog Central, Orlando, FL, US
With the buying power of Damark you get the best deal on computers, stereos, electronics. All name brand merchandise like IBM, Sony, Packard Bell and more! See how to save an additional 10% off the regular low prices. Plus save another $15.00 off your original order. All buyers are protected with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Department of Finance and MIS
University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN, US
Information about the Department of Finance and MIS, faculty and students, degree requirements, and class schedules. Links to other finance resources on the Internet.

Department of Life Sciences, Indiana State Univ.
Terre Haute, IN, US
The Department of Life Sciences server provides information concerning facilities, graduate and undergraduate programs, faculty, course descriptions, and current research projects within the department.

DigiMatrix Digital Darkroom
DigiMatrix, Medford, OR, US
Digital photographic printing has arrived to the Internet! We offer photograhic printing of your digital image files. Print sizes to 8x12 at 320 dpi @ 24 bit color. Featuring long-lasting Fuji photographic paper in matte or glossy finish.

Doneckers at Home Catalog
Catalog Central, Orlando, FL, US
Specializing in hard to get college merchandise and more. Jackets, shirts, college speciality clothing is all at Doneckers. More than 80 schools. Doneckers is the source for your school. Also unique gifts for the hard to please and much more!

EarthCom's Infogate
Berkeley, CA, US
Internet and Web services and consulting, including links to hot sites, Web browsers, and free software to download.

Enhanced View for Windows
Mirical Corporation, Colorado Springs, CO, US
Craig Lindley, author of "Practical Ray Tracing in C" and "Practical Image Processing in C" has produced another great work; Enhanced View for Windows. Enhanced view is the easy way to enter and use graphics on your computer. Come and check out our demo!

Ergonomics in Telerobotics and Control (ETC) Lab
University of Toronto, Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Research on human factor issues in telerobotics, 3D human computer interfaces, augmented reality, and input control devices. Many publications available online.

Experiments on Formal Systems
Univ. of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, US
A computer graphics exhibition of work related to art and architecture.

Expert Systems Training and Consulting with CLIPS
Intelligent Software Professionals, Houston, TX, US
A Houston-based company, Intelligent Software Professionals was created to provide the artificial intelligence industry with proven A.I. solutions. I.S.P. was founded by NASA research/AI-programmer employees. I.S.P. offers Expert Systems training seminars across the world. For more information, see our Web site or call 1-800-724-4305.

Extracorporeal Technology (Perfusion) Pages
SUNY HSC, Syracuse, NY, US
A forum designed to promote communication among members of the perfusion community. Forms-based pages allow for user-input. Topics included may be of interest to anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses, ECMO Techs., and other healthcare providers.

Ferret Central
Pamela Greene, Rochester, NY, US
Whether you have a pet ferret or are just interested in these intelligent, affectionate animals, Ferret Central has something for you. This extensive index includes links to the Ferret FAQ and Photo Gallery, as well as to many other ferret resources and organizations.

First Chicago Capital Markets, Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
First Chicago Capital Markets (FCCM) is proud to be one of the first municipal bond dealers on the Web. FCCM offers financial advisory and bond underwriting services to larger governmental organizations, primarily based in the Midwest. The goal of this site is to enhance communication and relationships with our clients and add to the great diversity of content on the Web.

First Pacific Financial
San Jose, CA, US
First Pacific Financial works with direct lenders and private investors throughout the United States. We provide commercial, construction, land, and residential loans. "A" through "hard money" loans are available, and we specialize in hard-to-place loans. First Pacific Financial is committed to the highest standards in customer service, communication, and integrity.

Florence, Italy on the WWW
Univ. of Florence, Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Some useful information about Florence, Italy, at the Engineering University of Florence (Microwave Lab). You can find a WWW tour in Florence with photos and descriptions about important monuments and museums.

Flower Stop
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Flower Stop is a florist located in Colorado Springs and is hosted by infoPost. Flower Stop has known the business since 1904 and is here to serve your flower needs with 200% guarantee.

Forests of Trees, Forests of Images, Forests of Words
The Knowledge Network, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
This Web page complements a nine-part television series about forestry issues. A storehouse of information pertaining to "Forests", this page gives visitors access to transcripts, biographies of panelists, historical information, program details and much more. The program can be seen Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. until March 16, 1995, on British Columbia's Knowledge Network.

A Lockheed Company, Sunnyvale, CA, US
A leading developer and integrator of enterprise-wide information management solutions, FORMTEK's Web Server provides information about the company, product information, recent press releases and an online version of the FORMTEK Journal.

Fortress of Louisbourg
Owen Fitzgerald Studio, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
This year marks the 250th anniversary of the first English siege of the Fortress of Louisbourg, a reconstructed 17th-century French fortress on the east coast of Canada. In conjunction with this event, Owen Fitzgerald Studio in Sydney, Nova Scotia, has developed a CD-ROM and Web site presenting the history of the fortress, its inhabitants, and its reconstruction.

Free Internet Real Estate Listing Service
ACCNET Resource Center, Minneapolis, MN, US
This service receives email descriptions of properties, then indexes them and holds them for up to three months. There is no charge to view listings, and no charges if sold. Check us out today. Our T1 pike awaits the storm.

FreeWay Express
FreeWay Riders, Christian Motorcyclists Association, Ogden, UT, US
The FreeWay Riders are among the 49,000 people who ride with the Christian Motorcyclists Association. We love motorcyclists, people and Jesus. Each one of us has experienced forgiveness and been given a chance to start life over with the help of a greater Friend. Read this month's issue of our newsletter.

GIF Construction Set for Windows
Alchemy Mindworks Inc., Beeton, Ontario, Canada
GIF Construction Set for Windows is an application to work with multiple block GIF files. It can create transparent GIF files (for web pages, among other things); add non-destructive text to GIF images as plain text blocks; add, edit and delete GIF comment blocks; create simple animations, and more. GIF Construction Set is being distributed as bookware.

Goldsmiths College, University of London - Music Department
New Cross, London, UK
Information about the music department at Goldsmiths College, University of London, including information on undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, and current staff research. There are also several pages of hot spots: useful and interesting places, most, but not all, relating to music.

OneUnder Productions, Mountain View, CA, US
GolfWeb presents a wealth of golf services in a highly engaging and attractive style, featuring golf results and statistics updated daily via satellite, all-time golf statistics, live reporting from major golf events, course directories, golf books, and golf shopping and travel services. Destined to be a truly classic Web site!

The Haqqani Sufism Homepage
Haqqani Foundation, Los Altos Hills, CA, US
The Haqqani Sufi Foundation was initiated by the shaykh of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order in the Americas, Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani. The foundation's intention is to spread the essential principles of Sufism: love of God, love of humanity, and love of God's creations. Peace!

Hardware/Software Survey
DASAR Inc., Palo Alto, CA, US
Enter to win a $450 software suite (word processor, spreadsheet, drawing package, database, and time manager). DASAR Inc. is conducting its 1995 international customer satisfaction survey for buyers of personal computer (PC, Mac) hardware and software. 60 suites will be given away in two months! DASAR Inc. is a strategic consulting and advisory firm specializing in international business development for the computing industry.

HFES Virtual Environments Special Interest Group
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society VE-SIG, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Home page of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Virtual Environments Special Interest Group, including VE-SIG membership, VE-SIG activities and VE-related papers in HFES publications.

Chesapeake Computer Consultants, Inc. (CCCI), Annapolis, MD, US
"HomeBuyer," created by CCCI, offers you the ability to view current real estate listings, new homes for sale, rental properties and related services across America. With each property, HomeBuyer supplies the location, financial and loan information, five photographs and much more. HomeBuyer is the most complete real estate information provider, so let your mouse browse through a house.

Howie Green Design
The Lenox Group, Boston, MA, US
Howie Green Design has created award-winning graphics for over 10 years. With years of experience in print and multimedia, HGD now concentrates on graphics for the World Wide Web. Also check out Howie's paintings at the Mamboland Art Gallery.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., Piscataway, NJ, US
The IEEE is the world's largest technical professional society. A nonprofit organization, we promote the development and application of electrotechnology and allied sciences for the benefit of humanity, the advancement of the profession, and the well-being of our members.

Industrial Research Limited
Wellington, NZ
Industrial Research Limited conducts viable world-class research that leads New Zealanders to internationally competitive added-value opportunities.

Information On U.S. Green Card Lottery
Dietmar Schott, Esq., San Diego, CA, US
This service provides freely available information about how you can apply for the 55,000 United States Visas available in the once a year Green Card Lottery. The lottery runs during February 1995 only. Find out about the Green Card Lottery do-it-yourself information, or use a convenient on-line form to have a U.S. Attorney complete the application for you.

Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections (IECC)
St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN, US
The Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections project helps teachers seeking partner teachers at home and abroad for shared e-mail classroom and project activities. Currently over 2,200 university and K-12 teachers from 30 countries are participating. This Web page provides a link to IECC and other related resources, including a form for submitting requests for your own partner classrooms.

International Lung Sounds Association
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
Since its establishment in 1976, the International Lung Sounds Association has provided a forum for physicians, physiologists, physicists and engineers who study respiration acoustics. Visitors to the ILSA home page will find abstracts and announcements, bibliographic references, and guidelines for reporting lung sound measurements. There are also pointers to related resources on the Internet.

International Real Estate Advisors Network (IREAN)
West Palm Beach, FL, US
Come visit IREAN, the world's largest online real estate information service with correspondent offices worldwide. Whether you're buying or selling property, have questions about contracts, mortgages, or R.E. law, IREAN is the place to be! Visit our homepage and see full-color photos, grab our multimedia presentation, and telnet directly into the system.

Internet Made Simple
Digital Data Express, Inc., San Jose, CA, US
Digital Data Express, Inc. announces Internet Made Simple - a complete package including an instructional video, workbook, beginners guide software, NetCruiser(tm) (Windows interface for the Internet- including a WWW Browser), NetPages(tm) directory, Internet magazines, unlimited technical support etc.

Internet Products Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Internet Products Inc. provides comprehensive Internetworking solutions. If your organization needs a turnkey solution to connect to the Internet, check out our InterGate Internet Server. Internet Products Inc. is proud to be active in the educational community -- we offer educational discounts and maintain a list of really cool educational resources.

Internode Networks Web Server
Titan Technologies, Calgary, AB, Canada
Internode Networks is a Internet/WWW provider. We have just embarked on a new service offering people/businesses a place to put their Web pages. If you're looking for such a service please drop in and say hi.

Jane Austen Info Page
Henry Churchyard, Austin, TX, US
Information about Jane Austen (the English author, 1775-1817). I have experimented with annotating a hypertext of Pride and Prejudice (first published in 1813), and hypertexts of her stories Love and Friendship and The Three Sisters, as well as information on the rest of Jane Austen's writings, her life, and poems written about her.

Jim Prior String Instrument Repair
Jim Prior, Portland, OR, US
This homepage is for those interested in some of the finer points of acoustic guitar, mandolin, and banjo repair and setup. With a purpose of serving as a more specific source of information on this subject than can be found in the newsgroups.

Journey Magazine
Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Journey is the magazine of the Uniting Church in Queensland, Australia. Check out this month's cover, read the latest editorial, and retrieve advertising and subscription information.

Late Night Cookies
Virtumall New Media Marketing, Cambridge, MA, US
Fresh, deliciously-sweet cookies, chock full of good stuff like chocolate chips and nuts. Batches come in gift boxes. Shipped anywhere, so its perfect for Valentine's Day, as a present to celebrate any occasion, or for a late night snack with a cup of milk for yourself.

Laughing Matters Improvisational Troupe
Atlanta, GA, US
Information on Laughing Matters, Atlanta's longest running improvisational comedy troupe. Photos, group info, and playdate information.

Le Caveau
GCJC, Delémont, Jura, Switzerland
Le Caveau, an underground club, is pleased to announce its presence in cyberspace. Its alternative culture activities includes gigs, exhibitions, film club and politics. Nose rings a must!

The Lenox Group
Boston, MA, US
The Lenox Group provides complete Websites on a turn-key basis, whether you need a TCP/IP network installed at your site, or just space on ours. We provide everything from technical expertise to an experienced graphic design studio and PR department. Also check out the world's only clickable ninja map!

Maine Solar House
William Lord, Boston University, Boston, MA, US
Maine Solar House describes how one family is building an environmentally sensitive home in Maine. You can examine the view, location, weather, and area solar radiation statistics as well as the solar thermal and photovoltaic elements of the structure. It is likely that the owners will not pay any electrical bills and pay only a small amount for propane. Space for this project has been provided by CREST.

Makin' Waves Studio
Adelaide, Australia
Valentine's Day special! Send a personalized poem to that special someone on Valentine's Day. Poems can be voiced in .wav format or plain email if you don't have a soundcard. Check out our site and let us know what you think. Comments to: kjones@adam.com.au

Marine Mart
S.B. Edan Ltd., Lexington, MA, US
A mall exclusively dedicated to the pleasure boat industry. A place for marine vendors and service providers to list, advertise, and display their products and services.

MathPro Press
Westford, MA, US
MathPro Press is a publisher of mathematics problem books. We also publish electronic documents (of interest to mathematicians) on the Web, and maintain a list of sources of math problems on the Internet.

Mediterranean Yachts
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Cruising and fishing the oceans of the world. Brought to you by GSN, Inc.

Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative
Greater Flint Educational Consortium, Flint, MI, US
The Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative is made up of libraries from the following counties: Genesee, Lapeer, Northern Oakland and Shiawassee. This homepage is to help you find information about individual libraries in this cooperative.

MIDILink Musician's Network
Chicago, IL, US
The MIDILink Musician's Network caters to the MIDI Musician and studio pro. Manufacturer support from many music software and hardware manufacturers 24 hours a day, online. Sound Management, the hub of the MIDILink Network, is known as the "Motherload of MIDI" with over 76,000 MIDI/Music related files. MIDILink offers tips for those new to MIDI and pro studio information.

Midnight Special Bookstore
Santa Monica, CA, US
We are an independent and have many "banned" books and other titles that maybe hard to obtain through chain stores. Orders and searches can be done through e-mail now, but our searchable database and order forms are on their way. There is also a list of free events that are held at Midnight Special.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts
The Interactive Media Group, Minneapolis, MN, US
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is the most comprehensive fine arts museum in the upper Midwest. This site includes extensive information about the museum including a gallery preview, an online catalog of curriculum materials and information about the museum's highly acclaimed multimedia programs.

MkzdK East
Insight Resources, New York, NY, US
MkzdK East now online! Gaia, Techno-Shamanic CyberArts, prose records of various Visionary Episodes, HipGnosis and the TranceMutation, Gateways to space, science, the Earth, the arts, and various DIVAS of the Web.

Models Inc.
On Ramp, Inc., New York, NY, US
On Ramp, Inc. takes you to a place where careers are made and hearts are broken... where young women become incredibly successful and wealthy at a young age. It's Models Inc., a drama from the producers of the hit series Melrose Place. Set against a glamorous Los Angeles backdrop, Models Inc. reveals the intrigue, envy, and heartbreak of the beautiful young women struggling to succeed in modeling.

Montana Natural Resource Information System
Helena, MT, US
The Montana Natural Resource Information System (NRIS) is a program of the Montana State Library. NRIS is mandated to make sources of data and information on Montana's natural resources easily and readily accessible.

The Music Mall
Quacker Inc., Santa Cruz, CA;, Gothenburg, Sweden
Here is a good link to lots of music related things. There are songs from various artists, on-line record labels and much, much more! This is where you can enter the Music Mall.

National Center for Health Statistics
NCHS, Hyattsville, MD, US
NCHS is the federal government's principal vital and health statistics agency. For more than 25 years, NCHS data systems have covered the full spectrum of health concerns from birth to death, including overall health status, lifestyle and exposure to unhealthly influences, the onset and diagnosis of illness and disability, and the use of health care. NCHS is part of the Centers for Disease Control.

Naturally Developing Children
Virtumall New Media Marketing, Cambridge, MA, US
Finding quality toys for children is not easy. Finding quality toys that are fun, educational and affordable is even harder! At Naturally Developing Children, our main concern is to bring you just that -- well-made toys that challenge your child without challenging your wallet.

NetUSA - Super Shopping Mall
Pacific Microelectronics, Inc., Mountain View, CA, US
NetUSA Super Shopping Mall offers special spring sales and lots of downloadable software. It has many other interesting "things" including a newly imported binary watch from Swiss for the Cyberspace cruiser to figure out the time in binary form. It also has a new graphical navigator for ease in surfing the Internet. Come and have fun with us.

The New Sun Newspaper
New York, NY, USA
The New Sun Newspaper features slanted reporting and wonderful stories reflecting the positive aspects and events of life. Interview with actor/director Bill Duke. Stories by Jimmy Breslin, Gerry Adams, James Thurber, Ogden Nash, and more.

Newbridge Network's VIVID Web Server
Herndon, VA, US
Newbridge Networks, Inc. announces the creation of its VIVID World Wide Web server. This site will provide detailed information on all of our ATM networking solutions, as well as in-depth technical papers and product support.

Outside Online
Starwave Corporation, Seattle, WA, US
An innovative new service for hikers, bikers, and other outdoor sports fanatics. Outside Online is the essential electronic outdoor community--the only place to get expert information about outdoor and adventure activities, quickly and easily. It includes the online debut of Outside magazine, an extensive calendar of events, discussions, and more.

"Ozzie's World" Children's CD-ROM
IVI Publishing, Seattle, WA, US
Ozzie's World is a children's CD-ROM featuring Ozzie S. Otter, a young, curious sea otter whose extraordinary friends tell stories and introduce activities with scientific and environmental themes. The CD-ROM has a variety of experiments, games, stories, and fun activities for ages 3 to 8. From IVI Publishing.

Palestine Electronic Commerce Resource Center
Palestine, TX, US
The Palestine Electronic Commerce Resource Center is responsible for assisting small to medium size enterprises with issues related to electronic commerce, electronic data interchange, and enterprise integration. ECRC is an acronym for Electronic Commerce Resource Center, an Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) led project intended to support a multi-service need.

Paradise Communications Web Services
Atlanta, GA, Miami, FL, US
Paradise Communications wants to put You on the Net. With our experience in programming, graphic production and Web site construction, your company can cost effectively market your products and services to the Internet community. Monthly rates start at only $25/month.

Paradise Software
Jamesburg, NJ, US
"Excellence Through Innovation" -- your ticket to Paradise gives you access to the world of multimedia computing. In addition to information on our videoconferencing, video-on-demand, and hypertext authoring software, our Web site offers worldwide discussion on computer communication, and a view of our quarterly newsletter, "Multimedia News."

Philips Semiconductors
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Philips Semiconductors invites you to browse through our product offering and to view current information on News and Employment Opportunities. We are the 10th largest semiconductors supplier in the world.

Pitts Theology Library
Emory University, Atlanta, GA, US
The library's WWW server provides links to Internet resources for the study of religion and Christian ministry, including bibliographies developed by the library staff, finding-aides for the archives of the library , exhibit catalogs, and bibliographic databases. Information about academic programs at Emory University in the field of religion and ministry is also provided.

The Punk Page
Jon Aizen, Amherst, MA, US
Where punx can get their punk stuff. Pictures and lyrics from bands like Operation Ivy, Rancid, Mr. T Experience -- punk as ... well you know the rest.

The RML Movie Page
RML Productions Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
This page is designed to cause you to waste a lot of time finding out a whole lot of useless facts about the movies.

San Francisco Real Estate Forum
GENinc, Monrovia, CA, US
GENinc's San Francisco Real Estate Forum comes alive as Fox & Carskadon Realtors' Ted Johnson joins our server. Visit now and tour a beautiful house on Market Street with a view of San Francisco Bay.

Science Education Programs (SEP)
UC Irvine Pre-college Science Ed. Programs Office, Irvine, CA, US
Direct links to hundreds of selected K-16 multimedia science gems sorted by subtopic and grade level.

SOFTWARE AG of North America (SAGNA)
Reston, VA, US
The SAGNA Web server provides up-to-date information regarding SOFTWARE AG products and services. SOFTWARE AG develops and markets open, multi-platform product solutions in the areas of distributed computing (Entire), application engineering (Natural), SQL query and reporting (Esperant), database management (ADABAS), and data warehousing.

Solar EUV Rocket Telescope and Spectrograph
NASA/GSFC Lab for Astronomy and Solar Physics, Greenbelt, MD, US
Information about the SERTS instrument, a solar EUV line list between 170 and 450 A from the SERTS-89 flight, and a list of SERTS-related publications. Soon to be added is information about upcoming launches. Also included are links to other WWW servers relevant to solar astronomers.

Spadion Corporation
Raleigh, NC, US
Spadion Corporation is an Internet information publisher assisting companies of all sizes to better understand and use the Internet to achieve sales and service goals. Visit its site, The Spadion, featuring a marketplace exhibiting products and services, with accompanying how-to tips and topics of general interest for the WWW community.

The Star Wars Archive
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA, US
Star Wars has seen a renewed surge in popularity the past few years. So relive your childhood passion and check out the Star Wars Archive. Info on books, games, and the movies, plus links to other WWW Star Wars sites.

Sun Microsystems Oy
Espoo, Finland
Sun Microsystems Finland's homepage. Please check out our MT-query page that runs popular net search engines in parallel.

Telmar's AMIC (Advertising Media Internet Center)
Telmar Information Services, Inc., New York, NY, US
The first interactive resource on the Internet for the advertising media industry. Sections of Telmar's AMIC available to the public include industry forums for advertising media professionals, a Media Guru to answer all media-related questions, listings of media opportunities (with the option to post your own), and more.

Toronto Internet Service Providers -- Comprehensive Listings and Reviews
Finite Systems Consulting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The latest addition to FSC Online, the Finite Systems Consulting Online Information Service, is a comprehensive listing and review of all the Internet Service Providers operating in the Toronto area. FSC Online contains the most comprehensive review of WWW browsers available anywhere, as well as lots of information about FSC's broad range of Internet-related services.

Tufts Institute of Cosmology
Tufts University, Medford, MA, US
Links to information about the Tufts Institute of Cosmology, including seminars, publications and homepages of staff and students.

Uncle Bob's Kids Page
Bob Allison, Chicago, IL, US
A big collection of links, gathered, cleaned, and annotated by Uncle Bob Allison. Plus a series of spotlights on special links and groupings of links. All especially for kids.

Unofficial Freeman School Home Page
A. B. Freeman School of Business, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, US
Brings together submissions by faculty, staff, and students of the Freeman School. Will include syllabi and personal information, as well as research postings. Currently includes running information and information about the October/November '95 INFORMS -- New Orleans meetings.

'Vettes On The Net
Brain Child Developments, Houston, TX, US
Our mission is to become the premier forum on the Internet for the storage and dissemination of information related to the Chevrolet Corvette. 'Vettes On The Net -- for owners, admirers and dealers -- offers online technical reference guide, dealership listings, classified ads, club listings, mailing lists, event listings and much more.

Jamieson, Beals, Lalonde &amp; Associates, Ottawa, Canada
VivaTexte for Windows, a complete hypertext authoring tool for non-specialists that can be used to produce full multimedia applications, is now available on the Net. Visit the VivaTexte homepage to view product information, download product demos and contact the developers.

World M&A Network
International Executive Reports, Inc, Washington, DC, US
World M&A Network contains hundreds of listings of companies for sale, merger candidates, and corporate buyers. Leads are organized by company size, geographic region, and industry (S.I.C. code). The Network focuses on mid-market companies, those with between $1MM and $100MM in annual revenues. Subscribers also have access to data on recently completed mid-market deals.

WWW Sidewalk Stand: Lapel Pins
musicman.com, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Out on the sidewalk in front of the Musicman Virtual Gallery is a card table display of spiffy lapel pins. If you like to put colorful designs on your clothes, there may be something here for you.

The Lenox Group, Boston, MA, US
We offer a unique package of integrated Internet services including everything from simple storefronts to complete custom-built Web-sites, space on our Unix network (with full T1 connection to the Net) custom application programming, Internet training and support, Internet consulting, and award-winning graphics.

Friday, 10 February 1995

2nd WWW User Survey Results
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, US
The GVU Center Second WWW User Survey contained four surveys: General Demographics, WWW Browser Usage, Authoring Information, and Consumer Surveys (pre-test). The following information is available: the complete datasets for all the surveys, analysis of the Consumer Survey Pre-Tests, and instructions for joining the www-surveying mailing list.

3Com World Wide Web Site
3Com Corporation, Santa Clara, CA, US
Internet surfers can discover the latest networking information on 3Com's new World Wide Web page. It features news and information about 3Com products, customer service and support, the company and its role in building the global information infrastructure.

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry at NOSAMS
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA, US
Check out one of the leading laboratories for high-precision carbon-14 isotope analyses, the National Ocean Sciences Accelerator Mass Spectrometer Facility (NOSAMS). We are part of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) , located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.

Adam Sandler's behind-the-scenes of Universal Pictures' Billy Madison
Los Angeles, CA, US
This month on Universal V/IP, go back to school with a behind-the-scenes look at Billy Madison, opening Feb. 10 in theatres everywhere. Check out an exclusive preview of Billy Madison --then send your e-mails to Adam Sandler. He'll personally answer letters every day from now through Feb. 10. The Billy Madison WWW site is just one of the many exciting features this month on MCA/Universal Cyberwalk.

Addicted To Noise, Issue 2
Michael Goldberg and IUMA, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Announcing the new issue of Addicted To Noise (ATN), the Web's first and only serious rock and roll magazine. Featuring cover stories on R.E.M., reported from Australia at the beginning of their first tour in five years and including an exclusive interview with Michael Stipe. Also, a revealing interview with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

Advanced Neutron Source
Oak Ridge National Lab, US
The Advanced Neutron Source (ANS) is a new user facility, proposed for construction at ORNL, for all kinds of neutron research, with special emphasis on neutron beams, although world-class irradiation, materials analysis, and other capabilities are also included. Research at ANS is crucial to America's future in materials development, nuclear medicine, and other technologies.

The AG Group, Inc.
Walnut Creek, CA, US
Information relevant to: network managers, network administrators, IS professionals, network VARS and system integrators, network support professionals, software and hardware developers, and others. Site includes: product information and screen shots, free deom software, free network management utilities, AG Group product updates and support information, and more.

Alaska Fish Cruise
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Travel with Steve and Winona Weber to remote fishing grounds that are beyond the range of conventional day boats.

AlpacaNet is the Internet's premier resource for Alpaca ranchers, breeder, investors and surfers who are interested in these majestic animals of the Andes.

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences
DAEDALUS, Cambridge, MA, US
The American Academy of Arts and Sciences is an honorary society which recognizes achievement in the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities and conducts a varied program of projects and studies responsive to the needs and problems of society. It also publishes DAEDALUS, an interdisciplinary academic journal.

American Journalism Review
Adelphi, MD, US
American Journalism Review (AJR) is a national magazine that covers and critiques the press and its coverage.

Anonymous Dead Poet Valentine Server
NovaLink Interactive Networks, Westborough, MA, US
Put on your best lace and finery: this year get help impressing your Valentine with words from some of the most romantic minds ever.

ANS (Advanced Network & Services)
Reston, VA, US
Advanced Network & Services, Inc.designs, develops and operates high performance wide area data networks and offers related internetworking services to business, research, education and government organizations. The ANS server features information about ANS capabilities and services including application briefs outlining how ANS customers have capitalized on state-of-the art networking technology.

Ascutney Mountain Resort
Ascutney, VT, US
Ascutney Mountain Resort is now on-line! We're Vermont's most accessible ski resort... just 6 miles off exit 8 of I-91 in central Vermont. Enjoy traditional Vermont skiing and stay slopeside at our self-contained resort. We are family! Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

AutoLink -- The Web Site of the Auto World
Silicon Valley, CA, US
AutoLink is producing and publishing the auto industry's marketing information on the WWW. Consumers can browse through information such as new car listings, used car inventories, service, parts, accessories, etc. Auto dealers, auto stores, auto services such as repair, financing, insurance, and others comprise the list of information providers. Consumers may search by category and geographic region nationwide and worldwide.

Boardwalk Wilderness Lodge
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Your log cabin in Alaska.

Borland Online
Scotts Valley, CA, US
Borland International is a leading provider of products and services targeted to software developers. Our Website -- Borland Online -- is a comprehensive resource for Borland Developers, providing access to everything from the latest product information and technical documents to information on seminars and training locations.

Canadian Atlas of FSA Postal Areas / PostCode Maps
Datamap Electronic Mapping, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
See your data and markets as electronically controlled maps. Full line of electronic maps and demographics of Canada, US and the world. Established in 1976.

Canyon Rio
InfoWest, St. George, UT, US
Canyon Rio Enterprises has produced a country Western CD featuring Gale and Debbie Davis. You can order the CD and also listen to some samples of their songs.

The Caribbean Connection
Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL, US
Created for anyone interested in learning about the West Indies. It contains links to Caribbean pages and other Web pages of people from the islands. Information about islands Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados are examples of pages available.

Chip Express
elroNet, Haifa, Israel
Chip Express offers a unique combination of ASIC solutions providing a complete ASIC prototyping and production service for companies needing the time-to-market advantage.

Cinema Studies at the University of Barcelona
Univ. of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, US
A seminar entitled The New Spanish Cinema will be held at the University of Barcelona on July 17-28, 1995. Also look in on the current issue of FILM-HISTORIA, a journal of film studies published by the Centre for Cinematic Research at the University of Barcelona.

City of San Diego Home Page
San Diego Data Processing Corporation, San Diego, CA, US
The official, experimental Web server for the City of San Diego, California. Consistent with the City of the Future strategy envisioned by San Diego Mayor Susan Golding, our server provides public access to government-related information and services. It contains information on city council members and issues, the City Charter, and will soon contain the full text of the City Municipal Code.

ClearWeb: The Web Pages of Atria Software, Inc.
Atria Software, Inc., Natick, MA, US
Atria Software, Inc. is pleased to introduce ClearWeb. Atria makes ClearCase, the premier tool for software configuration management. These pages contain product and service information, calendars of upcoming courses and seminars, white papers, back issues of the Atria newsletter /main/LATEST, a hypertext archive of the ClearCase International Users' Group mailing list, and much more.

CommerceNet, Menlo Park, CA, US
The charter of the CommerceNet consortium is to facilitate the use of an open Internet-based infrastructure for electronic commerce applications. The CommerceNet server has recently been reorganized and enhanced. Additions include: new electronic commerce papers, improved company searching, business data and statistics, and new CommerceNet activities.

Compass Points
Compass Computer Group Ltd, Newbury, Berkshire, UK
An information technology newsletter produced by the Compass Computer Group. Including information relating to Sun Servers and PC servers. Further information on new peripheral equipment including: RAID, optical juke boxes and tape products.

Computer Scan Proof Business Envelopes(TM)
OCRPROOF, Far Rockaway, NY, US
Computer Scan Proof Business Envelopes(TM) are designed and manufactured to protect your postal privacy and business letters from computer-powered scanning devices.

Courage To Change
Internet Services Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Courage To Change provides an affordable, easy and confidential method to purchase self-help books, audio tapes and gifts for people facing major life challenges. These challenges include addiction and recovery, loss and grief, relationships, divorce, parenting, illness, codependency, personal growth, abuse, gay and lesbian issues, children's issues, depression and related issues and spirituality.

World IntuAction Press, US
World IntuAction Press would like to announce the first (that we know of) Cruise-Only travel agency on the World Wide Web, Cruisin.

Chapel Hill, NC, US
Announcing a new edition of Cyberkind, a World Wide Web magazine of 'Net-related fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art. Cyberkind features prose, poetry and art submitted by the Internet population. All genres and subjects are included, as long as there is some connection to the Internet, cyberspace, computers or the networked world in general. The January, 1995 edition features two new nonfiction articles by R.J. LaRoe, Perilous Educations and Two Worlds Collide!, and a great new art exhibit by Ralph Ivy.

CyberNet's & Dutch Bikers WWW Page
Cyberware, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
CyberNet's & Dutch Bikers WWW : This is probably (at least in Holland) the first Bikers WWW page, with a special section dedicated to all Suzuki custom riders (like the Intruder and Savage models). Tips & Tricks, some info and other references for all IBM AS400, OS/2, Windows, Novell Netware & MultiMedia users.

Cyteria Village
Chuck LaBenski, King of Prussia, PA, US
Cyteria Village is a user-friendly village where you can move to and use our virtual city to do everything you would do in a real city. Come see us, move in, and enjoy the fun.

Department of Radiology, UC Davis School of Medicine
Sacramento, CA, US
This is a presentation of the Department of Radiology, located at the University of California, Davis Medical Center. In it you will find information about our faculty, educational opportunities, and current research efforts.

