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What's New: May 1996

Wednesday, 1 May 1996

1996 Fairfax Fair
Faxfair Corporation, Fairfax, VA, US
Everything needed to have a terrific time at Fairfax County's 15th annual community-wide festival.

The ALF Page
Kyle Pleasant, Nacogdoches, TX, US
For fans of the NBC comedy ALF. Pictures and sounds from the show and other science fiction-related links are available.

Association of Flaming Ford Owners
Marietta, GA, US
Contains valuable information about the Ford recall due to faulty ignition switches and other information related to the 26 million Ford vehicles affected.

Blindness Resource Center
The New York Institute for Special Education, Bronx, NY, US
Has hundreds of links related to computer technology for persons with visual impairments and blindness.

Blue Cares
The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, Chicago, IL, US
Official site of Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Tour the human body through the Virtual Body Atlas, and find out what's new, what's blue, and what's happening locally.

A Complete Web Guide
Cambridge, MA, US
A guide to the Web covering such topics as navigating the Web, home page creation, and making money on the Web.

ConneCT '96
Avon, CT, US
Find out all about this project to connect all of Connecticut's schoools and libraries to the Internet.

The CUBA Freedom Pages
Juan M. Bilbao, Miami, FL, US
Featuring articles on Castro-communism and lots of GIFs of Cuba.

The Daily Aardvark
Daily Online Media, Fairfield, CT, US
The thinking person's daily guide to money, politics, love, and sex.

Gary Beene's Visual Basic World
Dallas, TX, US
Provides information on the Visual Basic programming language. It offers original material, book and software reviews, links, files, and more.

Go Net-Wide...
Whitney R. Proffitt, Champaign-Urbana, IL, US
A free do-it-yourself resource linking to hundreds of Web site submission forms for Internet search engines, directories, meta-libraries, and hot lists.

IG Metall
Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
Homepage of the German metalworkers trade union. Mostly in German.

Editora Tres Ltda., Sao Paulo, Brazil
A leading Brazilian weekly newsmagazine.

Trade Point USA, Columbus, OH, US
An Internet-based international trade information and service provider, sponsored by the United Nations.

Virtual Netcasting Corporation, Los Angeles, CA, US
Featuring Coffeebreak, the weekly interview series featuring RealAudio interviews along with exclusive picture scrapbooks. CD and concert reviews featuring Ivan, the one and only 11-year Internet-record-reviewer, are also available.

Net B.C. Publishing Ltd., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
An Internet news service covering British Columbia, Canada.

NewStocks Daily
Daily Online Media, Fairfield, CT, US
Fresh daily review of three companies going public, with critical questions to ask about each before investing.

Oleg Mezjuev's Swedish Ragtime Home Page
Järfällagen, Sweden
Contemporary Swedish ragtime compositions by Oleg Mezjuev, Peter Andersson, Peter Lundberg, and Kjell Waltman. Includes MIDI files, classical rags, military history, battles, and campaigns

Peace Brigades International
London, England
Provides international nonviolent peacekeepers to conflict areas around the world, demonstarting that individuals working together can act boldly even when governments cannot or will not.

The WriteIdea, Chico, CA, US
A collection of columns on topics as wideranging as politics, poetry, philosophy, and psyche. Coffee drinkers may also send in their gifs to Percolater of the Month.

Public Technology, Inc.
Washington, DC, US
The premier cooperative membership organization of city and county governments in North America. In 1996, the organization celebrates 25 years of promoting technology for local governments.

Roger Ebert Movie Reviews
Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago, IL, US
New reviews posted every Friday, plus a searchable database of some 2,000 titles since 1985, from the Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic.

Santa Monica High School on the Web
Santa Monica, CA, US
See what a group of dedicated students can do.

Sounds of Europe
Frank Farnschlaeder, Erlangen, Germany
Guide to a European rock festival and congress on the interrelations of music and society.

Speaking Chinese
Latrobe University, Bendigo, Bendigo, Australia
Learn to speak Chinese for free via the Internet.

Truckworld Online
Autoweb Worldwide Publishing Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA, US
A truck magazine devoted to custom 4X4s, street trucks, NASCAR truck and off-road racing, new product tests, reviews, and more.

Virtual Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Israel
A popular Jewish and Israeli information site.

Erich, Wheeling, IL, US
An Internet opinion poll is the highlight of this site. Users can also test Web knowledge and link to other Web sites totally by accident.

Willa Cather Page
Scott Newstrom, Cambridge, MA, US
Information and links to historical sites, literary and biographical information, and photographs of the 20th Century American novelist.

World Directory of Science Fiction Artists
Washington, DC, US
A comprehensive catalog of science fiction, fantasy, and space artists.

Thursday, 2 May 1996

America's 4X4 4U Video NetWork
KII Ltd., Bethesda, MD, US
An interactive Web site for the 4X4 truck and SUV enthusiast. Filled with four wheeling information on trail rides, truck shows, and events, with realtime event coverage.

Rebecca Haddad, Missoula, MT, US
A cartoon of literary and social satire about book lovers who work and congregate at Ye Olde Local Book Shoppe.

Collector Link
Terry Stewart, Boca Raton, FL, US
Links to over 900 trading card collecting sites on the Web, with a search engine for fast reference.

Earth Observation Magazine Online
Aurora, CO, US
Covers integrated applications in the geotechnologies, including remote sensing, GIS, image processing, GPS, mapping, photogrammetry, orthophotography, and surveying.

J. Samuel Wood, Rochester, NY, US
A complete guide to free samples, free net services, free Internet access, free magazines, and everything else that's free on the Net.

I Need To Find A Mate
The JeVal Group, Morganville, NJ, US
A free, comprehensive directory of Web sites of interest to mingling singles, including matchmaking services and national, regional, international, and sectarian personals.

Imperial Cancer Research Fund
London, England
Dedicated to saving lives through research into the causes, prevention, and cure of cancer, with news, advice, and related information.

Information Center on Books
Ton Cremers and Marian Beereboom, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Provides annotated links to such topics as bookarts, bookhistory, bookschools, bookbinding, typography, graphic arts, private presses, auctions, photography, and museums.

International Council of Airshows
Jackson, MI, US
Founded as a professional trade association to protect and promote the interests of the air show industry. Find news, membership information, and a schedule of shows.

Internet Link Exchange
Internet Marketing Solutions, San Mateo, CA, US
A new, free public service for promoting web sites through banner ads. Ads are automatically scheduled, rotated, and displayed.

The LAWS COMpany, San Ramon, CA, US
A compendium of legal resources on the Web.

Live Pictures of the Mars Pathfinder Spacecraft
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, US
Watch the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft being tested and readied for its voyage to Mars. The pictures on this page are updated every five minutes.

Municipal World
Union, Ontario, Canada
The oldest continuously published monthly municipal magazine in the world, now online. Features important information about local government and details about products and services.

The OJ Simpson Discussion Companion
Dan Wedeking, Los Angeles, CA, US
A basically pro-prosecution page on the bizarre world of OJ Simpson, from evidence to films, from quotes to debates.

Overcoming Consumerism
Christopher Verdant and Friends, San Francisco, CA, US
Discusses the environmental, social, and economic costs of consumerism, and helps negate these while actively saving resources and money, and improving communities.

The Quality Music Page
Arthur James Virgin, Orlando, FL, US
A great source for up-to-the-minute information on the greatest bands today. Includes an exclusive interview section.

Conway Data Inc, Norcross, GA, US
The first online advertiser index in the industry, now available through Conway Data's electronic edition of Site Selection magazine.

Social Watch
Third World Institute, Montevideo, Uruguay
A citizens' watchdog of social development policies, monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the resolutions taken at the Social Summit and the World Conference on Women.

U.S. Immigration for Canadian Businesses and Professionals
Joseph C. Grasmick, Buffalo, NY, US
For Canadian and U.S. human resource managers, this site contains comprehensive content from the Canada-U.S. Business Immigration Handbook.

Vineyard Challenge
Triangle Street Diversions, Fremont, CA, US
Users can try their skills at grape growing in this graphical, interactive, and (most importantly) fun CGI game.

Virginia Child Care Online
Commonwealth of Virginia, Richmond, VA, US
Information for Virginia parents and child care providers. Includes a database of Virginia child care providers, tips, and resources.

Whale Songs
Allentown, PA, US
An educational resource about whales and people, for teachers, students, and whale lovers alike.

Friday, 3 May 1996

Abraham Lincoln Assassination
Roger Norton, Ft. Myers, FL, US
A discussion forum for Abraham Lincoln's assassination on 14 April 1865.

Accurate Eye
Jane Ponting, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A comprehensive gateway to international ready-reference resources. The perfect companion for information seekers at home, school, or the office.

All Business Network
The MarkeTech Group, Inc., West Chester, PA, US
A comprehensive business resource with indexed links, informative articles from leading experts, helpful advice from business gurus, and more.

A Blueprint for Real Democracy
Citizens' Government Party, West Chester, PA, US
A proposal to create a truer democracy through the Internet. Everyone votes on every issue, without being full-time politicians.

The Charcoal Page
Don C. Schrock Jr., Indianapolis, IN, US
Dedicated to the fine art of charcoal drawing, with tips and tricks, and a Charcoal of the Week. All pages are presented in black and white.

Cheaters Paradise
"Jefe" Tudisco, New York, NY, US
Devoted to the art of cheating, this site takes a humorous look at various methods of cheating on exams.

Cine Club
Stamatis Stamatiou, Athens, Greece
Contains the latest movie news and ratings, plus many trailers, sound clips, and scripts. Also contains a forum to voice opinions.

Costa Mesa, CA, US
A unique new area for pet lovers which offers a variety of information, pictures, and services.

Ecola's College Locator
Ecola Design, Beaverton, OR, US
A guide to U.S. colleges with Web sites.

Galactic Empires PBM
Galactic Enterprises, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Download a computer moderated play-by-electronic-mail game of interstellar conquest.

Glaucoma Research Foundation
San Francisco, CA, US
A comprehensive resource for people with glaucoma, researchers of glaucoma, and clinicians.

Great Thinkers and Visionaries on the Web
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A directory of pages on great thinkers and visionaries.

Harry's Old Engine Home Page
Harry Matthews, Oswego, NY, US
See Harry's collection of antique farm and marine engines, and find information on engine shows around the country.

Intelligence Online
Indigo Publications, Paris, France
Keeps a close eye on the activities of the world's intelligence community, including business intelligence, spying, terrorist organizations, international relations, and money laundering.

Internet Expo Chicago
DCI, Andover, MA, US
Information on this conference dedicated to Internet, Web, and email-enabled technologies, to be held in Chicago from 12-14 June.

The Norman Welles Project
Libby Glasserman, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Commemorates the sorely neglected Canadian filmmaker Norman Welles (1939-1995). Those who appreciate mind-expanding ideas will enjoy meeting Werner Heisenberg's greatest disciple.

Protein Motions Database
Stanford University, Stanford, CA, US
This database attempts to list all known protein motions and illustrate them with movies.

Randy's Virtual Soapbox
Randy Williams, Williamstown, MA, US
Previously known as Randy's Rants and Raves, with a new look and a new location. This weekly column addresses such far-flung topics as politics, music, movies, pop culture, current events, and the Internet, with passion and humor.

SMASH! Magazine
American Entertainment Inc., Manassas, VA, US
The Web magazine of sci-fi, comics, games, anime, and more.

