(BC) Bryan Needs a Title for His Home Page



(locations i nearly keep sorted)

Here you will find links to friends, family and my favorite places on the web.

  • Ten Foot Pole Software
    Independent Developer
    These are my wife's websites. The first is her software company and the second is her blog where she posts lots of tutorials and other great articles. Pretty keen, eh?
  • Polymer City Chronicles
    This comic about video games, big chicks, aliens, mad scientists and all things related is created by Chris Morrison, who is both author and illustrator. He also used to help out with Game Zero. For what it's worth, I designed and built the website you see there including the gallery application. I also help admin the site and moderate the discussion forums in my spare time.
  • NOP Design
    This is the home of my brother-in-law's business. He does custom programming work, and knows more about how Linux works than any other person I've ever met. Be very afraid. :^)
  • Game Zero
    Ah yes... Game Zero, the first video game magazine on the web. While we have ceased formal publication of this magazine I maintain the archive of it's content out of some odd sense of publisher's duty. Of course myself and some of the old staff like to throw up a review on occasion, or speak our mind on various topics. It's also worth noting that with the way web sites come and go over the years, Game Zero now is the sole source on the web for some of the older material it hosts. ...and I know, it's a mess... due directly to my half-ass tinkering with the pages over the years.
  • The Evolution Control Committee
    A long time Apple //e hacker friend from back in high-school runs this cutting-edge band. ...and one of these days he's going to hit the big time.
  • Slashdot
    This is where myself and a zillion other guys in the tech industry squander our free time.
  • FARK
    Nothing but a raw list of links to current news items and novelties, frequently with wise ass comments on the link. Sometimes hundreds of links a week filter through this site.
  • BoingBoing
    Remember the print magazine Boing Boing? No? Ok, fine. Well now some of the people who used to be afiliated with the magazine keep a Blogger page. Interesting news links and added commentary.
  • Kuro5hin
    Another interesting site for news stories and original articles. It follows a design where the most interesting stories percolate up to the front page.
  • RetroGames
    For years, this has been the best place to keep up on what's happening in the emulation scene.
  • GameDaily
    This is stop number one for gaming news. This site has links to trade news and press releases, etc...
  • The Register
    A wise ass British techie news portal.
  • Gamasutra
    News and information from the designer/studio end of the gaming industry. The on-line sister print publication to Game Developer Magazine.
  • gi (GamesIndustry.Biz)
    More industry news in a similar vein as Gamasutra's, but more news/business driven from a European prospective.
  • FreezePop
    Homepage for the Synth Pop band Freezepop. Lot's of bouncy tunes, and they put on a great live show.
  • OS/2 Warp News and Rumors
    In mid 2007 we finally stopped running OS/2. We had managed to hobble along running WSeB for years after support stopped but too many things were failing on a regular basis. OS/2 was a workhorse operating system for running a server during the late 90's, and this is probably one of the top places to keep up on current news in the scene.