Display Tech. Inc. (Computers to video -- TV, VCR, video projectors)
Display Tech Multimedia, Inc., Concord, CA, US
The leader in scan conversion technology, Display Tech manufactures products that allow you to take computer output to video (TV, VCR, video projectors). We have the solution to LCD panels. Our product allows educators, presentors, or just about anyone to use TVs for presentation. Also: many educational links, research links, and search tools for browsing the Web.

Dutch Yellow Pages
The Netherlands
All commercial WWW sites in the Netherlands are listed in the Dutch Yellow Pages.

ECHO: The Wilderness Company
Oakland, CA, US
ECHO is a whitewater rafting company that has been in business over 23 years. We provide classic river adventures in the western states of the U.S. We offer trips in California, Oregon and Idaho. To celebrate the grand opening of our electronic store front on Internet, you'll get a chance to win a trip for two on the American River.

The Educational Plaza
Denver, CO, US
The Educational Plaza consists of The Denver Institute of Technology (a vocational school), Denver Business College (a business school), Professional Training Center (a Premier Autodesk Training Center) and Fox Computing (a computer hardware dealer).

Electronic Corporate Pages, Inc.
Austin, TX, US
Build and maintain WWW Home pages for companies in central Texas as well as companies in India.

electronic Gourmet Guide (the eGG)
2 Way Systems, Crestline, CA, US
The electronic Gourmet Guide (the eGG) is the World Wide Web's first biweekly food, wine and cooking magazine featuring interviews with master chefs, a wine column, food news, links to other food sites, international recipes and even a food trivia game. A new issue of the eGG appears on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Flick Information Resource Center, Inc.
The Flick Information Resource Center, Inc. produces print and online information vital to the commercial real estate industry in Central Texas, including The Flick Report : The Greater Austin Commercial Property Journal, FlickInfoServ: Online Tax and Commerical Real Estate Service, and the Greater Austin Business Directory.

Fly With Us!
Belleair Bluffs, FL, US
Here's your incredible opportunity to take the controls of a MiG-29 jet fighter in Moscow. You don't have to be a pilot to experience 9Gs and the thrill of speeds in excess of Mach 2. Stay at a five-star hotel, visit a once-secret Russian airbase and fly with one of the best pilots in the world. Fly With Us! is the creator of high-performance flying holidays in Moscow.

Food By Phone
Ann Arbor, MI, US
In operation since 1986, Food by Phone is America's premier restaurant delivery service. With our unique system, we can deliver to your home or office in the Ann Arbor area from up to three restaurants per order. Most deliveries are made within 45 - 60 minutes by our trained delivery personnel. Brought to you by Branch Information Services.

Free Internet World Tickets
software.net, Menlo Park, CA, US
Free tickets to Internet World 95 in San Jose (April 10-13, 1995). Simply fill in this form and we will mail you a free ticket ($10 value). software.net also offers over 10,000 pages of product information and reviews and over 8000 software products.

Free Service! BBS Listings
Bill Posner/ Knowledge-Based Technologies Inc., Canton, MA, US
KBT is sponsoring a free service for the BBS community. This is World Wide Web Pages that will list all bbs's that can be accessed via telnet.

Freeda Vitamins
Virtumall New Media, Cambridge, MA, US
Freeda Vitamins has been producing the highest-quality vitamins on the market since 1928. Freeda's Vitamins are entirely vegetarian, kosher, and made from all natural ingredients for superior-quality nutrients.

FTP Access to SIR-C Imaging Radar Survey Data
EROS Data Center Distributed Active Archive, Sioux Falls, SD, US
Geological Survey's EROS Data Center has put data online from two of NASA's most successful Space Shuttle missions of 1994: the first and second Spaceborne Imaging Radar-C (SIR-C) flights on the Endeavour. Radar images from SIR-C (built by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and X-SAR (built by a joint German/Italian team and flown at the same time as SIR-C) provide a unique look at the Earth's environment.

Gallery Gift Catalog
Gift Basket Gallery, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, US
Gift Basket Gallery Inc. is pleased to announce its Victorian gifts catalog, which includes specials such as The English Breakfast Box. Our gifts range in price from $19.75 to $65.95 and are delivered within two business days! These beautiful gifts can be sent for a variety of occasions: Valentine's, new baby, get-well, etc.

Gallium Software
Ontario, Canada
The initial set of web pages supported by this server includes pages describing Gallium's product line in general and providing specific details on selected products. Web users with FORMS-aware browsers can also request more information on any of our products via an on-line product information request form.

Cheryl M. Trine, Nordland, WA, US
GardenNet is an information center for garden and gardening enthusiasts. The site includes four informational guides: Gardens of the USA, Garden Associations, Garden Catalogs, and Garden Publications. GardenNet Showcase Pages present detailed information from gardens and gardening organizations including online catalogs.

VideoMedia Productions, Philadelphia, PA, US
DF Animators would like to announce the premier of GeoSync, the Internet's all-new, sci-fi animation series. The year is 2175. In an uncharted region of space mankind is about to step into the future...and the past...

Global Entomology Agricultural Research Server (GEARS)
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Carl Hayden Bee Research Center, Tucson, AZ, US
The Global Entomology Agricultural Research server reports the results of research center staff and features downloadable software, an art gallery, macrophotographs of insects, sound bites, video clips and other materials. An Internet classroom features information of interest to educators and students concerning bees, beekeeping and pollination.

The Gorbachev Foundation
Presidio, San Francisco, CA, US
The Gorbachev Foundation/USA is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization committed to developing new ways of dealing with the post-Cold War world. By bringing together the world's most innovative thinkers in a concensus-building process, the Gorbachev Foundation/USA strives to help humanity develop a new sense of global priorities by clarifying the issues we face and developing sustainable policy.

Happy Birthday Bob Marley
PAINT Project, Philadelphia, PA, US
Created to honor the birthday of one of music's greatest talents, Bob Marley. More than just another reggae page, this page was put together with the help of some people who were close to Marley. It is intended to honor him, the inspiration he has provided, and the legacy he left behind. Audio samples, original photographs, and some private thoughts of people directly related to Bob.

Harvard Graduate School of Education
Cambridge, MA, US
Harvard Graduate School of Education has a new World Wide Web Server at http://gseweb.harvard.edu/ (this replaces a previous address: http://golgi.harvard.edu/hugse). You can also get to this server from Harvard's main WWW: http://web.harvard.edu/ and vice versa, of course!

Hi-Studio Photo Art Gallery
CyberNet, Soeul, South Korea
Art from Korea and Hong Kong. A member of the growing CyberAsia community.

Hong Kong Stocks Reports
InTechTra, Inc, Columbus, OH, US
Hong Kong Stocks is a complete, analyzed daily report of more than 500 securities in Hong Kong, delivered via email to subscribers about four hours after market close. An abridged Summary Report is available free to WWW readers. Data Reports are by subscription only.

Imaging and Radiology
Division of Imaging, Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia
Teaching, research and information database related to medical imaging/radiology.

Imagist Painting Web Page
musicman.com, Ann Arbor, MI, US
The Musicman Virtual Gallery presents an online exhibit of recent work from rural Illinois by Imagist painter Robert Gold. All are invited and encouraged to drop by.

Indonesian Multilingual Machine Translation System
Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, Jakarta, Java, Indonesia
Describes Indonesian involvement in the Multilingual Machine Translation System project being done with Japan, China, Malaysia and Thailand.

Inland Northwest Music
Beyond Productions, Spokane, WA, US
These pages provide a means for Inland bands to show the world what they sound like, look like, and where they can be heard. Visitors have the ability to download pictures and clips of released albums from the area.

International Association of Business Communicators
San Francisco, CA, US
IABC is a 12,000-member association of professionals in organizational communications, including public relations, corporate communications, media relations, and marketing communications. IABC has over 100 chapters in 14 countries. Here you'll find information on membership, programs, conferences, awards competitions, the IABC Code of Ethics, and more.

International Healthcare Products Corp.
Downers Grove, IL, US
"Committed to quality of life throughout the world." We offer wholesale pharmaceutical distribution, diagnostic equipment, physician's supplies, hospital supplies, laboratory and medical supplies, and medical specialty products.

Paragon Software, Inc., Glenview, IL, US
InterQuote provides information on the NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, and OPRA exchanges on stocks, options, indices, and mutual funds. InterQuote software can be run on your computer or ours, and provides continuously updating market information! In addition, our email service allows you to receive closing information on your favorite securities at the end of the day.

ITVS: Independent Television Service
Active Window Productions, Inc., Cambridge, MA, US
Created by Congress in 1988, The Independent Television Service was formed to bring vision to a medium often dominated by formula, to increase the diversity of programming, and to support and promote the kind of programming that will expand and energize public television as it approaches the 21st century.

Jewelry by Raymond Ko
CyberNet, Soeul, South Korea
Jewelry by Raymond Ko has joined the the growing CyberAsia community.

Joe's Collection of NHL Pages
Joe Trembley, Ottawa, Canada
Comprehensive collections of hockey links, featuring all current home pages for the National Hockey League franchises. The page is well organized and the perfect tool for any serious hockey fan to explore the WWW of Hockey.

Kansas State Historical Society
U.Kansas, the Kansas State Historical Soc., Manhattan, KS, US
The Kansas State Historical Society's WWW homepage provides the Web community with information and links concerned with the continued preservation of Kansas history. Access to Kansas On-line and KSHS archive indices is available, as well as access to a variety of other Kansas-related resources.

A Little Bit of Hebrew
Macom Networking, Jerusalem, Israel
Here are the Hebrew alphabet, useful words, contemporary phrases, and much more, sound recorded by various native speakers and shown in the original lettering, transliteration, and translation. Learn Hebrew or freshen up what you once knew, a little bit at a time, using these Web pages! Includes tourist terms, greetings, traditional phrases, and pronunciation guides.

Living Design/Living Art Center
Living Design Development, Gothenburg, Sweden
The virtual institute for procedural art and design in the new industrial world. Home of the The Mouse-Board(tm) for NetSurfing and other extensive "click-work."

Lotus Development Corporation
Cambridge, MA, US
This site uses Lotus InterNotes Web Publisher. All content is stored in Lotus Notes and automatically converted to HTML. Check out the "Freebie of the Fortnight." Check in regularly as we will be adding things as quickly as we can, (which should be pretty quick, using Notes and the InterNotes Web Publisher)!

MacDonald Yachts OnLine
San Diego, CA, US
MacDonald Yachts is providing the ability to use the WWW to look through yacht broker listings.

Atlanta, GA, US
"Millennium Fever," strange, apocalyptic postings originating from the future. Apparently, around the turn of the millennium (mid-1999), a machine or program called the CyberspaceTime Transpositor is being used to post SOS messages across time. You'll find audio clips, liner notes, album cover art, reviews and testimonials.

Milestone Technologies Inc.
Raleigh, NC, US
Milestone Technologies Inc. specializes in development of software and consulting services related to data broadcasting applications. Discover SATX™, a communications software program designed to transfer binary files reliably over a broadcast network.

Monaco on the Net
Gale Force Computing, Monte-Carlo, Monaco
First Web server and public access point in Monaco.

Monroe Pen Shop
Jim Monroe, Newtown Square, PA, US
Avid pen collector who sells vintage and new fountain pens. We will also locate a hard-to-find pen for you. Come see our pens from Parker's, Sheaffer's and many others. We are another happy shop from Cyteria Plaza, a cool shopping district.

Moscow Children Computer Club
Moscow, Russia
This server has information about the education process in MCCC, and groups and projects of MCCC. You can view children's programs, images, animations, etc...

Multimedia File Formats on the Internet: A Beginner's Guide for PC Users
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
This guide will show you how to identify, retrieve, and use different file formats available on the Net, including texts, compressed files, games, software, pictures, sound/music, movies, and foreign languages. It contains many links to related sources and sample files. It is a "one-stop-shopping" guide. If you want to learn multimedia files and to have better understanding of your WWW browser, this is the place to start.

Nano-Data AS WEB server
Nano-Data AS, Skien, Telemark, Norway
We are a Norwegian Internet connection provider. This server contains information about our products, services, etc.

National Electronics Test Centre (NETC)
Dublin, Ireland
The National Electronics Test Centre (NETC), Dublin, Ireland provides electrical, electronics and communications testing services and consultancy. Services offered include ISDN and PSTN safety and conformance testing, safety testing of IT equipment, environmental testing and EMC testing. The laboratory has a wide range of international accreditations

National Hydrology Research Institute
Environment Canada, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
The research institute is home to the largest Groundwater Research Group in western Canada. This group conducts research on natural processes in the subsurface environment and develops techniques for the containment and remediation of contaminants. Information on NHRI projects and staff and links to other Canadian and international groundwater interests, resources, and educational materials.

NATO ASI: Speechreading Models, Systems and Applications
Ricoh California Research Center, Menlo Park, CA, US
This ASI will be the first forum on the interdisciplinary study of speechreading (lipreading) -- production, perception and learning by both humans and machines. The central aim is to explore and promote the incorporation of visual information into acoustic speech recognizers for improved recognition accuracy (especially in noisy environments), while developing the psychology of human speechreading.

Neurobiology Program at USC
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, US
Visit the World Wide Web home page for the graduate program in Neurobiology at the University of Southern California. We have a large graduate program with about 45 students working on a broad range of state-of-the-art neuroscience problems. Also visit the program in Neural, Informational and Behavioral Sciences.

The Ohio State University Air Force ROTC
Columbus, OH, US
Our homepage provides information to those people interested in the Ohio State University and Air Force ROTC program. It contains a large amount of information needed by a prospective student in making the decision to join the United States Air Force.

On The Go Communications Inc.
Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX, US
On The Go Communications keeps you informed of what's new in the marketplace and provides the highest-quality merchandise for near-wholesale prices. We provide equipment such as TVs, VCRs, accessories, and home theater products. Our specialty is providing satellite systems for both the consumer and commercial markets.

OnLine Education
Wanchai, Hong Kong
We are a distance learning company that provides post-gradudate courses.

Our House
Private, Upton, NY, US
Our House is a private site intended to provide entertainment in the setting of a virtual home. Links to new and interesting sites are continually added and updated.

Parkview Financial Inc., Business Page
Nashville, TN, US
The Parkview Financial Web site contains information regarding advisory service, investment analysis, and investment opportunities, particularly in currency exchange. Parkview provides advisory services and investment analysis to corporate and private clients. We will offer special investment opportunities on a periodic basis which we believe will be sound investments.

The Pathfinder Program
Greenbelt, MD, US
The NOAA/NASA Pathfinder Program is part of the NASA Earth Observing System Data and Information System Version 0. The Pathfinder WWW pages contain links to Pathfinder data sets, sample images, and relevant reports. The Pathfinder data sets are designed to assist researchers in the areas of global change.

Pegasus Software Solutions, Inc.
Melbourne Beach, FL, US
Pegasus Software Solutions provides the most advanced CAD/CAM PC design systems in the world today.

Plaintree Systems
Ontario, Canada, Waltham, MA
Plaintree Systems develops, manufactures, and markets computer networking products that improve the performance and simplify the management of local area networks (LANs).

Renaissance Dante in Print 1472-1629
Devers Program in Dante Studies, U. Notre Dame, IN, US
A bibliophile's delight. A Dante lover's dream. This expanded WWW version of a rare book exhibit, held last year at Chicago's Newberry Library, features Renaissance editions of Dante's Divine Comedy. Focusing on the history of the book and the Renaissance reception of Dante, the exhibit includes over 450 full color images with accompanying commentary.

Renningen Realschule Homepages
Renningen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Renningen Realschule announces the opening of (to our knowledge) the first WWW server for a German state school. We offer a description of our home town, its history and the school's history in both text and photographs. The texts are available in English and German. Also we are participating in the Berlin Wall Project sponsored by Patch American High School in Stuttgart.

The Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) at MIT
Cambridge, MA, US
Founded in 1946, the Research Laboratory of Electronics is the oldest interdisciplinary laboratory at MIT. The lab maintains a broad interpretation of electronics by promoting a wide range of research. The laboratory's homepage provides links to our history, our current research and researchers, and our comprehensive administrative, communications, and financial services.

RoboColt '95 Internet Home Page
Cortez High School / Honeywell, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, US
High School students team up with engineers to build a robot to compete in a national competiton. Cortez High School teamed up with engineers from Honeywell, Inc. to design a robot to compete in US First. This is the second year for the Cortez/Honeywell team in competition and they hope to do very well. Last year they tied for third in the national competiton.

Rutherford Hill Winery
Rutherford, CA, US
Rutherford Hill Winery, long known for its leadership in the production of Merlot, is once again leading the way. As of January 17,1995, Rutherford Hill became the world's first winery to offer educational full-motion QuickTime video clips over the Net.

RV ShowCase
Corley and Associates, Milwaukee, WI, US
RV ShowCase provides an opportunity for online attendance at a popular community event, the RV Show. Featured are . jpg images of popular motorhomes and floor plans.

San Jose California's BillBoards for Business
NetSurf, Inc., Milpitas, CA, US
San Jose's BillBoards for Business provides companies, organizations, and individuals the ability to put a BillBoard on the Web. These BillBoards, advertising the companies and their services available within the San Jose region, are brought to you by NetSurf, Inc.

San Luis Obispo Council of Governments
San Luis Obispo, CA, US
The council is a Regional Transportation Planning Agency, Congestion Management Agency, Metropolitan Planning Organization, and state Census Data Affiliate serving the San Luis Obispo County region.

SciEd: Science and Math Education Resources
Alan Cairns, Seattle, WA, US
A large and growing collection of pointers to useful resources for the teaching and learning of science and mathematics.

Telecommunication and Film Dept., U. Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, US
SCREENsite provides a variety of teaching/research materials devoted to the study of film and television. Included are: indexes and abstracts of film/TV journals; a listing of jobs in film/TV education and resumes of persons seeking employment; a directory of educators' email addresses; course syllabi; information on film/TV colleges; and textbook sample chapters.

Serveur WWW des bibliothèques
Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
This server of the Université du Québec libraries provides information on the university libraries. It also gives access to Internet resources that can be helpful to the library users. This server is French-speaking only. It is in the developmental stage, and is bound to change its appearance quite often.

Singapore White Pages
National University of Singapore
This is a database of links to homepages of Singaporeans and users working or living in Singapore. The Singapore White Pages is located at SunSITE Singapore. An online form is available for you to tell us about your homepage.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (MIT SHPE)
MIT SHPE, Cambridge, MA, US
MIT SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) is a student chapter of an organization whose primary purpose is the advancement of Hispanics, especially in the fields of engineering and science.

Milwaukee, WI, US
The first service of its kind to provide web sites involved in market research and analysis, including surveys, database development, lifestyle monitoring, customer satisfaction and opinion studies, creative concept testing, packaging evaluations, and much more.

Stanford Law & Policy Review
Stanford Law School, Stanford, CA, US
The Stanford Law & Policy Review is a journal run by the students of Stanford Law, covering issues of national political and legal significance. Visit the Review's home page and access electronic copies of all current and back issues.

Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing
Stanford, CA, US
The mission of our Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) is to promote the transfer of Stanford technology for society's use and benefit while generating unrestricted income to support research and education. Founded in 1970, OTL's licensing activities encompass inventions, patents, biological materials, computer software programs, copyrightable material, etc.

Student Services
North Chicago, IL, US
Student Services has a database of over 180,000 scholarships, grants and loans representing billions of dollars in private sector funding for college students studying in the United States.

Student Union Home Page
Univ. of Penn., PA, US
The Office of Student Life at the University of Pennsylvania announces a home page for Houston Hall, the first student union in America. Links to other student unions around the world constitute an important element of the page.

Sumitomo Corporation
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; US
Sumitomo Corporation information is now available through the Internet. Information contents include a New Year message from President Akiyama Tomiichi, our history, strategy, performance, Sumitomo Corporation news, statistics and research reports, Japanese culture series, cost-of-living world survey and so on.

Summit County Colorado
OnLine Design, Golden, CO, US
Explore the vacation opportunities in Summit County Colorado, with four World Class ski resorts located in the heart of Colorado Ski Country!

Superior Stamp & Coin Auction Galleries
Beverly Hills, CA, US
This site carries announcements of the company's upcoming stamp, coin, space flight memorabilia, sports memorabilia, and manuscript & autograph auctions. These auctions present collectibles which, in many instances, have not been available in many years. Catalog subscription information and the auction schedule are shown. Selected stamps and coins are also listed for immediate sale.

Talent Consultants, Inc.
New York, NY, US
Talent Consultants offers you professional feedback and criticism from entertainment industry professionals. If you think you have "star quality," Talent Consultants will critique your talent and help you to get your entertainment career moving!

Lytreia Designs, Seattle, WA, US
A general resource attempting to highlight some of the more unusual sites on the Web. Think of it as a hotlist with an attitude.

Teknekron Software Systems - Home Page
Palo Alto, CA, US
Teknekron Software Systems' world-class staff has both depth and breadth of experience in distributed systems technology, network communications, database management, full service systems integration, software development and turnkey solutions for financial service organizations. Augmenting Teknekron's in-house expertise are close faculty ties with Univ. of Calif., Berkeley; Stanford University and others.

Teledyne Brown Engineering
Huntsville, AL, US
Check out the latest innovations in optical products, hunters camouflage, products for the disabled, EDI systems, water-treatment products, SCADA systems, and numerous others. We are applying our 40 years' experience in aerospace engineering and defense technology to developing superior quality products for you today.

Teradyne, Inc.
Boston, MA, US
Teradyne, Inc., is the market-leading manufacturer of Automatic Test Equipment for the semiconductor, electronics manufacturing and telecomm industries. We're also the largest merchant manufacturer of Backplanes and Interconnection Systems. Find out what's new with our company and our products!

University of Oxford Department of Engineering Science
Oxford, UK
Information about the department's research, teaching, and personnel. There are active groups in many areas, including robotics, control theory, chemical engineering, plasma physics, and ocean engineering dynamics.

University of Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ, US
The University of Phoenix is a private multi-campus university serving adult learners. The homepage opens with a color map of the university's campus locations. Hypertext links take you to color photographs of each University of Phoenix campus. Textual descriptions accompany the photographs and describe the university's programs and services.

U.S. Senate Democratic Policy Committee
Sen. Tom Daschle; Sen. Harry Reid, Wash., DC, US
As the 104th Congress begins its first session, Senator Daschle invites you to become more informed on the issues being considered by the United States Senate. The Democratic Policy Committee publishes reports for the benefit of Democratic senators, members of Congress, their staffs, the press, and the general public. Reports range from weekly hearing schedules to detailed analyses of major bills.

Venturi Toaster
Houssennet, Moncton, NB, Canada
A new invention that has recently taken the portable heating market by storm. Called the Toaster, this unit creates 30,000-75,000 BTU of hot air heat that you can feel standing 20 feet away from it. No visable flame and as low as 12 volts of DC power or a standard electrical input. We are looking for dealers/distributors and hot-shot commissioned sales people worldwide.

The Web Academy Home Page
Cupertino, CA, US
The Web Academy provides hands-on training in Web design, HTML authoring and server setup and maintenance at sites in the Silicon Valley area. This training is designed to expand and improve job skills for those involved with technical writing, marketing communication and advertising.

WWW Archive for Electric Power Engineering Education
University of Wollongong, Wollongong, NSW, Australia
This WWW server aims to facilitate the exchange of expertise on computational hypermedia applications to engineering education, and to foster information sharing and cooperation among electric power systems educators. It also serves as a regional (Asia-Pacific) information repository of CAL/multimedia projects undertaken for the advancement of electrical engineering education.

WWW Sidewalk Stand: Lapel Pins
Musicman Virtual Gallery, US
The Musicman Virtual Gallery is currently has a card table display of spiffy lapel pins out on the sidewalk in front of the gallery. If you like sticking colorful little designs on your clothes, there may be something here for you. Please drop by.

York University Physics/Astronomy Home Page
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, York Univ., North York, Ontario, Canada
Information about York University's graduate and undergraduate programs, faculty and their research interests, as well as associated facilities.

Monday, 13 February 1995

1995 Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards
BA*TV, Inc., Vienna, VA, US
Ernst & Young, Merrill Lynch, Inc. magazine and BA*TV Inc., present the online version of the 10th annual 1995 Entrepreneur Of The Year awards, the nation's most prestigious award for business owners. Nomination forms available online.

The 3-D Web
New Vision Technology, Vista, CA, US
An educational and information resource center for those interested in stereoscopic imagery. Although this is a commercial site, funds are used to promote many national and international stereoscopic organizations. A wealth of files and FAQs are available regarding various forms of stereoscopic imagery, equipment, techniques, suppliers, clubs and more.

Fisherville, KY, US
Agricomm is a network of Web sites, BBS's, and voicemail servers that link the agricultural community. Special emphasis on equine or horse information. See our "Thoroughbred Page" at Thoroughbred.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc - Mu Chapter
Minneapolis, MN, US
A predominately African American fraternity dedicated to helping the community through manly deeds, scholarship, and love for all mankind.

American Recovery Association Inc.
New Orleans, LA, US
The American Recovery Association Inc. is the world's largest organization of professional finance adjusters and repossession specialists with $1 million client protection bond. ARA has associates in all states and major cities. We are affiliated with over 600 adjusters, servicing worldwide.

Animation House Home Page
Evansville, IN, US
This new Web site is designed to introduce Animation House and its services. Currently under construction, the site is now accessible and will soon include user forums for 3D artists and animators.

Anything Goes Darts
Concord, CA, US
This page is for dart players of all skill levels. We hope that with the help of people using this site, we can provide anyone information on any league or tournament and all the info we can possible retrieve. We welcome any contributions any user may have.

Apple Education Internet Resource
Apple Computer USA Education Division, Austin, TX, US
Apple Education Internet Resource welcomes preschool through high school administrators and educators to our information on the Internet, including Apple Education news & events, Apple technologies, education research, Apple Education Series product line information, and other Apple products.

Ars Nova Guild
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, US
Ars Nova Guild (ANG) is an experimental performance art group at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. The Web pages describe the people, events and art of the Ars Nova Guild.

The Artwhere store
Artwhere, St. Petersburg, FL, US
A very cool cyberclothing store. Credit cards accepted, wholesale available, the home of Zoo Cybergear. Clothing from the edge.

Bachman Information Systems
Burlington, MA, US
Products and services for information systems professionals who need to re-engineer legacy systems; model their business requirements; design, implement, and maintain high-performance databases; rapidly develop new applications to meet changing business needs; model and predict application performance; and manage and strengthen application development processes.

The Bible of Usenet
Kevin Atkinson, Laurel, MD, US
The Bible of Usenet is a collection of all of the information on Usenet that I can gather in one neat collection. This includes all the info found in news.lists, a long description for the group, and the place of archival, if any, for the group. Please see the FAQ at my home site for more info.

Philadelphia, PA, US
A not-for-profit organization BIOSIS fosters the growth, communication and use of biological knowledge for the common good. By accumulating the world's largest collection of abstracts and bibliographic references to worldwide biological and medical literature and organizing this information for easy access, BIOSIS provides vital sources of information for life scientists.

Black Warrior Skateboarding Association
Tuscaloosa, AL, US
Basically, we're a group of skateboarders trying to build a list of all skaters in the world. We have links to various other skateboarding information, and an up-to-date list of members. Come and join today!

Bob Marriott's Flyfishing Store
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Bob Marriott's Flyfishing Store provides the world's largest selection of flyfishing products.

Box Hill College of TAFE
Box Hill, VIC, Australia
This is the first TAFE (Technical and Further Education) gopher site to be made available in Australia. The gopher includes information about the courses available, enrollment procedures for overseas as well as local students, cultural information about Australia and Australian weather.

California Basket Company
GENinc, Monrovia, CA, US
GENinc and The California Basket Company invite you to visit a new online catalog of high-quality gift baskets. Every gift is custom made to reflect the customer's good taste and personality. There are gift baskets for birthdays, anniversaries, thank-yous, and other special occasions.

Canadian Business Advertising Network
Edmonton, AB, Canada
The Canadian Business Advertising Network is an organization dedicated to helping Canadian businesses create a presence on the Internet, while reducing costs and time.

CCL Commerce Center
CCL Internet Marketing Services, San Francisco, CA, US
The Commerce Center provides products and services tailored to the needs of your business. We provide services like commercial lending and freight forwarding.

CD ROM World
Information Analytics, Inc., Lincoln, NE, US
Come visit the world of CD ROMs at the world's first and oldest CD ROM store, CD ROM World. We offer a wide range of CD ROM-related software and products at competitive prices, and we try out all products so that we can offer you expert advice.

CDWORLD/Rose City Online, Portland, OR, US
CDWORLD specializes in all types of CD-ROM software and hardware. We offer world-wide shipping and accept all credit cards.

Coastal Zone Server for CEO Pathfinder Study
ACRI, Sophia Antipolis (near Nice), France
This server provides different information and services: Collect user requests for CEO pathfinder study. List of servers related to Coastal Zone. Near real time wave data around Europe. Partner connections (JRC, GKSS, ENEA).

The Color is Black
The Black Box, Inc., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Hong Kong-based multimedia producer of CD-ROM adventure travel "Documentaries on Disc" and corporate Web development services.

CompuLink On Line Services
Compupress S.A., Athens, Attica, Greece
Bilingual WWW server (Greek-English) which provides a number of facilities, including: Information about CompuLink On-Line services, the biggest Greek online system, selected articles from a number of Greek magazines, Greek and English literature, company profiles and advertising pages, and more.

The Computer Sun Times Magazine
Colorado Springs, CO, US
The Computer Sun Times is a Colorado-based monthly magazine that reveals, reviews, and releases the latest in computer software and hardware. It also features listings of computer resources and a "Create A CST Cover" Contest. The Computer Sun Times contains everything that the printed version has.

Cook's Idaho Outfitters
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Specializing in fishing, hunting, whitewater rafting, summer horse-pack trips, trail rides, and jet boat tours.

Corbett Center Student Union
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, US
A full featured page with complete information about the services and offices housed at Corbett Center Student Union on the New Mexico State University campus.

CoRE SIH Module at Binghamton University
Binghamton, NY, US
CoRE (Computer Science, Robotics, and Engineering) is a Special Interest Housing module located in Dickinson Community at Binghamton University in the warm, tropical climes of southern New York State. CoRE consists of 22 undergraduate students who share a common interest in Computer Science and related technical fields.

Department of Mathematics
Boston University, Boston, MA, US
The Boston University Department of Mathematics now has a Web page. In addition to providing information about the department itself, this page offers an Interactive Database of Math Talks in the Boston Area and the Dynamical Systems and Technology Project containing educational materials for Dynamical Systems.

Dept. of Physics, Catania University
Catania, Sicily, Italy
This server provides useful information about (but not only) the physics research done at the Section of Catania of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and at the Physics Department of the University of Catania (Italy).

Discounted Airfares to Third Int'l WWW Conference
Stephan Spencer, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, US
A homepage for U.S. travelers to the Third International WWW Conference to be held in Darmstadt, Germany, April 10-14. Information on discounted airfares (meeting agreements between airlines and travel agency) to the conference, car rentals, bus shuttles from the airport to the conference hotel, restaurants, attractions, passports, weather, etc. There is even a fill-in form to get a price quote from the travel agency Courtyard Travel.

Disposable Poetry
Myq Larson, Logan, UT, US
An experiment in the transition from paper-based textual writing to hypermedia. Poems, fiction, art, and other experiments are here for the viewing or submission.

Co-Dependent Productions, San Rafael, CA, US
DIVE! Inferior story lines send seaQuest to the ratings floor. Online insurrection against failed NBC policy builds. Join hundreds of online users in big seaQuest protest. Efforts underway now to change the downward spiral of this series.

Du Pont Performance Lubricants
Deepwater, NJ, US
We make advanced lubricants and coatings for the most demanding applications in the aerospace, automotive, semiconductor industries, as well as general purpose lubricants. Our products include Vydax ® and Krytox ®.

Dynamic Business Information Ltd.
London, England, UK
We can email you freshly researched credit reports to order on any company anywhere in the world.

Environmental Studies WebPage
Environmental Programs, Portland State Univ., Portland, OR, US
The Environmental Programs office at Portland State University would like to announce its new WebPage. The page contains information on the new undergraduate program in Environmental Studies at Portland State, as well as the Ph.D. program in Environmental Science.

ESA-ESRIN User Services
The European Space Agency's environmental radar satellite ERS-1 has been able to document the damage caused by the recent floods in Northern Europe. Access images in the Special Acquisitions collection (http://services.esrin.esa.it/CSacquisitions) on the usERServices home page of ESA-ESRIN (Italy).

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
Lutheran Ministry at MIT, Cambridge, MA, US
An unofficial home page for the ELCA, a Lutheran denomination in the US with 5.2 million members. Links to Lutheran documents, Christian resources, and ELCA churches, colleges and universities, seminaries, synods, and other ministries.