The Survivors' Voice
Diane E. Amov, Huntington Beach, CA, US
A not-for-profit, online voter action newsletter for survivors of child abuse and their supporters.

The National Organization for Men, New York, NY, USA
NOM is the oldest and largest organization for protecting the rights of heterosexual men. The site has information about the organization, as well as divorce, child custody, sexual harassment, and legislative issues.

The Universe in the Classroom
Astronomical Society of the Pacific, San Francisco, CA, US
The world's largest general astronomy society offers the online edition of the teachers' newsletter, which translates scientific discoveries into plain English.

An Unofficial Extreme 3D Home Page
Chris Stoffel, Tokyo, Japan
Dedicated to Macromedia's 3D rendering program for the PC and Macintosh.

Winston Cup Online
Derek Machovsky, Montague, MI, US
NASCAR Information, results, features, and much more. No site is faster in relaying this information.

World Wild Web
Infopoint Systems, Galway, Ireland
The only site dedicated to the Irish music industry. Find out about Irish music resources available on and offline.

WorldClassifieds Corporation
Minneapolis, MN, US
Place and search classifieds, including employment and personal ads.

Monday, 6 May 1996

The Amazing World of Smoke King Zippo
Designstein, Minneapolis, MN, US
Welcome to the amazing world of Smoke King, where Zippo, the Cadillac of lighters meets the underground, cutting edge artisans of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

The American News Service
Brattleboro, VT, US
Stories that cover innovations in education, race relations, human services, media, community development, environmental programs, workplaces, and government. Distributed by Knight-Ridder/Tribune.

Vitalic International Inc., Westmont, IL, US
The largest source of Asian information about business, government, education, arts, and culture. Includes homepage indexes for ten Asian countries in the Pacific Rim.

Atlanta Games
New York, NY, US
A complete guide to the summer games in Atlanta, from the hometown newspaper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Avis Galaxy
AVIS, Garden city, NY, US
The car rental company that tries harder. Browse over 700 maps, make online reservations, view global fleet photos, and find approximately 4,000 worldwide locations.

BMW/5 Motorcycle Home Pages
slash5.org, Minneapolis, MN, US
For owners and friends of the BMW/5 motorcycle, here are technical tips and an online FAQ.

Cliffe Answers Questions on Christianity
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Wilton, CT, US
Read Cliffe's answers to tough questions such as "Why do innocent people suffer?" and "Is Jesus the only way to God?"

College Press Network
Julio Fernandez, Coral Gables, FL, US
Index of college and university newspapers on the web. Alphabetical listing by state and name of school.

Disneyland Information Guide
Al Lutz, West Hollywood, CA, US
A collection of tips and tricks to make your visit to the magic kingdom more fun.

Collaborative Media, Inc., New York, NY, US
A collaboration of the country's foremost consumer electronics writers. The library consists of hundreds of stories and product reviews.

Forestry Today Magazine
Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada
The online version of the informative and entertaining magazine. Articles cover forest communities, equipment, education, government, and environmental issues.

Free Offers For Wise $hoppers
Kat Woman, Oxnard, CA, US
A catagorized listing of 1-800 numbers to companies that offer free samples of their products.

Fun Game Fast Lane
Fun Game Domain, Sunnyvale, CA, US
Helpful index of hundreds of PC games and Web resources for each, including official sites, demos, reviews, fan-pages, and cheats.

Loving Life
Groveland, CA, US
A nonprofit foundation dedicated to research and teaching in healing. Contains self-help information for ache, pain, and stress management.

Tucson, AZ, US
A narcotics task force in Southern Arizona. The site provides information on drugs and their effects on communities and is an excellent resource for parents and teachers.

Natural Health and Longevity Center
Lemont, IL, US
This is a resource for valuable information on natural health.

Eycon Communications, Leeming, WA, Australia
Eight grants of $20,000 each are awarded each year to help launch eight young Australians into the big time.

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, England
Part of an interactive, scientific expedition to the Amazon rainforest. The log-book will be updated daily with pictures, text, and sound as the expedition proceeds.

The ONION, Number One In News
Madison, WI, US
A satire newspaper featuring world, national, and community news, plus entertainment news, humor, advice, horoscopes, and cartoons.

PC Week Radio
Cambridge, MA, US
PC Week, the leading weekly IT magazine from Ziff-Davis, has created PC Week Radio with daily Web broadcasts of the latest computing news using RealAudio 2.0.

The Perspective Objective
Richardson, TX, US
A cross-cultural electronic magazine, focused on metaphysical topics.

Richard Lederer's Verbivore Page
Richard Lederer, Concord, NH, US
Written for wordaholics, logolepts, and verbivores. Find out about language organizations on and off the Net, and read about the author.

The Rue St-Jean
Presentix Communications Inc., Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
The cool city guide for tourists who want to know to know what's going on in Quebec City. Find information on places to eat and drink and night life.

Talk Sports
Paul Dombrowsky, Redondo Beach, CA, US
Editioral commentary on controversial sporting issues. Includes a reader forum.

United Distillers Home Page
Lausanne, Switzerland
Informations about whiskyes, vodka, gin, and some popular long drings and cocktails.

Tuesday, 7 May 1996

AlterNet Music Magazine
AlterNet Communications, Inc., Raleigh, NC, US
An e-zine showcase for independently-produced music from North Carolina.

Arizona's WebHub
Rhino Productions Inc., Tempe, AZ, US
A comprehensive, subject-sorted listing of links covering information about Arizona, as well as general-interest resources published by Arizona residents.

ARTS online
DataFlex, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Featuring the arts and artists of Santa Cruz, California. The site includes guides, directories, listings, and more.

The Australian Online
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Provides a daily news summary of Australian news and provides interactive content for computer and higher education audiences.

Beaurepaires Online Tyre Information
Beaurepaires, Victoria, Australia
Australia's leading tyre store (that's tires in American) offers information, advice, and tips about tyres.

The Book of Threes
West Chester University, Philadelphia, PA, US
An interactive, ongoing effort to list concepts that come in threes.

Hearst New Media, New York, NY, US
A fresh look at the Web. Provides an archive of top Web site reviews as well as the "Weekly Web Scan".

The Christian Chat Room
Springfield, MO, US
A place for Christians to come and be encouraged. No profnaity is allowed.

The DeVry Institutes
Oakbrook Terrace, IL, US
One of the largest private higher-education systems in North America, providing programs in electronics, computer information systems, business operations, and more, at 13 campuses.

Fairview HealthWise
Minneapolis, MN, US
Online version of the quarterly newsletter. Each issue covers healthcare topics ranging from cancer prevention to infant safety.

Hawaiian Sovereignty Elections Council
Honolulu, HI, US
Facilitates the "Native Hawaiian Vote," asking the question: "Shall the Hawaiian people elect delegates to propose a native Hawaiian Government?"

International Sugar Glider Association
Evansville Courier Company, Evansville, IN, US
A guide to owning and caring for the flying marsupials known as sugar gliders.

Islam, Christianity, and Science
Yusuf, Chico, CA, US
Information on Islam, Arabic religion, and related subjects.

John Eldredge: The Man Without Qualities
Chris Fujiwara, Cambridge, MA, US
A short biography and filmography of American character actor John Eldredge (1904-1961).

Maturity USA
Fort Collins, CO, US
A magazine geared for baby boomers and seniors. Includes articles on news, health, and finance, plus entertaining travel and feature sections, and a chat room.

The New Jersey Cigar Page
Cybermine Resources Group, Red Bank, NJ, US
Dedicated to providing informative and entertaining cigar-related information focused on the state of New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

Residential Gateway
GTE Telephone Operations, Irving, TX, US
A common interface between the access network and the residential services and devices that flexibly manages communications between outside broadband and in-home networks. The site details the Residential Gateway concept and will hold an online forum to develop specifications.

Samsara Tibetan Terriers
John George, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Provides pictures, biographies, and stories about Tibetan breed Terriers, plus breeder lists, book references, pet owner tips, grooming tips, and related information.

CyberSource, Menlo Park, CA, US
The most comprehensive software site on the web, with over 16,000 software titles (500 of which can be downloded) and almost 100,000 pages total.

The St. Louis Q
Kerry Shatzer, St. Louis, MO, US
A complete guide to what's queer in St. Louis. Regularly updated.

Through the Keyboard
Arik Hesseldahl, Pocatello, ID, US
A weekly newspaper column on the Internet published in The Idaho State Journal, and now online.

West Virginia University Women's Basketball
John C. Phipps, Morgantown, WV, US
The unofficial Web page for West Virginia University women's Big East basketball. This page includes media information, statistics, biographies, picturesr, and much more.

The World Wide Famous Flame War Wall
SFR HyperNews Forum Service, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A haven for the net.flame.warrior, This page presents the very best in interactive over-the-net flame war entertainment.

Wednesday, 8 May 1996

The Azores Islands Web Page
Pierre Le Velly de Sousa Lima, Ponta Delgada, Portugal
A complete guide to the Azores Islands.

The Baseball Statistics Page
White Plains, NY, US
View Major League Baseball historical and current statistics and records.

Camp Creations
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The online magazine for camps is the ultimate information resource for anyone interested in the world of camps.

Colorado's Best Live Webcam Images
Quacksalver Creative Enterprises, Littleton, CO, US
This site features all the best instantly updated pictures from the state of Colorado, each one thumbnailed for easy viewing.

Commons Park
Commons Park Campaign, Seattle, WA, US
Official Web site of a project to build a 43-acre park in downtown Seattle. Be the detective in this game and discover the truth about the Commons Park.

CyBerDIVA On-line Digital Magazine
Eriq, Pleasanton, CA, US
An online magazine covering the entertainment world, including men, music, fashion, and photography.

Families Under Construction
Carolyn Waterbury-Tieman, Lexington, KY, US
A place where parents will find carefully crafted tools that will provide practical solutions for building, maintaining, and repairing families.

The Hobby Craft Network
Comspan Communication, Inc, Santa Monica, CA, US
A new cable service that is designed to appeal to the over 82 million Americans who are hobby and craft enthusiasts.

Reykjavik, Iceland
The official Icelandair site, with graphics, sound, animation, theme music, and games. And, of course, users can book flights to and from Iceland.

iflowers Direct
Jim Osborne, Winter Park, FL, US
A high-speed search engine that helps users to quickly locate the address and telephone number of over 50,000 florists in the U.S., including 800 numbers.

Madeleine's Mind
Digital Planet, Culver City, CA, US
A psychological thriller that plumbs the mysterious depths of the consciousness, Madeleine's Mind takes original programming for the Web to new heights.

Magic Gallery of Photographs
Michael Zausner, Port Washington, NY, US
Very unique photographic images. Life's energy captured on film.

Maritime Reporter, New York, NY, US
A source of news, editorial commentary, and statistical data on the international shipping and shipbuilding industries.

Musée de la publicité - Advertising Museum
Paris, France
The first world advertising museum on the Web.

Outdoor Journal of the Internet
St Paul, MN, US
A monthly outdoors magazine and a guide to outdoor resources in Iowa, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

PepsiCo Inc.
Purchase, NY, US
Contains in-depth information about the company, including financial information, corporate information, shareholder services, news releases, and direct links to all divisions: Pepsi Cola, Frito Lay, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC.

