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(people really only just expect content to see)

Looking for examples of my work, or maybe just scoping for ideas for a new gimmick for your web site? ;-) Check out some of the stuff I've been playing with...

  • Calendar (not currently available)
    This calendar is written in VB Script/ASP, and will let you use SQL 7.0, MS Access or any other ODBC database to store dates and descriptions of team meetings and other important happenings. This is one of the earlier versions of the app. Later incarnations I created for one of my employers had code tie-ins with CVS, and the in-house project management system.
  • Poll (not currently available)
    This is a web-based poll/voting tool also written in VB Script/ASP which will let you use SQL 7.0, MS Access or any other ODBC database to store the voting results. It's not very fancy but it get's the job done. I wrote this as a proof of concept for a project I was involved with.
  • Share Tool
    This is a small Visual Basic 6.0 application that I slapped together one night to solve the problem of not remembering which network share was assigned to which drive letter. Basically, you feed this program a config file which contains a preset list of drive letters and UNCs. When run, the program presents a list of shares to activate/de-activate. When anyone in the house wants to activate a share they run this app from a common location. Now when I tell my kids to copy something from the "T" drive they just activate it and go without further explanation. You can download the .zip file of the program and source code to play with but please read the enclosed "license.txt" for restrictions.
  • Tech Support Trials
    Here is a repository I started for documenting solutions to hardware/software problems I have encountered in my day to day work, and what I have done to resolve them.
  • BC's Cursors
    This is a set of crosshair cursors I did for Windows. They are inspired by a set I created years ago for my Amiga 1000. (Cursors included are: Normal Select, Text Select, Help Select, Busy -animated, and Working in Background - animated.)
  • Captain Goodnight icon animation
    This is a Neko98 .icl file I illustrated/animated of "Captain Goodnight" from the old Apple //e game of the same name. (Neko98 is itself a cool desktop toy for Windows 95 and later which I didn't write.)
  • Monthly Mod Pics project
    These are compiliations that I made with permission from the song composers back in 1995. These were originally distributed at: http://www.primenet.com/~gmezero/modchart.html where I had started to build a site dedicated to covering the best in MOD music being released. Unfortunately with everything else going on in my life at the time the task became to much to manage and I retired it after releasing the third volume. ... Some of these tracks can no longer be found on the web anymore, especially the tracks by KoNE which disolved in late 95'. ... So, enjoy this little slice of history!
  • ...and some text files I authored back in the mid-eighties.
  • Ultima I World Map: Part 1, Part 2
    Ultima I Character Byte Locations
    Ultima I About File
    Ultima IV World Map: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
    Ultima IV City Maps: Part 1, Part 2
    Zork I, Text Map
    Enchanter, Text Map
    Sorcerer, Text Map
    Starcross, Text Map