The First Dutch Psychiatry Link
Univ. of Groningen, Dept. of Social Psychiatry, Groningen, The Netherlands
An increasingly informative site for the (scientific) psychiatric community. Information on the department of social psychiatry, psychiatric epidemiology, schizophrenia, psychiatric assessment, etc. Personal homepages of our research team. Links to other psychiatric and social scientific resources. Coming soon are publications and publication summaries on psychiatric research.

Flower Stop
Netmart World Wide Web Mall Services, Quebec, Canada
Flower Stop is your on-line fresh flower market. Flower Stop supplies fresh flowers grown in our own greenhouses in the glorious hills of Colorado Springs, Colorado. We also supply a full slate of FTD floral arrangements.

Fostech Computer Consulting
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Computer problems in the Greater Vancouver area? Fostech Computer Consulting will solve them all! Fostech also does professional software/hardware installations, computer diagnostics, WWW page writing, and professional digital scanning. From the home page, there is also a link to "Fostech Tech Tips."

The George Harrison Home Page
Jeffrey C. Jacobs, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
George Harrison was one of the members of the world famous quartet The Beatles until 1970. This site covers his career with the Beatles, his solo career, his career with the Traveling Wilburys and his career in executive production of films.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Waterbury, VT, US
We're a small gourmet specialty coffee company located in the heart of the Green Mountains. Our business is devoted exclusively to coffee - we roast and sell the world's finest beans. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

The GulfNet Technologies, Inc.
Perry, FL, US
GulfNet Technologies is one of Florida's newest Internet access providers, offering services to rural and urban areas alike. We offer Internet advertising services, links to other Internet resources, and information about business and vacation opportunities in the Florida Panhandle.

h a u s
Toronto, ON, Canada
Since 1992, haus has represented and developed young upcoming talent in the various genres of Ambient, Experimental, Industrial and Techno. Our philosophy is to provide our artists with the freedom to explore the various forms of electronic music. Artists include Dasein, and Altereal. You can also visit the h a u s Electro-Body Cafe where you'll find music-related articles and reviews from your favorite magazines.

Honolulu, Hawaii Real Estate Forum
GENinc, Monrovia, CA, US
GENinc is pleased to announce its Honolulu, Hawaii Real Estate Forum, featuring in particular the online debut of Stark Properties, LTD.

The Hot Star Newsletter
INAOE, Tonantzintla, Puebla, Mexico
The Hot Star Newsletter is an electronic publication on hot luminous stars (Wolf-Rayet stars, LBV, Of and O stars) and related phenomena in galaxies. Its aim is to foster the rapid exchange of information between researchers in the field by distributing abstracts of papers to be published in professional astronomy journals, abstracts of doctoral dissertations, and news on meetings, observing campaigns, etc.

Hull City AFC home page
Andy Medcalf, Nottingham University, Nottinghamshire, England, UK
Hull City AFC is an English second division football (soccer) team. From the homepage, netters can access information about the club, including latest results, team news and gossip, as well as action shots and other interesting pictures.

IC3N Conference 1995
IC3N, Las Vegas, NV, US
This is the home page for the Fourth International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks. This home page will bring you up-to-date information of the conference. At the moment, it contains the preliminary Call for Papers notice for IC3N95.

InfoQuest Networking Corp.
Dallas, TX, US
InfoQuest is a provider of directory listings, home pages, and FTP Services. We provide low-cost homepages for small businesses, associations, and organizations. For an affordable fee we will set up and present your company's homepage over the Internet. In addition, we provide disk and CD-ROM storage for FTP services.

ING Bank International
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
The information server of ING Bank International in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, provides several types of information. Next to Facts & Figures it also contains the Profile, the latest Press Releases, Tombstones and Awards. The Research Reports give detailed analysis on various financial and economic topics. The International Banking directory lists information on our international offices.

Institute of Cellular Physiology, UNAM
National Univ. of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
Home Page of the Institute of Cellular Physiology. General information about the Institute, graduate programs in biomedical sciences, faculty research interests and other services and links to biology related WWW servers are available.

The Institute of Hydraulic Machines and Fluid Mechanics (IMHEF)
Ecole Polytechniaue Fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland
IMHEF is part of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). This server provides a description of the educational undergraduate and post-graduate programs in hydraulics and fluid mechanics. Applied research projects involving industrial partners in the areas of hydraulics, fluid mechanics, cavitation, and others are described.

Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology
Institute of Biomolecular Science, Univ. of South Florida, Tampa, FL, US
A new homepage has been created for this new Ph.D. program initiative at the University of South Florida, Tampa. We are currently accepting applications to the program for the academic year starting August 1995. A preliminary application form can be filled in using a forms-capable WEB browser, or we may be contacted directly or by email.

International Conference on Communications 1995
Electrical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
The 1995 International Conference on Communications (ICC '95), sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society, will be held June 18-22, 1995 in Seattle. Over 300 papers will be presented in 54 Regular and Hot Topic Sessions. Eighteen tutorials and workshops will be presented as well. Resource includes Advanced Technical Program, registration form, a LaTeX style file, and hotel and transportation details.

International Funding
Jersey City, NJ, US
Diversify your funding sources -- commercial loans and venture capital starting at US$500,000.

International Telemetering Conference '95: Student Paper Contest
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, NMSU, Las Cruces, NM, US
This is a call for student papers to be submitted to the International Telemetering Conference to be held in October 1995. The competition is open to graduate and undergraduate students. The winners receive a cash prize and a trip to the conference to present their papers. Papers are desired in areas related to telecommunications, instrumentation, signal processing, and computers.

The Internet Directory of Published Writers
Stephan Spencer, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, US
The directory is to assist writers in getting assignments from publishers and editors, in finding an agent, and in making their efforts known to the public. Entries can be browsed or searched. Writers can add their entries via a fill-in form.

InterSoft Solutions' FinanceHub
Gainesville, FL, US
ISS's new FinanceHub JumpStation is an efficiently organized set of selected links to the Web's best sources of financial and investment info, commercial resources and now also law links. We organize, comment and update our links for rapid browsing and efficient access to the information you want. ISS also provides HTML authoring and homepage maintenance.

IVI's Blown Away Scavenger Hunt -- Win a Pentium PC!
IVI Publishing, Seattle, WA, US
Enter the Second Blown Away Scavenger Hunt! The winner wins a complete Pentium multimedia computer system.

John Wiley and Sons Journals Catalog
National University of Singapore, Singapore
John Wiley & Sons have placed a catalog of their journal publications on-line at SunSITE Singapore. This catalog includes brief descriptions, editorials and subscription information.

Julie Waters-Barcomb's Massage
Julie Waters-Barcomb, Libby, MT, US
For people visiting Libby, Montana, or those who live in the area, stress reduction massage by therapist Julie Waters-Barcomb can help reduce stress in your life and make you feel better. Look at her pages to find out more about massage and her services.

Kansas University Basketball (The Jayhawk's Page)
Telecommunications and Information Sciences Lab, Lawrence, KS, US
You've seen the rest now take a look at the best. This is the KU BasketBall Page. Everything you have ever wanted to know about KU basketball but were afraid to ask. The scores, the polls, the team pictures, news on new recruits, history ... everything!

Lobster Direct -- Fresh Nova Scotia Lobster and Lox
Lobster Direct, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Use the Internet to catch fresh Nova Scotia lobster and the finest smoked salmon (lox). On your table by tomorrow evening. Plucked from the cool pristine waters of the Atlantic and shipped to your door in special ice-cooled containers. The perfect surprise for important clients or special occasions.

Lyrics Server with Search (mirror of cs.uwp.edu)
Michael Herf, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US
This server provides a quick search of the cs.uwp.edu lyrics archives, and formatted song lyrics.

Minnechaug Regional High School
WebJammer Productions, Wilbraham, MA, US
The Home Page of Minnechaug Regional High School from Wilbraham, Mass. includes pictures of the school and students, a voice welcome, student handbook, and e-mail lists from the Classes of 1963, 1991-1997. If you're alumni, submit your e-mail address and/or home page site to be entered! It is constantly being updated with photographs, newsletters, and soon the course catalog, biographies of each teacher and more.

"Mirsky's Worst of the Web"
volant.com, San Diego, CA, US
Throughout his life, Mirsky has always strived for the worst. Now that he's on the Web, nothing has changed. "Mirsky's Worst of the Web" provides links to and original commentary on what's worst on the Web. Subjective, satiric and constantly growing, it's WWW-indigenous humor.

The Net Brothers Internet Service
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Our pages are aimed at first-time computer users trying to navigate the Internet. They offer simple, plain English advice mixed with a dash of humor. There are software information sheets available for download as well as links to interesting sites. We are pleased to announce our new location in Toronto, Canada.

NetOffice, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
NetOffice, Inc. is a full-service Internet consulting firm. NetOffice builds business solutions to help your company compete in the global Internet marketplace. We offer a complete set of services using the Internet, including: Faxing Services, Web Page design, WWW publishing and marketing services, and Web Server customized setup, installation, and maintenence.

UNC-SunSITE/WXYC, Chapel Hill, NC, US
WXYC, the University of North Carolina's student-run radio station, can now be heard world-wide! Already famous within its limited off-air signal range, the Chapel-Hill based station is proud to be the first 24/7, real-time Internet radio station. The WXYC retransmission is made possible by UNC's SunSITE.

Group Cortex, Inc., Philadelphia, PA, US
NetSearch is the best way to search the Internet. Anytime you search NetSearch for information, you are really launching a simultaneous query on all of the most popular search engines on the Internet. NetSearch then correlates all of the information and displays it in a a highly graphical user-friendly manner. NetSearch is brought to you by Group Cortex, a professional Internet presence developer.

NTG International Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
NTG International Inc., "The Network Technology Group," is a recognized leader in providing a forum for the dissemination of information within the network technology industry. NTG's objective is to introduce our customers to new tools and products, simplify new technologies, and help identify how to make their businesses more competitive. We also provide complete solutions to systems and network issues.

Office Techniques, Inc.
Brownsburg, IN, US
Office Techniques Inc. provides ergonomic furniture, accessories, and network support equipment for the computer-based office. We offer CAD design and layout, as well as ergonomic consultation.

Pagan Daybook for Windows 1.1b
Alchemy Mindworks Inc., Beeton, Ontario, Canada
Alchemy Mindworks is pleased to announce the latest release of The Pagan Daybook for Windows. The Pagan Daybook is a small Windows application which will pop up when your computer comes on first thing in the morning and display the current festivals and observances from the pagan calendar. It also calculates the phase of the moon and provides other information about the current day, the tides and so on.

Patriots' Trail Girl Scout Council
Boston, MA, US
Patriots' Trail Girl Scout Council is one of the first Girl Scout councils in the country to post a home page. Information about volunteer opportunities, our Leading Women Awards, our quarterly newsletter, and even pages created by troops are available. Stop by and learn about all the new things happening in Girl Scouting today!

PC Currents - Hawaii Computer News
PC Currents Online Publishing, Honolulu, HI, US
PC Currents is a local online computer magazine, dedicated to serve Hawaii and the Pacific Basin, with computer news and Hawaiian business directories. PC Currents can be found also on Hawaii's Home Page: www.hawaii.net.

The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity
Peoria, IL, US
The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity is now in the realm of the World Wide Web. We began online with an electronic mailing list two years ago. We then began a gopher site. Today, we are one step further, the WWW. Our site is still under massive construction, but when it is totally finished, you will be impressed.

Pitts Theology Library
Emory University, Atlanta, GA, US
The library has added two new exhibit catalogs to its server: 1) Three Centuries of American Preaching and 2) The Political Cartoons of the Rev. Dr. Morgan Johnson.

Poets on the Page
Craig Faulkner, Vancouver, BC, Canada
This site is updated weekly with selections of prose. It also includes a reading of the selection in a *.wav form.

Portland International Airport, KPDX
Port of Portland, OR, US
Portland International Airport, KPDX, is now online providing information about airport services and its users, including the Federal Aviation Administration at KPDX and the Oregon Air National Guard. Also included: other links to informative sites serving Portland and Oregon. If you are traveling or piloting to Oregon, you should find some useful information.

Rat vs. Snake: a socio-political poll for our times
reAct collective, New York, NY, US
The year is 2057. Only two animals have survived the Holocaust, a rat and a snake. Only one will survive. The question is, which one? You make the call. Vote or read the votes of others, but don't miss this site!

Real Estate, Development, and Business Information
Development & Internet Management Services, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Dedicated to providing real estate information, market data, and investment opportunities in larger development projects. The activity focus is primarily in British Columbia with links to towns and cities in BC and other real estate resources worldwide.

RealCom Web Server
Real Time Internet Services, College Station, TX, US
The RealCom Web Server provides a local homepage for the Brazos Valley area while also serving Web users around the world with an extensive lisitng of sites to visit. Please come by and tour our virtual city and see what we have in our Internet Guide to the World.

Samples from AMP magazine, for new PC and Mac users
Tim Smith, Physics Dept., Univ. of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, US
Samples from "AMP magazine," a non-technical, introductory level, computer magazine for Mac and PC users. It contains reviews of software, hardware and bulletin boards, intros to HyperCard and BASIC programming, puzzles and fun. It is written in Wisconsin Rapids High School, Wisconsin.

Scream Press
Rohnert Park, CA, US
Scream Press publishes three magazines, two of which are on the Web. Our first is simply titled "World Wide Web" and it's devoted entirely to Web-related issues. The other magazine of interest is "Whisper" -- poetry, stories, 'zine reviews.

South Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station
Clemson University, Clemson, SC, US
The mission of the South Carolina Experiment Station Research System is to enhance the quality of life for the people of South Carolina and the world through research on food, fiber, environmental and natural resource systems. Its history began in 1886 as a result of the Hatch Act and the will of Thomas Green Clemson.

STAC Newsletter
Office of International Criminal Justice, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago, IL, US
The most recent newsletter for users of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority's award-winning Spatial and Temporal Analyses of Crime (STAC) software is now available online.

Stowe Mountain Resort
Schroll Media Services, Stowe, VT, US
Keep up with what's new in Stowe, Vermont, the Ski Capital of the East! Ski conditions, lodging, special WWW deals and, coming soon, Stowe's SummitCam, a live video feed to the Web from the summit of Mt. Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak! Also: links to unique Vermont vacation destinations and shopping services.

Synchronized, the Internet Novel by William Calvin
The Well, Sausalito, CA, US
All 15 installments of "Synchronized" are now available on Web pages, even including some of the Web links that Kate Medici uses as she tracks down the kidnapper of her neighbor, Max Hempelman, amidst the aftermath of a stunning stock market crash caused by computer parasites. Synchronized is by William Calvin, author of eight popular nonfiction books.

Teutonic Translations
PicNet, Dallas, TX, US
Teutonic Translations offers translations to and from German and English. We specialize in a wide variety of subjects and can provide high-quality translated documents in numerous formats.

To Help Minds Grow
Ocutest Systems Ltd., Burlington, VT, US
"To Help Minds Grow" is committed to providing its customers, of all ages, with the largest, most exciting and eclectic selection of educational games, puzzles, gifts, science experiments, books, toys, hobbies, telescopes, ant farms, rockets, robots, teacher's tools, construction toys, electronic learning aids, etc., all at the best prices on the Net.

The Tomorrow People Home Page
The Tomorrow People International, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The Tomorrow People is a Science Fiction television program that ran in the UK on Thames Television from 1973 to 1979 and has been revived and revamped on the Nickelodeon Cable Television network since 1993.

Austin, TX, US
Your full service Internet T-shirt shop. Check out our designs or create your own. We also print mouse pads, mugs, caps, etc. Stop by, tour the print shop or pick up the shirt of the moment.

Turkish Cuisine
Friends of Turkey Asso., U. Maryland, College Park, MD, US
This page contains numerous recipes of Turkish cuisine and pictures of the meals. The page is evolving daily with new recipes and pictures.

Ub Networks Internet Knowledge Exchange
Santa Clara, CA, US
UB Networks has arrived as the first enterprise network vendor on the Web. This new site offers a comprehensive catalog of connectivity, including information about network hardware, applications and services. Learn about the latest developments in networking technology. Choose the products and services to build or expand your network by browsing through a unique online trade show. Download planning software to help design your next expansion.

Ultimate Sailboats International
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Our new site features information about our flagship product, the Ultimate 20. Another member of the growing CyberWharf community.

University of Texas Philosophy Department
Austin, TX, US
The UT Philosophy Homepage offers access to faculty and graduate program information, as well as course descriptions and Internet philosophy resources.

University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
Green Bay, WI, US
Standard university homepage. Still in development from different departments, but all the technical details are ironed out.

USGS Node of the National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
United States Geological Survey, Reston, VA, US
This is the primary link to the U.S. Geological Survey's vast collection of digital mapping and image data. Users can browse through a catalog of popular data sets or use a powerful searching capability. Many data sets are available online.

Vancouver Village
Telemedia Publishing, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver Village is the website for Vancouver Magazine, a publication about the city of the same name in Western Canada. The Village encompasses over 50 magazine articles and reviews, more than 150 images, sounds, and more--all with an easy-to-navigate interface. If it relates to the global village of Vancouver, you'll find it here.
http://www.Direct.CA:80/Village/ [PICK OF THE WEEK]

The Village Potpourri Mall
VPM Enterprises, Sacramento, CA, US
The Village Potpourri Mall is open for those who wish to put up their company's home page for sales and advertising. We also have storefronts available, and credit card processing. Personal WWW Home Pages are also welcomed and encouraged. If you're interested, check out our Grand Opening Special. Let us help you promote your business and increase your sales.

Wades Flower Shop
BizNet Technologies, Blacksburg, VA, US
BizNet Technologies proudly offers a new interface for Wades Flower Shop which allows for much easier multiple item ordering than most other shops on the WEB. The system is called POOS, and can be seen also at the CDROM Superstore. This system can be built entirely by the user, and has an unlimited item capability. This makes it possible to set up a complex multiple order, interactive catalog with practically no setup charges.

Web FEATS: Surf's Up On the Cyber Sea
Esoteric Resources Incorporated, New York, NY, US
A classic article about the Web from the premier free newspaper, The New York Press, has been turned into a (classic, we hope) introduction for new Web surfers. Filled with clickable URLs to many noteworthy sites, this page concentrates on Gary Welz of the NYU Center for Digital Multimedia, Remo Campopiano of ArtNet,and Doug Davis, author of The World's First Collaborative (And Longest) Sentence.

Western Micro Technology, Inc.'s DesignShop
Saratoga, CA, US
DesignShop is a complete online service providing a unique component/part search and retrieval system on over 160 manufacturers offering over 225,000 components. DesignShop is running "The Smartest Guy in the World" contest, to acquaint users with its capabilities.

ZoooP, Center for Electronic Art, San Francisco, CA, US
Art! Photography! Design! Interactive Stuff! WWW Identity. This homepage is designed to be used with Netscape.

Wednesday, 15 February 1995

1995 Cyberprobe Interactive Kiosk
Dataflux, Sidney, BC, Canada
Cyberprobes are uniquely crafted, aerodynamic ear jewelry which are digitally designed and carved by computer driven lathes. There are several designs, all available in both silver and gold plating. Collect the whole set! WIN a CyberProbe by finding the rare 67C head/tail Cyberprobe engineering drawings on the net.

The 28 Hour Day
Michael Biamonte, New York, NY, US
A world-wide movement to change the way we live and work by resetting the conventional 24 hour-a-day system to give us more daylight in our free time and make life less harried. Register your agreement.

50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time
Citadel Press, US
Check out the 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time. The new book, by Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen, published by Citadel Press, is now a World Wide Web site. Chris Carter, creator of Fox-TV's hit series, "The X-Files," calls 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time, "Fascinating, witty--right up my alley."

Acura NSX Home Page
David W. Hwang, Ann Arbor, MI, US
The Acura NSX Home Page is devoted to gathering and disseminating information about Acura's fabulous NSX. Information on the NSX Mailing List is also available. Maintained by David Hwang.

ADL '95: Forum on Research and Technology Advances in Digital Libraries
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Tysons Corner, VA, US
This conference, to be held at the McLean Hilton May 15-19, 1995, is to discuss issues relating to research and development in the area of Digital Libraries. The document addressed by the URL above includes a description of the conference and a registration form.

Advanced Neuro Dynamics' Personal Resource Guide
Honolulu, HI, US
An online resource guide for personal growth and development. We teach NLP, hypnosis, and ancient Hawaiian Huna. If you are looking for a well designed, fast-loading WWWeb Page -- this is it! It has been called "The standard" for Web Page design.

Aloha Tony's: a tourist home
Lahaina, HI, US
A modest home with beach access at Front Street and Kauaula Road in Lahaina. Just seconds to the beach and walking distance from Lahaina's Historic District, enjoy island information and quiet surroundings. Three rooms open to travelers in a cozy, simply furnished home.$45 - $60. MC & VISA.

Boulder, CO, US
Description: *Alt-X* is an on-line publishing network that features adult fiction, insightful essays, interviews and general interest articles from some of America's most exciting authors! Our first on-line book, *In Memoriam To Postmodernism*, includes contributions from well-known novelists, hypertext writers, video artists, musicians, and purveyors of the unknown.

American Freedom Coalition
Dallas, TX, US
The American Freedom Coalition is a non-profit profit organization formed to educate and inform Americans about the War and Emergency Powers Act of 1933. If you are unfamiliar with this Act and how it has changed the lives of all Americans, it is strongly recommended that you visit this site. Once you understand what this act is about and why it was enacted, we hope you will join the fight to reverse it.

Arent, Fox, Kintner, Plotkin & Kahn
Washington, DC, US
The server provides information about the law firm of Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn, including such information as practice descriptions, newsletters, attorney biography, recruiting information and attorney contact. This web page is officially mandated and representative of our organization.

Astronomical Ephmeris for X Windows/Motif
Elwood C. Downey, Solon, IA, USA
Xephem is an interactive astronomical ephemeris program for X Windows systems. Check the site to learn of its capabilities. The release kit includes sample databases of over 16,000 objects. Xephem requires at least X11R4 and OSF/Motif 1.1.

BBS Telecom
Netmart World Wide Web Mall Services, Laval, Quebec, Canada
BBS Telecom, a trend setting leader in phone systems for small to mid-size offices, is proud to announce it's new storefront. BBS Telecom's storefront offers product and ordering information, customer support and on-line versions of all system guides.

BrainCheck(TM) Two
The Bhav Enterprises, Inc, Huntsville, AL, US
An interesting new game derived from Tic Tac Toe and Chess.

Business Media, Inc.
Information Analytics, Inc., Lincoln, NE, US
Improve your presentation image. We carry all major brands of computer presentation equipment including Proxima, nView, Infocus, Dukane, 3M and many others. BMI was selected for the Inc. Magazine 500 list of the top 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S. Special pricing available for schools, government.

Camp Time, Inc.
Webvertising (TM), Houston, TX, US
Camp Time Products are the result of over 14 years of product development, refinement, and testing. From professional expeditions on Mt. Everest to backyard family camp-outs, Camp Time Products make outdoor experiences more comfortable and enjoyable!

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, Ottawa, ON, Canada
The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse was created in 1988, by an Act of Parliament, to work to reduce the harm associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs. The CCSA provides information on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as informed comment on substance abuse and addictions.

Canadian Music Home Page
Visual Kinetics, Vancouver, BC, Canada
A central resource for finding Canadian based music bands. This site evolves almost daily, so check back once in a while to see who's been added.

Career Power International
Netmart World Wide Web Mall Services, Laval, Quebec, Canada
Career Power International is a career consulting and training organization dedicated to helping people take complete charge of their careers.

The Center for Reliable and High-Performance Computing
The Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL, US
The Center for Reliable and High-Performance Computing at the University of Illinois focuses on integrating research in the areas of reliable and high-performance computing, architectures, parallel processing, fault-tolerance, and testing. The CRHC home page contains descriptions of the research groups, available publications, as well as staff and student directories.

City.Net Browser Checkup
City Net Express, Portland, OR, US
Drop by the City.Net Browser Checkup to make sure you have the latest version of your web browser.

Classique Structure: Gargoyles, Gifts, & Home Decor
Philadelphia, PA, US
Browse through Classique Structure's graphic online catalog of gargoyles, gift items, home decor, and cherubs! We have an excellent selection of items for gift giving or for your own home. Choose from a variety of finishes on selected items!

Cold Fusion Technology
Concord, NH, US
Cold Fusion Technology presents the latest news and results in the field of new energy research. Contrary to popular belief, cold fusion research is continuing throughout the world in respected laboratories, producing results that may lead to sweeping changes in the near future.

Collegiate Student Storage
Virtumall New Media, Cambridge, MA, US
CSS provides summer and semester storage services for college students and faculty members at colleges and universities nationwide. CSS provides boxes and packing material, pick up and delivery, and safe storage of all your valuable possessions. CSS is also looking for campus representatives.

Command Corp. Inc.
Command Corp. Inc., Duluth, GA, US
IN CUBE speech recognition systems for MS Windows and for SUN Microsystems SPARCstations are described in detail. The full working systems are available for downloading with free evaluation licenses and demos. Application information, product reviews and announcements covering new products are included.

Communications as Engagement
The Millenium Group, Washington, DC, US
Communications as Engagement: a Communications Strategy for Revitalization aims to provide an understanding of the variety and focus of the actors in the community revitalization "movement" in the country today; explore the role and potential of communications in revitalization; create a template or architecture for a database on revitalization initiatives.

Communications Playground for Kids
Spectra Com, WI, US
Kids age 8-12 can find key pals, get help with Internet questions from an Internet guru, talk about what they'd like to be when they grow up, explore links to other children's sites, enter sweepstakes to win prizes, and give feedback on what they'd like to see and do on the Internet. For more info, please email kidscom@spectracom.com

Connecticut College
New London, CT, US
Connecticut College is a highly selective, residential, coeducational college committed to liberal arts. Enrolling 1650 undergraduates, it is located between Boston and New York in the small urban community of New London, Conn. The campus occupies 721 acres overlooking the Thames River and Long Island Sound. The server will contain information about college departments along with personal homepages by students, faculty and staff.

Coventry University Careers Guidance
Coventry, UK
This service provides graduate recruitment information for employers. It is part of an Internet Project we are running which aims to improve IT links between ourselves and industry. Comments from employers are welcome - our eventual aim is to provide as comprehensive a service as possible. Full details of the project are available on our www pages.

Dacalm Credit Repair
Netmart World Wide Web Mall Services, Laval, Quebec, Canada
Dacalm Credit Repair has created an easy-to-use credit repair kit that shows people how to get their credit reports, how to understand these reports, step-by-step instructions on how to correct your credit history and use existing laws to protect your credit.

David Espinoza BootMaker
Phoenix, AZ, US
This location is new and will be changing. It contains a samples of hand-crafted boots made from various materials. Some of them are on tour with a museum.

Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Oklahoma State Univ., Stillwater, OK, US
Browse the undergraduate and graduate programs, faculty, and facilities of our department. Prospective students can "meet" the faculty by viewing photos and reading biographical sketches, or review course offerings and degree requirements. Prospective grad students can learn about prominent research areas and potential research topics.

Department of Statistics, Singapore
National Computer Board, Singapore, Singapore
The Statistics Singapore Home Page is launched by the Department of Statistics, Singapore since January 1995. The Department is the national statistical authority responsible for disseminating official statistics on Singapore.

Direct Connections
Eden Prairie, MN, US
Direct Connections is an international computer equipment supplier in hard drives, DAT drives, optical drives, monitors, CD ROMs, scanners and raid systems.

Don't Records
Milwaukee, WI, US
Don’t is new to the Web but not new to great music (Willy Porter, Citizen King, Mrs. Fun, Paul Cebar etc.). Come check out our site and read biographies, reviews, track lists and more. Also included are pictures and on-line ordering information.

University of Maryland, College Park, MD, US
Earthcast, a friendly, graphical Web navigator to earth system science information, is now available for users in the business, educational, technical, and public sectors. Incorporating hundreds of scientific product and server links into convenient "Buttons Panels," Earthcast is intended to stimulate the use of earth system science information in a broad spectrum of new educational and business enterprises.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication
Communication, Bloomington, IN, US
The ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication, a non-profit national educational information system sponsored by the Office of Educational Research and Improvement of the U.S. Department of Education, is up on the World Wide Web.

Galarry Inter-Foto
misawa@cap.bekkoame.or.jp, Tokyo,, Japan
Gallery of Japanese photographs. You can see them on Web viewer and can download file of photos from server. If you are from out-of-Japan, visit and enjoy.

Gallery Walk
Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL, US
Gallery Walk is a new Internet publication that offers the viewer a chance to view over 400 contemporary artworks currently being shown in some of the world's leading galleries.

Game Programming Resource Center
Brian Pursley, Muncie, IN, US
The Game Programming Resource Center provides information for the beginning game programmer as well as links to information sources for more experienced game programmers.

Phoenix, AZ, US
The Graffix web site is your source for Graffix tees, sweatshirts, hats, and stickers.

Hadron Data Graphics
Waunakee, WI, US
Interactive electronic publishing development, and consulting for multimedia viewer applications.

Hays Photography
Denver, CO, US
Hays Photography presents the fine art black and white photographs of Steven Hays for gallery exhibitions, private and corporate collections. Many of the limited edition photographs, often showing surreal places, were taken during his extensive travels throughout the southwestern United States.

Hispanic Pages in the USA
COLOQUIO, Baltimore, MD, US
The Hispanic Pages contain news in English and Spanish; COLOQUIO a monthly Spanish language magazine; Famous Hispanics in the world and history; and a Marshal Galvez page of Hispanics in the American Revolution. Those interested in contributing to the pages contact jgbustam@clark.net.

ICon Information Management Solutions
New York, NY, US
Systems integrator focusing on storage, management, processing and distribution of information. Provide software services, high-end network integration, environment support and value added hardware/software distribution. IConNet is a division of ICon focused on providing business oriented internet products and services.

Ideas International
Gordon, NSW, Australia
Home of Competitive Profiles, computer systems information, benchmark data from BAPCo, TPC, SPEC, AIM and GPC. Current computer system news and price/performance issues. Presented by worldwide I.T. industry analysts, Ideas International.

IEEE at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Champaign, IL, US
The premier professional and technical society for Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science is the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers. As the #2 Electrical Engineering school in the nation, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a strong force in the IEEE. Check out general information about the IEEE as well as regularly updated schedule of events and current programs.

Imagination Ink
Netmart World Wide Web Mall Services, Laval, Quebec, Canada
Imagination Ink is your online comic book club. We specialize in both new and Golden Age comics and all our titles begin at 30% below cover price. Their is no purchase required to join the club or any monthly purchase stipulations. Imagination Ink also has new, used and out of print books starting at 60% below cover price as well as movie scripts from the obscure to the popular.

Indie Front/Malibu Stacey Home Page
Tophe Records, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
The Indie Front page brings you the archives from the Indie Front e-zine. I.F. is dedicated to giving helpful hints to indie bands, and anyone else interested in the scene. I.F. follows the trials and tribulations of Malibu Stacey, drawing on lessons, insights and rants from their experiences in the music world.

Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences
University of California, Irvine, Irvine, CA, US
The Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences is a specialized research center to facilitate interaction and common research goals among scientists whose purpose is to precisely formulate and test theories of human behavior. Our site introduces the Institute, its faculty, and its doctoral program, and lists technical reports and upcoming colloquia.

Instructional Technologies
San Francisco State Univ., CA, US
This web server provides department and student information plus a very up-to-date collection of pointers to the topics such as: instructional technologies, job searching, Internet navigation, and more.

Internet Multimedia Authoring Software
RAD Technologies, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, US
RAD PowerMedia is a new open system multimedia authoring tool that allows delivery over the Internet, client/server corporate networks, and CD-ROM across all major computing platforms. RAD MediaViewer, an Internet multimedia viewing client environment, is available free of charge for all individual users, universities, and non-commercial organizations.

Internet via Embratel
Empresa Brasileira de Telecomunicacoes SA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Embratel, Brazil's telecommunications company, is now providing commercial Internet access. Its Web server contains information about the company and a guide about the Internet, in Portugese.

ITRC - Information Technology Research Centre
Ontario, Canada
As a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship, the Information Technology Research Centre strengthens the global performance of Ontario's industries by supporting world class fundamental and applied university based research in information technology at the universities of Toronto, Waterloo, Queen's (Kingston) and Western Ontario (London).

JobServe - The Job Server
Cobham, Surrey, UK
Hundreds of up-to-date requirements from UK based computer contract recruitment agencies. You can also subscribe to a mailing list in order to receive a daily email message containing the latest requirements by sending a blank email message to: subscribe@jobserve.com

Kaplan Educational Centers
New York, NY, US
Expert preparation for standardized admissions and licensing exams: PSAT, SAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, USMLE, NCLEX, TOEFL, CPA and more. Expert advice available via email. Great list of hotlinks to colleges, universities and libraries. List of cool URLs for fun. Visit the Kaplan store for the best test prep and admissions help books and software you can buy!