Polyhedral Hyperpages
Tom Gettys, Portland, OR, US
Raytraced images of many polyhedra, along with supporting educational text, tutorial, and references.

PPPL's Fusion Energy Science Home Page
Princeton, NJ, US
The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory is the only U.S. national laboratory dedicated to the development of fusion energy science. It is the home of the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor.

Psyched About Cyber-Space!
Daniela Plume, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Comprehensive resources for psychology and psychiatry, plus assorted academic resources.

Robert E. Howard Archive
Steve Hogan, Chicago, IL, US
Poetry and other writings from the grandfather of sword-and-sorcery fiction, and the creator of "Conan."

Scott's Sound Site
New York, NY, US
More than 130 MB of downloadable sound files, free for noncommercial purposes.

Virtual Mount Fuji
J-MAC System Inc., Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
A series of pictures and text recalling the author's trip to the top of Mount Fuji in Japan.

Windows to New Orleans
New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau, New Orleans, LA, US
Explore the wonders of New Orleans. Includes a calendar, recipes, and FAQ.

Wine Country Review
John Kolesar, Santa Clarita, CA, US
A monthly publication featuring wineries, B&Bs, restaurants, cigars, micro-breweries, and food and wine event listings.

Thursday, 9 May 1996

All About Business
Tommy Edwards Publications, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, US
Small business operators write about how to successfully operate every phase of a small/home business.

Amputation - The E-Zine
GB Communications, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
The first-ever online magazine for amputees and prosthestists, with the latest in technology and sports.

Azar's Middle East Journey's
George Azar, San Francisco, CA, US
Find photography and travel literature covering such topics as Sufi mystics, crusader castles, and lost desert cities. Reading by Marks Twain, T.E. Lawrence, and Ibn Batutta are included.

Castles of the World
Jaime Fernandez Jr., Houston, TX, US
A large collection of castle photographs and information with links to other castle pages.

The Coconut Telegraph, New York, NY, US
Provides information on mental health, both to the professional and the person seeking help, by helping foundations have a presence on the Web.

Electronic Banking Resource Center
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, US
An indexed hot list of every U.S. bank on the Web, with reviews and related financial information.

Embassy of Israel
Washington, DC, US
The official site of the Israeli Diplomatic Mission to the United States of America.

The Genetic Programming Notebook
Jaime Fernandez Jr., Houston, TX, US
A large collection of genetic programming information, including a tutorial.

Horology - The Index
Fortunat F. Mueller-Maerki, Scarsdale, NY, US
A hierarchical, multipage index to several hundred Web sites concerned with time, timekeeping, timekeepers, and their restoring, collecting, repairing, related museums, schools, organizations, and brands.

IN Jersey Rocks
IN Jersey Digital Network, Neptune, NJ, US
Official site of the New Jersey area rock scene, with news, reviews, a local spotlight, FAQ, and message boards.

Kentucky Derby
Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation, Nashville, TN, US
Information on the 1996 Kentucky Derby and health care for chest pain.

Let's Talk Business Network
New York, NY, US
A multimedia service organization focused on uniting the fragmented entrepreneurial marketplace. The online interactive playland is one of the cornerstones of the community.

Life Raft
Dublin, CA, US
An integrational crew and special guest explore questions about human life through fiction, nonfiction, analysis, humor, graphics, photography, and music.

Mudit's Trading Desk
Mudit Wahal, San Jose, CA, US
Intraday charts for major indices (INDU, OEX, SPX, COMPQ), stocks, and financial futures, with detailed technical analysis.

National High School Track and Field Cross Country Pages
Thomas Vincent, San Jose, CA, US
The site contains results and schedules and helps put athletes in touch with collegiate coaches.

RoadTrip America
Pasadena, CA, US
New features are posted daily from the Phoenix One, RoadTrip's state-of-the-art mobile headquarters. There's fun and games here for the whole family.

S-4 database
Olav Phillips, Walnut Creek, CA, US
Created to allow the public free access to declassified and generally known design specifications of spacecraft of extraterrestrial design. Contains a practical Area 51 visitors' guide and FAQ.

San Francisco Bay Area Running Pages
Thomas Vincent, San Francisco, CA, US
The definitive source for running in the Bay Area. The site has a race calendar, club, store, and track listings.

St. Clair Irish High Tech Report
Tony St. Clair, Pacifica, CA, US
News written with the intention of informing, and shedding light on current events having to do with the Web, the Internet, and all coinciding interests.

This Just In
Zone Interactive, Boulder, CO, US
A weekly news site featuring breaking stories not found in the mainstream press. An interactive news site of unmatched acuity.

TI-99/4a Home Computer Page
Rich Polivka, Akron, OH, US
The TI-99/4a is a computer made by Texas Instruments in the early 80s. This page is an archive of information/memories of this classic computer.

Today's Country
Craven "A" Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Brings country music to life. Featuring interviews with big stars, audio clips, previews of new releases, TC showcases music's fastest growing format: New Country.

United States ArmSports
Petaluma, CA, US
An umbrella organization representing major ArmSports organizations and events in the U.S. Includes histories of arm wrestling and wrist wrestling, a schedule of tournaments, and a list of arm wrestling supplies.

Cirrus Arts Corporation, Patagonia, AZ, US
A free service that provides Internet users with information on software updates, version changes, and bug fixes.

The Wills Net
Holden & Sinclair, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
A complete online application for creating Last Wills and Testaments.

Friday, 10 May 1996

Alabama Online Journal
Internet Training & Consulting Services, Northport, AL, US
An online-only magazine covering news, sports, education, family, business, arts, entertainment, and more in the west and central Alabama area.

Barcelona Insite
Alemany SCCL, Barcelona, Spain
An e-zine about music, movies, books, art, and theater in the city of Barcelona. In Spanish only.

Benno's Un-Official Bundy Rum Page
Ormiston, Australia
Dedicated to an Australian icon: Bundaberg Rum. Contains links, trivia, the famous Bundy Shrine, cocktail recipes, Bundy Bears, and heaps more.

Blortland Health Dome
Diana Hinnrichs, Saratoga, CA, US
A positive visualization site for chemotherapy, with links to related sites, and an ongoing Hodgkins story.

Brisbane, Australia
A magazine devoted to the enjoyment of life in Brisbane. Includes feature articles, a comprehensive listing of clubs and pubs, and sports information.

China Business Net Pages
JJ Uclink, Inc., Wexford, PA, US
A comprehensive resource of Chinese business. Packed with business news, trade show information, stock data, investment projects, and an art gallery.

DC/MD/VA Fire and Rescue News Wire
Dave J. Iannone, College Park, MD, US
Reports fire, rescue, and police incidents of note from the Baltimore/Washington area. Updated at least once daily.

Environmental Lessons
B J Polo, Alexandria, VA, US
A guide to environmental education resources focusing on lesson plans, curricula, and activities. Resources are organized in simple categories for easier searching.

Hobnob Inn
Paige L. Anderson, Santa Barbara, CA, US
A syndicated comic strip appearing in many newspapers in the U.S. and Canada. See the current strip, old strips, a history, and artist information.

The Moab Home Page
Moab, UT, US
The most exhaustive resource on Southeastern Utah, with professional photos and tons of information.

The Other Queer Page
Steven Williams and Rebecca Murphey, Terre Haute, IN, US
The site features the best of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender resources available on the Web. It is a great starting place to find everything Queer.

Roofer Magazine
Ft. Myers, FL, US
An international monthly trade magazine devoted to the roofing industry. This site contains a searchable database and many construction-related articles.

Sextant Cyberspace Odyssey
Sextant Productions LLC, San Diego, CA, US
A Web-based game that's free for users, with no registration and no cost to play. Use graphical and textual clues to find the mystery image each day, and win thousands of dollars, cars, and more.

Sir Cliff Richard Home Page
Randal Sheppard, Melbourne, Australia
A tribute to the remarkable career of Britain's most successful pop star, Cliff Richard. Look through the 37-year career of this pop icon.

Southwest Research Institute
San Antonio, TX, US
An independent, nonprofit research and development organization devoted to technology development and transfer in applied engineering and physical sciences.

SpyNet Magazine
Darius Gandhi, Los Angeles, CA, US
Daily graphical links to new and interesting Web sites around the Internet. Hmmm...sounds familiar.

Stockhausen Home Page
James Stonebraker, St. Louis, MO, US
Comprehensive information on the father of electronic music and musique concrete, composer Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Taxpayers for Accountable Government
St. Louis, MO, US
Promoting responsible individuals for public office while working to oust liberal elitists.

Two Minutes Hate
Ingsoc, Skokie, IL, US
A straight-edge vegan geekcore punk zine about nothing.

UFO Nachrichten
Werner L. Forster, Obergnuezburg, Germany
Site of the oldest german UFO newspaper, published since 1956. Covers UFOs, New Age topics, astronautics, astronomy, and extraterrestrials. In German only.

Monday, 13 May 1996

The Aerial Archaeology Newsletter
Baker Aerial Photography, Tijeras, NM, US
An electronic periodical about aerial archaeology, with aerial photographs of ancient ruins. Photos and articles are updated periodically.

Canterbury Community Internet Access Project
Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
Assists individuals who have severe physcal disabilities to access Internet resources.

The Cayman Island Wide World Web Site
Glenside, PA, US
A must for everyone planning a trip to the Cayman Islands. A very comprehensive site with good content and pretty pictures. If it's about the Caymans it's here or will be shortly.

Directory of Environmental Resources on the Internet
Environmental Software Cooperative, Ventura, CA, US
Provides links to useful environmental resources, and information on public agencies, private companies, other organizations, environmental software, legislation, conferences, and courses.

Dr. Jarvis' Oral Surgery Information Site
Wayne C. Jarvis, DDS, Gasport, NY, US
Oral surgery information for laymen and dentists. Covers dental implants, wisdom teeth, anesthesia, post-operative events and instructions, facial deformities, medications, and continuing dental education.

Kathy E. Gill, Bellevue, WA, US
A weekly critique of Internet resources dealing with the environment, natural resources, and agriculture. Sites reviewed include organizations as well as scientific, government, and political resources.

The Government of Galicia
Santiago de Compostela, La Coruńa, Spain
A guide to the government and administration of Galicia, an autonomus region in Northwestern Spain.

Internet ScamBusters
NETrageous Inc., Carmel, CA, US
A free zine for business owners new to the Internet, to protect innocent newbies from Internet scams and hype.

Kindred: The Embraced
Spelling Television Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US
Official site of Fox's hot new television series.

Alex Gandsas, MD, Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Provides updated information about laparoscopic surgery and online, realtime, worldwide conferences. Includes a multimedia library of pictures, movies, and audio conferences.

The Maine Resource Guide
John McKinnon, Bangor, ME, US
Provides up-to-date travel and tourism information about the beautiful state of Maine.

Miscellaneous Mac Matters
Bruce L. Giles, Oak Ridge, TN, US
Offers solutions to common Macintosh problems, including the infamous generic icon problem. A tutorial on how icons work is also included.

Multi-Player Games Network
Key West, FL, US
Join others in fascinating multi-player online games. Sign up for an account and download free Win95-based games.

Music Industry Contacts Page
Michael Rose, Southgate, MI, US
Get connected with the biggest names in the business. Includes weekly columns on songwriting, recording, MIDI, and more.