SpectraCom, Milwaukee, WI, US
KidsCom, a communication playground for children ages 8-12 is up and running. Kids can find key pals, get help with Internet questions from an Internet guru, talk about what they'd like to be when they grow up, explore links to other children's sites, enter sweepstakes to win prizes, and give feedback on what they'd like to see and do on the Internet.

Kovach Computing Services
Pentraeth, Anglesey, Wales, UK
This WWW page provides customer support and information for the KCS line of inexpensive and easy to use statistical software (MVSP and Oriana). You can get the latest shareware versions through the links in the page and order the full versions on-line. Plus, there is information about the beautiful Isle of Anglesey, in Wales, the home of KCS.

Kurdish Information Network
Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, US
The Kurdish Information Network provides information about Kurdish culture, history, and language. This server is updated very frequently.

La Jornada Newspaper
México, D.F., México
Mexico's leading independent newspaper is now online in a daily electronic edition, containing news, pictures, and an all-around great format. --- A partir de hoy se podra leer parte de La Jornada en linea.

Leon County, Florida - Florida's Capital County
Tallahassee, FL, US
Home page for Leon County, Florida (Tallahassee) that includes information on elected officials and links to Florida State University. A unique link is to the property roll of all property in Leon County with a search engine that allows you to search by name or street name.

Life Technologies, Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD, US
Life Technologies, producer of GIBCO BRL products, now offers Custom Primer ordering and information on the Internet. The Web site also features Life Technologies' Training Center Schedule and information about the Company. In the very near future, the Web site will be expanded to include the TECH-ONLINE(sm) technical library and an electronic version of the 1995-1996 GIBCO BRL Product Catalogue and Reference Guide.

Light Impressions
Rochester, NY, US
At Light Impressions we believe that helping you and your family preserve your personal history is just as critical as helping museum curators preserve a society's past. We make it our business to stay to stay at the forefront of archival science and research. Light Impressions is hosted by infoPost.

Magic Windows
Templeton, CA, US
Magic Windows Wine Online: gourmet foods, and more! California's Central Coast offers an abundance of wineries and unique businesses. This is the site to visit to find your taste of California's richness.

Martial Arts in the Texas Region
League City, TX, US
Information for Martial Artists in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Pages include directories of regional MA schools with e-mail contacts/WWW pages and a hyperlinked calendar of events. Area schools may post seminar, tournament, or other special event information here by e-mail request.

Memory USA
San Francisco, CA, US
Memory USA buys surplus computer memory of all kinds. They offer competitive prices for quantities of new and used memory modules and chips of any capacity. For sellers of unidentified memory, Memory USA provides free memory identification. Individuals, corporations, and other organizations in the USA and abroad are all welcome to use their services.

Michael G. DeGroote School of Business
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
This Web site links people to the resources of the Michael G. DeGroote School of Business. Included is information on undergraduate, M.B.A. and Ph.D. programs at the School of Business, a listing of faculty and staff and a link to the Innovation Resource Centre at McMaster University. The latter is a joint industry, government and educational effort to improve innovation in management.

Musi-Cal - Live Music Calendar
Automatrix, Inc., Ballston Spa, NY, US
Musi-Cal the next version of Automatrix's music events calendar, is now available. Several enhancements have been added to the latest version, including distance-sensitive queries, worldwide coverage and full email access to the calendar. Anybody can add new events to Musi-Cal, so go for it!

Native American Art Gallery
Information One, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
The Native American Art Gallery (NAAG) is pleased to provide a World Wide Web Server which is dedicated to people interested in Native American art and culture. This service is dedicated to bringing news and information to users interested in this field.

NELPAG (New England Light Pollution Advisory Group)
Cambridge, MA, US
NELPAG is a volunteer group devoted to producing aesthetically-pleasing, energy-efficient outdoor night lighting through education. We are consultants to power utilities, engineering firms, government agencies, contractors, architects, etc. We have developed a wealth of information that we are trying to make freely available via the Internet.

MasterMind Communications, Beverly Hills, CA, US
Your advertising gateway to the Information Super Hiway on the World Wide Web. Home Page creation, design and programming, Internet e-mail account and Internet access, listing and promotion on WebWorld, a where-to-find-whom page, expanded listing and promotion of free information and What's New.

New York City Opera
New York, NY, US
New York City Opera intends this site to be a source for information on both opera's being performed by City Opera and opera in general. It will include hyperlinked opera synopses, composer bios, cast lists, etc. It will also be linked to other opera sites on the Web.

NMSU CS Department Web Server
Las Cruces, NM, US
This is the official WWW server of the New Mexico State University Computer Science Department. Visit us to learn about where we are, who we are, and what we are doing.

Obvious Moose
San Diego, CA, US
Obvious Moose is the whimsical yet frightening site that's primarily known for the Mike Keneally Page. Formerly Frank Zappa's "stunt guitarist" and now a remarkable solo act, Mike serves up rare sound and video samples, graphics and surprises on his piece o' The Moose. Other inhabitants include The Beatles, Sneaky Picnic and Vampire Boy!

OSU Newark Art Exhibition: Nathaniel Larrabee and Halena Cline
Ohio State Univ. at Newark, OH, US
The OSUN Art Gallery announces its exhibition of new works by painter Nathaniel Larrabee and Ceramic artist Halena Cline. The exhibition confronts recent issues concerning the environment and also personal messages to the world. Both of the artists' works are very diverse, confronting and different. However, the confrontation is mediated with their use of colors and hues.

Peterson's Education Center
Peterson's Guides, Inc., Princeton, NJ, US
Peterson's new Education Center has opened the Undergraduate College Sector. Take the search paths and visit the college and university sites. Also, postings for summer jobs at camps for all levels of experience and interest have been expanding since mid-January.

Potomac Appalachian Trail Club
Washington, DC, US
The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC) is a non-profit service organization based in the Washington, D.C. region. PATC is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of close to 1,000 miles of hiking trails over a four state region. Check out the PATC Web page for information on volunteer opportunities, hiking guides and maps created by PATC, cabins available for rent in our region, and more.

Quarterdeck WebAuthor HTML authoring Tools
Quarterdeck Office Systems, Santa Monica, CA, US
Quarterdeck announced today that it will shortly begin shipping WebAuthor for Word for Windows 6.0, its new HTML authoring tool that facilitates publication of home pages, documents and images on the Internet.

Rage Against the Machine
Smoothie Productions, Blacksburg, VA, US
This is an unofficial Rage Against the Machine homepage created by a devoted fan. It includes lyrics, pictures and information about the band. There is always more new stuff on the way, so check it out!

Rancho Valencia Resort
Rancho Santa Fe, CA, US
Located just 25 miles north of downtown San Diego, Rancho Valencia Resort is a unique meetings destination, offering the ultimate in service and luxury for executive conferences and retreats. This secluded property offers 21 casitas, housing 43 beautifully-appointed suites with spacious interiors, private terraces and authentic decor in the tradition of early California's comfortably elegant haciendas.

Raven Systems' Resource Center
Bellevue, WA, US
Raven Systems specializes in the development of custom solutions for everyday problems. Since 1992, the company has helped many corporations and businesses maximize their productivity by creating well written, tested and supported custom-made software.

RodCo Design Services
Vienna, VA, US
RodCo offers a complete line of home page, and html design and graphics. From the beginning, our artists will work with you to create your presence on the Internet. We will incorporate your graphics, or create them for you. Come visit our home page and our guest of the month.

Schepens Eye Research Institute
Boston, MA, US
The Schepens Eye Research Institute (SERI), an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, is one of the world's largest independent eye research organizations. The Institute also leads an international training program for young clinicians and scientists. A not-for-profit organization, SERI relies on private contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations to supplement federal research grants.

SchoolWeb Exploration Project
Corp. for Public Broadcasting, Research Triangle Park, NC, US
The EdWeb Project, sponsored by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and CNIDR, announces the birth of the SchoolWeb Exploration Project. A coalition of K-12 schools, universities and businesses, SchoolWeb helps K-12 schools begin their own Web publishing projects by teaming them up with sponsors who donate internet account and server space. The Project is currently looking for sponsors and schools interested in participating in SchoolWeb.

Sirius Web
Sirius Systems, Inc., Petersburg, VA, US
Finally, a Web site for CTOSians! Sirius Systems, developer of TCP/IP based communications software for CTOS, is on the World Wide Web. The Sirius server contains product data sheets, a tech library, free software and online ordering information for Sirius products. Click here to find out more.

SoundMorph(tm) 1.12
Massey Publishing, New York, NY, US
SoundMorph(tm) 1.12 is the first commercially available program for morphing audio on the desktop. It has been used in several national television commercials and received a four out of five star rating from Electronic Musician magazine. Try it out for free.

Southam Mutual Fund Fun Page
Southam, Canada's largest media company, has launched a Canadian mutual fund page with links to its other media Webs.

Sports International Ltd.: Online Sports Betting
St. John, Antigua, US
Bet on your favorite team or horse race without leaving your computer terminal-- legally! Sports International is a public company based in Antigua. Come visit our home page.

Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association
New York, NY, US
News and information for Stuyvesant High School alumni. Information include Stuyvesant in the news, e-mail directory of graduates, access to school's newspaper, reunion information, and more.

Tables of Contents, Inc.
Cyberspace Publishing, Roslyn, NY, US
Tables of Contents, Inc. consists of the latest covers and tables of contents of 146 leading magazines, organized into the following five subject categories: computers, sports, science, music & entertainment, electronics and computer games. We update every Monday and constantly add additional titles as requested by the users who access us.

Talon Export Jewelry Company
John Perseo, Albuquerque, NM, US
Talon Export Jewelry offers high quality southwestern style jewelry. It is hand finished and inlaid with genuine turquoise. Our jewelry is unique and suited for all occasions.

The Tasmanian School of Art at Hobart
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
The Tasmania School of Art at Hobart WWW server is devoted to the experimentation with the possibilities of art on the net. It is currently home to three online art projects: Pigvision, The Museum of Contemporary Ideas, and Talking to the Sun. In the near future it will also include extensive information about the school.

Thomas Keith & Associates Marketing Services
Evanston, IL, US
Thomas Keith & Associates specializes in marketing services for smaller companies or smaller divisions of larger companies. For examples, see a promotion we developed for the International Maple Syrup Institute.

TMA Communications New Age Online
Information One, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
TMA Communications is pleased to create the first World Wide Web Server dedicated to the New Age community. Currently, the Astro-Weather service and articles from The Monthly Aspestarian are available. There will be many new and exciting features added in the coming months.

UD Department of Physics and Astronomy
Univ. of Delaware, Newark, DE, US
A new home page for physics-related links, with some links specific to physics activities at the University of Delaware, including a brochure describing our graduate program and research activities.

The UnderWater Gallery
Atlantis BBS, San Jose, CA, US
The Underwater Gallery at Atlantis BBS opens with California artist Duane Bousfield featuring large, multi-dimensional abstract oil paintings.

Universitaets- und Landesbibliothek Duesseldorf
Duesseldorf, Germany, US
Home page for Universitaets- und Landesbibliothek Duesseldorf. Site is in German.

University of Tulsa
Tulsa, OK, US
Welcome to The University of Tulsa, Oklahoma's oldest and largest private university. TU has its roots in the Presbyterian School for Indian Girls established in 1882 in Muskogee, Indian Territory. A fully accredited university offering programs through the doctoral level, TU currently accommodates approximately 4,600 students representing 60 countries.

The University of Washington
Computing & Communications, UW, Seattle, WA, US
For a live picture of our famous Mt. Rainier vista, check out our Home Page. If the weather isn't cooperating, you'll have to settle for Seattle's infamous rain instead. As the home of such widely used software as Pine(R), Willow(TM), UWIN(R) and NorthWestNet operations, you may also enjoy our web toolbox.

VALS Interactive Server
SRI International, Menlo Park, CA, US
SRI International's Values and Lifestyles (VALS) program invites you to explore your "VALS type" via the Internet. With the VALS Interactive Server, you can personality-type yourself according to the VALS system, enabling you to then examine a variety of survey data about your and other psychographic types.

Viktor Berry, Attorney at Law
Sacramento, CA, US
This is the home page for Viktor Berry, Attorney at Law. He practices commercial real estate law and litigation in Sacramento, California, the capitol of California. This site will provide information on real estate in California and interesting links to other legal and real property related sites.

Ward Consulting Inc.
Toronto, ON, Canada
As a Microsoft total solution provider, our focus is to develop custom applications, ongoing maintenance, consulting, education and programming for: SQL and relational databases for Microsoft SQL Server/Sybase; client/server system architecture; Microsoft's Backoffice/SMS; Powersoft's front end application environment, PowerBuilder; custom application development, and others.

Ways Magazine OnLine
Canadian change management information goes on line with opening of WaysMag site. Browse & download text of Canada's business magazine about change. Recent features cover Crisis in corporate leadership, Chrysler's turnaround, Predicting EDI's results, Fighting category killers and more. Coming in March: Nortel's vision, Cowboy mandarins, Gazing at Futures, and Managing people in times of crisis. All Canadian content and advertising.

The Web Winder
Caribbean Internet Service, Corp., San Juan, PR, US
The Web Winder is an Internet navigation service from Caribbean Internet Service, Corp. , the first Internet service provider in Puerto Rico, and the first to bring SLIP and PPP connections to the island. Additionally, they offer shell accounts with gopher & www access, as well as Internet-2-LAN and dedicated services. This site is available in both English and Spanish.

Web66 Registry of Schools on the Web
U of MN College of Education & Hillside Elementary, Minneapolis, MN, US
Since March of 1994, we have hosted the Internet's most comprehensive list of K-12 School WWW servers. In the spirit of graphical information delivery on the Web, we are now providing a clickable map interface to our list of school web sites. We also provide text-only links to the to the various country and state lists.

WebSub -- a WWW nucleotide sequence submission tool
National Center for Genome Resources (NCGR), Santa Fe, NM, US
GSDB announces the beta test version of WebSub -- a WWW submission tool for nucleotide sequence data. This simple fill-in-the-blank form is submitted with the click of a button. Accession numbers are returned to you within 24 hours, and the fully processed entries are publicly available within 48 hours.

Westminster Wideband Microwave Products
University of Westminster, London, England, UK
The Microwave Devices Research Laboratory at the University of Westminster is pleased to announce its Web service, detailing microwave devices and subsystems resulting from recent work. We specialize in ultra-wideband devices, such as amplifiers and radar devices.

Williamson Imagineering
Portland, OR, US
Williamson Imagineering is a consulting firm specializing in information technologies, such as HTML authoring and electronic catalogs, as well as database software development. An on-line newspaper, The Imagineer, complete with links to Weather sites, is available. The Imagineer includes a Web Mall, complete with vendor's electronic Web pages.

WireNet, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
WireNet, Inc. is on the Web to meet your home electrical cable needs. Our product offering includes a wide variety of light- to heavy-duty indoor and outdoor extension cords available in several colors. We also carry a full line of home electrical wire for your home repair and remodeling projects. Visit our online store and enjoy our competitive prices and the convenience of UPS delivery.

The World Wide Stage
Westrock Software, Dublin, Ireland
Derek Doran presents The World Wide Stage. A new site which features fiction, poetry, plays and other writings which have been contributed by writers (amateur & pro) from all over the world. New contributions are always welcome.

Friday, 17 February 1995

UDAC, Uppsala, SE, Sweden
Support Web for 3D-MAX, the first workstation quality 3D stereo-glasses for a reasonable price! Guarantees flickerfree, sharp detailed 3D vision with 64K-colours for art, CAD, VR, entertainment education and scientific visualization.

The Academic Rowing Club
Stockholm, Sweden
The club in Stockholm with the best rowing water. The Academic Rowing Club is open to rowers of all levels, from beginners to advanced competition rowers. We have singles, doubles, double scullers, fours, and eights. We also have inrigged fours (for going a bit farther out of the lake) as well as a Concept rowing machine. Come down and see us at the boathouse.

Adventurous Traveler Bookstore
Hinesburg, VT, US
The Adventurous Traveler Bookstore stocks an extensive selection of hiking, biking, skiing, canoeing, flyfishing, mountaineering, and general travel books and maps for adventure travel in the US and around the world. Search through our WWW database, which includes full book descriptions and graphics of our most popular map regions.

Arizona Mountaineering Club
Phoenix, AZ, US
The Arizona Mountaineering Club is a non-profit organization interested in providing a social atmosphere for people with like interests in the outdoors. The primary activity is technical rockclimbing, but many members also participate in whitewater rafting, mountaineering, backpacking, mountain biking and trekking. Regularly scheduled classes, outings, meetings, slide-shows and social gatherings are all a part of the program.

Artificial Intelligence Pointers
David Goldstein, Greensboro, NC, US
This page contains an index of various important artificial intelligence sites, projects, etc. throughout the United States. Several of the pointers are to other repositories. The primary resources pointed to by here are for knowledge-based systems and knowledge representation.

Australian Real Estate
The Professionals Real Estate Group, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
A marketing group of over 100 independent real estate agents offering residential and commercial properties for purchase or rental throughout New South Wales. This new service will also provide information on the New South Wales property market. Visitors are most welcome.

Bangladesh: Virtual Tour Guide
University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, US
An online tourist guide to the beautiful country of Bangladesh. The site contains descriptions and images of major historic sites, holiday resorts, and archeological sites. Information on short-term tours (2-3 hours) of the capital city suitable for transit passengers. The site is regularly updated, and soon to come are visa and currency information and addresses of Bangladeshi embassies worldwide.

Blade Runner
Murray Chapman, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Blade Runner, a 1982 science-fiction film starring Harrison Ford, has always had a fervent and loyal following. Murray Chapman, the author of the Blade Runner FAQ, is pleased to announce the release of the Blade Runner FAQ WWW Pages. These pages contain the complete FAQ, as well as links to all known Blade Runner resources on the net, but due to server restrictions are only available outside the local hours of 8am to 6pm.

Bolton Valley Ski Resort
Bolton, VT, US
Bolton Valley has been proclaimed "The Friendliest Family Ski Resort in Vermont" by Yankee Magazine, and "Vermonters Favorite Ski Resort" in a Burlington Free Press reader's poll. Isn't it time you skied what everyone is talking about? Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

The Catapult
College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, US
The Catapult is the springboard to the frequently visited sites of Career Service Professionals. Contains more than 200 links to employers, employment resources, help guides, and Career Service Homepages at other Colleges.

CD-a-Day Scavanger Hunt
IVI Publishing, Seattle, WA, US
Enter IVI Publishing's scavenger hunt. Take a minute to find the answer to the question, and tell us what CD-ROM you want if you win! The question changes every week, so you can enter every week!

Charged Particle Optics Software Internet Services
Particle Optics Group, Delft, The Netherlands
CPOSIS is a meeting place for developers and users of charged particle optics software. Examples of such instruments are electron microscopes, ion probe machines and accelerators. CPOSIS provides descriptions of many software packages, a BBS-like discussion board, and a jobs asked/offered section. It is maintained by the Particle Optics Group at the Delft University of Technology.

City of Pune, India
Iowa City, IA, US
Pune is the cultural and educational center of the Western Indian state of Maharashtra. Visit this link for tourist info. Also a great contact point for people from Pune.

The Cline Group's Coin Collector Home Page
Indianapolis, IN, US
The Cline Group was formed in 1982 to serve the needs of coin collectors worldwide. We assist the new collector as well as the seasoned veteran and maintain and work want lists. Please let us know if we can be of assistance!

Computer Vision & Image Processing Group
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Dept. of Informatics, Macedonia, Greece
An active research group working for more than a decade in digital image processing and related areas. Its topics of interest span the areas of nonlinear signal and image filtering, image sequence processing and analysis, multichannel and color image processing, medical signal processing, ultrasonic image processing and storage, fast algorithms and architectures for digital filtering and image processing, and other areas.

Computer-based Learning Software
CanDo Ventures, Inc., Shrewsbury, MA, US
CanDo Ventures was founded to produce software learning programs on a variety of business-related and high-interest topics. CanDo Ventures' premier product the "Business Start-Up Guide for Entrepreneurs" can be previewed on our Web server.

Conway, Arkansas Junior Chamber of Commerce
Conway, AR, US
The Conway Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) is the organization of choice for young people between the ages of 21 and 39. Information about the United States Junior Chamber will be available soon.$Jaycees

The Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies
Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, US
The Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS) is a research collaboration between the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). CIMSS scientists work with NOAA to transfer research ideas into the operational world of weather analysis and forecasting.

Dar Williams Web Page
Geese in the Road, New York, NY, US
Dar Williams, the folk circuit's hot new singer/songwriter ("The Honesty Room"), has her own Web page, with pictures, background info, interviews, song samples and much more...

Data Exchange's Computer Repair Services
Camarillo, CA, US
Break-down on the Information Super Highway? Visit Data Exchange's Service Station! Data Exchange, a world leader in high-tech repair services, has added an RFQ Form to its WWW site. Just fill it out, send it in, and we'll e-mail your quote within a few days. If it goes in a computer, we fix it! (we also repair printers, keyboards, monitors, and many other products)

DePaul University School of Music
Telusys, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
The DePaul University School of Music announces the inception of its online newsletter. The newsletter may be browsed in hypertext, full-color graphic format, and Adobe Acrobat(tm) format. The newsletter will serve as an online resource for undergraduates, alumni, staff and faculty.

The Detective Information Network
Falls Church, VA, US
The Detective Information Network provides investigative advice and research services at a very reasonable price. We are the detectives for the 21st century!

Dewpoint World Wide Web Services
Dewpoint Software, Grant, MI, USA
Dewpoint Software offers a full range of World Wide Web Home Page authoring services to meet every budget and need. Dewpoint can provide advanced solutions for interactive forms, password verification, custom cgi-bin software, etc. Consultation on Web site & local access provider selection, home page layout, and mall creation is also available.

DiMin Enterprises
DiMin Enterprises, Jobstown, NJ, US
Need funds for college? DiMin Enterprises conducts searches for Scholarships, grants, fellowships and loans. Jr. high school through post graduate studies.

Docusys Corp. - ISO 9000 and Internet Consultants
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Internet consulting services from training to WWW page design and development to fit your specific needs. ISO 9000 Quality System documentation, training. Additional expertise in project management, Industrial Engineering, subcontract broker.

Dr. Baseball
San Rafael, CA, US
Dr. Baseball & Sons is a small family (father/son) mail-order business selling quality, authentic, signed sports memorabilia at fair prices and often at a considerable discount. We specialize in balls, bats, jerseys and other items.

Dr. Greenson's Gastrointestinal and Liver Pathology Extravaganza
U. of Michigan Dept. of Pathology, Ann Arbor, MI, US
This site is dedicated to gastrointestinal and liver pathology. It contains many GIFs featuring photomicrographs of various diseases of the GI tract and liver. This month's GIFs include collagenous colitis, microsporidiosis, and veno-occlusive disease of the liver.

Studio X, Sante Fe, NM, US
Establish a presence on the Internet today with a custom, interactive, electronic brochure, catalogue, or portfolio by ElectroMedia. Specializing in WWW site design, digital graphics, and multimedia user interface design/testing/evaluation, Web sites by ElectroMedia contain quality information in fun, easy-to-use structures that compel the on-line visitor to come take a closer look.

The Electron Microscopy Research Center
CIME (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne), Lausanne, Switzerland
This group is the central facility in electron microscopy dedicated to solid state physics and material science in Lausanne. Its research is oriented towards prospective developments in electron microscopy, such as electron holography and image calculation techniques.

European Union Basics (FAQ) List
Roland Siebelink, Brussels, Belgium
The European Union Basics (FAQ) list is a collection of basic questions and answers about the European Union and related organisations. It includes information about the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Council, the European Court of Justice and all the founding treaties including the Maastricht Treaty. The European Union Basics (FAQ) list is a private initiative; it has no relation to the WWW server of the European Commission itself (dg13).

The Executive Guide to Marketing on the New Internet
IndustryNET, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The Executive Guide to Marketing on the New Internet provides an executive summary of how the World Wide Web is changing the way companies market their products. IndustryNET is an engineering and manufacturing information resource with over 250 manufacturer web sites, making it the largest business to business mall on the Internet.

The Faxon Company Inc.
Westwood, MA, US
The Faxon Company, a serial publication subscription agency, announces its new electronic link to useful information about the serials industry. Faxon's new WWW site includes: industry pricing projections and analyses, information on new serials, links to hundreds of publishers and library-related sites on the WWW, and more.

Footbag WorldWide
Bay Area Footbag Foundation, Cupertino, CA, US
Footbag WorldWide is the central location for information on footbag (aka Hacky Sack). Footbag is a unique sport offering something for everybody. You can find the footbag club nearest you, join our footbag discussion group, or just check out the cool images and videos of footbag net and freestyle action!

Freese-Notis Weather.Net
Des Moines, IA, US
€ Welcome to Freese-Notis Weather! € World Wide Weather Information, such as the latest important developments through our Freese-Notis National Web Traveler Advisory. We participate in writing the monthly TradeWinds newsletter at Roemer Weather or try the Freese-Notis National Radar.

FTD Flowers for Valentine's Day on the Internet Shopping Network
Internet Shopping Network, Menlo Park, CA, US
FTD Flowers on the Internet Shopping Network The Internet Shopping Network is delighted to make the flowers of FTD available just in time for Valentine's Day, February 14th. Sending a bouquet to someone special is now just a click away!

Games Domain
Dave Stanworth, Birmingham, England, UK
Welcome to the largest collection of games related information available on the Web. With over 380 links to FAQs, walkthroughs, online magazines, FTP sites, home pages, commercial sites, general information links, and much, much more. Now includes links to over 240 games and demos available for immediate download.

Georgia Center for Continuing Education
Athens, GA, US
The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education serves the learning needs of adults and organizations. Our Web server offers an online version of the Georgia Center Quarterly and information about our public radio station, WUGA 91.7 FM; Georgia's distance learning network, GSAMS; and our hometown, Athens, Georgia.

Global Company Link
P.G. Ultee at the U. of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
The Global Company Link is part of a research project by Pascal G. Ultee. It provides a link to over 70 multinationals with a WWW site. The focus is not only on servers in the U.S., but many links can be found to companies in Europe and Asia. All companies in the list are usually well-known and are using the WWW to provide information on their products and services.

GORP - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
Greer Consulting Services, Inc, Brooklyn, NY, US
GORP contains descriptions of most US National Parks, National Forests, and Wilderness Areas. GORP also includes information on outdoor activities such as biking, birding, climbing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, fishing, skiing, etc. Location pages by city, state and country list other Internet resources with travel or outdoor recreation information.

GT Math
School of Mathematics, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, US
The Georgia Tech School of Mathematics announces its new welcome page. GT Math provides information about our programs for prospective students and faculty. Among the items you'll find at our site are our weekly seminar schedule, departmental research interests, information on the Center for Dynamical Systems and Nonlinear Studies, a link to our ftp/preprint server, and detailed information about our academic programs.

Hawaii's Treasures
Hawaii Online, Honolulu, HI, US
Looking for a special gift for a special someone? Send a little bit of paradise with one of these unique lauhala gift baskets. We'll include pure Kona coffee, Macadamia nuts, tropical jams and more; point your browser here for a taste of the Islands.

Holmenkollen Skifestival 1995
Oslonett AS and Skiforeningen, Oslo, Norway
Ski-lovers all over the Internet, tune your Web client to us: Holmenkollen Skifestival's Web pages give you updated WC'95 standings, images and background material as well as live results from all events.

Dept. of Chemistry, Univ. of Akron, Akron, OH, US
Home page for the research group J.K. Hardy in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Akron. Besides descriptions of the group and laboratories, we also have our preliminary attempt at a 'virtual classroom.' Copies of lecture presentations used in our General, Organic and Biochemistry course and Organic Laboratory are available using a simple slide viewer.

Hypnovista Software
San Francisco, CA, US
We just want to get loaded.

International Solar Energy Society
Freiburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
The International Solar Energy Society represents more than 5000 leading scientists and professionals in the field of solar and renewable energy worldwide. The Web site will offer a wealth of information services to members and non-members alike. Pointers to related resources, membership info, conferences, projects, workshops and other happenings will be covered.

The Internet Business Pages
Pittsburgh, PA, US
The Internet Business Pages is an on-line advertising service for businesses, Chambers of Commerce, and non-profit organizations. We provide advertising and electronic communication services for groups which are not themselves on the Internet, or who wish to have a high-speed link to the Internet for advertising purposes.

The Ipswich Web
Ipswich City Council, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
The Ipswich Web is Ipswich City's gateway to the Internet. It is part of the Global Info-Links project, an economic and social development initiative of the Ipswich City Council, which will enable Ipswich to become an information rich society. The Ipswich Web is an authoritative source of local information about the city and region and provides links to Australian and international information through the Internet.

ISDN Systems, Inc.
Information Analytics, Inc., Lincoln, NE, US
ISC (Vienna, VA) manufactures ISDN and frame relay products for small sites and telecommuters. ISC has solutions for PC to ISDN, PC to frame relay, LAN to ISDN with sophisticated security, and LAN to frame relay with internal LAN Hub and onboard CSU/DSU. For Windows NT, ISC offers ISDN PRI and Frame Relay interfaces. The power of ISDN and Frame Relay are merged with the IFX.

Japanese Law Database
Wakayama University, Wakayama City, Japan
This is a very small subset of Japanese law. All text is written in Japanese.

Jasper Engines & Transmissions
Greensboro, NC, US
Consider the day when your engine or transmission quits. In most cases the rest of the car is still in good condition. Why put out all that cash for a new car or take a chance on a used car of unknown performance? Do what so many other people are doing. Install a remanufactured engine or transmission. Remanufacturing not only saves our vital resources, but saves you considerable cost as well.

Kennedy Space Center's Natural Resources
NASA Biomedical Operations and Research Office, FL, US
The NASA Biomedical Operations and Research Office at Kennedy Space Center welcomes you to a tour of the unique environment that coexists with one of mans greatest achievements. This east central Florida region is home to an unrivaled assemblage of protected plants and wildlife that continue to thrive in the presence of the Space Shuttle.

Known World
Studio X, Sante Fe, NM, US
Explore the beautiful Northern New Mexico Wilderness with the knowledge and experience of Known World Guide Service. Imagine a thrilling white water rafting adventure down the Rio Grande or catching that perfect trout while fly-fishing in the early morning sun. Mountain guides are capable of outfitting a broad range of excursions from 1/2 day hikes to full week long expeditions into the Pecos Wilderness and majestic Santa Fe National Forest. Outdoor recreation at its best.

Law Offices of C. Matthew Schulz
San Francisco, CA, US
San Francisco-based law firm primarily handling US visas and immigration matters for employers and professionals across the US and abroad. Our homepage contains hyperlinks to a variety of Internet visa resources updated regularly.

Lunar Resources Company
Houston, TX, US
The Lunar Resources Company is organized to advance and engage in space flight as a commercial enterprise, to establish and operate a permanent manned lunar base, and to transact any and all lawful business -- on Earth, in outer space, and on other celestial bodies -- for which corporations may be incorporated under the Texas Business Corporation Act.

Magnetic Technology, Inc.
Argus & Associates, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Magnetic Technology, Inc. supports the worldwide tape storage segment of the computer industry with high technology digital tape recording heads for data storage backup drives. Both original equipment manufacturers and the industry aftermarket are served. We also maintain complete specifications to rebuild or refurbish your existing tape head.

Martindale's Health Science Guide '95
Jim Martindale, Irvine, CA, US
A health science multimedia education resource for all medical personnel, dentists, veterinarians, scientists, and students. Currently contains synopses with direct links to 42 medical school courses/textbooks, 27 graduate/undergraduate related courses, and more.

Massachusetts Executive Office of Consumer Affairs
Boston, MA, US
The Massachusetts Executive Office of Consumer Affairs today becomes the first state consumer office with its own WWW home page. Consumers can read nearly a dozen booklets online about cars, credit, home improvements, and more. Copies can also be emailed, usually within minutes of the request. In addition, Massachusetts residents can use a fill-in-the-blanks form to ask questions or to file complaints.

Medical Illustrators' Home Page
Clearwater, FL, US
Features the art work of major medical illustrators. Their works are diverse. The purpose of the page is to link illustrators with their principal clients: doctors, medical schools, lawyers, publishers, advertisers, etc. Commissioned work and stock photos are available. Net surfers will find the images fascinating.

Motorola MicroController Web Server
Austin, TX, US
The MCTG Web provides customer support for Motorola MicroControllers and development tools. All files from the Freeware Bulletin Board are now available on this Web server and by FTP. This includes support files for the MC68HC05, MC68HC08, MC68HC11, MC68HC16, and MC6833x family of microcontrollers.

Myrtle Beach Online
NCNetWorks, Hickory, NC, US
Planning to vacation in Myrtle Beach this year? This site offers listings for motels, hotels, vacation condos, restaurants and local events. You can plan your vacation in the sun without leaving your home. A page features the annual Canadian-American and Sun Fun Festivals.