Northern Lights of Alaska
MissNikita, Sitka, AK, US
A cybertour of Alaska's hauntingly beautiful island communties: their histories, people, and special quirks.

Rainbow Kids
Harvey, LA, US
An online information resource for those seeking to adopt a child internationally.

Russian Dictionary with Sounds and Images
Sarah Withee, Edina, MN, US
A multimedia dictionary of Russian, pairing pictures and Cyrillic text with recordings of a native speaker pronouncing the words.

TMA Medical Student Section
Texas Medical Association, Houston, TX, US
Organizational site for the TMA's student section and its 4,300 members.

Water Online
Mike Hagan, Horsham, PA, US
Site for water and wastewater professionals that includes regulatory updates, technology and industry news, new products affecting the industry, and more.

Tuesday, 14 May 1996

The Armed Robbery Page
John D. Moore, CPP, Spokane, WA, US
Provides armed robbery information for high-risk businesses and the employees of high-risk businesses.

Citizens for Law and Order Talking
Oakland, CA, US
A 25-year-old group fighting for judicial change in the handling of death penalty cases. The site features information on the issue.

Education in Alberta
Alberta Department of Education, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
The site is a comprehensive collection of information about Alberta's education system and links to other key education sites.

Madison, WI, US
Contains the latest information on preventing pollution on farms and in homes, including newsletters and slide training programs.

Fishinternet Australia
Steve Edwards, Melbourne, Australia
A complete resource for the Aussie fishing enthusiast, with concise information on fishing Australian waters, plus guides, charters, tackle and gear, clubs, news, up-to-date fishing reports, and weather.

The Great War
Tony Novosel, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Resources pertaining to all aspects of The Great War (World War I).

Amy Goodloe, Oakland, CA, US
Dedicated to promoting lesbian visibility on the Internet, and to that end donates space to nonprofits, publishes several online journals, and sponsors five popular email lists.

Mauro Magnani's Finance Area
Mauro Magnani, Venice, Italy
A very useful site for worldwide investors, maintained by a Venetian financial planner.

Nice & Easy Plumbing Guide
Sydney, Australia
Information for the building, plumbing, draining, roofing, gasfitting, and water industries.

Online Journal of Cardiology
Dr. Michael Rosengarten, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
An interactive journal of cardiology that provides material for medical teaching including electrocardiograms, echocardiograms, nuclear images, patient information, and the reuse of medical supplies.

Political Science Department
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA, US
Site includes research resources, news links, graduate and undergraduate program information, and faculty and student pages.

Museum of Science, Boston, MA, US
A nonprofit science education program for children in grades 4-9. Members receive two science activity packets per year and are teamed with a professional scientist pen-pal.

America House Communications, Newport, RI, US
A pulse-pounding and mentally-riveting interactive story about one man's quest for the ultimate truth.

Starbase Triton
Denver, CO, US
Caters exclusively to the PC gaming community with comprehensive lists of game demos, patches, accessories, official games pages, and links to game companies.

The Stuart Alma McDonald Home Page
None, Salt Lake City, UT, US
An autobiography of one long-term gay survivor of HIV, with links to memorial pages of those the author has lost to AIDS.

The Temple of Jackie Chan
Minh Nguyen, Philadelphia, PA, US
Dedicated to the living legend, with pictures, clips, and reviews.

Today's Breda Rae of Sunshine
Breda Rae Goodballett, Mollusk, WV, US
The Web's favorite redneck gal offers a new uplifting thought each day.

USA.NET Address
Colorado Springs, CO, US
A virtual post office that can intelligently route, forward, and store e-mail based on criteria you choose.

vi Lovers Home Page
Thomer M. Gil, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The best resource on the Net for fans of vi, the UNIX-based text editor.

Women Online
Amy Goodloe, Oakland, CA, US
An online resource for women which features reviews of women's links, information on women's mailing lists, and several women's online publications.

Wednesday, 15 May 1996

Arden Inc.
Thin Ice Communications Inc., St. Louis, MO, US
A resource for advertising professionals seeking employment, as well as employee job searches by ad agencies looking to hire individuals or freelancers.

Art & Antiques Magazine
New York, NY, US
The online version of the most widely read art magazine in the world, with award-winning editorial covering all areas of collecting.

The Chef's Corner
Eric W. Alderton, Hazel Park, MI, US
A culinary arts resource page.

ElderCare Help Page
ElderCare Financial Mangement, Inc., Roswell, GA, US
Information for baby boomers to help navigate the elder care maze. Contains an online advice column, a nationwide directory of elder care service providers, and an online newsletter.

GolfNet Canada
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A listing of Canadian golf courses and information. Play golf trivia, ask a pro, or book a tee time.

Grey Advertising, New York, NY, US
A combination research site for Grey Advertising and entertaining, educational site for kids. Its well-designed layout includes games, opportunities for kids to post their stories and thoughts, and some additional links.

Headhunters Mall
Jason B. George, New York, NY, US
Get a job in NYC, as fast and furious as can be.

The Island Hopper
Don Amaro Concepcion, Alkmaar, The Netherlands
The Net port for the islands on the Web provides great links for Web surfers.

Key West Paradise
Atlantic Datalog Inc., Key West, FL, US
Complete information guide for the traveler or the curiosity seeker who has an interest in Key West. Not your average, boring travel site.

Le Revenu Francais
Paris, France
This leading French economic weekly offers everything needed to know about business, economy, and finances in France and elsewhere.

The Movie Emporium
Christopher Null, Austin, TX, US
Read Christopher Null's movie reviews, reviews without the pretense and condescension of the majors. Also includes celebrity interviews and other features.

Mystic Tourist Information Center
Mystic Media, Inc., Mystic, CT, US
Get away to Southeastern Connecticut, a premiere year-round vacation spot in Southern New England. Experience historic sites, casino gambling, boating, beaches, camping, and more.

National Institute of Public Health
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
Provides information on public health and pollution with free access to Public Health magazine.

Organo-environ Research Institute
Houston, TX, US
A nonprofit scientific and industrial training organization linking industrial training with waste reduction and increased plant efficiency. Read several research reports.

Percussion Education On-Line
Tallahassee, FL, US
A guide for percussionists and people who teach percussion. Topic covered include instruction on all major percussion instruments, with special focus on Marimba, Vibes, Xylophone, and Timpani.

The Real News Page
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Critiques the media, and features under-reported stories, provocative writing on media-politics, and media activism. It is produced by a former Esquire editor.

Rik Emmett: Onwards & Upwards!
Nicole Doughty, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A focus on Canadian singer/songwriter and accomplished former guitarist of Triumph, Rik Emmett.

Stego's FAQ on Nepal Travel
CFN/IST, Lisbon, Portugal
A compilation of Usenet articles about travelling in Nepal, with personal advice and experiences.

Tourism Guide for Greek Islands
TopNet Computers Ltd, Athens, Greece
Find enything needed to know about Cyclades (Paros, Santorini, Mikonos, Sifnos, Naxos, etc.).

University Galleries of Illinois State University
Greg Bowen, Normal, IL, US
Features contemporary art in all media by national and international artists. Exhibited artists include Kenny Scharf, Allan Sekula, Jane Dickson, Alexis Rockman, and many others.

Thursday, 16 May 1996

Aeneas - The Patients' Surgery Center
F. V. Hayden Institute, Steamboat Springs, CO, US
A patient-oriented center for discussion of surgery and surgical issues.

Aero-News Online
Aviation Communications Services, Honeoye Falls, NY, US
Aviation news organization that is always expanding and evolving. The site is a great default home page for aviators with lots of top aviation links.

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Official site of the world famous Angostura Bitters. Includes a history of the product, recipes, distilling information, and a barman's guide.

Temple of Godzilla
Barry S. Goldberg, Somerville, MA, US
The complete multimedia Godzilla experience, with photos, sounds, animations, cartoons, trading cards, movie reviews, and more.

Palo Alto, CA, US
An index of legal resources on the Internet, featuring LawReviews and LawCrawler.

The Goaltender's Crease
Chris Lambert, Cumberland, RI, US
This netminder page contains many resources related to the hockey goaltender. It contains live interaction between goalies, discussion groups, a GAA calculator, and other resources.

Historical Home Page of RMS Olympic, Titanic & Britannic
Spring Hill, Queensland, Australia
Read historical information on the three White Star Line sister ships.

Inabyssent Paradisical Control
David Sada, Buffalo, NY, US
A magazine covering music, television, and comics, sponsored in part by WCCG radio.

Les Frčres Blanc - Restaurants in Paris
PJB Holding, Paris, France
Presentation of some famous Parisian restaurants with their menus. Reservations can be made online.

Links to Journalism
Nikos Markovits, Stockholm, Sweden
Selected links to free online resources designed to serve scholars, journalists, and other professionals.

Ty Morton, Muncie, IN, US
Indiana's first online community, featuring a comprehensive open community network, and information on government, businesses, events, economic development information, and more.

National Association of Catholic Families
Don Froula, Needham Market, Suffolk, United Kingdom
An association of Catholic families who try to give one another mutual, moral, spiritual, and social support in a culture that is now at war with Catholic values.

Park City USA
This Week Park City, Park City, UT, US
The visitor information source for Park City, covering activities, dining, lodging, history, nightlife, and local services.

Scholarly Journals Distributed Via the World-Wide Web
University of Houston Libraries, Houston, TX, US
This directory provides links to established Web-based scholarly journals that offer access to English-language article files without requiring user registration or fees.

R. Jerry Adams, Portland, OR, US
Provides comprehensive educational resources, projects, discussions, interactions, collaborations, lessons, curriculums, and standards for grades K-12.

Society of Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA)
Hudson, OH, US
A professional organization for clinical research associates and organizations involved in clinical trials.

The Applied Technologies Group, Natick, MA, US
Contains various technology guides to assist the Internet community in understanding complex technologies.

Volunteers of America
Metairie, LA, US
One of the nation's largest and most diversified nonprofit human services agencies. Read about the centennial celebration.

Friday, 17 May 1996

Alzheimer's FamilyCare
Parke-Davis, Milwaukee, WI, US
Provides information and resources to help Alzheimer's patients cope with the physical, emotional, and social implications of the disease.

The Ark Trust
Sherman Oaks, CA, US
A nonprofit animal rights organization dedicated to exposing animal cruelty through the powerful voice of the major media.

The Autism Newspaper
Cathy Nance, Moore, OK, US
Complete up-to-date information on Autism for parents and professionals.

Beano Cook on the Internet
SportsFever, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, US
The scoop that only Beano can deliver, on college football's top teams and players.

Business Software Alliance
Washington, DC, US
Promotes the growth of the software industry through its international efforts. Find information on copyright infringement and more.

Campaign For Our Children
Baltimore, MD, US
Home of the National Teen Pregnancy Clock, this site is a resource for parents, educators, communities and researchers on the issue of adolescent pregnancy.

cyber.city Magazine
Darcy Childs, Topeka, KS, US
An online magazine about the people, culture, and business in Topeka.

Non Solo Mare, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy
A forum for dreams in Italian and English.

Guitar in Ensemble
Dave Ashworth, York, England
A guide to music composed, adapted, or transcribed for guitar and other instruments. Encompasses a range of styles and levels.

International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care
Chicago, IL, US
An educational resource of the clinical and scientific information developed by IAPAC for physicians, other healthcare professionals, and people with HIV disease. Updated with new information at least monthly.

ITI Recipe Center
Interface Technologies Inc, Raleigh, NC, US
An interactive recipe database that promotes the enjoyment of fine foods.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A virtual-vision creation that provides information about the arts, culture, and technology and their relationship with community development.

The Legg Mason Investment Center
Legg Mason Wood Walker Inc., Baltimore, MD, US
Information about financial planning, stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and current market commenatry. Interactive applications assist users in planning for college, retirement, and other financial needs.

The NCLaw Navigator
The Raleigh Computer Company, Raleigh, NC, US
A guide to North Carolina legal resources, lawyers and legal software.

Pharmacy Week
Paul Barnes, Madison, WI, US
An employment newsletter for health system pharmacists. Contains listings and articles.

Pug Park
Fonda Glemba, Davis, CA, US
A virtual amusement park dedicated to pugs and their humans, and anyone else interested in the pug dog.

The Rower's Resource
Mellow Productions, Seattle, WA, US
The most comprehensive rowing site in North America. Check here for regatta results, photos, news, and information.

White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
Fan-oriented IndyCar news and information.

Subway Restaurants, Milford, CT, US
The official site of the national sandwich chain is surprisingly subtle. "Find tulips of truth rooted in the soil of satisfaction. Don a windbreaker and tiptoe through the garden." Oil and vinegar? Salt and pepper?

Wrolin Camping 'Round The World
R. Welch, Downey, CA, US
Lists links to campgrounds all over the world, with information on park fees, camp amenities, and reservation phone numbers.

Monday, 20 May 1996

The 80s Server
Overland Park, KS, US
Feather that hair, turn up that collar, and head back to the time when Reagan was King. Includes an 80s version of Name That Tune, plus fads and fashion and a reference timeline.

The Agitator
Tom Beerley, Madison, NJ, US
An online humor magazine, replete with goodness.

Amy Grant Throughout This Web Wide World
Marc Drumm, Newark, DE, US
An index of Amy Grant related sites on the Internet.

The Best of Calvin and Hobbes
Sean Daggett, Eugene, OR, US
A complete page of the greatest Calvin and Hobbes material. A must for C&H fans.

Bodybuilding, Nutrition, Fitness!!!
Aleksandr Levchenko, Brooklyn, NY, US
This page is for anyone who wants advice in bodybuilding, fitness activities, and nutrition.

Contractors Online
Roofers Supplies Inc., Bergenfield, NJ, US
Helps homeowners find the right contractor for their home improvement projects.

Cost of Network Downtime Calculator
SRC, Santa Barbara, CA, US
An applet that automatically estimates revenue loss from planned and unplanned server outages, and also pinpoints troublespots and plans improvements.

Calabasas, CA, US
A cryptic but darkly beautiful site from the maker of such award-winning adventure games as Darkseed II and I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. Features demos and glimpses of upcoming releases.

The Democratic Party of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Contains materials on the party platform, important speeches, party publications, and new information about Hong Kong politics.

Editorial Haiku Page
John Cho, Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Always wanted to do editorial cartoons but couldn't draw? Think it's too much work to write commentary on current affairs? Well here's the perfect solution.

Eigg Island Sound Music
Manassas, VA, US
This site has links to musicians, band, artists, music resources, and anything music related throughout the Web.

Flicker Light Studio
Tom Repasky, Portland, OR, US
A showcase of unique and original digital art, plus stories, poetry, and quotes.

The History of Email
MobileWeb Inc., Berkeley, CA, US
A social history of email on the early ARPANET, the predecessor to today's Internet. Text-only and very academic.

Kansas State Engineer Magazine
Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, US
Electronic edition of KSU's engineering student magazine.

Kool Ass KellyAnne
Streams Online Media Development, Chicago, IL, US
A strange new comic that tells the story of KellyAnne, her life as a waitress, and the aliens who make her do stuff.

National Center to Improve Practice
Newton, MA, US
Promotes the effective use of technology to enhance educational outcomes for students with sensory, cognitive, physical, and social/emotional disabilities. The site features a library of information to peruse.

Return to Spirit
Cedaredge, CO, US
The first of six independent study guidebooks for spiritual development containing information, exercises, spiritual practices, and reading lists.

The Russian Far East
Megan Finaly, San Francisco, CA, US
A unique compilation of photos, maps, and overviews on the Russian Far East and its nine regions. Includes essays by 12 Russian experts on indigenous peoples, forests, major industries, and foreign joint ventures and investment.

Spirituality/Yoga/Hinduism page
Giri Madras, Davis, CA, US
A home page dedicated to an introduction of yoga and Hinduism with extensive links and books to read.

Teddy Bears on the Net
Bears by Terry, Clinton, NJ, US
A list of teddy bear artists around the world, plus teddy bear stories and a schedule of worldwide teddy bear shows.

TV Land
Arnie Land, Wilmington, DE, US
Classic TV fun with television historian Arnie Land.

UCLA Tunnels
Westwood, CA, US
Stories and anecdotes of adventure in the tunnels underneath the campus of UCLA.

Viking Underground
Ankeny, IA, US
Unofficial page for fans of Minnesota's NFL team, with pictures, animations, links, and information.

Zacks Investment Research
Chicago, IL, US
Designed to help investors and potential investors get the information they need about a company.

Tuesday, 21 May 1996

NlightN, Reston, VA, US
A new search engine which combines many resources to find anything on the Web and in private databases.

AeroWeb - The Web of Italian Aviation
Luca Salvadori, Milan, Italy
Find news, information, events and features of the Italian aviation community. A section on air sports can also be found.

College Sports Resource
Trey Feigle, Houston, TX, US
A nationwide Internet directory with an intuitive search engine that facilitates contact between students and college athletic programs.

Crescendo Cove
Michael Cowan, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
A humourous online soap opera about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of the Bolt family.

CyberHound Online
Gale Research, Detroit, MI, US
An Internet directory that rates and reviews sites and provides a search engine with 75 possible delimiters to find information-rich sites.

Dave's List Of Words That Are Fun To Say
David Bruce, Fayetteville, AR, US
A fun site that is expanding by the minute. It is truly entertaining. and one of a kind.

Digital Jungle Graffiti
Dan Kew, London, England
These pages host over 160 color photographs of graffiti from the London area as well as artists' working outlines, news articles, and a constantly updated news section.

Enjoy Illinois
Illinois Bureau of Tourism, Chicago, IL, US
Discover a million things to see and do in Illinois. Finding places to stay, restaurants, events and attractions in Illinois are just a click away.

Greenland Guide
Pegasus Press, Frederiksberg, Denmark
An index to travel, tourism, and society in Greenland. Stamps from Greenland, information from the minerals office, and more.

Import/Export Directory
Serra International, Inc., New York, NY, US
Valuable resources for importers, exporters, and any other firm engaged in international business.

The Jerry Rice Web Pages
David Lowe, Tallahassee, FL, US
Fan page dedicated to the greatest receiver in NFL history. Includes stats, records, cards, collectibles, and questions answered for kids by Jerry Rice himself.

Manitoba Now!
internetXpress, Winnipeg, Canada
The Web site for everyday living in Manitoba, bringing users the information needed each day, including up-to-date weather, news, sports, entertainment, and community events.

Mark's Melanoma Hotlist
Mark B. Weber, Chicago, IL, US
A site devoted to melanoma links, patient stories, and what to do if diagnosed.

Moving To Hollywood
Hollywoood, CA, US
A free guide for actors and writers planning a move to Hollywood.

A Nutrition, Diet & Weight Loss Mega-Center
Health Vision, Staatsburg, NY, US
Find extensive information on dieting, weight loss, and nutrition.

Piazza der Medienbranche
Medienberatung fdm to Cologne, Köln, Germany
A German Web site for the media business.

Quacksalver's Colorado Webcam Images
Quacksalver Creative Enterprises, Littleton, CO, US
Colorado's best live, Webcam images, instantly updated and thumbnailed for easy viewing.

Radio Prague
Prague, Czech Republic
The international broadcast station for the Czech Republic. Offers Czech news about all aspects of Czech life, including history, the economy, and culture, in five languages.

Sandra Bullock Superstar Page
Thomas Oeding, Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

Thomas Oeding, Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
The largest yet Sandra Bullock fan site with more than 620 photos, a biography and filmography, and links.

Soft World Magazine
Kaohsiung City, Republic of China
Provides worldwide Chinese users with the latest news in the computer entertainment industry.

The Switzerland Advisor
Austin, TX, US
Features exclusive, inside information on Swiss travel, including detailed, value-oriented reviews of Swiss hotels, restaurants, skiing, and much more. The information has been compiled by experts from all around Switzerland.

TIMES: in harness Online
David M. Dolezal, Harrisburg, PA, US
Presents harness horse racing news and commentary plus information about the standard bred business.

CDS Internet, Medford, OR, US
An online guide to Time Trax and The Time Trax Newsletter, featuring news on the program and some behind-the-scene looks.

Virtual Surreality
Creations by Kama, Dunkirk, MD, US
A Net community where furries can meet and enjoy a stimulating setting and engaging friends. Based on the MUCK platform and injected with a surreal atmosphere.

VXR Corportation, Colfax, NC, US
Virtuocity, pronounced like "virtuosity," is an electronic, VRML-enhanced city with an emphasis on excellence.

Wednesday, 22 May 1996

Aloha from Hawaii!
AFH Inc., Kalaheo, HI, US
Here is the virtual vacation to write home about. With dynamic, interactive content about Hawaii and things Hawaiian, it's the best way to visit Hawaii by modem.

BEST of the USA
Carol Blake, Abita Springs, LA, US
USA CityLink's BEST of the USA contest is on the Net. This 10-week prize-packed fun game goes to cities all over the U.S. looking for clues. Fun for all ages, over 33 prizes awarded.

The BumpStop, Cool Customs and Classics
Garrett Bragalone, Broomfield, CO, US
Dedicated to some of the coolest rides on the Net, it contains lowriders, sport trucks, classics, customs, and collectors' cars.

The Cambridge Running Club
Boston, MA, US
Multitiered online newsletter, bulletin board, and recruitment vehicle for the CRC, offering solid content, light overhead and impressive navigation - not to be missed!

Colorado Brew Guide~Colorado Brew Guide
TaxiNet, Denver, CO, US
Listings and descriptions of seven Colorado breweries. Bottoms up! publication,

The Daily Chimp Online
Nick Prueher, Eau Claire, WI, US
What the popular kids read -- The Daily Chimp Online! The world's first and only online humor magazine.

EDSEL - Java interface to oceanographic data for EPIC system
Java interface to large atlases of oceanographic profile data, featuring map-based geographic selection, connection to a backend database, and cgi-based, dynamically generated plots and listings.

Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt's Electronic Securities Law Network is dedicated to the emerging field of electronic securities law in Canada, including online stock trading and the SEDAR database.

King Jester Productions, Austin, TX, US
Visit the FOOT trio, an outstanding rock music band.

Heska Corporation
Fort Collins, CO, US
Heska Corporation is the world's only biotechnology company dedicated to producing revolutionary vaccines to battle flea allergies and heartworm infestation in companion animals.

Islands of the Hauraki Gulf
Judy Voullaire, Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand
Web site of the Hauraki Gulf islands in Aotearoa, New Zealand, with places, people, pirates, peace activists, parrots, painters, volcanoes, endangered species, and Kiwi culture.