National Academy of Engineering Elects New Members
Washington, DC, US
Election to the Academy is among the highest professional distinctions accorded an engineer. Academy membership honors those who have made "important contributions to engineering theory and practice, including significant contributions to the literature of engineering theory and practice," and those who have demonstrated "unusual accomplishment in the pioneering of new and developing fields of technology."

National Diet of Japan -- House of Councillors Experimental Web Site
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
The House of Councillors (Upper House of the Japanese Parliament) first experimental Web site is operational on the Stanford University US-Japan Center server. Includes information about the National Diet, a tour of the Diet building, a table of parliamentary institutions, a map of the Diet and its vicinity and a search index for Diet pages.

NetChex-Secure Checking on the Web
Net1, Phoenix, AZ, US
NetChex is a secure client software that enables people to write checks to Merchants advertising goods and services on the Net. Merchants can place the NetChex logo in the order section of their Web pages and have the Member software automatically fill in the check before it is signed and sent by the Member. For more details and registration call 1-800-344-NET1.

Network of British Jewish Societies
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
The Network of British Jewish Societies provides useful information for members of Jewish societies nationwide, such as details of events, meetings and special occasions. Education is also considered important with a number of links to educational pages already in place.

NetworkASIA 95
Singapore Exhibition Services, Handy Rd, Cathay Bldg, Singapore
Asia's only business-to-business networking show to be held on 2-5 May 1995 in Singapore is now available through Asia Online. Register now!

The New Early Sunrise Band
A/WWW Enterprises, Columbia, MD, US
Baltimore's New Early Sunrise Band might well be the first honky-tonk country band on the 'Net. Find out about the band and their recording "Telephone." Band members Archie Warnock and Geff King have pages, too.

Nick at Nite's Buncha Brady
Nick at Nite, New York, NY, US
Nick at Nite's(TM) Buncha Brady Web site brings the classic TV family of the '70s into cyberspace. For a limited time, view classic Brady Bunch stills, hear classic Brady soundbytes, view dozens of classic Brady video clips and photos. Tour the Bradys' ranch style home. Use the official Nick at Nite Morph-O-Matic to watch the Bradys grow up.

Nubia: Its Glory and Its People
The Oriental Institute - U. of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
To the ancient Mediterranean world, the land south of Egypt was a territory of mystery and legend. In the last hundred years, Nubia has slowly yielded its secrets, its vanished peoples, abandoned cities and lost kingdoms brought to light by the excavator and copyist of inscriptions. This exhibit is a selection of objects recovered over twenty years ago by the Oriental Institute Nubian Expedition.

Olympic Computer Technologies
Addison, TX, US
We are a rapidly growing seller of computer parts and complete systems to the Addison/North Dallas area. We also feature a top-notch technical service department, with over 8 years of experience in handling your computer needs. Notebooks are our specialty. Check out our February specials, or inquire about prices on specific hardware.

On Being A Scientist
National Academy Press, Washington, DC, US
Better ways to teach the ethics of research to graduate students and junior scientists have evolved in recent years. The National Academy of Sciences has drawn on these new developments in revising its 1989 landmark publication, On Being a Scientist, so that the ethical foundations of scientific practice can be strengthened further.

Open University Physics Department
Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK
The Physics Department at the Open University, England, is pleased to announce its home page. Full details of the current research and education opportunities at the department are included, as well as lots of information about the Open University in general. Why not pop in and sign our visitors' book, and let us know what you think of it.

The Option Institute
Sheffield, MA, US
For over 12 years, this non-profit teaching center has helped individuals, couples, and families lead happier, more comfortable and successful lives. If you've been searching for a more fulfilling, happier existence, but never knew how to experience that feeling, visit us!

Stockholm, Sweden
A presentation of Osteometer in Scandinavia. Information about diagnosis of osteoporosis and other osteoporosis relevant information. Osteometer is a Danish Company dedicated to development and marketing of diagnostic tools for the bone disease osteoporosis.

Paleontological Society
Chicago, IL, US
The Paleontological Society is an international organization devoted exclusively to the advancement of the science of paleontology. Our homepage contains information on the society, its activities, and publications, as well as links to other paleontological Internet resources.

D - 52072 Aachen, NRW, Germany
Parsytec is Europe's leading manufacturer of parallel computers for industrial and research applications since 1985. MPP products such as GC/PowerPlus, PowerXplorer and PARIX as well as developers information and applications.

Physics and Space Technology at LLNL
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA, US
The P&ST directorate at LLNL performs a wide variety of research in physics and astrophysics. Check out the moon images taken from the Clementine satellite, the MACHO experiment looking for dark matter in the galactic halo, and the bare uranium ions produced with the Electron Beam Ion Trap.

Point Source Ltd
H-P Source, Bismarck, ND, US
Point Source designs and manufactures customized fiberoptic and laser diode systems for the photonics industry. The company provides flexible fiberoptic solutions to prestigious equipment manufacturers and research establishments throughout the world.

The Positive Planet
H.P.D.S., Seattle, WA, US
The Positive Planet Magazine is the world's first HIV dating magazine & HIV treatment catalogue! Featuring personals ads from around the world, advice columns about relationships (gay, bi, straight, positive, negative, platonic, etc.), lifestyles, sex and health, a treatment catalogue for locating readily available medicines, art, interviews, news, and much more!

Postmodern Culture
Charlottesville, VA, US
Postmodern Culture has published its January, 1995, issue, with hypermedia essays on postmodern music, accumulation, nationalism, Foucault and Lacan, 80s Sci-Fi cinema, and the new world order. Also included are paintings, fiction, reviews, and a popular culture column on pregnancy.

PrintSim Training Environment for Printing Technology
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Espoo, Finland
Simulation and hypermedia software modules for training and learning of printing technology and processes like offset and flexographic printing have been developed in a European cooperation project. Information and a PrintSim Windows demo is available from this page.

Raptor Home Page
Raptor Systems, Inc., Waltham, MA, US
Raptor Systems designs, manufactures, and markets the Eagle Network Security Management System (TM) -- an easy-to-use and -install enterprise-wide firewall that runs on IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Sun Microsystems workstations. Raptor's products provide high security, protecting networks and databases in government, pharmaceutical, utility, telecommunications, manufacturing, and financial services sites worldwide.

The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy
Helsinki, Uusimaa, FI
Announcing a resource for economists and others interested in social sciences. Includes a link to commercial data base, list of publications, few project descriptions and links to many other resources.

Road Warrior Outpost
Road Warrior International, Inc., Fountain Valley, CA, US
A resource for anyone using a portable computer. The Road Warrior Outpost provides product information specifically for notebook and laptop computers, as well as general news and information concerning the portable computer market. Links to travel agencies, maps, and U.S. State Department travel advisories are included, as are back issues of the Road Warrior News and relevant FAQs.

Sapphyr's Lair
J A Publishing, Saffron Walden, Essex, UK
A growing repository of links about anthropomorphic games and multi-user gaming in general plus a brief biog. about Sapphyr and Jayne, her player.

Seafood Online
Lighthouse Productions, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Now you can have delicious smoked salmon and other seafood shipped directly to you or to your company overnight. At the lowest prices around. Just remember Seafood Online. Get on the new 'Seafood Diet'. You See Food, you eat it! (Seafood Section of Interactive Yellow Pages.)

SeaSpace Corporation
San Diego, CA, US
SeaSpace Corporation is a high tech R&D business dedicated entirely to the development of systems for dealing with sensor data from earth orbiting satellites, along with supporting research programs for related aspects of earth remote sensing, particularly in the areas of oceanography, meteorology, and polar science. Click here for demo imagery.

A Skier's Mountain
S-K-I Limited, Killington, VT, US
The Skier's Mountain Web site is on the air. Our site has the latest information from all the Skier's Mountain resorts including Killington, Mount Snow, Haystack, Bromley, all in Vermont; Waterville Valley, NH; Sugarloaf/USA, ME; and Bear Mountain, CA. The site includes daily snow conditions, special discount packages, and lots of general info about these resorts. You can also order brochures.

Skillet Records Home Page
Steven Schreiber, Skillet Media Consultant, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Skillet Records is the hottest independent record label in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This page allows access to pictures, bios, and sound samples of bands on the label. Also, it is an announcement board for any planned concerts or other events related to the label. An online form allows users to sign up for the Skillet Records mailing list and gives information on obtaining any Skillet merchandise.

Smart-Food Co-op
Student Food Co-Op, Cambridge, MA, US
Welcome to Smart-Food Co-op, the first discount supermarket on the Internet. Founded by MIT alumni, SFC's main objective is to provide a free delivery service of available grocery products, meat, and produce at discount prices to members. During this inaugural time, SFC serves the MIT community in Cambridge, MA.

The Smoky Mountain Field School
Univ. of Tennessee Division of Continuing Education, Knoxville, TN, US
In this, our 18th season, the staff of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, are pleased to offer a wonderful array of programs to enhance your enjoyment, appreciation, and understanding of the Great Smoky Moutains and of the outdoors.

Southeast Texas Area Computer Consultants
The Woodlands, TX, US
Looking for a cost-effective way to advertise your business on the Internet? SETACC can help. We build quality webpages at 50%-85% less than most of the competition. And the beauty of getting your pages built for less is that you own the pages. Check out our site to find out more.

Steamboat A-Net
Mac Media, Inc., Steamboat Springs, CO, US
Swiss Telecom
Swiss Telecom PTT, Ostermundigen, Bern, Switzerland
This server is located in Bern, Switzerland and provides information about Swiss Telecom. There is information about Telecom services, departments, current projects and employee home pages. There is also a special page on Bern with maps and video clips of the city and much more.

Texas Commerce Exchange
Jim Draper, Houston, TX, US
Alternative high-grade investments from some Houston stockbrokers.

Tools For Exploration
Willow, Bronx, NY, US
This is the source for new technologies for relieving stress, expanding consciousness, improving your work environment, and enjoying yourself. It could be called the R.E.I. of inner exploration.

The Trading Post
Overland Park, KS, US
Imagine a Web site that is host to any classified advertisement (within legal bounds). It's as if you took the for-sale NewsGroups, categorized them, made them user-friendly, and added hyper-text link capabilities. The creators of The Trading Post did just that. You actually post your ad online. All ads are absolutely, 100% free until March 15, 1995.

Trailer Boats Magazine
Mt. Morris, IL, US
The technical editors who write and shoot photos for Trailer Boats have been boating in the quest of excitement and technical know-how for most of their lives. That adds up to a lifetime of boating and towing expertise. And that's why you can count on Trailer Boats to put the boating world at your fingertips. Another member of the growing CyberWharf community.

Underground On-Line
Univ. of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The first Canandian newspaper on the Net. Located at the University of Toronto, the Underground features news coverage, reviews and commentary. Anyone is able to submit articles for Web publishing or hard copy.

The University of Alabama Libraries
Tuscaloosa, AL, US
Provides information about the University of Alabama Library System, access to online catalogs, and links to other WWW sites on campus.

University of Maine at Fort Kent
Fort Kent, ME, US
The University of Maine at Fort Kent Home Page is a campus-wide information service providing our current catalog, campus and community related information, faculty and staff profiles, and course offerings. Aim for the top, the top of Maine. Visons le sommet, le sommet du Maine.

The University of Tennessee at Martin
Martin, TN, US
The University of Tennessee at Martin is pleased to announce its new home page. The home page provides information about our university and gives links to other home pages on our campus.

Valrico Photography
Netmart World Wide Web Mall Services, Quebec, Canada
Valrico Photography offers a whole slate of how-to videos on both photography and video camera recording. Videos range from the novice to the expert on almost any topic related to photography.

VDS Internet Anti-virus
Lighthouse Productions, Santa Cruz, CA, US
If you're on the Internet, you need the best anti-virus program you can afford. And now for a limited time, you can download a working model of the best anti-virus software around for free. Try it for 30 days before you buy. It could be the best decision you've ever made.

Vermont Life Magazine
Vermont Life Magazine, Montpelier, VT, US
Vermont's own pictorial magazine has explored and celebrated the people, places, and rich heritage of Vermont for nearly half a century. One of America's most highly respected regional magazines, Vermont Life has won more than 25 national awards since 1991 for pictorial and journalistic excellence. Now we're online, so drop by and be sure to check out our Calendar of Winter Events. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Viewlogic Systems, Inc.
Marlborough, MA, US
Viewlogic Systems, Inc. is a leading developer of electronic design automation (EDA) tools. Viewlogic is the parent company of Vantage Analysis Systems, leaders in VHDL simulation environments. Our Web site provides product and company information, financial data and press releases, as well as technical support and training information.

Virtual Tourist II
SUNY (State Univ. of NY), Buffalo, NY, US
A successor to the popular Virtual Tourist (a map-based directory of WWW servers around the world), VT2 uses maps to let you "Virtually Tour the Real World." It is a guide to information about countries, regions, and cities in all corners of the planet, contributed by people who live there.

Web Ads
Webbified Advertising Company, St. Louis, MO, US
The Webbified Advertising Company (tm) is proud to announce the availability of Webbified Ads (tm) on the WWW @ WebAds.Com. Web Ads are affordable consumer classified ads for everything from cars and homes to jobs and personals -- no more newspapers.

WEB Wizard 1.0 for Windows
ARTA Software Group, Bellevue, WA, US
Create your own homepage HTML file in less than 5 minutes with WEB Wizard for Windows version 1.0. This friendly "wizard" will guide you through a series of questions and then produce, based upon your input, an HTML file that you can then install and use as your homepage. WEB Wizard allows you to specify headings, a picture - even some of your own links. WEB Wizard is easy to learn and use and it's a great way to start learning about HTML and the WEB. Versions are available for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 or Windows NT (32-bit).

The WebMuseum Network
Nicolas Pioch, Paris, FRANCE, Europe
The WebMuseum Network is pleased to welcome its 500.000th visitor and to reveal the location of our new international mirrors: University of Central Florida, SunSITE University of North Carolina, emf.net, Berkeley, CA, University of South Australia, SunSITE Science University of Tokyo, SunSITE National University of Singapore , Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers (France), University of Limerick (restricted to Ireland).

Webs Are US
Kerry Lyn, San Diego, CA, US
We are the single solution for progressive companies that would like to to create a presence in cyberspace. We will design your home page with ongoing updates and create your Web marketing plans. Our Internet experts will provide site management, education and connectivity to the Internet. Our goal is to link your Internet address to a new audience and to globally expand your business presence.

What's Newt
Dan Schueler, Seattle, WA, US
What's Newt is an ongoing, irreverent look at the news being generated by Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the US House of Representatives. It is an attempt to keep collected in one place the questionable activities of Mr. Gingrich, to hold him up to the light of public scrutiny that he insists apply to his predecessors.

Wright Laboratory Armament Directorate
Eglin AFB, FL, US
The Wright Laboratory Armament Directorate (WL/MN), located at Eglin AFB FL, develops conventional armament technologies to provide the Air Force with a strong technology base upon which future air-delivered munitions can be developed to neutralize potential threats to the United States. The Home Page describes WL/MN's technology areas, inventions and technologies, research facilities, and contracting opportunities.

Riverton, WY, US
wyoming.com is a commercial Internet service provider dedicated to providing Wyoming affordable access to the Internet. We play an important role in providing value-added data service to Wyoming at a low cost. Read about wyoming.com to find out more.

Monday, 20 February 1995

3rd International World Wide Web Conference
Darmstadt, Germany
Make your reservation now for the Third International World Wide Web Conference: Technology, Tools and Applications, to be held in Darmstadt, Germany, April 10-13, 1995.

Aardvark Interlist
Seattle, WA, US
WorldWide Net presents the Aardvark Interlist, a broad effort to provide a good starting point for Internet surfing. Included is a list of over 10,000 links to subjects arranged in a hierarchical table of contents. Check out our index of Countries; maybe you'll find a good place to ski while you're there. Sponsored this week by Tax Advice Inc. -- are you ready to face your 1040?

Adios Charters
Marathon, FL, US
Captain Bob Tittle invites you aboard Adios Charters for the best in Florida Keys fishing. Go after big game fish like blue and white marlin, shark, barracuda, and tarpon. We have several boats to choose from and we can accommodate up to six people for a day of sport-fishing.

American Motor Works, Inc.
Palm Bay, FL, US
American Motor Works, Inc. specializes in the design of high-performance engines, fuel injection systems, stroker kits, and other billeted accessories for American-made Big Twin motorcycles (such as the Harley Davidson line of motorcycles). You are also invited to visit the Motorcycle Mall and read the AMW Weekly Tech Column.

Annotated List of Singapore Web Servers
National University of Singapore, Singapore
This is an annotated list of all web servers located in Singapore. The list is sorted by category (educational, government, miscellaneous) and is maintained at SunSITE Singapore. If you operate a web server in Singapore, please let us know by e-mail to sunsite@sunsite.nus.sg.

Arachne, a Great Books Server
Andy Record, St. Mary's College of California, CA, US
Arachne is a server devoted to the great books of Western civilization in a digital medium. It is maintained by students of the integral program at St. Mary's College. Books are available to download or read online.

Atomic Books: Literary Finds for Mutated Minds
Baltimore, MD, US
Atomic Books proudly announces the unleashing of its highly weird Web site to the Net at large. Here, you can browse through a voluminous catalog of thousands of alternative books, comics and zines on topics such as Sleaze, Mayhem, Drugs, New Edge & Fringe Culture, and anything else skirting the fringes of reason and decency. Come shop where John Waters shops!

Aviation Digest
Houston, TX, US
Aviation Digest is an electronic collection of newsletters from aviation clubs. It is hoped that this effort will result in a greater awareness of the activities of the general aviation community and a shared participation in each other's fly-ins and other events. A classified section allows for the buying, selling and trading needs of pilots and aircraft owners everywhere.

Aviation Enthusiast Corner
Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY, US
The Aviation Enthusiast Corner provides an online reference to over 700 aircraft, 157 aviation museums and 297 aviation-related events. It is maintained by volunteers at Brooklyn College.

Barclaycard Netlink
Northampton, UK
The UK's first credit card company to provide a regularly updated service to the Internet. The first issue of Netlink allows users to request a Barclaycard application form directly from Barclaycard and enter a prize competition using email.

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
Arlington, VA, US
Information on bicycle helmets and helmet standards for researchers and consumers. A bibliography, publications, pamphlets, newsletters, helmet standards comparison, more!

Bricker & Eckler Law Firm
Columbus, OH, US
Our WWW server provides information about the Bricker & Eckler law firm, specialized areas of practice, and a list of representative clients. We have also included links to other well-known law-related sites to enhance communication and research in the legal profession.

BTG, Inc.
Vienna, VA, US
The BTG home page features various products and services, including computer hardware, software, GSA schedules, Internet services, software development, and information technology. Currently featured is a WWW demonstration of Jane's EIS, a CD-ROM-based information retrieval system that provides unabridged access to Jane's renowned defense and aerospace publications.

Burlington Coat Factory/Luxury Linens On-Line Coupon
Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse, Burlington, NJ, US
In our ongoing effort to explore the capabilities of the Web, and to provide a small something back to our visitors, the Luxury Linens division of Burlington Coat Factory will create an on-line coupon for some selected merchandise that can then be printed locally for use in our Luxury Linens stores and departments within many Burlington Coat Factory locations.

C G Enterprises Inc.
Guilderland, NY, US
C G Enterprises Inc. provides the following: co-advertising on the Web at low rates, publications on doing business on the Web, free newsletter, and mentoring programs. CGEI's homepage, the Cybergates, is linked to a high capacity Web site for co-advertisers who anticipate high-volume transient storage needs and static storage needs for bulletins, product specifications and other business-related literature.

California Museum of Photography
U.Cal. Riverside, Museum of Photography, Riverside, CA, US
Now hosting a new contemporary art project designed specifically for the Web. Kevin Jon Boyle's Rolling the Dice: a Narrative in Ad and Word, offers a look at human aspirations and emotional fragility through personal want ads. A second work, Profile, is based on further symbolic study of personal ads and relationships that are documented in newspaper photographs.

Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
CITA, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA) home page contains links to information about the institute and its personnel, including PostScript copies of the CITA annual report, online copies of CITA newsletters, lists of visitors, upcoming events, and seminars, as well as links to other University of Toronto institutions. Individual home pages are also accessible.

Caribsun: The Caribbean Student Association at the U. of Illinois
Urbana, IL, US
A home page created for the Caribbean Student Association, Caribsun, at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, with information, links to other Caribbean student orgs, and Caribbean information in general .

Cat Faeries
Cat Faeries, San Francisco, CA, US
Cat Faeries offers healthy and pretty products for cats and their humans. Organic catnip, organic wheat grass, imported cat collars, cat collar charms, books on holistic cat care and interspecies communication. For humans: a wide range of catnip products, Catnip Flower Essence, Catnip Tea Blend, cat rubber stamps, jewelry.

Central Pennsylvania Comnet, Inc.
Lancaster, PA, US
Central Pennsylvania Comnet provides quality Internet access to Central Pennsylvania.

The Chiat/Day Idea Factory
New York, NY, US
Chiat/Day inc. Advertising brings The Idea Factory to the World Wide Web. In its first incarnation you can tour the Virtual Office, read some Think Pieces on emerging media, join us for an on-line Focus Group or visit the Art Gallery if you feel like soaking up some culture. The Idea Factory looks best using the Netscape browser.

Cliff Ecology Research Group
Univ. of Guelph, Ontario, Canada
The C.E.R.G is responsible for the discovery of the most extensive old growth forest in all of eastern North America. The group also involves itself in ecological research on the vegetation of cliff faces, alvars, quarry walls, and even mammalian and avian community ecology on cliffs. We research anything as long as it lives on a cliff. Live on the edge!

The Comprehensive List of Sites
net.Genesis Corporation, Cambridge, MA, US
The Comprehensive List of Sites is the most complete, known list of World Wide Web sites, generated by Matthew Gray's Wanderer. The list currently contains more than 13,500 sites (with hundreds of new sites each week). add or update information on your site now. Subsets of the list are available, for example all .com sites, or all sites at MIT.

The Concert Connection
Greenwich, CT, US
Concert tickets to all events. The Concert Connection is a private ticket service specializing in premium seating to all concerts, sports, theatre and events in the New York tri-state area.

Crafter's Showcase
Northcoast Internet, Eureka, CA, US
An electronic catalog featuring beautiful handmade items from the Redwood Country of Northern California.

Department of Soil Science, Massey Univ., Manawatu, New Zealand
The site is oriented towards teaching of soil science. It contains information on books, videos, articles, conferences, international and local news about soils, and lecture material. Contributions are most welcome.

Design Studio
SpectraCom, Milwaukee, WI, US
Design Studio, a modern catalog for the design conscious, is selling well-designed products from artists and manufacturers to users of the Internet.

East Cambridgeshire On-Line News
ECOLN, Soham, Cambridgeshire, UK
East Cambridgeshire On-Line News is a local newspaper available on the Internet and in hard copy from East Cambridgeshire news agents.

eek.a.geek net.cafe
Toronto, ON, Canada
A cozy little net.cafe located in our little part of the global neighborhood. Drop by and check out the home page; it's always changing. You can usually catch one of us on IRC too, check out channel #eekageek.

E-Mail To Alpha Pager With RMII/InterLink
RMII/InterLink, Colorado Springs, CO, US
Send e-mail directly to an alpha pager with this new service from Rocky Mountain Internet and InterLink Paging service. Go ahead and give it a try. You can send e-mail to RMII staff member Brian McKinley's InterLink Alpha Pager.

Engineering Physics at the University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA, US
Description of the Graduate Program in Engineering Physics at the University of Virginia. Gives information on the Laboratory for Atomic and Surface Physics, which includes the Ion Beam Laboratory, the Laboratory for Space Research and Surface Analysis Services. It also provides the link to the world-wide network on the physics of particle-solid interactions.

Fantasy'Net: Basketball
Fantasy'Net, Louisville, KY, US
Fantasy'Net is announcing a new fantasy basketball league for the second half of the NBA season to celebrate our new Web site. Choose your team on-line, know your competitors, constant updates, etc. Everyone is welcome to play. This is how fantasy gaming was meant to be played!

Fifth Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy
Stanford Law and Technology Policy Center, Stanford, CA, US
Get the advance program, registration, and other information for the Fifth Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy, which takes place March 28-31, 1995 in Burlingame, California. This year's conference will focus on defining rights at the crossroads of the Information Age. Featured speakers include John Morgridge, Esther Dyson, Roger Wilkins, and Willis Read.

Food Service Management Software
Kim Software, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
Company management software for multi-store food service - POS polling, store e-mail, food/menu costing, labor costing, general accounting and other food service functions.

FrameMakers Gallery and Custom Framing
Urbana, IL, US
FrameMakers carries a full line of limited edition prints by some of the top artists in the field. Included are many images of recent print releases, artist bios, information about limited edition prints and a glossary of terms, and many links to other art related WWW pages.

Greensboro Online
Greensboro, NC, US
Frontier Technology, Inc. presents Greensboro Online, a public information resource for the citizens of the Greater Greensboro area. Internet trekkers not familiar with the Greensboro area are welcome to share the Greensboro experience. Be aware that Greensboro Online is a new service, so the info contained within these pages may not be complete. Watch for regular updates.

Heartland Boating
Martin, TN, US
Heartland Boating, mid-America's premier boating magazine, has joined the growing CyberWharf community.

HomeCom Communications, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
HomeCom Communications, Inc. assists organizations with their presence on the Internet. We have done work for Fortune 500 companies as well as Ma and Pa type business. We came from a place that was corporate America with a mission to do something different, something bold. We sought out the best webmasters of the land for wisdom and pearls. We bring you our ideas. We have a Pointers to Pointers Page with form entry. Everyone that will point to your home page.

Hume Archives
University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, TN, US
The Hume Archives is a repository of texts by and about 18th Century Scottish philosopher David Hume. The initial emphasis of the Hume Archives is on providing text files of 18th Century British replies to Hume's writings.

Hype! International
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hype! is an interactive electronic magazine dedicated to arts, entertainment and pop culture. At Hype!, you can vote for your favorite movie of 1994 or check out the Comic Cafe for the latest comic book gossip. Hype! hosts a variety of entertainment and media Web pages.

Impala Gallery
San Diego, CA, USA
Impala Gallery offers imported artwork and gifts. Initially we are offering stoneware pottery from a Northern California artist, however, in later months we will show sculpture from several African and Far Eastern countries. Informative text and images will be given along with descriptions of the items we carry. Come visit.

Inert Net Anagram Server
Wordsmith, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Did you know that Parliament is an anagram for partial men? Or, Clint Eastwood an anagram for Old West Action? Someone once said, "All the life's wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie." Inert Net Anagram Server is your chance to discover the wisdom of anagrams. Also, don't forget to visit the Anagram Hall of Fame.

IntelliMatch On-Line Job Service
San Jose, CA, US
A "state of the art" online job service that will match your skills with employers' needs. You can achieve the 'ultimate' job match by utilizing this service.

International Federation of Library Assoc. and Institutions (IFLA)
UDT Core Programme, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions or (IFLA), is a worldwide, independent organization created to provide librarians around the world with a forum for exchanging ideas, promoting international cooperation, research and development in all fields of library activity.

International Theological Seminary
Livermore, CA, US
International Theological Seminary provides in-depth training in Biblical principles and subjects. Academic options include graduate and undergraduate degree, certificate, and study programs earned through correspondence study. Please visit our Web site for more information. Brought to you by NetRep, Internet Services for Business.

Internet Cello Society
Ellensburg, WA, US
A virtual community of cellists from around the world. ICS provides classical music services on the Internet through the WWW. ICS provides its membership with a cello introduction, libraries, newsletter, directories, and music samples.

Intown Capital Corp.
Atlanta, GA, US
Intown Capital Corp. is a mortgage lender serving Atlanta and all the surrounding suburban and rural communities. We also have programs that cater to the special needs of the borrowers who might be relocating to the Atlanta area, and dozens of loan options for the local purchaser or someone needing to refinance.

Kaiser Books & Computers
KBC, Woodbridge, VA, US
We offer an on-line catalog of used books and magazines, both fiction and non-fiction, from around the turn of the century. Used Bookaholics can peruse the Used Book Store White Pages, which provide listings of stores both on and off the Net. We also have an index of hyperlinks to various Web sources of book-related information.

Kid's Web
John H. Krantz, Hanover, IN, US
We have a collection of links to sights that might be of interest to kids, primarily of elementary school age. There are, at present, links to pages on space, dinosaurs, animals, books, movies, and other stuff I don't have a title for. The page will grow so check it out. You can even leave a birthday message for another kid on the kid's web page.

The Kinsmen Company
Idaho Falls, ID, US
The Kinsmen Company has an exciting new online store featuring high-quality, name-brand products ranging from toys to education and office supplies, to furniture and electronics, to housewares and sporting goods. Each week check out our Deal of the Week department to see our latest and hottest products.

The Les Miserables Home Page
William S. Kartalopoulos, Hanover, NH, US
The Les Miserables Home Page is a must for every serious fan of Les Mis! Whether you've just read the book or if you've seen the musical a dozen times, this page has it all: sounds, graphics, resources, and the complete libretto to Les Miserables in hypertext format!

Mansell And Associates - The Home Port Page
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Why sell or buy a home alone? Mario Giordani, a multi-million dollar real estate agent in Salt Lake City, has developed a Real Estate Page aimed at assisting Realtors, Brokers and specially home buyers and sellers with useful, up-to-date information. Mansell And Associates. Since 1975.

Virtual Office, Inc., NY/SF/London/Tokyo
Mobile.Office.Com is a resource for mobile office computing, Get mobile office information and learn about new mobile technologies from a wide variety of business vendors, research labs, university departments, and government groups. Developed by Virtual Office, Inc., the creators of the Today.Com news page and Information.Com search tools.

Models Inc.
On Ramp, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
Models Inc. is a one-hour spin-off drama from the producers of the hit series Melrose Place and explores the exciting world of high-fashion modeling, where careers are made instantly and shattered with equal speed. Models Inc. reveals the intrigue, envy and heartbreak of the beautiful young women struggling to succeed in one of the most competitive, yet sought-after professions.

Native American Resource Page
Office of Technology Assessment, Washington, D.C., US
The Native American Resource Page is a compilation of many electronically accessible resources concerning American Indian issues and information.
http://www.ota.gov/nativea.html [PICK OF THE WEEK]

NATO ASI: Fractal Image Encoding and Analysis
Institute for Nonlinear Science University of California, San Diego, CA, US
This ASI will bring together researchers in fractal image encoding and analysis to discuss recent results in these fields.

New Acuras from Acura of Mountain View
Mountain View, CA, US
Acura of Mountain View presents the 1995 Acura NSX-T and the 1995 Acura TL. The NSX-T has the performance of the Acura NSX with an innovative T-top design, while the Acura TL is Acura's latest luxury touring sedan. Visit our site to learn more about these new cars from Acura.

New Network Marketing Opportunity
Lighthouse Productions, Santa Cruz, CA, US
If you want to become independently wealthy and you don't want to invest a large amount of money, or you don't want to start a second job, you should go to Network Opportunities, at the Interactive Yellow Pages(tm) to find out more about how to retire and live like the rich and famous in just a few months. I did, and I'm very glad.

OKbridge -- Bridge on the Internet
San Diego, CA, US
OKbridge is a 24-hour duplicate bridge club, founded by Matthew Clegg in 1990. OKbridge makes it possible for people from around the world to play bridge together live through the Internet. Easy to use and inexpensive, OKbridge provides rubber, duplicate and team play.

The Old Schoolhouse Virtual Art Gallery
The Beekeepers, Swalwell, Alberta, Canada
The Old Schoolhouse is currently showing paintings by Ellen Dick, a Western Canadian painter, and will be adding rooms and other shows in the coming months.

On-line Interactive Science Experiments
New York University, New York, NY, US
On-line experiments for high school biology, chemistry and physical science students. The first module deals with physical properties of water. The site is part of Project MathMol (Mathematics and Molecules), being developed at the NYU Academic Computing Facility and the YMCA Beacon Technology Center. MathMol introduces K-12 students to molecular modeling and its relationship to mathematics.

Palmetto Systems Home Page
Mt. Pleasant, SC, US
General information about Palmetto Systems, a Charleston, SC-based software consulting company serving the Charleston region. Includes specific information about the company's Internet marketing services for the World Wide Web.

Paper + Cathode
Minneapolis, MN, US
Paper + Cathode is an exhibition of the work of P. Scott Makela, an internationally known and provocative graphic designer. It is presented both in physical space at Kendall College of Art and Design and on this World Wide Web site. These pages will provide vivid samples of his print, video, and musical works. The curator of this exhibition calls his work "easy to enter and difficult to leave."