Istituto Vittorini - Italy
Italian High Schools on the Web, Torino, Italy
An Italian public high school for commerce and computing, with links to about 200 sites of other Italian high schools. Purpose: contact other students in other countries, all over the world.

Japanese Playstation Game Reviews
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, US
Dedicated to reviews of Japanese and U.S. Playstation releases

Jonathan's Pier Fishing Page
Jonathan Borchert, Cary, NC, US
Dedicated to pier fishing in North Carolina, USA. Includes a complete list of piers with addresses and suggested fishing techniques.

Kathie's Herb Page
Kathie Schmitt, Muscatine, IA, US
A monthly Web letter covering the culinary, medicinal, and cosmetic uses of herbs.

Maritime History in Art
Jim Clary, St. Clair, MI, US
The showplace of the Maritime History in Art collection, which features the unique and compelling works of Michigan marine artist, author, and historian Jim Clary.

Morfogen Associates News
Time Warner Electronic Publishing, New York, NY, US
A leading newsletter of international cultural news primarily devoted to previewing and promoting major museum and gallery exhibitions.

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc.
NCADD, Inc., New York, NY, US
NCADD provides education, information, help and hope in the fight against the chronic and often fatal disease of alcoholism, and other drug dependence.

NCI Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics
National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD, US
Administers and manages research in epidemiology, genetics, biometry, preventive oncology, and multidisciplinary approaches to clarify the etiology, natural history, and means of preventing human cancer.

Office of the Auditor General of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
This new searchable and bilingual (English/French) site contains the May 1996 Report (12 chapters) on various government departments and programs and the 27 Chapter 1995 Report.

Patto's Place For Slot Car Bodies
Bruce Paterson, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
The place for clear slot car bodies and links to related sites.

Nick Gonzaga, New York, NY, US
Home for Filipinos in the Big Apple and the The Philippines' source of information, aspirations, and inspirations from New York.

Pit-Stop - The Internet's Electronic Garage
Pit-Stop Internet, Ltd., Maplewood, NJ, US
This site is fast on the way to becoming the auto enthusiast's first stop on the Internet. Coming soon: the North American Automotive Participative Events Calendar (NAAPEC)

Rob's Eldar Site~Warhammer 40,000: Eldar
Self Gratification, San Jose, CA, US
A treat for Eldar lovers -- photos of Eldar characters, troops, and vehichles!

Victoria and Albert Museum
London, England
The largest museum of the decorative arts in the world. Visit some of the world's greatest art collections in 145 galleries.

Welcome to Costa Rica
Ana Brown Hernández, Edwardsville, IL, US
Costa Rican food, recipes, coffee, and stories, plus a pen pal page.

WNWR-AM 1540 Philadelphia Radio Program Guide
WNWR New World Radio Website, Philadelphia, PA, US
Philadelphia radio includes Writers' Workshop, Web Chat, South Street, and Restaurants On-Line.

Thursday, 23 May 1996

Athene's Guide to Washington, DC
Athene Software, Washington, DC, US
This site exists specifically for Washington area businesses; academia; not-for-profit organizations and individuals; and Washington women's connections.

Aura Soma
Frank Guschmann, Berlin, Germany
An introduction to Aura Soma, a healing therapy with the energies of light. In German only.

Australian Building News
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Australia's leading building industry magazine is available online to a worldwide audience. Published bimonthly, ABN showcases products, services, and developments in the building industry.

Brainchild Magazine
Sarasota, FL, US
An online magazine featuring today's hottest music and trends. First issue features interviews with Green Day, Shaggy, Silverchair, the Urge, Everclear, Garbage, and the Presidents of the United States.

Brazil On Line
Los Angeles, CA, US
Everything about Brazil: Music, Arts, Culture, Business, and Publications.

California State Historic Landmarks
Donald Laird, Santa Rosa, CA, US
Site chronicles author's quest to visit all 1000+ California State Historic Landmarks. Photos of landmark plaques and historic sites themselves are available.

Dual Diagnosis Website
Sciacca Comprehensive Service Development for MIDAA, New York, NY, US
Dual diagnosis Web site for co-occurring mental illness and substance disorders. Comprehensive resources included.

Entertaining Arts
Richland, WA, US
Provides links and information about performing arts groups in the mid-Columbia region of Washington State.

European Public Aquaria
Kattegatcentret, Grenaa, Denmark
Links to public aquarium worldwide, including information on the 4th International Aquarium Congress in Tokyo, 1996.

Brent Loveless, Laurel, MD, US
Promotes the fun in general aviation. Contents range from flying stories to support for local airports. A lot of 3D rendered graphics spice up the content.

Gateway to Ireland
Cara Christ, Bessenbach, Germany
Everything needed to know about Ireland in English and German. Includes General Information, Accommodation Guide, Business Services, On-Line Shopping, and Adventure Holidays.

International E-Mail Pen-Pal List
Bruce Nault II, Bow, NH, US
An extensive listing of the names, email addresses, and interests of many people all over the world looking for email pen pals.

A Labyrinth
C Moore, Blue Bell, PA, US
The computer-driven movie, The Labyrinth, is a collaborative project between the site and its visitors. Not only is it an interactive Web site, it is an interactive movie.

Lotto Stats Page, Hot Numbers
Ron Simon, Center Moriches, NY, US
Lottery results for all U.S. lottery and daily number games. Includes past results, stats, systems, and software. Site updated daily.

Ka-Ping Yee, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Don't have a Japanese operating system or Japanese fonts installed? Browse the Web in Japanese easily with this free service.

Sneaker Nation
Stockholm, Sweden
Entertainment and information, nostalgia and futuristic facts about past and present sneakers for demanding sneaker freaks everywhere.

The Spider's Apprentice--How to Use Web Search Engines
Monash Information Services, New York, NY, US
Spidap is a public service site that provides tips on using Web search engines. Spidap also analyzes and rates the major search engines.

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Support Page
Indianapolis, IN, US
Where people with, or interested in, spinal cord injuries can share information, questions, answers, and more.

Sue's Contests and Free Stuff Page
S J S, Scotia, NY, US
Contests and free stuff on the Web including graphics, images, and animated graphics.

The Tater Hollow Group
David A. Tate, Otego, NY, US
Free ScreenSavers, GIF89A animated clipart for Web pages, and more.

A Tour of the Imaging Universe
Magic Software Company, Buffalo, NY, US
A collection of resources under the broad theme "imaging," with emphasis on the digital realm. Explore prepress, photography, and digital imaging.

Tropical Fruit Information
Marilyn Rittenhouse Harris, Honolulu, HI, US
How to choose, store, and use tropical fruit, including descriptions and history. Relevant links in Hawaii and worldwide.

Underlines: Lingerie, Hosiery and Swimwear Magazine
Underlines Ltd., London, England
The #1 trade magazine for lingerie, swimwear, and hosiery.

Vision 2010: Universities in the 21st Century
University of Michigan School of Information, Ann Arbor, MI, US
What will universities look like in 2010, given the infotech revolution? A set of scenarios and a forum for plotting the future has been created to generate discussion.

Welcome to Fashionweb
Fashionweb Ltd., London, England
Internet site run by fashion professionals, unravelling the Web for the fashion industry, fashion showrooms, fashion magazines, fashion directories, fashion forum, and more.

Wisenet's 4Kidz
Oisze Lam, Sydney, NSW, Australia
A kids' site made by a 12 year old. Lots of links and fun.

The World of Chimpanzees
ChimpBoy, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
The chimpiest and hairiest site on the Internet!

Friday, 24 May 1996

Anthology of Middle English Literature (1350-1485)
Anniina Jokinen, Blue Bell, PA, US
Complete meta-page for Medieval English literature, from Chaucer to Malory. Abundant resources, links, essays, articles, biographies, and bibliographies.

CAI Art Gallery
Dong Secuya, Cebu City, Philippines
Artwork by contemporary Cebuano artists.

Club Net
East Hanover, NJ, US
Here is the latest in online technology with an easy-to-use interface and great links. Many reviews, scripts, applets, and more.

Notre Dame de la Baie Academy, Green Bay, WI, US
Great links for Spanish teachers, Spanish students, Spanish speakers, educator links, and search engines.

Creamsoda's Writing Orphanage
Huskey, Alberta, Canada
It's a writer's "orphanage" because that's what writers feel like sometimes: orphans. The Orphanagezine wants articles about "writing."

The Daily .WAV
Hunter Elliott, Lawrence, KS, US
Every day a new .WAV file for listening, downloading, and enjoying.

Fayetteville, North Carolina
Advanced Internet Technologies, Fayetteville, NC, US
The online information, business, and news service about Fayetteville.

Dick Fosselman, San Francisco, CA, US
A design and execution studio of wonderful architectural graphics and unique interiors. Also provides Web site and advertising design.

Game Japan
RECCA-SHA Inc., Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
World game infotainment with Top Story, Topic & Gossip, Hot Release, Ranking, and more. In Japanese only.

JP's Gamesite
Jayne Payne, Shreveport, LA, US
The gaming site for Shareware games with over 90 games to download at the current time. Games for all ages.

Laurel & Hardy Appreciation Society
Oliver The Eighth Tent #100, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Dedicated to those classic cinema film comedy actors, Laurel & Hardy.

The Markie Post Worship Center
Stressboy Enterprises, Hollywood, CA, US
The Internet Compendium of All Things Markie. The first stage of a complicated plot to install Markie as Queen of the Internet.

Matrox MGA Millenium Unofficial Page
Wesley Chuen, New York, NY, US
Personal experience with the Matrox Millennium and its MPEG daughterboard.

The Mental Flea
Jamie Sullivan, Charlottesville, VA, US
An artistic spot on the Net full of three-dimensional graphics and HTML exploits.

Merrick's Stories
Merrick Lofton, Sicily Island, LA, US
Original writings by the author of the page, including short stories and excerpts from novels. Links to locations of interest to readers and writers alike.

Nephron Information Center
Medical Resources, Houston, TX, US
Everything you always wanted to know about kidney disease.

O Shenandoah! Country Rag
Jae Harris, Luray, VA, US
Valley site features "dirt road" journal, backwoods recipes, country sayings, local scenes, and trivia.

Pamela Anderson Paparazzi Photos
American Photo Syndicate, Beverly Hills, CA, US
Photos of Pam Anderson and links to lots more photos.

PC Resources for Photoshop
Steve Fisher, Ames, IA, US
A collection of information on Adobe Photoshop for use on the PC platform.

The Planet Lusitania
Bettendorf, IA, US
A shrine to the Ender's game trilogy by Orson Scott Card. The most interactive Ender site on the Web.

PRTV - Positive Response Television
Sherman Oaks, CA, US
The world wide leader of the infomercial industry. Current PRTV series include Amazing Discoveries and Ask Mike, both of which have enjoyed unprecedented success.

Digipress GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland
Swiss journal for electronic publishing, in German only.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, US
Follow the story of Rosannadanna, an Amish/Mennonite lawyer in Manhattan in the year AR 174.

Seniors On Line, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Over 5,000 links to sites of interest to the over 50 age group.

Sista Power Site of the Week
Cathy Starita, Billings, MT, US
Awards outstanding sites on the Web by women, for women, and/or about women. Sista supports all her Web sistas!

UK TV Listings Guide
Yearling Communications Limited, London, England
Interactive TV Listings Guide including competitions and interviews with the stars.

Monday, 27 May 1996

Anniina's Alice Walker Page
Anniina Jokinen, Blue Bell, PA, US
All about author Alice Walker, including biography, bibliography, interviews, reviews, and excerpts from her books.

ARRASTRA Art Gallery
Ravels, Belgium
Art with a strong human interest. Now featuring famous Dutch artist Ans Wortel and the fantastic, ever-changing paintings by Jan Vanstechelman, from Belgium. In English and Dutch.

Art 2 all
Niek van Driel, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
An innovative Web site for 3D art from Rotterdam. In Dutch only.

Better World Magazine, Seattle, WA, US
A great site on the Web for the exchange of information and ideas about environmental and social responsibility. Helps visitors make informed, resposible decisions about the way to interact with the environment and community.

Christianity Today, Inc., Carol Stream, IL, US
Over 4,000 entries in the two databases for Christian resources and church location/home pages.

The Cyber Universe
Patrick Dietzen, Chicago, IL, US
Take an interactive virtual reality tour with Biko, site tour guide, who shows visitors how to surf this site to some of the best links on the Web.

Dave's Music Page
Corpus Christi, TX, US
Fresh, original music composition with an attitude.

Florida Film Festival/Enzian Theater, Maitland, FL, US
An exciting collection of resources for film makers and film buffs provided by Enzian Theater, including the Florida Film Festival.

Glenn Danforth's Humor Factory
Homestead, FL, US
Former National Lampoon contributing editor publishes Horoscope for the Reality Impaired, and other funny articles, pictures, and jokes.

GOLF Magazine Online
New York, NY, US
The online edition of GOLF Magazine full of News, Tours, Weather, Instruction, and much more.

International Political Links
Michael McCafferty, Regina, Saskatoon, Canada
For those interested in politics in the U.S., Canada, Britain, and around the world with links to political parties, campaigns, and organizations.

Internet Sport Information Database
Fritz Bohnet, Seefeld, Germany
A guide to sports information available on the Internet. An assorted collection of several hundred Web sites, mailing lists, newsgroups, and more.

K'Mels Klingon Konnection
John Tackett, East Point, GA, US
The site for the most complete listing of Klingon-related information on the Web.

Gretchen Schmidt, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
This well-known shoe salon with beautiful high-fashion Italian shoes and boots for women offers the latest styles, sensible advice, and sassy shoe gossip.

James Doyle, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Gives perspectives on the nature of our reality that are derived from the multidimensional extrareality viewpoint.

Bob Dunstan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Free Shareware program to run a recreational football pool.

Nuke Ware
Yankton, SD, US
This fast growing PC and TI game company is setting new standards for the future of games.

The Patty Duke Home Page
Eric Ibarra, San Antonio, TX, US
Lots of photos, music, audio, and video of the beautiful actress, Patty Duke.

Planned Parenthood National Web Site
New York, NY, US
Representing 152 local Planned Parenthood affiliates, this site offers information on all aspects of sexual/reproductive health, birth control, abortion, and women's health.

Infocalypse, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
An expanding collection of science-fiction and fantasy reviews.

Right on the Web
Ellis Winningham, Champaign, IL, US
This conservative political site features news, tons of links to conservative sites, live IRC chat, and email links to Congressmen, Senators, Bill, Hillary, and Al Gore.

Roedelheim Hartreim Projekt
Sub Zero Online Marketing, Frankfurt, Germany
The site of a very successful German Rap band that is well known in Europe.

Royal Network
Oz Channel Production, San Diego, CA, US
The first royal tabloid on the Web brings you "royal juice squeezed fresh daily." Contests, news, chat, Princess Di, Fergie, and all your favorites.

SMGL Introduction
Jan Grootenhuis, Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands
Introductory materials on SGML in Dutch that are useful to native speakers of Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans, or Lower-Saxon.

Sunset Boulevard National Tour
The Really Useful Company/Andrew Lloyd Webber, New York, NY, US
Andrew Lloyd Webber's official site featuring almost 100 RealAudio clips, a unique interactive song selector, show and tour information, the story told through images from the classic film and lyrics and music from the musical, and much more.

Willie Prejean's Baking and Baking Science
Spring, TX, US
Fabulous bread baking procedures from a pro. Includes function of ingredients, formula construction, fermentation, variety of breads, sweet rolls, Danish pastries, quality controls, and pastry production demonstrations.

Tuesday, 28 May 1996

Action Ready Singles, Vol. 4
SonicNet, New York, NY, US
The Internet's first monthly compilation of online-only music. Vol. 4 features Cracker, New Kingdom, Kelley Deal, Bob Mould, and more.

Allsport Interactive Recruiting Coordinator, Inc.
Bryan Shumock, Bethlehem, PA, US
Free sports recruiting database for high school student athletes. Build and update profiles online at no cost.

Business Directory of China
Sinosource Co. Ltd., Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
Business directory of China in both English and Chinese.

Raymond Kossa, Houston, TX, US
All about greyhounds and greyhound racing, including betting guides, tip sheets, past performance data, statistics, and an electronic magazine.

The Education Station
Monty Carlton, Magalia, CA, US
Offers online courses, lesson plans, etexts, HTML Encyclopedia, and much more. A complete educational resource.

Environmental Building News
Brattleboro, VT, US
Bimonthly newsletter on green building resources with extensive product reviews and news on environmentally sustainable design and construction.

Public Relations Management, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
A critical and politically incorrect look at the environmental movement.

W3COM Div. of Advance Enterprise Inc., Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Easy access to multiple Internet search engines.

Guide du Trotteur
Le Troteur Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A complete tourist guide of the province of Quebec, Canada. In French only.

Status of Disabled Persons Secretariat, Hull, Quebec, Canada
The Integrated Network of Disability Information and Education, the world's most comprehensive one-stop resource for products, services, and informmation for the world-wide disability community. In English and French.

The Internet Video Netcasting Guide
Eric Newman, Roanoke, VA, US
Designed for those who are interested in the emerging technology of Internet-wide videocasting and video on demand.

Investment Advisor X Change
Dallas, TX, US
A complete and independent online knowledge and service center for investment advisors.

Israel Expo '96
Manalapan, NJ, US
This site features stunning fine art by Mark Chagall, a tribute to the late Yitzhak Rabin, RealAudio streams, and information on how to participate via the Internet.

I-TRADE's Free Services
Trade Point USA, Columbus, OH, US
Enjoy free services such as trade leads, the Nafta Resource Guide, the I-TRADE Export Guide, the US Customs Guide to Importing, and many others.

Master of Illusion
John Pugh, Los Gatos, CA, US
Virtual gallery of Trompe L'oeil murals and paintings by renown artist John Pugh. Architectural art and illusionism.

FMJ International Publications Ltd., Redhill, Surrey, England
The complete online resource for Metals Engineering 96. Visit METnet to find the latest on the premier event in the metals engineering community this year.

The Miniature Book Society
Bisbee, AZ, US
Encourages interest in publishing, selling, and collecting tiny tomes under three inches.

National Chicano Marcha Against the Republican Convention
NCMC, San Diego, CA, US
A broad range of Chicano/Latino groups are organizing nationally for a march against the Republican National Convention. Read the issues and be informed.

The PartheNet: Resources for Students of Art History
Kathryn L Conners, South Hadley, MA, US
A collection of the most valuable sites in online Art Historical research available.

Proef Amersfoort
Amersfoort, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Information about restaurants, leisure, and entertainment during the summer of 1996 in Amersfoort. In Dutch only.

Project Tibet
studio x, Santa Fe, NM, US
A non-profit organization founded by Tibetan refugees in the United States and friends sympathetic to the Tibetans' plight.

Q Web Sweden Women's Empowerment Base
Stockholm, Sweden
Network for exchange of knowledge, experience, and ideas on women's health and gender issues with focus on women's empowerment, reproductive health, and rights.

Rettig on Reference
H. W. Wilson Company, Bronx, NY, US
Each month award-winning reference librarian, James Rettig, reviews more than fifteen new reference books and several Web sites. A free service for librarians and publishers.

Sixteenth Century Renaissance English Literature (1485-1603)
Anniina Jokinen, Blue Bell, PA, US
Complete meta-page for Renaissance English literature, from Sir Thomas More to Aemilia Lanyer. Abundant resources, links, essays, articles, biographies, and bibliographies.

Steve's Educational Technology Page
South Carolina Dept. of Education, Greenwood, SC, US
Contains links to ETV, PBS, classroom lesson plans, educational and other sites teachers can use in the classroom.

Public Domain, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
Public Domain (PD) is a 501(c)(3) non-profitarts collective whose members share an interest in exploring the intersectionof art, technology, theory, and community.

The Truth Machine by James L. Halperin
Ivy Press, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
Imagine a world where a machine can tell when anyone is lying. This Web site is devoted to this ground-breaking new novel and offers the entire novel for free, for a limited time.

Virginia Travel Info
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, US
Guide to bus, auto, travel tourism sites in Virginia.

A C L, Altrincham, Cheshire, United Kingdom
European-based search engine, index, and Shareware site. Hotlist updated weekly.

Wednesday, 29 May 1996

60 Second Theater
Let Us Out, Sausalito, CA, US
A group called Let Us Out who do short (like very short!) radio dramas. Each play is complete in itself.

The Anomalist
Dennis Stacy & Patrick Huyghe, San Antonio, TX, US
Investigates anomalies of nature, science, religion, and history. A print version is published twice a year.

Blind Visual Propaganda
Los Angeles, CA, US
A digital content design group at the intersection of ideas, technology, and communication.

Brian's Windows95 Web Page
Brian Moore, Enon, OH, US
Contains a wealth of information, software, resources, and links for Windows 95.

Caregiver Network
Karen Henderson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
An online resource center for caregivers of the ill and/or elderly. Find information on government agencies, in-home care, products/services, support groups, medical information, and bulletin boards.

Chinese Consumer Home Page
Chinese Consumer Yellow Pages, San Gabriel, CA, US
This so-called 'Asian Yahoo' maintains the Internet's largest database with links to over 20,000 Asian URLs! Available in four language versions -- Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English.

DC101 Washington DC
Silver Spring, MD, US
DC's leading rock station with station events, concert information, and Bill O's Joke "O" the Week.

Fly Flags
Department of Canadian Heritage, Hull, Quebec, Canada
The Web site for Canadians to order a free Canadian flag and to support the National Flag of Canada Day program.

Imatra Key East -- Gateway to Russia
Imatra Media Oy Ltd., Imatra, Finland
Imatra, Finland, is the best business gateway to Russia in the European Union.

Independent Pictures
Schweizer Studiofilm Verband SSV, Basel, Switzerland
Great information about independent pictures, including cinemas and links. In German and French only.

Julia Ackermans, Heeswijk-Dinther, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands
Publishing on the Net announces a series of conferences on online publication, starting with an event in Antwerp, Belgium on 20-21 June 1996.

Iowa Farmer Today Online
Cedar Rapids, IA, US
A spinoff of the state's weekly agricultural newspaper, IFTO serves corn and soybean growers as well as hog and cattle producers.

The LOGOS Multilingual Dictionary
Logos Group srl, Modena, Italy
Multilingual interactive online dictionary, available free for every Net surfer, with interesting search features on the matches found. Users can add missing languages or correct matches.