The Peasant Syndrome Page
Portland, OR, US
The Peasant Syndrome Page is operated and maintained by the members of Peasant Syndrome, an independent Portland band, to keep their fans up to date on Syndrome-related news and events.

Pennsylvania Travel's Discount Travel Service
Philadelphia, PA, US
Pennsylvania Travel is a discount travel agency that has been serving travelers since 1986. Pennsylvania Travel can offer a discount on virtually any trip. For more information, please see our Q&A on the Web.

Pico Ski Resort
Pico, VT, US
We offer 42 trails across five of Vermont's most scenic peaks with nine lifts, including two high-speed quad chairlifts for more skiing and snowboarding. Pico is known as "Vermont's Friendly Mountain,"a resort specializing in customer service and value. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Plastic Feedback
San Francisco Bay Area Underground Music, SF, CA, US
Plastic Feedback is an independent band based in San Francisco. The music is modern with roots from an eclectic variety of styles. We have recently released a CD locally. Our Web page contains two full songs from the CD, a variety of short song clips, images, and other interesting links.

PowerBook Army's WWW
RIMNET, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
PowerBook Army's WWW introduces useful information and freeware/shareware to Macintosh PowerBook users. I collected many useful utilities, especially control strip modules. Have fun!

Eric A. Stephens, Syracuse, NY, US
The beginnings of a central location for all PowerBuilder-related information on the Internet. Links include a new ftp site for fixes and other assorted files.

Progressive Computer Services, Inc.
New Orleans, LA, US
This is the Web support, information and ordering site for Progressive Computer Services, which specializes in a number of things, including publishing of PC-compatible software. Online you'll find a number of interesting links, GIF files as well as complete shareware versions of our most popular products for downloading.

Project Circle
Patrick Curry - NeuroSys, Austin, TX, US
Project Circle is an attempt to connect the University of Texas with two local high schools in the Austin, TX area. Originally funded by a national grant, the project has now become independent. Programs include a local BBS, as well as 'Net training for students and Teachers. The page offers links to Circle-related pages and sites.

reed/write & Company
Medfield, MA, US
reed/write & Company provides world-class technical documentation. It specializes in high-technology projects. In business for more than 15 years. Long list of satisfied clients.

Russian Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange
Institute for Commercial Engineering, Moscow, Russia
Major Russian exchange now has its official WWW office in InfoMarket. Introduction page is in English, but don't miss a wealth of Russian data on trade sessions, securities performance, charts and photos. Valuable materials on Russian stock, currency futures and commodities markets are incorporated in InfoMarket system which primarily is devoted to the development of securities markets in Russia.

San Mateo International Sportsmen's Exposition
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
March 8-12, 1995. San Mateo County Expo Center. To receive $2.00 discount for admission to the San Mateo International Sportsmen's Exposition, send an e-mail message to baja@netcom.com. Please include your name and address.

The Scariest Night in Troll Forest
Don Torgersen, Chicago, IL, US
"The Scariest Night in Troll Forest" is the name of one of the many books we publish that introduce children to fantasy and enchantment, dramatize important values for the developing child, and help encourage a strong and vivid interest in reading and language skills.torgersen@www.telusys.com

Science Fiction Books, Programs, and Activities
The Dragon and the Unicorn Bookstore, Sparkill, NY, US
Science Fiction books, new and used, can be shipped anywhere. Over 10,000 titles. Rare hardbound first editions can be viewed on our Web page. Reading copies of paperbacks are $2 or less! The D&U also hosts signings, and a wide range of readings, seminars, performances. Our web page has plenty of pictures and sounds, including proprietor Doc George giving directions to the store from anywhere in the Universe.

Biffida Gramaphon International, Seattle, WA, US
Home Page for the musical group Silence. Includes many audio samples, discography and a tremendous quantity of pretense.

Ski Web
Sierra-Net, Incline Village, NV, US
Ski Web is a worldwide resource for skiers with information on ski areas and resorts all over the world. It was selected as a "cool site of the day."

Skidperfect Software
Concord, MA, US
The makers of killer Macintosh shareware and public-domain software are now on the Net!

Stellar Business (Worldwide Edition)
Marketing Masters, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Tackle your toughest business challenges with Stellar Business, a New interactive business publication. Advice from experts, analysts, consultants and business leaders guide your way to more revenue, better management of finances and personnel, and integration of new technology into your business.

Step One Business Management Consultants
Lighthouse Productions, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Step One in any business plan is to have firm control of the helm, to plot new courses, stay the course, and survive the rigors of competition. If you're starting a new business or planning on keeping the old one, STEP ONE can make it happen!

Sting: The Soul Pages
William S. Kartalopoulos, Hanover, NH, US
The Soul Pages have been around for a while, but everything about them is new! First of all, they are on a great new server which has allowed the pages to be available full time again. But even more importantly, they've got new graphics, sounds, and lyrics, not to mention a slick new format. A must for all Sting fans.

Studio 2000
GMD Darmstadt, Germany
Have a LIVE-look at the Studio 2000! This is more than just a spy-page. Some features are: live cam, guestbook, mailing-list, IRC-channel, phone-page, icon-contest, and virtual walk, a lot of fun!

System Optimization Information
Scott Wainner, TX, US
This site was created for those who want the most out of their systems, as well as for overclocking (Speed Margining) information. Comparison lists are available which compare 100's of different systems ranging from 486SLC's to Pentium 100mhz's using 4 different benchmarking programs (PC-Bench v9.0, 3D-Bench, CompTest, and VidTest).

Tax Advice
WorldWide Net, Seattle, WA, US
Are you ready to face your 1040? Why not leave it to us?

Taz-Mania WWW Page
Jeff Kramer, Austin, TX, US
The home page dedicated to the Warner Brothers TV Show Taz-Mania. Includes links to other alt.tv.taz-mania resources.

Texas A&M University Poultry WWW
Poultry Science Department, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, US
This resource holds information about the department, its programs, faculty, the university, and its students. Picture files of poultry subjects are also carried on its associated gopher site. Be sure to look at the Poultry Science Virtual Library, an important feature of our server.

Thresholds Gallery
Clearwater, FL, US
Thresholds Gallery offers the unique opportunity to incorporate the artistic vision of Nathalie Marshall-Nadel into your life. Timeless works of the artist's imagination for your postcards, notecards, and your wall.

Triple G Corporation Pty Ltd
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Triple G Corporation is an Australian company that provides open systems computing solutions for medical pathology practices around the world.

TSI Soccer
Ten-Soc International, Durham, NC, US
TSI Soccer announces the availability of their free Spring '95 soccer catalog. While visiting the TSI Web pages, make sure you look at the new US National soccer team uniforms. Web services provided by TriNet Services.

UC San Diego Social Science Division
Social Science Computing Facility, La Jolla, CA, US
The UCSD Social Science Division Web site contains information on graduate and undergraduate programs in anthropology, cognitive science, communication, economics, ethnic studies, linguistics, political science, psychology, sociology, urban studies, US-Mexican studies. It also has links to some social science-related databases.

La Jolla, CA, US
This home page provides information and useful info for many of the departments in the University of California, San Diego's Resource Management and Planning administrative area.

Universal City Nissan
Mike Sage, Los Angeles, CA, US
#1 Nissan dealer in the US supplies you with interactive e-books on all models of Nissan cars and trucks. Win a big-screen TV! Online parts ordering. Scheduling of appointments for service. Top 10 deals.

University of Scranton CDS
Scranton, PA, US
Computing and Data Services provides computing resources and support for both academic and administrative computing at the University of Scranton.

University of Udine (Italy)
Univ. of Udine Computer Center, Udine, Italy
University of Udine, in northeast Italy, has a WWW server including a list of all WWW Home Pages from University of Udine; the Computer Center home page; the Italian OpenVMS Page; information about the university; and so on.

Valhalla DTH
Michael J. Heicklen, Esq., Studio City, CA, US
Valhalla DTH: Fast becoming the highest rated new rock band in North America. The media has deemed them "the band of the 90's," and called guitarist Josh DeFrank a "world class talent". Full album available by the end of the year. Songs now available on IUMA and CME.

Video Production Resource Page
Dub South, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
This site encourages video production companies to enter information about themselves into a database. Companies that are looking for production services can search for video production companies by state. This is a free service provide by Dub South, Inc., an Atlanta based video duplication facility.

The Village BBS Home Page
Roswell, GA, US
The Village BBS is an Amiga 3000 BBS dedicated to the Amiga, the BBC television show The Prisoner, and various aspects of Live role-playing (LARP). The BBS is Internet connected, and can be reached via telnet. Frank Branham, the sysop, keeps his homepage here, which has several goodies for White Wolf Minds Eye Theatre players.

Virtually New Orleans
Yatcom Communications, New Orleans, LA, US
A city guide to the Big Easy, New Orleans, Louisiana. VNO features lodging info, a dining guide, recipe pages, as well as important info on major events in New Orleans such as Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest. How to get here, where to stay, what to do, it's all here!

Walking Wheelchairs
Grasp Lab, U. Penn, Philadelphia, PA, US
Our project involves the application of robotics to improve the mobility of people restricted to wheelchairs. A demonstration video of our unique approach to improving mobility is included.

Web Page Development and Internet Consulting by Hippermedia
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hippermedia helps companies and organizations get connected to the Internet and obtain a presence on the World Wide Web. Our primary activity is Web page development, including implementation of advanced Web features (imagemaps, forms, search, CGI scripting) and custom concept design work. Hippermedia also offers Internet consulting in connectivity, information brokering and training.

WEB Personals
Internet Media Services, Palo Alto, CA, US
WEB Personals is a free service to help find romance, companionship, or other activities. You can post and respond to ads anonymously in the following categories: men-to-women, women-to-men, men-to-men, women-to-women, activity partners, pen pals, college town, and misc. romance categories. Has 1800+ online ads!

Web Server for Windows 3.1/3.11 (16-bit)
Robert B. Denny, Pasadena, CA, US
Version 1.4 of Windows httpd, a full-featured Web server for Windows (16-bit only), doubles the number of supported simultaneous connections to 16, and includes a new ImageMap version that adds an ellipse shape and uses Windows GDI primitives for hit-testing. This server supports the Windows CGI interface as well as a more conventional DOS-based CGI. Free for personal and educational use.

WebGates - Transient Web Storage
C G Enterprises Inc., Guilderland, NY, US
WebGates is the Web storage site for C G Enterprises Inc. It also provides low-cost co-advertising for small businesses that do not require much Web space to make a statement. Transient and permanent storage is available only to major co-advertisers that appear on CGEI's home page, Cybergates (the two sites are hyperlinked to each other). Inquiries welcome.

Whimsical Waterfalls
RodCo, Alex, VA, US
In this high speed, stressed out world, an opportunity to escape to a desert oasis, a mountainside waterfall, or an enchanting pond is rare. But, Whimsical Waterfalls offers just that opportunity.

Windsurfing World Travel, Ltd.
Newburyport, MA, US
For your shredding pleasure, Windsurfing World Travel is pleased to offer you warmth and wind at exciting windsurfing destinations around the world. From Aruba to Maui to Margarita, wind awaits. Check out our online travel catalog hosted by RS Communications.

Winifred Haun & Dancers
Chicago, IL, USA
Winifred Haun & Dancers burst onto the Chicago Dance scene in the fall of 1991. The company has developed a reputation for a hard hitting senuous style that fuses elements of modern, ballet and jazz dance. Click for photographs of the company in action.

Wonderland Books
El Cerrito, CA, US
Wonderland Books is a used bookstore in El Cerrito, California, with a selection of high-quality books in many categories, including Western Americana, children's illustrated, signed, modern firsts, etc.

World Wide Mall (tm)
OnLine World Wide, Inc., Albuquerque, NM, US
The World Wide Mall (tm) offers an exciting variety of goods and services. You can find authentic Southwestern pottery, jewelry, art, collectibles, antiques, new products and one-of-a-kind items.There are also many specialty items ranging from magic and juggling supplies to a new line of kayaks.

The Zipzap Universe
Williams and Fenn Publications, Lafayette, CA, US
Our growing web site is home to the Zipzap Gallery, Deep Style magazine, and Zipzap e-zine. We also have a telnet link to our new BBS where we will soon be scheduling regular on-line chat sessions with our artists, writers, and editors.

Wednesday, 22 February 1995

1995 Utah Travel Guide Online
Utah travel council, Provo, UT, US
The Utah Travel Council and Network Publishing, Inc.present the Official 1995 Utah Travel Guide. This is your resource for information on recreational activities, regional information, weekly events and more.

Alliance Credit Corporation
Austin, TX, US
Alliance Credit Corporation, one of the leading equipment leasing services in Austin, Texas, now offers its nationwide leasing service for vendors of equipment, and commercial end users, via the Web. Also, check out Alliance's vehicle leasing service for businesses or individuals within the state of Texas. ( Please note: Alliance Credit Corporation of Austin, Texas, is in no way related to Alliance Corporate Services. )

American Civil War Archive Page
30Th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Co. B., Monmouth Junction, NJ, US
The premiere site for people interested in the the American Civil War is on the Web. Information included under this page includes on-line documents, diaries, regimental histories, reenactment and living history group contacts, as well as a constantly updated schedule of events of interest to the hobby. Also includes links to other Civil War sites.

America's Cup Photo Exhibition
Events On Line, Solana Beach, CA, US
Daniel Forster is one of the best-known photographers covering the America's Cup. This is his seventh Cup campaign, and second as official photographer to Bill Koch's America3 Foundation team, which successfully defended the Cup for San Diego Yacht Club in 1992 and has returned this time with an all-women crew.

ARC Biotech
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
ARC Biotech offers a full range of bioprocessing pilot plant services and the technical expertise for R&D, scale-up and manufacturing. We specialize in bacterial, yeast, fungal, algal, recombinant and insect cell culture processes.

The Art Deadlines List
The Art Deadlines List is a list of competitions, contests, call for entries/papers, grants, scholarships, etc, in the arts or related areas, some of which have prizes worth thousands of dollars. It is international in scope. Contests and competitions for students, K-12 and college aged, are included. Some events/items take place on the Internet. You are invited to submit items.

Magellan Media, New York, NY, US
Artlink is an annotated directory of art-related WWW sites. Provided as a public service by Magellan Media, Artlink is dedicated to promoting a valuable synergy between art and technology. Artlink welcomes applications to be included in its directory.

The Atrium Furniture Mart
The NCNetWorks, High Point, NC, US
The Atrium Furniture Mart is home for 34 retailers of home furnishings. With 230,000 square feet, these retailers represent 700 manufacturers-- the largest collection under one roof in Eastern US. Discounts are typically 50% off list prices. Nationwide delivery and in-home setup are available. A service of NCNetWorks.

Autorengruppe Info. Kassel/VentureNET, Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
The online computer magazine AtVenture features software and book reviews, game reports and a news column (e.g. for the CeBIT Fair 95). All texts are in the German language! (If access is slow, delay image loading.)

Beer & Brewing Index
Independent, Atlanta, GA, US
This section of the World Wide Web Virtual Library contains links to beer and brewing resources on the Internet. The index is organized topically and includes links to WWW pages, FTP sites, Usenet newsgroups, etc.

The Bellingham Antique Radio Museum
Bellingham, WA, US
The Bellingham Antique Radio Museum seeks to provide information on early radio and broadcasting. As this is a work in progress, please check our "What's New" pages when you visit.

BizPro Online Business Services
BizPro, Inc., Austin, TX, US
Provides business services via a WWW site as well as local online access. Create and maintain your business listing on the WWW. Coding is included free as an added bonus.

Boulder County Menu Guide Online
Boulder, CO, US
A comprehensive guide to restaurants, shops and services in the Boulder Colorado area. Explore menus, post reviews, use the maps in this growing application developed with the resources of the University of Colorado, as part of the Boulder Community Network

San Francisco, CA, US
Buzznet is a monthly magazine featuring articles on music, art, travel, poetry, fiction, politics, subversive culture and much more. For information mail info@buzznet.com

Cam II Property Management Software
Ann Arbor, MI, US
CAM II offers user-friendly, fully-integrated site management and accounting software to help you effectively manage your real estate! Site systems are sold separately, or by portfolio. For hardware, networks, technical support, training, and "turn key" setups, Cam II is your one stop alternative! Brought to you by Branch Information Services.

CBS Eye on the Net
CBS Television, US
Program information, forums and video/audio clips of programs, including the Late Show with David Letterman, and the NCAA on CBS. Upcoming are games, contests, and special events.

Central Kentucky Karst Network
Central Kentucky Cave Survey, Bowling Green, KY, US
The Central Kentucky Karst Network developed as a resource to facilitate the study, conservation, and exploration of the caves and karsts within the Green and Barren River Valleys. The page contains information on karst research activities, scientists, and related organizations.

The Christian Consortium Network
Norfolk, VA, US
The Christian Consortium Network is a planned online city for the Christian community. The project is still in development, but information may be obtained at the CCN site.

CJ Sports Interactive Hat Catalogue
Plainfield, IN, US
CJ Sports Interactive Hat Catalogue connects you with the latest styles and designs of officially licensed NFL caps. With full color hi-res photos available at your disposal, we offer the same hats NFL players wear, in addition to the classics. If we don't have it online, just ask!

Clearinghouse for Soc.Sci.Subject-Oriented Bibliographies
Coombs Computing Unit, ANU, Canberra, Australia
The SSSOB Clearinghouse keeps track of, and provides access to thematic bibliographies of value to researchers in the field of widely defined social sciences, Asian-Pacific studies and humanities. In mid-Feb 95 the Clearinghouse kept links to 42 online bibliographies.

Conservative Commentary
Informatics Resource, US
A weekly political column by the editor of the Washington Weekly.

The Countryman Press
Countryman Press, Woodstock, VT, US
We offer fine books on a variety of topics including canoeing, wilderness exploring and fishing. Come browse this unique collection at our new CyberShop. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)
Chicago, IL, US
The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International. Our goal is to build coalitions among the movements of the democratic left, toward a freer and more just world.

Demographics On Internet Users
Volant Corporation, San Diego, CA, US
Volant Corporation has completed a survey of over 2,000 users of the Volant TurnPike web server. The results of the survey are posted on-line. At the time of this writing, Volant gets over 14,000 hits per day on its server. Another survey is scheduled for Mid-April.

Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, US
The UMass IEOR Department announces its new Web server, including full text of our degree program guides and course offerings. The server also has information about our faculty and their interests, including a small but growing selection of technical papers in PostScript, and some useful local and IE-related links.

Designing and Building Parallel Programs
Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL, US
This on-line version of a parallel programming text published by Addison-Wesley in collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory incorporates the complete text, pointers to programming tools, example programs, and other resources on parallel and distributed computing.

Destinations Unlimited
Destinations Unlimited Travel Center, Eau Claire, WI, US
Holland America & Windstar One-Week Sale, February 20-24. Make your reservations during our one-week sale and receive special savings on select departures. Receive free category upgrades on Holland America or shipboard shopping credit on Windstar.

Downtown Digital
New York, NY, US
Downtown Digital is an interactive multimedia production company located in Tribeca, New York City.

Eastman Kodak Webserver
Rochester, NY, US
The Kodak Webserver provides access to recent corporate news releases, a history of Kodak, sample digital images, product information on a range of digital and office equipment products, and technical information for digital imaging, office imaging, commercial photography and photo enthusiasts.

EcoSports America
Petaluma, CA, US
EcoSports America, makers of the Aquatius Water Bike, has joined the growing CyberWharf community.

Edgewater High School
Orlando, FL, US
Check out Edgewater Highschool's Home Page. It is still under construction. It's got information about Edgewater and is expanding every day. Leave comments for the webmaster.

Eduplus Management Group Home Page
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Eduplus Management Group is a full-service training and human resource development company, specializing in computer-based training and multi-media. Please visit our home page to find out more about our company.

Equilibrium Crystal Shapes
Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics, Ithaca, NY, US
A summary for the general public of the physics of crystal shapes, and what they would look like in an equilibrium world. Contains links to discussions of melting a small copper cluster, coarsening and grain growth, and more. Part of the Entertaining Science done at Cornell's Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics.

Every So Often
Brand New Productions, Great Neck, NY, US
Every So Often is a bimonthly prose and poetry 'zine that is always looking for new contributors. Come visit our 10th issue and decide if you want to be part of the 11th.

Experience the Weightlessness of Space
Vyne Communications, Inc., New York, NY, US
A new aviation company, headed by a pilot with experience in weightless flight, is offering "Zero Gravity Expeditions," an exciting way to get the feeling of space travel while never leaving Earth's atmosphere. Information and reservations can be made through this site.

The Fake Money Detector Pen
Applied Technology, Pleasant Hill, CA, US
Applied Technology's Fake Money Detector (tm) Pen is the intelligent, fast and economical solution to currency protection. Just a short stroke of this pen anywhere on U.S. or international paper money (over 140 countries) instantly detects whether it is genuine.

Faximum Software Inc. (Fax software for UNIX)
West Vancouver, BC, Canada
Faximum Software's WWW server provides detailed information on its line of UNIX fax software products. Also included is information on facsimile technology and standards in general.

Federal Government Information on the Internet
WebVertising, Marysville, WA, US
Resource for federal agencies online. Always interested in finding new links, if your agency was missed let us know so we can add you in. We are now accepting graphics to be placed by entries.

Finders LTD.
Boston, MA, US
Finders LTD is an international trading company which provides Internet users with opportunities to participate in world trade and earn commissions. Finders LTD can be found at ftp://www.ultranet.com/pub/finders/ and its http address.

The Gourmet Gardener
Overland Park, KS, US
The seed source for the best-tasting varieties of herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers. Many are the finest from Europe that travelers come home craving. Specially selected gifts and books round out our selection. If you are going to plant a garden, you can be sure to harvest only the best.

GRAFX Group Interactive Marketing Services
GRAFX Group, Inc., Irvine, CA, US
GRAFX helps major clients enter the interactive marketing age with a variety of products that range from diskette and cd-rom marketing to internet campaigns. We also have an entertainment division that creates animation for Saturday morning cartoons such as "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?"

Great Northern Docks
Naples, ME, US
Great Northern Docks, specialists in dock floatation and hardware, have joined the growing CyberWharf community.

Happy Puppy Software Games Onramp
Issaquah, WA, US
A single jump site for hundreds of game shareware and demo titles. Links include game archives, commercial game libraries and individual download sites. We have pointers to Apogee, EA, Id, Epic and MVP sites as well as to our products (from Happy Puppy and Accursed Toys). We post Jojo's Weekly Top 100 Software Games surveys and have links to dozens of games you can play on the WWW.

Human Computer Interaction Lab
University of New Brunswick (Computer Science), Fredericton, NB, Canada
The HCI lab at UNB does research in the fields of scientific and software visualization in 3D. Come visit our projects page, our movie page and all the other pages describing our work.

Image Publishing Resource Center
Westport, CT 06880, CT, US
A resource center for information on on microfilm and electronic imaging technology. Publishers of the Imaging Service Bureau News, a newsletter is of interest to organizations seeking information about outsourcing to service bureaus in the imaging industry.

Impact Travel, Inc. - Full-Service Online Travel Agency
Impact Travel, Inc., New York, NY, US
Impact Travel, service with an impact. Visit our homepage and find out what excellent travel service means. Receive free travel information and superior, personal service. Because we are on the Internet doesn't mean we lose the personal contact to our valued customers.

Information Systems Meta-List
Center for the Application of Information Technology, St. Louis, MO, US
Are you a corporate information systems professional researching the use of a new technology? The Center for the Application of Information Technology is a non-profit information system consortium serving corporate information systems departments for Fortune 500 companies. We have compiled a "virtual library" of pointers. The links focus on applied information system technology, not academic computer science.

Internet Business Forum
Business researchers, Brunel university, Uxbridge, London, England
This forum will give companies a chance to discuss key issues for using the Internet effectively. It will do this by providing a structured framework for discussion which will evolve to meet the most interesting and important issues.

Internet Ophthalmology
Ray Magauran, M.D., Buffalo, NY, US
Internet Ophthalmology is a home page for ophthalmologists. Currently "Case Presentations" and "Snippets" from the journals are being accepted. Contact links and addresses for ophthalmic entities, corporate/commercial etc., are being integrated.

Internet Professional
NetLine Corporation, Pleasanton, CA, US
The Internet Professional offers information and services in a convenient, online format. Currently you will find free subscription offers to popular trade publications such as Sun Expert, UNIX Review, and RS Magazine. Other publications are coming online shortly as well as many popular and well-known paid publications.

Interuniversity Expertise Center ProGAMMA
Iec ProGAMMA, Groningen, Netherlands
Iec ProGAMMA has been set up to stimulate the development and distribution of innovative computer applications in the social and behavioral sciences. The center is supported by the Dutch government and several Dutch and Belgian universities. Our Software Information Bank SIByl offers an extensive and easy-to-use catalog of existing software for the various research fields in the social and behavioral sciences.

Iowa Electronic Market
U. Iowa College of Business, Iowa City, IA, US
The Iowa Electronic Market (IEM) is a real money, computerized futures market which operated under the regulatory purview of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. In the IEM contract payoffs are based on real-world events such as political outcomes, companies' earnings per share (EPS), and stock price returns.

It'sNEW! magazine
Sunshine Publishing Co., San Diego, CA, US
It'sNEW! is a high quality, color magazine about inventions, trends, and innovative new products. The premier issue will be available on newsstands worldwide Feb. 21 and contains over 200 new products and ideas. The interactive online version includes selected articles and solicits reader inputs for the "Why don't they make ..." page.

JCS Computers
The Village Potpouri Mall, Sacramento, CA, US
JCS Computers is proud to be announcing their grand opening of their online store at the The Village Potpourri Mall JCS Computers has some of the lowest prices available today. We're shipping anywhere in the US, Canada and internationally. Simply click on our order form to see our current prices.

The Johns Hopkins Research and Training Center in Hearing and Balance
Baltimore, MD, US
The goal of the Center, at the Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine, is to perform basic and clinical research, train young basic and clinical investigators, and disseminate research results and relevant information to the medical community and the general public. Research is centered on auditory (hearing) and vestibular (balance) function.

GlasNet, Moscow, Russia, US
This web will deal with different aspects of the Jewish life in FSU and World Wide. Russian/English.

KCS Imports
Putman Valley, NY, US
KCS Imports recently entered into an agreement with a small Italian jeweler to become their sole U.S. distributor for photo-engraved 18-karat gold pendants that they individually make in Italy from photographs supplied by our customers. We're typical of many small European businesses, a family run establishment that still designs and creates much of the jewelry we sell to our clients.

Killer Instinct WWW
PMC, Austin, TX, US
KI is one of the best arcade games to ever hit the arcades. This page has gaming FAQs, links to video-game newsgroups, and the latest news and rumors about KI. Images of characters and screen shots are on the way. It's the next best thing to the arcade No-Mercy!

KXAS-TV The Texas News Channel
Fort Worth, TX, USA
The first television station in Texas is also the first Texas station to have a web page on the Internet. KXAS-TV, the NBC affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth is on line with information on its newscasts, anchors, and its rich Texas history.

Laboratory of Wood Technology at Helsinki Univ. of Technology
Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland
In addition to the usual laboratory information we have two new services: Wood Technology Research List and Wood Technology On-Line List.

The Lesbian Avengers - London Chapter
London, England
The page gives information on what the Lesbian Avengers are, what they do and how to contact them.

Lexicom Ltd.
Calgary, AB, Canada
Lexicom provides full Internet/WWW services to individuals and corporate clients. We maintain a full web server and provide space and assistance to all clients as well as providing design expertise. We offer free access and space to non-profit cultural and educational groups. Our focus is not on the computer but on the information.

The Library
Richard Darsie, Davis, CA, US
The Library is a collection of British and American poetry from about 1600-1950. Also in the Library: classical Chinese poetry.

Maggie's Gourmet Goodies
The Village Potpouri Mall, Sacramento, CA, US
Maggie's Gourmet Goodies is proud to announce its grand opening at the The Village Potpouri Mall. Stop by and let me introduce you to what Nordstrom can't keep stocked on its shelves.

mklesson - Tutor-generating program for the Web
David Wheeler, US
A free tutorial generation program by David A. Wheeler is available named mklesson. This program takes as input a text file and generates a set of HTML files suitable for including in the World Wide Web (WWW). The source and user guide for mklesson are available.

Monnet, Inc
Elizabeth Essex, Plano, TX, US
Manufacturers of business management software which includes financial, inventory and order management

Motorola PowerPC WWW Site
Motorola RISC Division, Austin, TX, US
Motorola's RISC Microprocessor Division has unveiled the PowerPC World Wide Web Server. Motorola's PowerPC Web server provides enterprise application developers, independent software developers, OEMs and end users with a central source for information on Motorola's PowerPC microprocessors and material on Motorola's powerful line of system and software development tools for the PowerPC platform.

National Security Institute
Westborough, MA, US
The central business of the National Security Institute, founded in 1985 and headquartered in Westborough, Mass., is helping clients interpret and implement government security directives and establish sound security strategies that effectively safeguard classified and proprietary information.

National Voting Town Hall (TM)
America Vote, Inc., Boulder, CO, US
America Vote, Inc. is a non-partisan, National Voting Service used by citizens to vote on pending Congressional bills. Casting your vote on pending Congressional bills can impact the vote of your Congressional representative.

Niagara Computer
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Niagara manufactures a line of system boards and graphics accelerator cards, PCs and related products for other computer companies and for OEMs. Niagara also manufactures its own line of proprietary PCs, the Niagara Series. Every board is manufactured using surface mount technology in our Etobicoke, Canada plant.

Northeast Regional Climate Center
Ithaca, NY, US
The Northeast Regional Climate Center is now on the Web, providing accurate and up-to-date climate information for the northeastern United States. There are also links to the current weather conditions and forecast information.

The Ontarion On-Line
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
The Ontarion On-Line is a web based version of the University of Guelph's Independent student campus newspaper.

The Organic Coffee Company
CyberCafe, Sierra Vista, AZ, US
A coffee roasting company dedicated exclusively to organic coffee. Organic coffee has a character not found in conventionally grown coffee. A must for the gourmet coffee lover.

DK Digital Media, San Francisco, CA, US
Oscarnet is a WWW site for the 67th Academy Awards. You can look at presskit information for all nominated films, including pictures, soundbytes, and video clips, and a cross-referenced databse of all actors and crewmembers. There is also an Oscar-picking contest-- predict the winners and win valuable prizes! All proceeds donated to charity. (Note: Oscarnet is not affiliated with AMPAS).

The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity
Oxford, OH, US
Phi Kappa Tau is a national fraternity. We are one of the few fraternities with official Internet communication. The Internet exploration began with the Phi Kappa Tau electronic mailing list in 1992 and then in 1994 a gopher site was established. Our fraternity is very respected in the Greek community and is a member of the National InterFraternity Conference.

Phoenix Web
Santa Clara, CA, US
Phoenix Technologies Ltd. is the leading supplier of system-level software to PC manufacturers worldwide. Its system-level products, such as BIOS, power management, PCMCIA, and plug and play technology, allow PC manufacturers to increase product differentiation and reduce product development time and internal engineering costs.

Poor Student Phone Card
College Telecom Services, Los Angeles, CA, US
Phone anytime, anywhere in the USA for just 25 cents per minute, flat rate, with no per call surcharges or connecting fees. See the Home Page for information on how to save 70% or more and for a table showing the significant savings for 225 countries around the world.

Purdue Geophysics Home Page
Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, West Lafayette, IN, US
The Purdue Geophysics Homepage has moved to: http://www.geo.purdue.edu The page contains links to and information on current research, departmental faculty, graduate students, recent publications, and miscellaneous individual home pages.

RAND Journal of Economics
Santa Monica, CA, US
RJE focuses on industrial organization, contracts, and regulation, and publishes theoretical, empirical, and experimental analyses of topics such as market structure, entry and exit, collusion, R&D, patents, contracting, regulatory mechanisms, and the effectiveness of regulation. The RJE Home Page features a searchable index of abstracts for the past 25 years, as well as subscription and article submission information.

The Real Time Support for the Warrior Web Page
Naval Research Lab, Washington, DC, US
The AIT Branch of the Naval Research Laboratory has constructed a WWW page to serve as a clearinghouse for Warfighting relevant open source information. We have current links to environmental, disaster, intelligence, maps/imagery, news, engineering and other data which would be useful for war and contingency planning purposes.

Relais & Chateaux
Calvacom, Paris, France
Relais & Chateaux is a chain of 406 luxurious hotels and restaurants located in 34 countries worldwide. You can choose your destination from a clickable map of the world/countries/regions or from a list. Each hotel is fully described with pictures, English and French texts, telephone and fax numbers, detailed information about the setting and the facilities.