Madonna Record Discography
Flemming Vinge, Glamsbjerg, Fyn, Denmark
Madonna records: over 1,450 different releases from more than 43 countries world wide.

Millennium Magazine Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine
GlobalNet Productions, Modesto, CA, US
A quality science fiction and fantasy magazine loaded with games, puzzles, short stories, crosswords, brain teasers, and riddles.

Music Composer Hirohiko Takayama
Hirohiko Takayama, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Music maker for TV games, commercials, video promotion, and a synthesizer programmer and music arranger. Music is original and unusual. Come listen.

National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)
Philadelphia, PA, US
Information on the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and other services to medical schools and the health professions for the evaluation of medical education.

Olson's Political Cartoon Gallery
Geoff Olson, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Canuck cartoons and columns. A distorted view of reality from up north.

Porsche USA
Reno, NV, US
The official Porsche Company Web site.

SALT made the world go round
David Bloch Archive, Tel Aviv, Israel
History of the influence of salt in geology, religion, physiology, economics, and more.

Validated Biosystems
Tucson, AZ, US
A quarterly newsletter for the downstream processing segment of the biotechnology industry. Every issue provides a series of regular features to help downstream processing professionals.

Ventura County Election Server
Matt Noah, Moorpark, CA, US
Comprehensive campaign, election, and election night return site for every race in the 1996 general election in Ventura County, California.

Wall Street City
Telescan, Houston, TX, US
Investing super site with customized lists of hot stocks, mutual funds, free quotes, news, company reports, investment strategies, and more.

Welcome to Our Galaxy
Chico Jr. High School, Chico, CA, US
Chico Jr. High's entry to the NASA Space Colony Design Contest, with links to other school projects on space and related Internet sites.

World Federation of Hemophilia
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
An invaluable resource for the online global hemophilia community. Packed with articles, news, and information for lay and medical alike.

A Xoloitzcuintli Dog Home Page
Santa Fe Venture Group S.A. de C.V., Mexico City, D.F., Mexico
Complete information on pre-Columbian Xoloitzcuintli dogs (Mexican hairless dogs).

Thursday, 30 May 1996

3M Buf-Puf Products, The Teen Webzine for Health and Beauty
St. Paul, MN, US
The teen Webzine for health and beauty featuring tips on skin care, girls and guys who use 3M(TM) Buf-Puf(TM) Sponges, plus cool interactive quizzes and surveys.

Informazioni Editoriali I.E., Milano, Italy
An important Italian books and publishing site, which includes news, forthcoming books, publishers, booksellers, libraries, and thousands of linked sites.

Atlantic Connect
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
A link to Nova Scotia, Canada's #1 news team, as well as Atlantic Connect and the Halifax police department.

Birtwistle's Conversations in Binary
Tim Birtwistle, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
The primary idea behind this work is that of having a 'chat' with a computer about art. Conversations refers to the giving and taking of information; Binary refers to a basic computer language.

Cyber's Cool World of Interactive
Cyber Interactive, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
Links to multimedia content sites and information about multimedia and the Internet.

Dentist Zone
Houston, TX, US
The one-stop source to find the Texas dentist of your choice and more.

Dr. Chris, Professional Therapist
Chris Mundale, Ph.D., Orange County, CA, US
A lighthearted but (hopefully) informative site for answers and guidance regarding parenting, sex & relationships, and other mental health issues.

early childhood.com
Discount School Supply, Salinas, CA, US
Resource for advice from early childhood experts, expanding your collection of creative projects, and sharing ideas with the early childhood community.

First Defense Fleet Headquarters
Reno, NV, US
A dedicated StarTrek simming group devoted to organizing and promoting simming. Don't know what simming is, then check out the site.

German Museum of Virtual Art
Erfurt, Thueringen, Germany
Features an art gallery, chat room, openings, and auctions.

Horse Foundations
San Juan Bautista, CA, US
A unique site for natural horsemanship with all disciplines welcomed! Includes Horse Links, 1996 Olympics, Organizations, and Internet Resources.

Houston Independent School District
Houston, TX, US
Information server for the largest public school district in Texas. Links to HISD and other educational resources.

Contemporary Media, Houston, TX, US
Complete menus, maps, and directions for Houston's finest restaurants.

International Paper
Purchase, NY, US
The world's premier paper and forest products company has a site with a twist. Visitors can choose the corporate way to view the site or take the challenge and be in charge!

Irving Plaza
New York, NY, US
New York City's premier showcase venue is now on the Web. Hear live and archived RealAudio broadcasts, view photographs, chat with the performers, and more.

Maryland Yellow Pages (tm)
Eugene J. Keary, Baltimore, MD, US
Electronic telephone yellow page directory categorized by alphabetical listing of products and services throughout the state of Maryland. Includes listing of counties within the state.

Mission: Critical
San Jose State University, San Jose, CA, US
An interactive college-level virtual lab to teach the basic concepts and skills of critical thinking and informal logic, including deduction, induction, and fallacies.

The National Restaurant Register's Menu Online
Online Media Services, Inc., Washington, DC, US
Database of thousands of restaurant menus on the Internet.

NucNet: The World's Nuclear News Agency
European Nuclear Society, Berne, Switzerland
The fax-based global nuclear news agency operated by the European Nuclear Society.

The Official Warlords Home-Page
Aaron Rubin, Monsey, NY, US
The ultimate IRC role-play game (RPG) for those who like MUDs or other medieval role-play games, and to play with and against real people in pit fights and clan battles

Player's Edge
Diamondhead, MS, US
An online casino magazine featuring articles, playing tips, freebies, junkets, casino conditions, and more.

Plumeus' Kingdom of Freebies
Bromptonville, Canada
Free psychological counselling, information on women's and mental health, and free evaluation copies of software for women, such as Cyclic (menstrual calendar/planner) and BabyPlan (fertility planer).

Presidio Environmental Restoration Program
Department of the Army, San Francisco, CA, US
Provides the public with information regarding the environmental restoration of the Presidio of San Francisco.

University of Kansas East Asian Library
Lawrence, KS, US
Brings together information about East Asia (China, Japan, and Korea) and to provide a resource guide for educators in the State of Kansas.

Utah Cyber Fair
Ed Meyer, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Center for Utah's agriculture and processing industry, offering information and links for farm, ranch, or processing businesses, as well as interactive commerce and networking opportunities.

Williamsburg Online
Global Connect, Inc., Newport News, VA, US
Take a guided tour through the pages of history. Here's the key to the Historic Triangle, where a world of adventure awaits discovery!

Friday, 31 May 1996

Bruce Lee
Rinpoche, Cols, OH, US
Dedicated to the free, creative martial artist, Bruce Lee, and his fans around the world.

CancerHelp UK
CRC Institute for Cancer Studies, Univ. of Birmingham, Birmingham, England
Britain's most authoritative and user-friendly source of cancer information for patients, relatives, and friends.

Castelli Romani Online
Mark O'Flynn, Rome, Italy
Site dedicated to the Castelli Romani, beautiful scenic area just south of Rome. Tourist information, photographs, and culture included. In English and Italian.

Roy Stein, Kansas City, MO, US
Provides the most comprehensive listing of cigar-friendly establishments on the Web. Viewers will have the opportunity, in some cases, to see menus or photographs from the favorite cigar-friendly restaurant, resort, or lounge.

Desktop Publishers Journal
Topsfield, MA, US
The online resource for desktop publishing professionals. Find objective and thorough examinations of the latest tools, techniques, and technologies shaping the industry.

Dutch Students Studying Abroad
Einstein Project, Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands
The complete page for exchange students from The Netherlands. In Dutch and English.

Emergency Services & Related Sites
A Huge List of Emergency Services [EMS], Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Links to Fire, Police, Ambulance, and Rescue. Surf the sites of these unsung heroes.

Enter This Deserted House
Josh Brown, Ra'anana, Israel
A comprehensive list of the things that make the Net the wonderful, madcap place surfers have come to love.

Friends of Buddhism
Rinpoche, Cols, OH, US
Promotes Buddhism and supports Buddhist projects worldwide.

Gigglebyte Comix Central
Michael Devlyn, Oakland, CA, US
Enjoy Yakman, Elke, Bill Brother, BOB and the HardlySoft Corp., Dr. Deducto, Dick Lexsic, Eddy Toupee, and Claire Voyant.

Grand Prix de France Moto
Marie-Christine Milot, Velizy, France
The Grand Prix de France Moto will take place on 7-9 June in the Castellet circuit, south of France. Program, French pilots, and practical information included.

Human Unity in the 1990s
World Public Forum, San Francisco, CA, US
Optimizes through human inquiry, agreement, and unity, prospects on earth for life, prosperity, peace, environment, health, and wholeness for all peoples.

James Varghese, Fremont, CA, US
Best selected resources related to India, including India's election '96 news update, maps, and radio coverage.

Internet Resource Group, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Unlimited stock quotes, personal portfolios, annual reports, financial news, company profiles, stock searches, and detailed investment information are available on over 25,000 North American equities.

Javascript Resources
Joan A. Steinbock, Tenafly, NJ, US
Javascript examples, resources, and links. A must-see for all Webmasters or wannabees.

K.L. Smith's CruiseLetter
Jackson Publishing, Rockville, MD, US
Monthly cruise magazine containing cruise ship reviews and lots of information on cruise lines. Regular features include interactive message center, Hot Off The Fax, and Tips from readers.

Lazzer's Games
Pittsburgh, PA, US
A brand new games site on the Net! Looking for information on a new game? Then check it out!

Le Progrés Newspaper
Lyon, France
Le Progres Internet server offers all you need to know about Lyon and its environs: Out and About in Lyon, Culture, Economy, Education, History, and Politics. In English and French.

Neil's Film & Sci-Fi Site
Neil Wallman, London, England
A magazine site principally about films and sci-fi which also has areas on books and computers. Contains news, reviews, articles, pictures, and links.

Stockholm, Sweden
Global issues with a twist. Check out the world wide surveys.

The Off-Shoot Connection
Bahman Mahdavi, S. Newfane, VT, US
A photo gallery exhibiting the works of the members of Off-Shoot, a Southern Vermont group of photographers.

Sofia, Bulgaria
First Bulgarian financial and business news daily on the Internet.

Passport to Australia
West Deakin, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
A comprehensive travel and accommodation directory with more than 13,500 travel and accommodation operators listed throughout Australia

Pezville, Canada
Phoenix Design, Cybertown, Ontario, Canada
Contains three major areas: A Pez Depository, a Digital Art Gallery, and a links area. It rocks with instant audio, animation (coming soon), and more.

Strategis: Industry Canada Online
Industry Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Business information and statistics from Industry Canada on markets, industries, companies, products, international trade, management, regulations, laboratories, technology, and micro-economy.

This is Moab Utah
Robert Bieber, Denver, CO, US
Provides a description of Moab Utah and the surrounding area. The topics covered include geography, recreation, rock art, and movies.

Video Tec's Movie Studios Page
Los Angeles, CA, US
Hollywood movies studios and film production companies home pages, with links to DGA, AMPAAS, DGA, Internet movie database, Cannes, Sundance festivals, SOC, MPAA, ASCAP, BMI, and more.

The Virtual Kitchen
Time Warner Electronic Publishing, New York, NY, US
Focuses on the joy of cooking for yourself, family, and friends on every occasion. Sections in the VK cover everything on cooking, eating, and drinking.

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