Richard's Kitchen
Richard Darsie, Davis, CA, US
A collection of vegetarian recipes, cookbooks and magazines. I believe that fine cooking is one of the true hallmarks of civilization (by which criterion America is only beginning to approach civilization!). I have been vegetarian for about five years now, and I find it to be a much healthier (and, less expensive) livestyle. Includes links to Indian cuisine and the Chocolate Home Page.

SafetyNet Domestic Violence Resources
Globalink Internet Strategies, New York City, NY, US
SafetyNet contains domestic violence resources including bibliographies, statistics, a domestic violence handbook with a warning list and safety plan, lists of agencies and other resources for help.

Scar's Disney Page
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, US
Scar's Disney page is a wonderful resource for all fans of Disney-related material. If you enjoyed Disney's "The Lion King," you'll love this page.

Science And Math Initiatives (SAMI)
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, US
SAMI is a collection of K-12 educational resources, containing information such as curricula, funding sources, and places of interest on the Internet. Its main focus is rural educators, but anyone with an interest in education will find SAMI useful. While there, try out SAMISM, on-line science and math problems.

Sea Ray
Knoxville, TN, US
Sea Ray's new site is designed to give you an overview of our complete line of boats from 13 feet to 65 feet. So come visit. Browse. And enjoy a look at the world's finest fleet of recreational pleasure boats. Another member of the growing CyberWharf community.

Strobe Magazine
Strobe Magazine, Los Angeles, CA, US
Strobe is an independent magazine based in L.A. covering new music and alternative culture. Enjoy unprotected intimacy with bands you've heard of and bands you haven't, flex your retinas in the Strobe (Art) Gallery, dance naked in London(?), bang your eardrums with the Strobe Sampler Tape, sell/buy your soul in the Strobe Classifieds, and play with our dog. Yes, there's more.

Sugarbush Resort
Sugarbush, VT, US
More and more, knowledgeable skiers are recognizing that the 'Bush is back. This resurgence in business is a tribute to the resort's commitment to being the region's finest destination ski experience and to improving the customer service, snowmaking, grooming, high-capacity lifts, base lodges and other services and facilities. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Ted Nicholas Self-Publishing Course
Nicholas Direct. Inc., Indian Rocks Beach, FL, US
Ted Nicholas has published 53 books, including the million-copy seller, "How To Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer For Under $75". No one else ever had his self-publishing success with sales of over 2 1/2 million books. Ted will teach you how to publish books and other information.

Teun's Sting and Police Page
Teun Duynstee himself, Groningen, Netherlands
Here you'll find a nice place containing info and links on the Police and Sting. Best stuff available: sound files of two little-known songs by the Police, Fall Out, their first single, and Visions of the Night. Both never appeared on any album. See you!

Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library
Coombs Computing Unit, ANU, Canberra, Australia
This document is a part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library and keeps track of leading information facilities on Tibetan history, society, culture, politics and religion.

Truckee, California Real Estate Forum
Global Exposure Network, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
GENinc is pleased to announce the Truckee, California Real Estate Forum, currently featuring Coldwell Banker Fraser & Fraser Real Estate, Inc.'s realtor David N. Bowers, who serves the Tahoe Donner area.

The Tune Web
Richard Darsie, Davis, CA, US
The TuneWeb is a substantial collection of traditional Celtic tunes in standard notation, in GIF format.

Tupperware On-line Catalog
KingsInc, Burbank, CA, US
KingsInc is please to present the First Tupperware on-line Catalog. See what's new in in Tupperware. Stop by and browse our wares. Learn how to order on-line. Find out about how to host a"Virtual Party". "Extraordinary design for everyday living"

Turkish Poetry Homepage
Sibel Adali, College Park, MD, US
Poetry has been the quintessence of Turkish culture and life since the early times. Listen to the voice of Turkey in its purest form: "Come, let us be friends for once,/ Let us make life easy on us / Let us be lovers and loved ones,/ The earth shall be left to no one."

Two G Enterprises
Saint John, NB, Canada
Quality gifts for all occasions at reasonable prices. Including 10 14K gold and Sterling Silver jewelry, porcelain figurines, and novelty items. A small sample of complete gift line presented in homepage. Catalogs available.

Univ. of Iowa Sailing Club Information Server
Iowa City, IA, US
The Iowa Sailing Club is one of the oldest student organizations on campus and is open to the public. Our purpose is to provide boats and sailing instruction to members of the communities surrounding Iowa City. We own over 45 sailboats (FJ's, Lasers, Hobie Cats, etc.) and maintain complete boathouse facilities.

UNIX: An Open Systems Dictionary
Resolution Business Press, Inc., Bellevue, WA, US
A Web page with information on UNIX: An Open Systems Dictionary, a 512-page dictionary of common and uncommon UNIX terms. Published by Resolution Business Press, Inc.

Boyle & Asso., Inc., Campbell, CA, US
A cool new web site offering unique products not readily found at retail outlets. Four shops containing over 100 items of interest to students, teachers, business individuals, and hobbyists alike. Come and enjoy browsing this new cyberexperience.

Wall-Street-News, the Internet broadcasting super-station, forecasts the news, the major financial markets, the economy, and hotline broadcasts including Hotspots, Bull vs. Bear, quotes from the top market forecasters, editorial analysis, and more.

Marysville, WA, US
WebVertising is a commercial Web page maker. We provide custom designed home pages for companies and individuals.

Weed Science Jobs (WeedJobs)
Expert Committee on Weeds, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
Weed Science Jobs is a listing of permanent, term and postdoctoral positions in weed science world wide. Graduate student and summer student positions are also listed but only for Canada. Position listings are sought. There is also a weed science photo of the week feature.

West Mercia Constabulary
Hereford, Worcester, Shropshire, UK
We are the first UK police force to use the WWW to provide information about West Mercia Force area. Information is available on the the area we police, contact numbers/addresses for police stations in the force, our charter and information on the police authority.

Wolf Haven International
Toledo, WA, US
Wolf Haven International is dedicated to Wolf conservation. Come visit this WWW site with information about wolves, Wolf Haven, photos, sound, adoption services, and much more.

Your Internet Bookstore
Profitable Technology, Inc., Sudbury, MA, US
Your Internet Bookstore offers at a discount over 200,000 books in fiction, non-fiction and children's titles. We have expanded our shipping options to include special discounted rates from Federal Express and United Parcel Service. Check out our shipping policies for the US and Canada and the rest of the world.

Friday, 24 February 1995

The 1 Week Web Site Site
Freeway Enterprises Corp., Santa Fe, NM, US
We've completed beta testing. Hoping you'll come, and dedicate a page to a friend, mother, lover, brother. Or maybe you wanna talk about yourself. You can do that. We help those who help themselves.

1995 Guest Artist Dale Glasgow
RodCo Design Services, Alex, VA, US
RodCo Design Services welcomes this month's guest artist; Dale Glasgow. Dale is a renowned information graphic specialist, author of the book "Information Graphics." Dale's credits include print, multimedia, and animations. Drop by and see Dale's work in the gallery.

Above & Beyond, Inc.
Davenport, IA, US
Above & Beyond: The Tall & All Mall is a virtual mall with a niche. We focus on providing the tall community a place for vendors to set up shop and offer their goods and services globally, in addition to geographically. We also provide a comprehensive area for other marketing and/or goods and services.

Amaranth Communications
Pensacola, FL, US
Amaranth Communications is proud to offer up Pensacola, Florida's hottest server, Amaranth. Amarnath is there to provide information on or about the Pensacola, Milton, Pace, Gulf Breeze, and Navarre, FL areas.

The American Dream Can Be Yours
CommonWealth Capital - Direct, Corte Madera, CA, US
The "American Dream" has arrived to the Internet! Earn $5,000 per month from your home with low-budget direct mail projects. "Mail-Order Marketing Made Easy..." is a book that focuses on helping entrepreneurs establish an Internet business presence using direct response marketing strategies.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society at NC State Univ.
Raleigh, NC, US
The home page for AISES is to let Internet users know about American Indians and some of the things we do. This page is also a link to other Native American home pages.

Arizona Helicopter Adventures
Sedona, AZ, US
Sedona On-Line proudly brings you the ride of your life with Arizona Helicopter Adventures serving northern Arizona and the Grand Canyon.

Arrow Publishing Company
Raleigh, NC, US
Visit this site for new educational products for 1995 from Arrow Publishing. Featured is Reading With Phonics is Fun, available in multimedia software, book, and video formats. Also available is an educational videotape on the Eastern Woodland Indian, presenting the cultural heritage of the Eastern American Indian through dances, songs, and Indian arts and crafts.

Art and Music News Austria 1995
Oesterreich Werbung, AINS, Salzburg, Vienna, Austria
Art and Music News Austria 1995 is the guide to Austrian cultural events. Besides calendars of music and art events you will find detailed description of most upcoming events.

AT&T - TalkingPower
AT&T Global Public Networks, Columbus, OH, US
If you have any interest at all in how your telephone service works, check out AT&T's server, TalkingPower. There's a clickable map that lets you explore the phone system at all levels through text and colorful graphics. You can even try out, online, an AT&T course that uses animations, videos, and audio.

Banco del Pacifico Ecuador Web Server
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Banco del Pacifico Web Server has information on all the services offered by the Ecuador-based Financial Group. Learn everything about our financial network across Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Miami. Keep up with current affairs in politics and finance in Ecuador and learn more about us through another state-of-the-art service of Banco del Pacifico, a leader in technology.

Battle Ground School District
Battle Ground, WA, US
The Battle Ground School District in the Southwest corner of Washington State is proud to announce its WWW server. We have many links to educational resources. The server is maintained by high school students at Prairie High School. Prairie High School also sponsors a geography game online called Where's Baldo?. Classrooms across the country will be searching all over the world for Baldo.

BBC Monitoring
Reading, Berkshire, UK
BBC Monitoring, part of the World Service, is one of the largest and fastest monitoring agencies in the world. This set of Web pages is designed to give an introduction to the services available.

Business Cards by Design
Orlando, FL, US
Impressive full-color business cards have never been more popular or easier to order. Our standard size business cards are printed on high quality photo card stock and make stunning and lasting impressions. We provide the graphics. You provide the information you wish to have printed. Simply choose one of the designs and complete the online order form.

The Cadillac NFL Golf Classic
Stamford, CT, US
The Cadillac NFL Golf Classic, presented by Time magazine, pairs top players in the NFL with some of the greatest golfers to ever swing a driver. The 1995 event will be held May 8-14, at Upper Montclair Country Club in Clifton, NJ. ESPN will broadcast live coverage May 12-14. Our homepage has information about the tournament and a complete map of the Upper Montclair Country Club course!

Canadian Studies Program/Florida-Canada Institute
Univ. of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, US
Information about the Canadian Studies Program and the Florida-Canada Institute at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Students can earn a minor degree in Canadian Studies.

Center for Electronic Art
San Francisco, CA, US
The Center for Electronic Art's mission is to be an international resource for state-of-the-art media education and production. CEA offers classes in multimedia, graphic design, Internet and 3D animation applications, as well as 10-day intensive workshops.

CenterStage Productions
Above & Beyond, Inc., Waterloo, IA, US
CSP provides complete, comprehensive event production and entertainment services. From top name national acts to the very best in regional entertainment, there is no limit to what we can deliver.

The ChibaMOO Papers
SenseMedia Netcasting, Santa Cruz, CA, US
The ChibaMOO Papers is a collection of papers written about collaborative hypermedia systems related to the ChibaMOO Project at SenseMedia Netcasting.

Chico Unified School District
Chico, CA, US
This is the largest unified K-12 school district in far northern California and is comprised of 21 schools serving 13,007 students. This WWW server provides information on district schools, programs, and policies, with links to our schools' home pages as they become available.

Claris Corporation, Santa Clara, CA, US
Access support and product information for the whole Claris product line of Macintosh and Windows software, including ClarisWorks and FileMaker Pro. Download updaters, templates, trial software, and browse frequently asked questions, technical support solutions and product literature.

Computer and Information Science Programs at SUNY Oswego
Computer Science Department, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY, US
The Computer Science Department Web Server and home page provide information about the department, its programs, faculty, students, and related research and services.

Darby Digital Communications
Alexandria, VA, US
Darby Digital Communications (formerly Darby Graphics) is a graphic arts service bureau located in the Washington, DC, area. Darby provides services for a variety of platforms, but specializes in Microsoft Windows-based publishing. Darby services the information distribution industry with products such as print media, the WWW, and CD-ROMs.

Demystifying The Internet
University of Delaware, Newark, DE, US
Demystifying The Internet was developed to introduce Delaware students to the myriad Internet tools. Other instructors have borrowed it and adapted it to their students' needs. It explains what the tools are, their uses and benefits, and it gives tutorials for hands-on use.

Division of Mammals, KU Natural History Museum
Lawrence, KS, US
If you want to know more about principles and practices of natural history collection management, check us out. We have one of the largest research collections of mammals in the world. A list of type specimens is available, as are links to other sites of biological interest.

EcoCentric World
Raleigh, NC, US
EcoCentric World is an exposition of everything "green". EcoCentric World's mission is to provide the resources for a healthier lifestyle and planet.

The Educator's Internet Newsletter
The Internet Instruction Company, Golden, CO, US
The Internet is rapidly finding its way into schools around the world, but many teachers are not properly trained to fully utilize its resources. EIN provides detailed information on accessing important K-12 teaching resources. Subscriptions are $18 per year for 6 issues that focus on the needs of the K-12 community.

Einstein meets Magritte, an interdisciplinary conference
Free University of Brussels, Belgium
This huge conference wants to offer a reflection on science, nature, human action and society. Eighteen internationally renowned speakers, from Nobel Prize winner Prigogine to Robert Pirsig (author of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"), will address issues including brain and consciousness, the nature of life and death, a world in transition, and creativity in science and art.

Energy Federation
Natick, MA, US
Energy Federation is an organization working to provide information, services, and products that will facilitate awareness and use of energy efficient technologies.

Environmentally Sound Products
Virtumall New Media Marketing, Cambridge, MA, US
Since starting Environmentally Sound Products in 1991, we have learned a great deal about environmental consumerism. Our main premise remains unchanged: to encourage consumers to support environmental responsibility by choosing products that enhance the ecosystem.

Ethnic Heritage Council
EHC, Seattle, WA, US
Information about EHC, a non-profit organization promoting ethnic diversity and cross-cultural understanding in the Pacific Northwest.

Fine Art Photography by Edward L. LaBane
Southwestern Exposure of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM, US
Unique fine art figure studies by Edward L. LaBane, photographer.

Freedom Software
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Freedom Software is an organization specialized in Open Systems solutions. Among other technologies, Freedom Software leads the way in Desktop Management and GUI technology. Years of development has been put into Freedom Desktop, an advanced GUI/Desktop manager product for Unix workstations.

StarDate Publishing, West Palm Beach, FL, US
StarDate Publishing owns and operates FutureMall, a complete shopping service featuring everything from "how-to" videos to major corporate business-to-business services and products.

Garage Logic Minnesota
Woodbury, MN, US
A virtual tour of a virtual town. We believe that all of the world's problems are best solved in common sense discussions, like those commonly held within garages. We discuss conservative politics, world events, and power tools. A message from the Mayor, "Welcome weary travelers to the town of Garage Logic. I wish you the best luck in all of your endeavors. You are on your own ..."

GENinc Bed and Breakfast Inns
Global Exposure Network, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
GENinc is pleased to announce its online catalog of bed and breakfast inns, currently featuring the Berry Patch Inn of Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. This beautiful mountaintop chalet home nestled in a forest of tall pines is located one and a half miles from Lake Coeur d'Alene at Cougar Bay and two miles from the headwaters of the Spokane River.

Growing Families, Inc. (GFI)
Freehold, NJ, US
A non-profit adoption agency licensed by the state of New Jersey, providing a full range of services, including pre/post adoption services to the adoption triad. GFI has full placement programs for domestic and international adoptions, providing placements for infants and toddlers in our program.

WWWow!, Atlanta, GA, US
This site is a collection of the web pages of some of the historically black colleges & universities on the Web. Brought to you by WWWow! your WWW solution!

Home Improvement Net Tips
WebScope Commercial Center, NY, US
At Home Improvement Net Tips, you will discover ideas and products that help you maintain and upgrade the value of your home. Net Tips gives you up-to-date information that make home enhancements easy to plan and complete. It also offers free how-to brochures and more detailed information you can order while online.

Hotels and Travel on the Net
WebScope Commercial Center, NY, US
Hotels and Travel on the Net is a directory of travel-related sites and information on the World Wide Web. It includes hotels and resorts, cruise and airlines, tour operators and useful references for travelers.

Houston Chronicle Interactive
The Houston Chronicle, Houston, TX, US
Houston Chronicle Interactive, the electronic media division of Houston's largest daily newspaper, is offering Digital Nation, a series about online culture. The stories, which ran Feb. 5-8, 1995, in the Chronicle, were written by technology reporter and computer columnist Dwight Silverman. HCI plans a mid-year launch of subscription-based online products on the WWW and Prodigy.

Hysteresis and Avalanches
Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics, Ithaca, NY, US
A summary for the general public of our recent work on hysteresis, avalanches, and crackling noise. Explains What is Hysteresis? Noise in Hysteresis, Return Point Memory, The Critical Point, and The Epsilon Expansion. Part of the Entertaining Science done at Cornell's Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics.

Illinois State Fine Arts Electronic Front Door
Office of Research in Arts Technology, Normal, IL, US
Information on fine arts curriculum, arts events, and student arts work at Illinois State as well as resources and links to other art, music, and theatre resources on the Internet. Several areas of the Web server feature student html projects with graphics, digital audio, and Quicktime movies.

Indra's Net, Inc.
Boulder, CO, US
Indra's Net, Inc. is an Internet service provider based in Boulder, Colorado, committed to providing affordable Internet access for individuals, businesses, and organizations, with superior support and service. In addition to dial-up accounts, Indra's Net also offers World Wide Web services, domain name service, organizational packages, and Internet and UNIX consulting.

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Ames, IA, US
Our department's main aim is to inform new students about facilities available in the department. We want to use the Internet to reach aspiring students easily rather than using conventional ways. We also have many links to some Web sites which will help students know more about our university and other I.E. departments all over the world.

Inline Club of Boston
Boston, MA, US
The Inline Club of Boston is an organization of inline skaters (aka rollerbladers) dedicated to promoting safe and responsible inline skating in Boston, its surrounding communities and throughout New England. It now has 250 members from all six New England states.

International Artists' Exhibition
Center for Electronic Art, San Francisco, CA, US
A leading resource for today's artists, this colorful virtual Artists Gallery is the place to visit on the WWW.

internet love fest
gregor markowitz, Washington, DC, US
Come on down, get all up in between your ears, and skootch around! Internet love fest is an interactive webzine published by a group of talented amateur computerists in Washington DC. Unlike many dual-medium magazines, the internet love fest is never published on dead trees.

Internet Video Series
Marketing Concepts & Strategies, New York, NY, US
Two videotapes cover the essentials of navigating the Net including the main on-line services, the World Wide Web, gopher, ftp, and more.

Jack Musich Editions
Jack Musich, Arlington Heights, IL, US
Jack Musich wishes to invite you to the online opening of his exhibit of stylized early-American oils and prints.

University of Illinois at Urbana, IL, US
Jaimedia offers assistance to anyone who wishes to launch World Wide Web services. We help create aesthetic HTML designs that are proper in form and style, and we provide consulting for general WWW inquiries.

The Jellybean Group, Inc., Frederick, MD, US
Jellybean is an eclectic collection of small shopping areas that offer unique and hard-to-find items for sale. It is an extension of a business that has been viable for over eight years.

The Lake Tahoe News Network
Evergreen Internet, Incline Village, NV, US
The Lake Tahoe News Network is a complete guide to the Lake Tahoe area as well as a commercial news source. It is a cooperative effort of the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza, Tahoe World, Sierra Sun and Tahoe Daily Tribune newspapers.

Cornell Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics, Ithaca, NY, US
Describes the free LASSPTools X-Windows Unix utilities for scientific animation, numerical analysis, and graphics. Includes PlotAtoms (plots moving spheres), DynamicLattice, polydraw (draws polygons and movies thereof), Fourier, Eigen, and many other routines. Binaries available for Sparc, IBM RS6000, and Linux platforms.

Leaping Frog Publishing
Carmel, CA, US
We represent local and internationally known artists. Our online gallery exhibits reasonably priced limited edition prints.

Let's Eat Ethnic Coupon Book
EHC, Seattle, WA, US
Index to restaurants in the 1995 Seattle-based coupon book, an online index of the featured restaurants. Anyone is welcome to browse and all are encouraged purchase a copy of the book from EHC . The coupon book features 2-for-1 offers at 65 restaurants in the Seattle area. The price is $15 .

Livermore Software Laboratories, Inc.
LSLI, Houston, TX, US
On our Web page, you will find a tutorial on firewalls. LSLI's PORTUS firewall system can be downloaded.

Marketing Bytes
Richardson, Myers and Donofrio, Baltimore, MD, US
Marketing Bytes is the homepage of Baltimore-based advertising agency, Richardson, Myers, and Donofrio, Inc.

Martensites and Tweed
Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics, Ithaca, NY, US
A summary for the general public of our recent work on martensites, shape memory alloys, and precursors. Contains discussions of What are Martensites? A History of Martensites. Tweed in Martensites. Tweed and Spin Glasses. Part of the Entertaining Science done at Cornell's Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics.

Matrix Computer Consulting, Inc.
River Edge, NJ, US
Matrix Computer Consulting, Inc. is a professional services organization. Our mission is to provide quality computer professionals to assist our clients in identifying and satisfying their information system needs. We offer a variety of employment options from salaried positions with benefits to independent contractor positions.

Mazda Miata Home Page
Gary J. Fischman, Menlo Park, CA, US
The Mazda MX-5 Miata is the '90s re-creation of a classic roadster from the '60s. Its popularity has attained cult-like status worldwide. The Miata page provides information on the car, archives of the listserver devoted to it, information on local and regional events and clubs, and a marketplace for aftermarket products and services.

Men's Issues Page
Father's Rights and Equality Exchange - F.R.E.E. (tm), Palo Alto, CA, US
A FAQ site for men's issues. Particular emphasis on single fathers (divorce, custody, alimony, child support) husband battering, false accusations (of rape, abuse, molestation). Large annotated bibliographies, lists of men's organizations, digest of statistics.

Microstitch Computer Embriodery Machine
Tachyon Communications, Cocoa Beach, FL, US
Microstitch is a computer-run embroidery machine that will take a pcx.graphic and allow you to sew it on a shirt, hat, towel, etc. It is a great way to earn money with your PC. Take a look at our examples and cool graphics.

Minneapolis/St.Paul Jobs page
Fentonnet, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, US
Fentonnet would like to announce the Twin Cities jobs page. This WWW service is intended to introduce potential employers and employees in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Resume listings are free. Businesses wishing to recruit should contact us regarding fees.

Music World III
Baudway Communications, Boston, MA, US
MW3 is the killer WWW (W3) site for all music trade professionals and companies. We develop a complete Internet presence for anyone that has anything to do with music. We represent manufacturers, retailers, as well as performers. We even have our own publication named Internet Music World, which is available on-line, or can be sent to you.

Netscents Incense
Changes in Artitude, St. Petersburg, FL, US
Netscents is the first branch in the "60s Trading Post for the 90s," offering an extensive line of the richest incense and oil ever made in the US.

New Books on Artificial Finance/Neural Networks in Investment
UCSD, San Diego, CA, US
Scholarly reference books on Neural Networks/Artificial Intelligence that belong on the shelf of anyone serious about using AI in investing.

News of Ireland
John O'Sullivan, Dublin, Ireland
News of Ireland is a weekly digest of news and sports from Ireland.

The Newton Digital Nomad's Archive
Thor Brickman, San Diego, CA, US
The Newton Digital Nomad's Archive is a collection of programs and utilities compiled by a Newton User for other Newton users. The Web site includes links to other important sources of Newton information as well as suggestions on how to make your Newton work better for you.

The NISS Information Gateway
National Information Services and Systems, Univ. of Bath, Avon, UK
NISS provides information services for the UK higher education community, and has amalgamated its various services into a single, graphical, user-friendly service -- the NISS Information Gateway. An ever-increasing range of academic and related information is available -- subject disciplines, datasets, research news, library OPACs and more.

Oak Island North Carolina Beaches
Margaret Rudd & Assoc. Realtors, Yaupon Beach, NC, US
A source of things to do and things to see at the beaches of Oak Island and Southport NC. While real estate is covered in detail, a lot of general information is furnished about the area including special events. The Oak Island beaches include Long Beach, Yaupon Beach and Caswell Beach.

Oak Ridge Research HomePage
San Marcos, TX, US
Oak Ridge Research assists companies in understanding how to do business and marketing on the WWW and the Net. The page also provides information on: The Internet Business Book (Wiley), Education on the Internet (Sams), Marketing on the Internet: Multimedia Strategies for the WWW (Wiley). In addition there are pages for business and education resources and good starting places.

Object World '95
Boston, MA, US
Object World '95 will be held in Boston from March 19-23. This site has all the information you will need to register for Object World '95, including details about all the sessions, keynote speeches, tutorials, and exhibits. Especially consider attendance to the Executive Forum: Software as a Corporate Asset .

Offworld Metaplex Cybermall Creative Complex
Edge Creations, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
The Offworld Metaplex Cybermall Creative Complex is a unique shopping and virtual experience. We are located one light year from the planet earth and are a zero-gravity entity. You may shop our metaplex in a variety of ways including a static image virtual walk-through. Spaces are always available.

The Online Bazaar
Boulder Online Media Services, Boulder, CO, US
The Online Bazaar, brought to you by Boulder Online Media Services, is a showcase for profit and non-profit organizations specializing in outdoor, environment, experiential education and mountain climbing activities.

On-Line Marketing
Lynn, MA, US
On-Line Marketing provides affordable international World Wide Web advertising for the small business owner, classified advertising for businesses and individuals, tourist agencies, chambers of commerce, vacation resorts, inns, bed and breakfasts, and other tourist and travel related businesses. Individuals can advertise vacation properties for sale or rent.

The Online Writery
The Univ. of Missouri, Columbia, MO, US
The Online Writery is a student-oriented writing and learning environment that includes both communication and information resources: e-mail, access to two MOOs , and the Web.

The Oregon Bach Festival
Univ. of Oregon School of Music, Eugene, OR, US
The Oregon Bach Festival each summer presents two weeks of concerts and events. International in scope, the festival produces choral orchestral masterworks, chamber concerts, guest artist performances, educational programs, and family and social events.

Pacific Northwest Passages
Pacific Northwest Economic Development Council, Kelowna, BC, Canada
An economic development system that makes sense if you're interested in doing business with the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Alaska and the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. City profiles, business opportunities and recent economic news.

Parallel Ocean Program (POP) Simulation
Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, US
The POP model does a simulation of the global ocean circulation (research that is being conducted by scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Naval Postgraduate School). The model which produced this output has an average horizontal resolution of 1/6 degree and has 20 vertical levels and is forced at the surface by observed temperature, salinity, and wind stress.

Pro CD, Inc. Phonebooks on CD-ROM
Danvers, MA, US
Pro CD is the leading publisher of phonebooks on CD-ROM. At our Web site, you can find out about Pro CD products, participate in an interactive demo, and even conduct your own sample searches.

Queen Cushion Shoes
Above & Beyond, Inc., Buffalo, NY, US
Ladies shoes, leather upper and sole, made in France on a men's shoe form! Many styles, sizes, colors and extras. From the Above & Beyond Tall & All Mall .

The Quest
Andrew Purtell, Boston, MA, US
The Quest is a serial fantasy story inspired by the work of the comparative mythologist, Joseph Campbell, with a prodigious and expanding readership.

Recruiters OnLine Network
Dallas, TX, US
Finally a place where over 800 online recruiters and employment professionals can come together to share information, business and ideas. Areas for people seeking a search firm, a company looking for the right person, and for those interested in enhancing their career. The resource center offers tools, products and information from leading publishers, authors, and trainers.

Riverdance -- The Show
DSP Research Group, UCD, Dublin, Ireland
Something magical happened in The Point in Dublin last April 30, when Michael Flatley and Jean Butler astonished us with the power and the poetry of their hard-shoe dance. To see Riverdance was to be part of a remarkable moment of popular culture. Now the show has returned to Dublin.

Robert Altman's Virtual Photographic Exhibition
Center for Electronic Art, San Francisco, CA, US
Photography which includes classic rock and 60's photojournalism. Also: the latest in HTML graphic use. Already a very popular site!

Rocky Mountain Diving Center/Boulder Scuba Tours
Boulder, CO, US
RMDC/Boulder Scuba Tours is a full-service travel agency whose agents have first-hand experience to many destinations world wide as divers. So whether you are planning a great dive vacation, a romantic honeymoon destination, or a get-away let us be of service to you.

Sacro Wedgy
Association for Continuing Education Providers, San Rafael, CA, US
The Sacro Wedgy is a new proven concept for back pain. Relax your back to health.

Safari Helicopters
Graphic Communication / Hawaii OnLine, Honolulu, HI, US
This page contains a library of stunning JPEG images from Safari's tour flights to remote locations around the Hawaiian Islands. Also available are unbelievable Quicktime movies which you have to see to believe!

Salt Palace Convention Center
Salt Lake City, UT, US
The Salt Palace Convention Center is the place for events like conventions, trade shows, meetings, banquets, consumer shows, concerts, dances, sporting events and any other kind of special activity.

The Santa Clara Chorale
Santa Clara, CA, US
The Santa Clara Chorale, under the leadership of musical director Lynn Shurtleff, has been performing in the historic Mission Santa Clara for over 30 years. Our programs bring significant choral music from the past and present to audiences in the Santa Clara Valley.

SeaSpace Corporation
San Diego, CA, US
SeaSpace Corporation is a high-tech R&D company that produces systems for the acquisition and processing of data from remote sensing sources such as earth orbiting satellites. SeaSpace sells systems, software, and data relating to both geosynchronous and polar-orbiting satellites. Check out our satellite images.

Sheraton Grande Torrey Pines, La Jolla
La Jolla, CA, US
Atop the rugged Southern California coast is a new Sheraton that epitomizes life at ease and gracious service. Discreetly tucked into the side of the ocean palisades, overlooking the legendary Torrey Pines Golf Course, the Sheraton Grande Torrey Pines offers both a commanding view and location. The Sheraton Grande Torrey Pines is hosted by infoPost.

ShoeString Travel E-Zine
Eric S. Adler, ind, US
Shoestring Travel is a free E-zine that will focus on travel, specifically how people can travel inexpensively. Have a look at our prototype issue , which is still under construction, but the content will come from you; I will be collecting stories and information via e-mail and the rec-travel boards and posting the most interesting and useful ones in the e-zine.

Silicon Surf
Silicon Graphics, Mountain View, CA, US
It's new. It's cool. It's Silicon Surf, SGI's virtual home on the World Wide Web. This entirely redesigned version boasts a radical new look, featuring rich 3D-graphics, advanced search and table-of-contents features, a new easier-to-navigate structure, new content, downloadable software, images and movies, and much more!

Singapore Online(TM)
Accel Infotech (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore
Singapore Online(TM) is a commercial site providing a one-stop guide to businesses in Singapore. Listings include hotels, car rentals, government agencies, country-specific resources, free fax forwarding, sightseeing tours, travel bureaus, software, trading, employment, radio and other business services.

Softshare Information Services
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Softshare Information Services is a certified Value Added Network (VAN) with the federal government's EDI initiative. We maintain an integrated approach to government contracting providing exceptional access to a variety of sources including the Commerce Business Daily, national coverage of state and local purchases, as well as foreign trade and export leads.

South by Southwest Music Convention
Monsterbit Media, Austin, TX, US
The conference brings together thousands of music business leaders, journalists and artists in panel discussions, workshops and intensive sessions to discuss topics in the music industry. Monsterbit Media is proud to announce the SXSW information center, with information on panels, showcase bands, audio samples, and much more.

Stellar Business -- Pennsylvania Edition
Marketing Masters, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Western Pennsylvania now has its own version of Stellar Business, a new interactive business publication! Tackle your toughest business challenges with advice from experts, analysts, consultants and business leaders who guide you to more revenue, better management of finances and personnel, and integration of new technology into your business. If you are outside the PA area, try the Worldwide Edition.

The Tanel Corporation
American Products Online, WI, US
The Tanel Corporation provides a home page with sports trivia as well as a catalog of its revolutionary product line. Tanel cleats are manufactured with a patented 360-degree cleat proven to reduce the risk of torque-related injuries to the knee and ankle. Take a look at our page and start the upcoming season on the right foot.

Techlock Antitheft Solenoid
Techlock Distributing, Dayton, OH, US
The best antitheft system on the market today. With a Techlock, you can even leave your keys in the car without fear of someone starting it.

Temperature Plot
Crynwr Software, Potsdam, NY, US
Temperature Plot for the last five days in Potsdam, NY. The only temperature plot available on the World Wide Web. Useless for people who aren't local to Potsdam, but there are instructions on how you can replicate this service for yourself.

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
Thomas Publishing Company, New York, NY, US
The printed edition of the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers has been the primary reference for locating industrial products and services for nearly 90 years. The Thomas Register Home Page includes search access to the full Thomas Register database, plus an online submission form for adding new companies to the publication.

tilt-a-gurl pengurl network
Washington, DC, US
The tilt-a-gurl pengurl network is a girl-run network through which girls can connect and communicate with other girls. Our Website allows you to learn more about the network and upcoming projects, and lets girls leave pengurl ads for us to include in the next issue either there or through our email address. It's all about girl communication from the head of the pigtail revolution.

Touch Screen Solutions
Trident Systems Inc., Fairfax, VA, US
Trident Systems is a major supplier of application-independent Unix X Windows touch screen solutions worldwide. Trident provides a variety of touch screen hardware and driver software solutions for all major Unix systems. Solutions available for Unix workstations, X Terminals, and Unix micros.

Tradewell Marketing Group
Monterey, CA, US
The Tradewell Marketing Group specializes in providing rapid and reliable IBM midrange and mainframe solutions. We buy, sell, lease and maintain IBM OEM refurbished and qualified equipment. In order to provide unbeatable customer service, we carry a large inventory of complete systems, peripherals, and parts to meet your needs. A Multimedia Ink Design.

Tulane Tropical Medicine
Tulane Univ. School of Public Health, New Orleans, LA, US
Information about Tulane's Department of Tropical Medicine includes current scientific global research projects, US and international academic degree programs, malaria research activities in epidemiology, chloroquine drug resistance, and severe disease. Also available: faculty info and contact points and links to health-related sites.

Uncle Mike's Fantasy Sports
Chestnut Hill, MA, US
The premiere Fantasy Sports Service available. Featuring Fantasy Baseball 1995, Uncle Mike's is now accepting leagues and individual teams. Statistics and standings updated daily and available through our WWW site. Become a fantasy team owner now and have more fun than hitting one over the Green Monster at Fenway!

United Data Processing, Inc.
Beaverton, OR, US
UDP Inc., a full-service computer consulting firm, now has a WWW server. UDP specializes in client/server technologies, but offers a full range of services from initial database design to advanced statistical analysis of enterprise data. We also have several employment opportunities at the moment.

U.S. Poultry Genome Mapping
Michigan State Univ. Microbiology Dept., East Lansing, MI, US
Supported by the National Animal Genome Research Program, this site will provide information about poultry genome mapping efforts in the U.S. Information is available on microsatellites, probes, databases, meeting schedules, genome maps, as well as newsletters and membership lists.

Utah Water Research Laboratory
Logan, UT, US
The Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL)'s multidisciplinary faculty and students conduct research in environmental engineering, ground water, fluid mechanics and hydraulics, hydrology, natural systems engineering, and water resources management. The UWRL, part of Utah State University, also houses the Utah Center for Water Resources Research.

Markland Communities, Inc., Lenoir City, TN, US
ValueWare Software is offering unbelievably low prices on retail games and guaranteed virus-free shareware. Hundreds of IBM-compatible programs are available for online purchase: business, database, games, hobbies, home, spreadsheet, Windows, communications, education, graphics, health, religion, utilities, and word processing. Free technical support is available for all programs purchased.

The Virtual Garden
Time Life Inc., Alexandria, VA, US
The Virtual Garden, a Web server about gardening, has been redesigned, with a 1500-plant (and growing) searchable encyclopedia, the gardening content of Sunset and Southern Living magazines, and excerpts from major new gardening books. Plus, now you can preview and order Time Life Books' new gardening series online.

Visa Home Page
Net+Effects, Inc., Menlo Park, CA, US
The Visa Home Page offers information on Visa financial products and services, as well as consumer information. A new section has been added, "News from Visa", the initial press release describes, " Visa and CMU Partnering to Commercialize NetBill ."

WCSC Serial Communication Tools
WCSC, Houston, TX, US
Description of WCSC's professional serial communications libraries, DLLs, TSRs, Device Drivers, and utilities. Get all the information you need for serial communication development under Windows and MS-DOS.

WebChat: Live, Multimedia Chat on the Web
Internet Roundtable Society, Menlo Park, CA, US
WebChat lets people on the Web talk with each other, live. You can intersperse pictures, movies, audio, and Web hotlinks with your text. WebChat is a public project, so you can set up your own server free, get the source code, or help develop it. There are always people from around the world in WebChat; come talk!

World-Wide Webs
Richard Darsie, Davis, CA, US
World-Wide Webs is a collection of cat's-cradle type string figures which you can make on your hands with a loop of string. They have been collected from all over the world, and illustrations in GIF format are included of all figures.

Monday, 27 February 1995

37th Annual Grammy Awards
On Ramp, Inc., New York, NY, US
When the lights come up on the 37th Annual Grammy Awards, 1.4 billion viewers will be tuned in, but not only on their television sets. For the first time in history, music fans in 140 countries will have the opportunity to experience the Grammy awards on their computers. Visit On Ramp's Metaverse for sneak previews of the Grammy Awards, the nominees, live cybercasts during Grammy week, and a chance to win tickets to Grammy Night.

The Almost Complete Microbrewery & BrewPub Database
Scott O'Neill, Denver, CO, US
This is a rather extensive database of microbreweries & brewpubs throughout the entire country. It can be searched geographically. I enthusiastically welcome any additions to the database and plan to update the database continually. I also have linked to other interesting places.

Animals from the New Orleans Zoo
Philip Greenspun, Cambridge, MA, US
More images by Best of the Web '94-winning photographer Philip Greenspun.

animation usa
animation usa, inc., Seattle, WA, US
Animation usa markets and sells all forms of animation art from al of the major studios, including drawings and cels used to make animated features and cartoons, and collectible limited editions made by their legendary animators and directors.

Apple Research Partnership Program, Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Information on the Apple Research Partnership Program (recently officially renamed Apple Educational Consultants Program) at Carleton University.

Archer/Park Home Page
Traveller Information Services, Huntsville, AL, US
The official Archer/Park home page. This country music duo invites you to check out their latest album. You will also find concert info, sound snippets, movie clips (as seen on CMT), and more!

Arena North America
Lakewood, CO, US
Arena North America is a premier maker of swim wear and a corporate sponsor of several United States Swimming LSC's. This page will provide the latest information as to the technology behind our products plus a catalog of those products. A list of our distributors can also be found on our page.

Artisan Graphics
Livermore, CA, US
Artisan Graphics offers a variety of services including business image design, calligraphy, mapwork, and development of signs, posters, and banners. Brought to you by NetRep, Internet Services for Business.

ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, US
The Journal of Infrastructure Systems (JIS) is an archival publication of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The JIS Web server contains information on the editorial policies and administration of the journal, full-text abstracts of all papers, forms for discussing papers and recruiting reviewers, and pointers to other civil infrastructure information servers.

Asia-Pacific Electronic Lists Register
Coombs Computing Unit, Australian National Univ., Canberra, Australia
The register keeps track of leading scholarly electronic forums pertaining to Asia-Pacific countries. It complements its twin page, namely the Asian Studies Meta-Resources Register. Both registers are a part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library. Additions to both registers as well as suggestions for their enhancement are warmly welcome.

Astound Yourself!
VirtuREAL Communications, Washington, DC, US
Multimedia Made Easy! Astound, by Gold Disk, Inc., allows you to integrate the power of multimedia with surprising ease. Sound, animated text, graphs, and digital video are a snap to add to the image backgrounds of your choice. Click in for a few demonstrations of Astound and a special offer.

Bad Debts - Guide to Collection Agencies
Info-Tech, Sugar Land, TX, US
If you are bothered by collection agencies, whether you have a legitimate bad debt or not, we have the answers to all that you can do. There are many ways to deal with the collection agencies. Most people do not know it, but all collection agencies must follow very strict rules and guidelines. Some do not and you need to know what to do when they don't. Even when they do - you need to know all your options.

Bass Fishing Home Page
WebMasters International, Inc., Reston, VA, US
The Bass Fishing Home Page has been established to provide information for bass fishermen worldwide. It contains information regarding equipment, locations, fishing reports and tournaments. The Bass Fishing Home Page encourages contributions from readers and commercially interested parties.

Bible Study
Washington Heights Baptist Church, Ogden, UT, US
Washington Heights Church is a church which believes that through faith in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, people are forgiven and made new. It is a church which helps people to develop and strengthen their relationships with God, family and others. Read this week's Bible Study.

The Borderline Daily Cartoon
Gabe Martin, San Diego, CA, US
Get your daily cartoon fix from The Borderline cartoon. "It's so funny, you'll laugh 'till you stop!"

Campolindo High School
Campolindo, Moraga, CA, US
This is the home page for Campolindo High School.

Cardservice International!
OnLine Solutions, Inc., Morrisonville, NY, US
Cardservice is a service agency which may allow your business to obtain merchant account status and increase profits by accepting major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard. Cardservice can accept most all business types, including home-based, Internet sales, mail & phone order, BBS's, etc.

BC, Canada
CAVEAT, Canadians Against Violence Everywhere Advocating its Termination, is composed of a group of citizens who are advocating changes to Canada's Criminal Justice System. CAVEAT believes that by educating our young people and providing good social support programs, violent crimes can be greatly reduced in the future.

China Lake Research and Technology Division
NAWCWPNS, China Lake, CA, US
An information server for the research and technology activities at the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division at China Lake, Calif.

Communique Internet Communications and Consulting.
New Orleans, LA, US
Communiqué, Inc., founded in June, 1994, is a locally owned and operated, New Orleans-based company that provides application, network, and communication consulting services, and Internet access services for the New Orleans Metropolitan and Gulf South areas.

CSIRO Division of Chemicals and Polymers
Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Serving Australia in the chemical, polymer, and water treatment industries.

C G Enterprises Inc., Guilderland, NY, US
C G Enterprises Inc. focuses on helping small businesses make a presence on the Web by providing low-cost advertising and other services.

CyberNet Comm. Corp., BC, Canada
cybernet.ca is a virtual WWW City, with connections to online shopping, business resources, and travel services. CyberNet Communications and our commercial network partners provide WWW Home pages in our Community Center, at no or little cost, to non-profit community groups who are working to improve the quality of life.

Dealmakers On-Line Real Estate Services
Mercerville, NJ, US
This is a commercial real estate page whose purpose is to provide a free referral/listing service for real estate brokers, developers, management companies and services related to real estate. Listing forms can be request from ted.kraus@property.com The home page also lists real estate oriented BBSs and other home pages.

Department of Medicine, Tripler Medical Center, Hawaii
Tripler Medical Center, Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US
Introduces visitors to the internal medicine residency program of Tripler Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Dept. of Physics, Newcastle Univ.
The server contains admissions information, details of undergraduate courses, postgraduate research and links to some other sites around the world.

Desktop Publishing & Digital Photography
EuroGrafix, Inc., Altamonte Springs, FL, US
DTP service, prepress, design, film output up to 19 x 25, Matchprints, high res. scans, digital photography, and stock photography by Patricia Siering.

Division of Diarrheal and Acute Respiratory Diseases
World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
We are pleased to announce a WWW Server for the Division of Diarrheal and Acute Respiratory Diseases of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. These server contains information on diarrheal diseases, including cholera, acute respiratory infections and integrated management of the sick child.

Document Creation and Writers Employment Service
Technical Standards, San Marcos, CA, US
Document creation and employment service for writers and documentation specialists. Our employment service maintains a worldwide database of writers and documentation specialists. We provide professionals with expertise in your field for your projects. We are also a documentation facility offering contract writing, desktop publishing, and illustrating on a fixed-cost basis.

Double sided photo cards from a 35mm photograph
SBJ&CM, Germantown, MD, US
Our double sided cards are useful for birth announcements, school events, color business cards, sports information, fund raisers, teacher contact cards, genealogy, and more. Other suggestions? Email us at sbjcm@ix.netcom.com.

Eco Travels in Latin America
Ron Mader, Austin, TX, US
This site is dedicated to informing Internet travelers of environmental issues in Latin America. You don't necessarily have to be an ecotraveler to be interested in all you'll find here.

Edmonton Oilers Homepage
Dennyland Inc., Edmonton, AB, Canada
The brand spanking new Edmonton Oilers homepage. The page is in its initial stages with great potential for the future, just like the Oilers themselves. The page is maintained by Dennyland Inc.

Educational K-12; vocabulary word puzzles and word games
Sam Mantics Enterprises, Menlo Park, CA, USA
Syndicate.com provides information about English vocabulary for all students who study vocabulary in preparation for SSAT or SAT exams. Individuals worldwide can learn English words through vocabulary word puzzles and games with this new approach. People can either play just for educational fun and learning or, they can compete weekly.

Electronic Conference on Trends in Organic Chemistry
Dept of Chemistry, Imperial College, London, England
The first electronic conference for discussing trends in organic chemistry will be held June 12-23, 1995 using the World Wide Web. This pioneering forum offers a novel and near-instant mechanism for discussing chemistry, with features such as full-color structure diagrams, "clickable" reaction schemes, and rotatable 3D molecular images.

English as a Second Language Home Page
College of Education, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, IL, US
UIUC Learning Resource Server now has an English as a Second Language home page. It is a starting point for students of English who want to learn English on the Web. The home page links users to those places where learning materials are created for ESL students.

Environmental HydroSystems, Inc.
Sarasota, FL, US
Environmental HydroSystems, Inc. specializes in environmental and water resources consulting throughout the U.S. and internationally. Included in these services is the development and application of software which is used in the evaluation of existing environmental and water resource systems. These same software are then used to optimize any remediation measures based on the many objectives that can be associated with such complex systems.

Erasable computer & VHS labels
Cyteria Village, Philadelphia, PA, US
Erasable computer disk & VHS labels which you can use time and time again. Another fine shop from Cyteria Village.

EUROPA - The Web Server of the European Commission
European Commission, Luxembourg
EUROPA, the Web Server launched by the European Commission on 20 Feb 1995, provides user-friendly information on the European Union's goals, policies, institutions, statistics, publications, information sources and data bases.

Flatus -- The Funny, Funkin' Furiosity
Chauncey, Bloomington, IN, US
Flatus is a very meaningful, thought-provoking, music-performing ensemble. This Web page will hopefully show them as they mature to move more booties than thought imaginable!

Forest Hills, NY, US
Framenet offers a variety of quality-crafted frames and gift items for corporate or personal markets. All items are guaranteed. We offer a full 30-day money-back refund. Order directly from our on-line order form or call us at 1-800-665-0019. Visa, MasterCard, checks and money orders welcome. Inquiries can be sent via email to Framenet@access.digex.net.

Ft. Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce
Ft. Meyers, FL, US
The Chamber of Commerce from Ft. Myers Beach, Florida welcomes you to browse our Web Site. Escape to our island paradise away from the busy cities of Miami, Tampa and Orlando, but be only a couple hours away by car to all of Florida's famous attractions. Our Web Site contains all the information you need to plan a vacation to paradise. Accommodations, restaurants, boating, shopping and real estate.

Getting to the Future First
Ways Magazine OnLine, Toronto, Canada
Getting to the Future First is an international conference on winning, growing, getting & keeping your competitive advantage. This conference brings together such world-class speakers as: Peter Drucker, Gary Hamel, Noel Tichy, and Alvin Toffler. The conference will be held March 29-31, 1995 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in Toronto, Canada.

The GreenWheels Electric Vehicle Resource List
GreenWheels Electric Car Co., Inc., Beverly, MA, US
The GreenWheels Electric Vehicle Resource List is a collection of resources for electric vehicle (EV) information available on the Net. Included are links to EV Images available with FTP, as well as information about other alternative transportation resources, GreenWheels Electric Car Co., and the EV Discussion List FAQs and subscription information.

h-4, Hawaii's Data SuperHighway
Hot Spots Hawaii, Kailua, HI, US
Hawaii's H-4 is a continuously growing archive of information on Hawaii from the local folks' perspective. Thousands of pictures and articles about Hawaii: people, places and spaces. Beach Rentals, music, etc, plus the On-Line Hawaii General Store.

The Univ. of Montana Student Health Services, Missoula, MT, US
Healthline offers many of the same types of information that you'd get from any university health center, including traditional topics of physical and mental health (sexuality, drug & alcohol information, academic tips and dietary facts), plus pointers to information for the disabled, information about the effect of computers on health, health-related newsgroups, various gophers, and more.

Helpdesk Response, Inc.
Austin, TX, US
Helpdesk Response develops knowledge-based systems for use by technical support organizations. Our expertise is knowledge engineering and deployment of knowledge-based systems using The Internet and the WWW.

II Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music
Computer Music Society of Brazil, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Call for papers and compositions plus general information about the II Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music to be held in Canela, Brazil, 31 July through 1 August, 1995. Selected papers will be published in the symposium's proceedings. Selected compositions will be broadcast by the UFRGS University Radio in Porto Alegre and released on a CD.

Information Society Project Office
Commission of the European Communities, Brussels, Belgium
The Information Society Project Office initiative, part of the Commission's action plan on Europe's way to the Information Society (cf. IP/94/683 of 16.07.1994), is a concrete measure conceived to support, promote and orient private and public actions in the field of the information society.

Institute For Advanced Metaphysical Studies
New York, NY, US
The Institute for Advanced Metaphysical Studies is a school for psychic development. It offers 14-lesson courses as the complete program on developing your psychic abilities in the form of classroom, private, and home-study programs. Also available are the three-question program and books and tapes.

The Interactive Yellow Pages
Lighthouse Productions, Santa Cruz, CA, US
The Interactive Yellow Pages, home page of the Netcenter, is pleased to announce the Directory of Directories. Come here to find nearly everything you might need or want on the Internet. Expanding daily. Find it fast in the Interactive Yellow Pages!

Internet Research Center
Media Research Center, Carlsbad, CA, US
The Internet Research Center is a consulting and training organization interested in the research and marketing implications of the Internet. We offer basic and specialized seminars for businesses seeking enhanced productivity through the Internet.

The Internet Unplugged Conference
Bell Atlantic Professional Services, Stanhope, NJ, US
Bell Atlantic Professional Services and Planet Access Networks will host "The Internet Unplugged" conference, exploring Internet access, navigation and web marketing, on March 14-16, 1995 in Morristown, NJ and April 12-14, 1995 in Arlington, VA. The emphasis will be on making the Net more accessible, user-friendly and profitable for your organization. On-line registrations are being accepted at the website or at 1-800-242-7675.

Inter-Shamrock - Send Shamrock to your Friends!
Internet Business Ireland, Clontarf Road, Dublin 3, Ireland
You can now order live, green, shamrocks on the Net for delivery on or before St Patrick's Day nearly anywhere in the world. This service is designed to allow you to send one or more shamrocks to a friend or friends abroad.

Interstellar Propulsion Society
San Diego, CA, US
A new international professional organization, dedicated to accelerating advancements in propulsion technology that will permit travel to other star systems, is undergoing formation in San Diego, CA. Its goals include exploration of propulsion technologies ranging from travel at a fraction of the speed of light to relativistic velocities and beyond, into superluminal velocities (exceeding the speed of light).

James Bond WWW Page
Kimberly Last, Chicago, IL, US
This unofficial page celebrates the fictional British secret agent 007 with a license to kill. This ever-growing resource features biographies and filmographies of the five actors who have portrayed Bond on the big screen, biographical and critical material on Bond creator Ian Fleming and the Bond novels, and information on international fan clubs. The James Bond Movie Page covers casts, plots, music, and trivia.

Jandel Scientific Software
San Rafael, CA, US
Jandel Scientific Software is recognized as a leader in the scientific software marketplace. Our presentation and data analysis software includes: SigmaSuite, SigmaStat, SigmaScan/Image, Mocha, TableCurve, and PeakFit, with an installed customer base of 75,000 users.

Journalistic Resources Page
Nikos Markovits, Stockholm, Sweden
You are welcome to explore numerous journalistic resources on the Internet. In this page you can find links to servers and services which might be of interest to journalists or interested citizens. But, be aware of the saying: all that glitters is not gold.

KFAI Fresh Air Radio - Twin Cities Community Radio
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, US
KFAI Fresh Air Radio is a listener-supported community radio station serving Minneapolis (90.3 FM) and St. Paul (106.7 FM). A Pacifica member station, KFAI's programming features alternative music, news and public affairs, arts-related programs, and other programs serving underrepresented communities here in the Twin Cities.

Korean War Project
Hal Barker, Dallas, TX, US
Subjects: Korean War History, Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., and a Korean War/Vietnam War casualty database.

KPMG Online
Toronto, Canada
KPMG, Canada's largest professional services firm, announces the WWW site KPMG Online, which features a Canadian Tax Tip of the Day, articles on taxation, business, and financial management.

LAN-Based Groupware: The Meeting Room
Eden Systems Corp., Indianapolis, IN, US
With "The Meeting Room," the electronic conferencing software package for Windows and DOS, you can improve the way you have meetings. Whether on a LAN, WAN, or remote, text or audio, this package provides answers to many common meeting problems. Please take a look, complete with downloadable demo, and let us know what you think. Special offer available for those who mention the WWW.

Le Chef Recipe Machine - An Entrepreneural Project
Underground Rivers, Corporation, Dallas, TX, US
We created a computer kiosk which dispenses recipes in a grocery store. This recipe instantly becomes a shopper's "grocery list." Our business plan is at this web site, and we would like your help. If you are in the grocery, food, computer, or financial industry, then check out this site. We are appealing to the world to give us advice on our business plan.

Lifelines Health Page: Connections for Better Health
IDN Lifeline, Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Health information includes: The Lifelines health science and research library, nutrition health and medical connections, The Lifelines newsletter, I.D. Solutions nutrition and personal care products, health improvement resources (books, videos and audio tapes), and more.

List of Companies with a Homepage in the German Language
Werbal: Advertising Agency, Berne, Switzerland
A new index for commercial sites, exclusively for companies who have a homepage in the German language, brought to you by Werbal: Advertising Agency in Switzerland.

Macau Home Page
Macau Internet Gateway Services, Macau
The objectives of this page are to promote the image of Macau to the international community.

MacHTTP FAQ Documentation
Grant Neufeld, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Documentation, Frequently Asked Questions, and pointers to net resources about the MacHTTP server software for Macintosh computers.

Made in America!
OnLine Solutions, Inc., Morrisonville, NY, US
A new storefront in the Access Market Square, showcasing handmade articles, related services and other items just too good to pass up. Included are prints, stained glass panels, successful Adirondack cookbooks, hammocks, pottery and various other country items. Stop by and select a gift from the many offerings to brighten the day of a favorite friend or relative!

Maine Tourism Web
Maine Office of Tourism, Augusta, ME, US
We've included detailed regional travel information, as well as information about tourist attractions and activities. We've also thrown in some special feature stories and a Photo Gallery of beautiful photography from our state.

Mark Twain Resources on the World Wide Web
Syracuse, NY, US
An eclectic directory of resources by or about Mark Twain available via the Web. They range from e-texts of his books to analyses of his influence on popular culture today. This page is now available on a new Web server.

Materials Research Laboratory (UIUC)
Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, IL, US
Supports interdisciplinary materials research of faculty and students in departments throughout the University of Illinois. Operates central facilities for the characterization of the structure and microchemistry of materials, synthesis and preparation of materials and single crystals, and growth of thin films, multilayers, and artificially tailored materials by MBE, CBE, MOCVD, and other methods.

MauiWeb Gallery
Kihei, HI, US
MauiWeb Gallery is a virtual showroom for some of the hottest artists in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim. From fine art photography to traditional seascapes to cutting-edge graphics, we've got samples of the art that has made Maui the trendiest artspot west of NYC.

Seattle, WA, US
Features music clips, video clips and other information related to the artists and products available from Miramar. Cool stuff, special offers and regularly updated news items.

Mosakin Corporation
Minneapolis, MN, US
Mosakin Corporation is an information technology company providing services to businesses and government. We also import and design fine cultural fashions. Our Fashion Page is the world's first online catalog of original and contemporary African fashions. Mosakin also provides links to African American culture and literature.

MPR Teltech Ltd.
Burnaby, BC, Canada
MPR Teltech Ltd. specializes in using advanced technology to develop innovative business solutions for telecommunications service providers, equipment vendors and corporations that use sophisticated information systems. The company maintains a broad technology base that includes digital network products, satellite communications, wireless communications, ISDN, and more.

Music from Catherine King, Contemporary Christian Vocalist
Underground Rivers, Dallas, TX, US
Listen to Catherine King -- hot new contemporary Christian vocalist from Texas. Sound clips (.wav) from her new album, "Windows & Doors."

My Mother Lights a Cigar and other Photographs by John Green
musicman.com, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A photography exhibit with images from Egypt, New York, Paris and Oklahoma.

Nation of Hawai`i
Honolulu, O`ahu, Hawai`i
The Nation of Hawai`i is proud to announce our service on the World Wide Web to provide information regarding the legal foundation for the restoration of Hawaiian independence, along with cultural perspectives from the people of Hawai`i.

National Press Club
Washington, DC, US
The National Press Club WWW site gives Club members, journalists and the general public unprecedented access to this professional and social organization for journalists. It includes Internet access to speeches and press conferences at the Club. It also contains a comprehensive and concise collection of Internet resources for journalistic research, designed to be the best available tool for journalists seeking information from the Internet as deadline approaches.
http://town.hall.org/places/npc/ [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Neuroscience at Macalester
St. Paul, MN, US
The home page for the neuroscience program at Macalester College provides information about our activities and neuroscience website links. Find here the new electronic journal "College Neuroscience Quarterly," focusing on faculty/undergraduate neuroscientist research collaborations, premiering Spring 1995. See why liberal arts colleges are the place for undergraduate neuroscientist training.

North Jeffco Swim Club
Plains Petroleum, Lakewood, CO, US
North Jeffco is the largest and one of the oldest USS swim teams in the state of Colorado. It's membership is the force that maintains Colorado Swimming's home page.

North London NetWorks
London, England
The North London NetWorking service, including "Funky Site of the day," a different, hand picked site every day.

Dr. Oguchi Nkwocha, Pebble Beach, CA, US
Oneness deals with spiritual, metaphysical, religious and philosophical issues on both personal and universal levels with a new paradigm. It presently features a meditational Thought of the Present section and a monthly newsletter, Presence. Both features can be browsed online or downloaded.

Optimum Consulting Engineers
Cincinnati, OH, US
A unique blend of professionals who SOLVE the challenges of business and industry. If your challenges include project management/justification, manufacturing automation and system integration, electronic circuit board design and manufacture, professional and technical search and placement, management consulting, diversity or employee training, we will solve them!

Paradon Computer Systems Ltd.
Victoria, BC, Canada
Paradon is the fastest-growing computer company on Vancouver Island. Check us for computer hardware pricing and brokerage sales in Canada and the United States. Orders are accepted from around the world. HTML editing for Paradon was done by Frank Hilliard Writing.

Pasadena, California Real Estate Forum
Global Exposure Network, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
GENinc is pleased to announce its Pasadena, California Real Estate Forum, currently featuring agent Nancy Silsby of The William Wilson Company. Come visit today - perhaps you'll find your new home!

Planet StarChild
Planet Starchild and Streams, Chicago, IL, US
An online catalog of indie music from artists in Chicago and around the US. Surf by and check it out, as Planet Starchild features multimedia homepages for your Web browsing pleasure! And, if you really dig an artist's music, contact information is available. If you're an artist, stop by and let us know what you think!

Quality Management Institute: An ISO 9000 Registrar
PicNet, Dallas, TX, US
As North America's second largest quality registrar QMI has been offering quality systems registration since 1979. We currently have over 2100 active applicants, almost 900 of which are registered. Browse by our home page to learn about ISO 9000's importance for your business, whether you are a service provider or a manufacturer.

Rec.skate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Rec.skate volunteers, Tallahassee, FL, US
The Rec.skate FAQ file is the most comprehensive compilation of in-line skating (a.k.a "blading" or "Rollerblading") information on the net today. Here you can find tutorials on skating techniques, tips on skate maintenance, addresses and phone numbers of skate manufacturers and mail-order companies, lists of trails and rinks around the world, tricks and stunts that you can do, and more.

Republican Liberty Caucus page
Scott Banister, Urbana, IL, US
Head to the Republican Liberty Caucus page to read the RLC Statement of Principles. A site of interest to both conservatives and libertarians.

Russian-American Science, Inc.
White Plains, NY, US
We help identify, evaluate and transfer technologies from Russia and other FSU countries. Examples: high-strength glass, leading-edge acoustic microscopes, improved steam valves, high-efficiency brushless motors, polymer coatings, holographic encoders, ceramic heating elements. Other services: feasibility studies, ministry approvals, financing proposals, translations. We offer turnkey service or work hand-in-hand with your staff.

Salem Info-Now!
NetVision, Salem, OR, US
Salem, Oregon is a special place to live, work and play. This link is developed as a community service to provide area residents and visitors with varied and useful information about Salem and the surrounding countryside. Welcome, and don't forget your raincoat!

Sociology at the University of Surrey
Sociology Dept., Univ. of Surrey, Surrey, England
The University of Surrey's Sociology Department has launched a new WWW server. Along with a guide to members of staff there are descriptions of the department's research activities and comprehensive information on courses offered. There's even a tour of Surrey University and the surrounding town of Guildford. The Surrey pages are an ideal starting point for sociologists exploring the web.

Special Collections, Tulane University
New Orleans, LA, US
Provides resources for American History, Architectural History, Jazz History, the American Civil War, American Literature, information for visitors to New Orleans, and more.

Surroundings: a source for western living
Boulder, CO, US
Surroundings specializes in the search for hard-to-find pieces for your home. Through established relationships with craftpeople, artists, one-of-a-kind collectors and photographers, Surroundings locates and creates uncommon home accessories. The collection is anchored by Chicken & Egg handcrafted log furniture, the sale of which helps to fund three nationally acclaimed non-profit organizations.

Theater Operations at Duke University
Duke University Theater Operations, Durham, NC, US
Up-to-date information about facilities and productions supported by the Theater Operations Department. We also offer links to other Technical Theater related sites. We hope to be the leaders in offering information on the Web to all those interested in the field of theatrical design and production.

Univ. of Texas-Houston Medical School Dept. of OB/GYN
Houston, TX, US
The Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology Reproductive Sciences at University of Texas-Houston Medical School WWW site has information related to the activities and programs within the department, including patient care, residency training, fellowship training, and research. We will also have a section for faculty, students, and patients.

University Book Store - Madison, WI
Madison, WI, US
The University Book Store in Madison, WI, is pleased to provide a full range of services to the Internet community. Peruse our computer sales, general books, and clothing departments, as well as our first-class medical and technical Reference Area. We provide online ordering, inquiry, and review of a selection of our merchandise.

The Web Developer's Journal
Markland Communities, Inc., Lenoir City, TN, US
The Web Developer's Journal covers subjects of interest to businesses and individuals using electronic formats to communicate -- on the Internet and elsewhere. Information about HTML development, electronic publishing, online services, reviews of modems and communications software, compression technology, comparisons of the best HTML authoring tools, and user stories are all covered.

Anyone can author a Web page, but not everyone has the time or creative skill to author a web page that can make an impact on the WWW community. We would be happy to design a page that will work for your organization. Visit the WebMaker home page and link to some of the other pages we've designed.

William Calvin's Internet novel UNLISTED
The WELL, Sausalito, CA, US
The second in William Calvin's series of Internet novels, UNLISTED, is being released to the Web early, due to the "cyberthief" arrest (see the John Markoff stories in the New York Times, 16 February 1995). At the end of the first novel, SYNCHRONIZED (recently serialized on the Web), billions from a stock market manipulation are missing and The Mob assumes that our heroes have them.

World Wide Trade Service
Bellingham, WA, US
World Wide Trade Service is one of the most respected distributors of mail order trade directories, import-export directories and other wholesale publications in the United States. For those interested in a home working business opportunity, World Wide is offering a limited number of sales dealerships on a full or part-time basis.

XYZZYnews: The magazine for interactive fiction enthusiasts
Eileen Mullin, New York, NY, US
XYZZYnews provides an open forum for folks who love computer adventure games, especially text-based adventures. This includes nostalgic fans of the old Infocom games and people who're just always on the lookout for new games to play. Each issue contains plenty of game reviews, interviews with game designers, a spoiler column, and newbriefs and relevant articles.

Ye Olde Internet Insurance Shoppe
Emerald Coast Financial Partners, Pensacola, FL, US
Insurance for both individuals and businesses, including life (Term, Universal life, Whole life), health (major medical, PPO's, HMO's, Temp/Transitional), disability income. Investments i.e., mutual funds and annuities. Business: Group life/health/dental/disability, 401(k), SEP, profit sharing, executive benefits.

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